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Here you can find entertaining stories of the Angelic visits, their wisdom and important information they gave Joe to pass on to you. In these books and manuals are instructions for using the oils and forks the Angels specified. Joe says, “I've done my very best in explaining this information so that you can best do what I've known to work.” 

Here is Joes' gift to you...  In 1996 Blessings Gifts and Deeds was published, the book that started it all. In the original Blessings Gifts and Deeds there were only 10 chapters, but in the rewrite 4 more chapters have been added. I have been told many times this book was the best book I have written and I should republish it again. I have thought of doing this many times but have decided to go one better. I am offering it online as a PDF file to you for free.

Blessings, Gifts and Deeds manuscript.jpg
Gathering Script

Gathering Script
The gathering script is a 43-page manual on how to host a gathering.  Masters who had been gathered would call me and would want to know how to host a gathering. In many cases they forgot the flow of the how our gathering is done, so I put together a script to help. All the master has to do that is hosting the gathering is to follow the script it gives you from beginning to end. The cost of the script is $20 that includes shipping. If you would like the Gatherings Script you can call me at 830 328 0911. The Gathering Script is only available by calling Joe directly.  More information on the What is a Gathering? page

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