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Detailed Information about Personalities / Colors

Smyrna Red

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The following descriptions depict the characteristics found in each personality archetype.

These attributes have come from years of experience with others and many hours of observation in healing sessions.

Smyrna - Red




Reds when in their giftedness tend to be:


Pioneers, Managers, Supervisors, Generals, Business Owners, Politicians, Union Leaders, President or CEO, Boy & Girl Scout Leaders, Bowling Captains, Sports Coaches, President of special interest groups - like neighborhood watch,


In charge - will be noticed, will be heard, stand out and take control


Leaders - running the business and are very good at it.


They are intuitive and protective by nature. When they trust someone it is without question. They tend to desire to believe what someone says to be true. They are also very forgiving.


Showing the way - take someone to a better place


Preparing the way take a group in action and are responsible for the result


For reds it is about the group/others not about themselves


Responsible/accountable - do not blame- protect the people they lead


- take the heat, pay the price


Silently score results, but the glory is when everyone wins


Physical in nature


They judge by the physical


did it show up, did it happen ?


if so then it worked


if not then what happened?


Don't "Do" they have it done


Red when in their traps they tend to be:


Egotistical Stubborn, immovable Power hungry


Easily listen and believe the lies of others about themselves..


Too busy listening to others opinions do not rely on their own intuition and knowingness


Unable to make decisions they will make excuses for others rather than hold them accountable.


Take charge aggressively excluding others but then don't complete tasks


Take no responsibility for the action/non action


Order others around - Rule using fear


Use others as tools


In their trap, it is ALL about them, "Look at what I have done" Glory is for them.


But can also be victims - They may fall into believing they are inadequate, ineffectual, unworthy or a failure and can also be very whiny.


Their Day of the Week is Sunday

Ephesus - Orange

Ephesus - Orange




Oranges when in their giftedness tend to be:


People People - enjoy dining, talking, smiling, parties


Rah Rah People - let's have a good time


Promoters - go out and get everyone excited about what it is you are doing


Extremely fun people to be around


Occupations include: Public Relations, Entertainers, Restaurateurs, Host and Hostesses, Bar Tenders, Talk Show Hosts, Radio Announcers, Fashion Show Producers i.e., the shows not the clothes, Comedians, Evangelists; arts and entertainment Promoter/Manager; Cheerleaders


The Joy of giving is for the happiness of others


Support others


Defend those they love


Healthy living and lifestyle


Emotional, generous and giving


Embrace duality and can see both sides of everything


Bubbly, exciting, lots of fun - Stand Out!


Will raise your standard to greatness


Life is a party, and they are not always in touch with reality


They are gamblers - do well in Real Estate


NO doesn't exist for a promoting Orange


Oranges when in their traps tend to be:


Very emotional - everything is about feelings


All about 'me' - how I feel about it


Become so emotional they can not function


Constantly looking for excitement


Something to feed the emotions


Get caught up in it, they become confused


They become judgmental


á they have done everything they can for you


á and you are still not a success


á so it is your fault if they fail to promote you or the idea


á it is about emotions/feelings not mental


á so it is never about themselves always someone else.


They Blame


they don't like the feelings so it is your fault


They will want to give you their advice


it is not good advice because it is based on feelings of the moment


Oranges can destroy a relationship the easiest


"Let me tell you how I Feel"


Their Day of the week is Monday

Pergamum - Yellow

Pergamum - Yellow




In their giftedness Yellows tend to be:


Thinkers - they come up with the ideas, philosophers


Great Research and Development people in all fields


Take in data and process it - computer programmers, website development, innovative


Mental in nature and very good at it - if there is a problem they will solve it


Philosophers - higher mind, natural knowing


Intellectual - develop conscious thought


Seekers of Truth


Holders of great knowledge


Can analyze anything and come up with a better way


They are forgiving - because they can reason it out and understand why you did what you did


Seem not to be emotional - do not express their emotions


Don't let emotions get in the way of their thinking


Yellows when in their traps tend to be:


It is all about the mental process


Think that others are stupid, unable to grasp the simplest concepts


They have forgotten the gift they have and are


They will close themselves off from others


They will be cold and unforgiving


They will absolutely not deal with their feelings - all of their statements begin "I think"


They will stay in their heads to avoid feelings and avoid being hurt.


They will lose contact with the real world staying in their heads and


their idealism


Their day of the week is Tuesday

Sardis - Green

Sardis - Green




Greens when in their giftedness tend to be:


Healers Fixers - physical and spiritual


Accountants, mechanics, doctors, lawyers, trades people, handymen, repairers, seamstresses, pipe fitters, millwrights, plumbers, electricians, surgeons, counselors, psychologists, social workers, welfare workers.


They are the most balanced, things are or they are not


Very loyal and compassionate


Dependable, punctual and creative


Willing to give of themselves to others


They teach awareness and divine wisdom


They bring Enlightenment and insight


Their knowledge is mystical and can heal both the physical and the mystical


They are at peace in the spiritual sense and are in touch with their 5 senses. Through this they bring the healing of all


They know what is best and how to do it


They are kind and generous and have a deep feeling for others


They want everything to run smoothly and do their best to see that it does


They offer themselves to the greater good of everyone


When in their traps they tend to be:


Not fun to be around - they want it all their way and they will put others down to get it


They make other people objects and could care less what they say or do to them.


People around them are only tools to use to get the results they want.


They can become cold and calculating with the ends justifying the means


It is the process that matters not the person, like the surgeon who operates just to operate.


They thrill at the process and how skilled they have become even if the patient dies


Some will even do harm so that they can fix it


The sad part is that they know when they're in their traps but won't do anything about it


They tend to pry and get on your nerves


Their day of the week is Wednesday

Philadelphia - Blue

Philadelphia - Blue


Spiritual / Mental


Blues in their giftedness tend to be:


Teachers, Advisors, Counselors, Consultants, Political Advisors, Coaches, Religious leaders, Avatars, Spiritual mystics, Sages, Shaman and Gurus


Keepers of the gates of wisdom


They let in the light of knowledge


They have this loftiness


They bring you knowledge


Impersonal love - one of giving


They are one with Christ Consciousness


They are perfectly balanced in male/female.


The most balanced in body, emotions, mind and spirit


They bring out the best in people


They care that you become the best 'you' that you can be and are relentless about it


In their traps, Blues tend to be:


Teach you that "you will never arrive, you'll never get enough information to know as much as they do"


Forever pointing our your faults, shortcomings


Do their best to make you feel less than, so that they can feel more than


In their trap they are "Drama Queens", everything in their life is the most significant, most important event


They become unbalanced, and when they do are vulnerable to dis-ease in all four bodies


They become unapproachable, haughty, cold and arrogant


They may show up as pompous, egotistical and self-centered


You are stupid - they 'know it all'


However they will apologize and eat humble pie


They talk too much, they are constantly talking because they are convinced they know it all and must share what they know with the everyone (interested or not)


Their day of the week is Thursday

Thyatira - Purple

Thyatira - Purple


Spiritual / Emotional


Purples in their giftedness tend to be:


Creative people, Inventors, In advertising,


Fashion Design, Photography


Artists, sculptors, architects, municipal planners & engineers, Musicians, writers, actors, poets, singers, dancers


Can also work in research & development if it allows them to use their creativity in reaching the solution


Priests, Shaman or spiritual teachers in the art of creation


Ministers of divine love expressed through that which they create


- love, science, music & art


Contemplation and sincerity bring forth justice in the work they do


Their creativity is a gift to the world.


When they get it - it is the gifts they share with the world that matters


Purples in their traps tend to be:


All for personal glory, personal riches, money and fame


Become obsessed with materialism, can be about the project instead of themselves


But they must have the best of everything they won't "make do"


They become full of themselves and their self importance


They really think they have arrived


Whatever they do is for themselves


No thoughts of gifts to the world


They do third rate work, using second rate mediums with ideas borrowed from others


They lose the ability to create and yet still demand first rate prices


Creation becomes a gift they've sold and it becomes evident in their work


Their day of the week is Friday

Laodicea - Violet

Laodicea - Violet


Spiritual / Physical


Violets in their giftedness tend to be:


The church of saints - Mother Theresa was certainly a violet




In service - answering the phone, secretarial


Waitresses, butlers, stewards, volunteers,


Nurses, Human resources, Childcare


Most compassionate, tolerant and tender - showing mercy


Make sure you have everything you need for what you are doing


Unconditional love to all


Truly bringers of light and divine love givers


Joyful ones and in spirit are confident and faithful


Bring about completion


Manifest things from the spiritual to the physical


Kind, gentle and soft spoken, their touch is that of a caress soothing the soul


Have a spiritual connection with God beyond understanding


They just know everything is going to be okay


When in service nothing gets in their way, like a mother tiger protecting her young


Territorial, will stand up for you as your personal champion, know you are perfect and hold you as that


Violets in their traps tend to be:


A pain, they have what I call (Tureds Syndrome) and try to show up like a red. They become intoxicated with their own self importance. Unaccountable for their actions/inactions they blame someone or something for the way things are. They will hold a grudges and are unforgiving and hateful of and to the object their blame.


They can complain with the best of them about everyone and everything. They are victims of their own doings and it is someone else's fault.


In their traps they live in a fantasy world of how they think it should be. For them it becomes all about ME, ME, ME and everything else takes a back burner to what they want.


Can't give them enough support, encouragement or praise


They are arrogant, egotistical and totally self serving.


Constantly judging their own efforts as the only ones that work while denying to themselves the truth as to the way it really is.


Doing out of a need to be acknowledged, praised, rewarded rather than from a place of love


Their day of the week is Saturday

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