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The first Angelic Visit
"It was sometime after Christmas 1994, I was reading a book and like many times before I heard my name called out of the darkness. This time was different and I decided to answer it. Then in the distance, a sparkle ever so slight appeared in the doorway. This startled me. Slowly, there appeared in this bright light a beautiful being. In a very masculine voice I heard, "Put down your books for they hold no truths for you, as the sands of the desert have been moved by the winds of time so has the light been darkened by man's ink upon the pages."


This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between myself and the angelic realm. I have met eleven angels total to date. They all have a wonderful message of love and joy for all of mankind. It is only up to us to listen to their call." 

Bless Your Hearts,
Joseph Crane

Joe describes how he first encountered a life-saving voice during a disaster onboard an aircraft carrier.

Later, he met that voice, the Archangel Michael and their meetings continue. 

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