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The first Angelic Visit
"It was sometime after Christmas 1994, I was reading a book and like many times before I heard my name called out of the darkness. This time was different and I decided to answer it. Then in the distance, a sparkle ever so slight appeared in the doorway. This startled me. Slowly, there appeared in this bright light a beautiful being. In a very masculine voice I heard, "Put down your books for they hold no truths for you, as the sands of the desert have been moved by the winds of time so has the light been darkened by man's ink upon the pages."


This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between myself and the angelic realm. I have met eleven angels total to date. They all have a wonderful message of love and joy for all of mankind. It is only up to us to listen to their call." 

Bless Your Hearts,
Joseph Crane

Joe describes how he first encountered a life-saving voice during a disaster onboard an aircraft carrier.

Later, he met that voice, the Archangel Michael and their meetings continue. 



March 6, 2022 Visit        pdf version

I was awakened by hearing my name called. I rolled over and said out loud, "Give me five more minutes.” I tried that with my mother when I was a little kid. It didn't work with her and it didn't work with Michael because he called my name again.

Michael...Arise, we need to speak.

"Ok,” I said and started getting out of bed. I put on my jeans and headed out of the bedroom. As I looked toward the office, I saw Michael standing in the gate. The light that always surrounds him when he shows up was filling the office. As always, it is a sight to behold. spoke first and said to Michael, "Ok, you got me up. What's on the agenda?"


Michael...I have not come to speak with you for you have had a lot going on with you and your life. It is wise to separate yourself from the business. That way you can be more about the spiritual aspects of what you teach. It was also good that you named your new business in honor of your teacher, Alexander. 

I think so too. Alexander played a big part in my spiritual growth so I did this to honor him. When I went to register this current business as an LLC, I was running through all kinds of names for it. However, I decided to call it Love, Life and Light out of my respect for him. He used to say that all the time as, "Let love move through your life that you become a light to the world." 

I thought that would be just perfect. Besides, I wanted to separate me, the person, from the business aspect of this with all the products that are offered. Not to mention, this will separate my personal from the business taxes. That should make it easier to keep track of finances. Well, that's enough on that. Let's talk about something else. One of the masters was talking to me about reaching the number of 222 and they had a question. Now given everything that's going on in the world with the war in the Ukraine and the Russians, they wanted to know if we had reached the 222 at earlier conferences would this war be happening today?

Michael...NO. You have to realize that the number 222 is a sacred number when you come together to raise the vibration and bring in the light of wisdom and compassion. When the masters fall short of the number, the vibrations will still rise, yet they are not strong enough to bring to create the desired result. 

What you're talking about is what we refer to as critical mass. That means that no matter how close you get to the number, it won't make that big of a difference until you reach the 222, which is critical mass. Once that happens, everything will change. I guess you could say it's like trying to boil water. Water boils at 212 degrees, not 112 or 175 degrees, but at 212 degrees when it reaches critical mass. So basically, what you're telling me is we've been able to get the water hot, but we haven't been able to make it boil. 

Michael....That is a good example. You have a way of putting things in perspective to get the message across to people. There is something else I wish to speak to you of. In the past, I have spoken to you saying "Blessed are the Masters.” However, I have come to see that the Masters really don't understand that they are blessed. At this year's Conference, you will be doing the Master's Blessing for the Masters that are there so that they truly begin to know how powerful and blessed they are. I will give this blessing from our kind to your kind. You will need to set aside time to give out this blessing to the Masters. When our time is done, I will give you the blessing that you are to give. However, you will not say it or give it to anyone until the conference.

Michael showed me how to do the blessing and I want to say that after I heard it, that all I could think of was, "Wow, this is powerful."


I have one more question I would like to ask that came from one of the Masters. He wanted me to ask that if we are called "Masters,” then why are the angels not called "Masters" or referred to as “Masters"? 


Michael...That's an easy one to answer. We are angels. The will of God. Therefore, we have nothing to master. However, your kind has free will and they need to master themselves. Our time is done for now. I will speak with you again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


Once again, I watched as Michael folded back into the light. I must say, I get a kick out of him doing this and it doesn't matter how many times I see him do this, it's still a hoot to me.

Be at peace and teach only love, Joe