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Here are a number of videos about Joe Crane's story, Workshops and Conference descriptions.


About the Angels and the Children of Light Conference

Joe Crane discusses his 20 years of Angelic Encounters

Joe discusses the Children of Light Conference:

We always have great conferences and we continue to add to what has been made before. It is a big project given to us by the Angels and it will benefit everyone.

Video about the Children of Light Conference experience and Angelic encounters.

Laurell Eden interviews Sharie Cohen

Attendees to the Angelic Conferences Describe Their Experiences


Each year in the summer months, Joe Crane hosts the Children of Light Conference. Joe has been seeing Angels physically for over 15 years. The messages given to him are of hope, love and suggestions for improving our lives and the planet.


Joe Crane describes the Fountain of Life Workshops

Joe Crane describes the Seven Wounds Workshops

Joe Crane Introduces the Vibrational Healing with Tuning Forks and Oils Workshop

Videos from Past Conferences

2021 Children of Light Conference

14 min.

Thank you Lyn and Janice!

2017 Children of Light Conference

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