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Novus Invicta Process

What you will need:
1-2 ml Festival of Light sacred oil

1-2ml Holy of Holies sacred oil

1-2ml Novus Invicta sacred oil

1- 1-2ml Three Kings sacred oil land an ancient Lamp with candle.

This is a $180 value that you may get for the special price of $125 until December 25th. That means you save $55 over buying them separately. The 2 ml Song of Songs is additional, should you want one. Contact Joe to place this order.

Begin sometime after dark on Dec. 22nd, here is what we are going to be doing:

Step 1

Set up your Gate of grace in advance

Step 2

After your gate of grace is set up, set up the tabernacle using the instructions that came with your tabernacle crystal stone set. (If you have tabernacle stone set)

Step 3

With you in the center, (if you have) the Shekinah flame; place it between you and the smoke crystal stone in the North. If you also have a Metatron flame, place it between you and the Metatron crystals at the entrance of the tabernacle in the south. (In other words, place the Shekinah flame in front of you and the Metatron behind you.) When you have done this place a drop of the Songs Of Songs oil on your throat so your voice will be as a song. (OK if you do not have this oil)


Step 4

Take one drop of the IAM oil and place it on a piece of charcoal and light it.(if you have not been Gathered yet you will not have this oil. You may however use the Holy of Holies oil. Step back outside of the entrance facing the Gate of Grace and say: “This is said to make something Holy. Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, O Lord, our God, Lord of hosts O Lord, our God Lord of hosts Who was and Who is and Who is to come, Who was and Who is and Who is to come.”


Step 5

Once you have said this, each Master will light the votive candle in their lamp as a symbol of their Divine light and enter the tabernacle. With everyone facing the entrance, say the Seven Names of God: “Shriram, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai” and ring the tuning fork for each name. DO NOT SEAL THE ENTRANCE (nothing further needs to be done.)


Step 6

Start singing, “I am, you are, we are one,” 9 times.


Step 7

When you have finished with the song, each person will place a drop of the sacred oil of Shri Rom on your crown. Elohim on your third eye. Buddha on your right temple. Yahweh on left temple. Ahura Mazda under and behind your right ear. Allah is placed under and behind your left ear and the oil of El Shaddai is place on the neck above the place where to two collarbones come together. Sing the seven names of God 9 times.


Step 8

Place a drop of the Festival of Light oil on your heart.


Step 9

Place a drop of the Novus Invicta oil on your third eye.


Step 10

Place the sacred oil of the Three Kings on your crown and say: “As a child of God I have attuned my vibrations to receive the gifts of the Three Kings. I have anointed my heart to the vibrations of the Birth of the Light. I reclaim my Divine kingship as a child of God and place my crown on my head.” Each will take from their hearts a crown and place it on their own head and say, “As it is said, it is done.”


Step 11

Take a drop of the Novus Invicta oil and a drop of the Festival of Light oil and place them on a piece of charcoal. Burn the charcoal and as the smoke rises, say the Seven Names of God: “Shriram, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai. “ Ring the tuning forks for the Names of God in order (if you have them.)


Step 12

When you have finished, face the entrance of the tabernacle and say: “As a child of God that wears the Crown of Light I send the Light of Wisdom, Compassion and Love to bring harmony to the world.” After you have said this, bring the votive candle in the lamp up and blow the light of the candle out through the entrance of the tabernacle. The light you have sent out will become one with the rays of the rising sun and shine on the world. Say, “It is done.”

I know many of you do not have all these things so let me say this. God is very understanding so just do the best you can for the process.


Many of you have oils that you have gotten over the years. You may use the sacred oils for each of the steps that you thing or feel would best serve the part of the process.

Bless your hearts,


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