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Angelic Visits 2007

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Feb 4 2007
Mar 9 2007
June 23, 2007
Mar 28 2007
May 7, 2007

February 4th 2007 Visit      

I was on my way back from Mickie’s house where I picked up a day bed she had given me. I had just gotten on the freeway headed south when I heard a voice. 


Michael: Would you like some company on your drive home?

"Yes", I said as a ball of light started to form in the seat next to me. Michael came into full view in a matter of seconds, being just the right size for the space he was occupying. 


Michael: Your trip to Tucson was most fruitful. 

I wasn’t sure if what he said was a question or a statement so I just said Yes it was.


Michael: Robbie has done well in selecting the flame cut amethyst you have returned with.

That she has. The quality of the amethyst she found is really amazing because the dark purple is getting harder and harder to find anymore. 

Michael: As I have said she has done well yet there is more than the flames you have returned with.

That is true.


Michael: Robbie got some new stones that she was drawn to because she understood something about them.


I just chalked it up to her relationship to Shekinah and that she knew what she was doing. On the other hand I was drawn to get ten charoite blades. I can’t explain it but I remembered you and your sword of light, and felt the blades had something to do with that.


Michael; You were indeed led to them for the light they hold.

I had a feeling they were more than just letter openers. As you know charoite tends to be on the expensive side but I kept feeling I should get them.

Michael: You will find in the time to come the vibrations they hold to be of the light of unconditional love and compassion, and most useful for your kind.

I wish I would have known that because I would have gotten more.

Michael: It would have done little for you to buy more than the ten. For I tell you truly there will be but nine masters that will be able use them.

Oh well that’s just great. How will I know which nine masters are the ones that can use them besides me? After asking him that, I could almost see a smile on his lips just before he told me …


Michael: The nine masters that buy them -- it is these masters that will be called to do so.

You are going to tell me how they are to use these blades to bring about this unconditional love and compassion aren’t you. 

Michael: I will give you the way of it. You will lay my mark upon the handle yet you will not cover it in any way with a coating to protect it. You will only give the way to use it to the masters that will hold the blades.


Fair enough, Michael. Then Michael told how they were to be used and when.

Michael: I would speak to you of other things.


I kind of figured you were here for more then a chat about what we got on our trip. What is first on your list? 

Michael: You will need to open your home again.

Robbie and I were looking to do just that over the 17th or 18th but haven’t made up our minds yet.

Michael: In this start of a new year, the masters may set the vibrations that will lead to the Eden Event.

I will check it out and see when would be best. I take it there are some things we will need to do.


Michael: There are. You will teach that which I give you.


I guess it is time for the masters of the Innermost Center to gather again. 


Michael: Not all of the masters of the innermost will be able to be there, and you may invite the other masters to your home.

You are going to have to give me more notice when you want us to get together. I have an idea that will allow for more masters to get in on the teachings.


Michael: You speak of that which you call a conference call. This is wise. Yet the masters must gather in groups of seven or more for the teachings you will be giving.

I still have to figure out how that is going to work, and I have to call Larry to see if he can set it up.


Michael: You will need to do this again on the 3rd day of March.


This is getting more complicated as you talk. What do you have up your sleeve, Michael?


Michael:  You and the masters are changing the way of things happening. As the Light returned to the world, the masters chose the way in which the course of the year would follow. The masters of the Innermost Center of Light sent out the Light to other masters. In turn, the masters received the Light and magnified the Light, and sent it out to the world in joy. The Eden Event that is to be will be in the vibrations of Joy. In times of joy the masters will blend their vibrations with others for the greater joy of all.


That sounds like a good idea to me. Go on.

Michael: After the masters have received the teaching they must fortify themselves for that which is to come.


And we do this how?


Michael; You were given the “Principles of a Master.” Over the 13 days following the teachings, the masters will blend one principle into their life each day. March 3rd is a time of joy when the masters will bring forth an intention in this Joy.

So let me see if I got this straight. March 3 rd is a time of joy, and in this time we are going to use this to enhance what it is we are doing.

Michael: Yes, just as you did with the incoming Light. In this year to come, there will be times when the vibrations will be the same as the ones you will be using. When you create that which you desire in these times, the power of the vibrations will be greater.

Well that makes perfect sense to me.


Michael: Let us speak of the Eden Event you will hold in June. There is much I have given you that is to be done. You have asked someone to serve at this event. Yet I say the time needed for these things will not allow for this. You will need him in a future event.

Michael told me the person’s name and I will talk to him about it.


Michael: It is time for you to set the masters in the Gate formation you will use this year. 

I would but I don’t have that many masters registered yet. From what you are showing me we are going to need 80 masters just to build the center gate. I don’t have to be that good at math to know that is 10 masters of each color. Not to mention the number of masters we will need to pull the formation together you are calling for this year. 


Michael: Joe, that which you will do this year is unlike that which you have done in the past. The Joy the masters will set in motion to hold the Shekinah cannot be done with less. Is it not the desire of the masters to hold this much joy? 

I am sure it is. But what you are asking me to do is going to be complicated to say the least. The placement of each master that makes up the formation is going to take some time to figure out. 

Michael: Balance the churches in the places I have shown you.


Yes. That is going to be another tricky part. For the last few events we went with color of the churches according to which ones showed up for the event. Now we are going to need a more balanced number of each color. This is getting back to the way it was when we needed a certain number of each church to make the formation. Now we are going to need not only a number but also a certain amount of each color.

Michael: You must know that which has been done in the past has gotten the masters ready to hold this grace energy. More masters gather each year, and more is done that could not be done before. Did you think Eden would return without the Shekinah? It would have been arrogant to think a few could do the work which calls for the many. 

I am not saying that Michael. All I am saying is this new formation isn’t going to be easy to set up. I know you will cut us some slack as far as what color we use to build the formation. The thing that troubles me is if we can get the correct number of masters to pull it off this year. As you know the past few years were easier because we went with what we had. This year we don’t have as much wiggle room as we did. 

Michael: Did you not have the number that was given to return the Shekinah?

You know we did.


Michael:  Did you not worry that the number would not be met? 

Oh, come on, Michael. You know I did. Why else would I have asked and bargained with you for a lesser number. 


Michael: These things you did. You knew that which was possible for the masters and your world. When you were given a lesser number was it not the masters who could see what was at stake? Did not the masters join together in Oneness to make certain 222 was met?

That they did do. 


Michael: You have seen the determination of the masters to return the Shekinah. How could there be less to return joy to their lives and to the world. I know you believed in the masters in times when they do not believe in themselves. You could not do this work if it were otherwise.

Well, Michael. It is like I tell them. If they knew about themselves what I know about them, they would be so excited about who they are, they couldn’t sit still.


Michael: Now that you have been reminded why you do this work, draw up the formation and the placement of the masters according to the church they are. We will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


This is where I get out. I glanced over to the seat where Michael was. I could see the ball of light half in the car and half outside of it. Michael looked like he was getting out of the car and into the ball of light. I thought it was pretty cool as the light folded in on itself. And Michael was gone. When I looked back out the windshield I saw it was time to slow down and turn into my driveway.  

March 9, 2007 Visit 

I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sound of my name being called. I opened my eyes to notice light coming from outside the bedroom. Angels are afoot, again, I thought to my self as I crawled out of bed. I was wondering when I would get another visit after the intention we set on the 3rd of this month (March) and I guessed this was it. As I rounded the corner from the bedroom I could see the light coming from the gate we have set up in the office. The light had an orange hue to it, so I figured this must be Tzaphqiel because of the feminine voice, but there was no one standing in the Gate. 


Blessed are the masters that called forth joy. In this, which they have done, opens the way of joy to the world. Let joy fill their hearts and the hearts of others.

I took this to mean we did a good job on the process we did on the 3rd. Just as I finished that thought I heard Michael’s voice. 



Come into the Gate, for we would commune with you.


I was taken aback by this because he never spoke to me in that manner. My mind started racing with reasons this visit might be so different. I started walking very slowly towards the Gate hoping to figure out what was going on before I got there. All I could hear in my head was Eddy Murphy’s voice telling Shrek to stay away from the light. On the other hand I also had a feeling that this must be really important that this the was unfolding in this way. 



Be not afraid.

”Just one question before I do. This isn’t about me coming home is it?”



Now is not your time. Come.


Well now that we had that settled, I felt it was safe to go into the light. As if there was ever such a thing as safety when it comes to angels. I walked into the center of the Gate to see what was going on. Once in the center of the Gate, I could see the surrounding room as if looking out of a translucent ball of colors. Sure enough, I was not alone because Michael and Tzaphqiel were waiting for me there. “OK. I am here. So lets commune as you put it.” 



There is much you must know, that you may speak of it with the masters.

As soon as he said that, the glow in the ball of light started to change. I could no longer see outside the light because it was becoming more and more a blinding whiteness. The light was causing my skin and clothing to be come iridescent in color. The light surroundinf me was growing so intense that I lost all sense of direction. I didn’t have a clue as to up or down, right or left. It was just like I was there, wherever there was. I turned my head from side to side to see if I could see Michael or Tzaphqiel but I was alone. “Michael,” I called out. 




” What do you mean, ‘Come’? I have no idea where I am or in what direction to come, as you put it.” I peered into the bright light but couldn’t see any thing that might give me a hint. The only thing left for me was to trust. True, I did have concerns about going into the unknown, and I did have so little information about what this visit was about. However, it was also exciting to think of the possibilities that were at hand. I had to chuckle about being held back by my concerns. I asked myself how many times in life when an opportunity comes our way our fears stop us from the prize. I lifted my right foot to take a step and began to see a very thin line appearing in front of me. I wasn’t sure if the line was running up and down or away from me. I just knew it was some kind of line. As my foot touched the ground, if that was what it was, I heard Michael call again.




I picked up my left foot and took another step. The line was becoming clearer, and I could now see it was the color of gold. I took another step and then another. With each step I took, the line became wider and clearer to my eyes. After several steps I now could see it wasn’t a line at all. It was the beginning of a long golden path that cut through this cloud of light. As I continued along the path, I began to see colors crossing the path. These colors looked like the end of a rainbow, and I wondered if there was a pot of gold down there. Then again, maybe the gold was the path I was walking on, but it really didn’t matter because there was no place to spend it anyway. I still couldn’t see anything but the bright light on either side of the path as I moved toward the colors. The closer I got to the colored light, the more I began to see what looked like figures standing in the light. OK, I thought to myself, these aren’t lights with someone standing in them. These are angels standing there, and the light is emanating from them. With one more step I could see I was correct about what I was thinking. There on the path stood Khamael, Tzaphqiel, Gabriel, Raphael, Ratziel, Haniel, and Tzadqiel. As I approached the angels, they moved into their positions of what would be the Gate of Grace. I guessed I was going east because, as I passed by Ratziel, and could see Michael on the other side. A quick look around told me where the other angels were, told me I was right on in my thinking. 



Stand next to Tzaphqiel so you may see the center from the place of Joy.

I walked over to the angel and stood next to her.



See you the altar of the masters and the bowl upon it. 

I turned to the center of the Gate made up of angels. I didn’ see any altar nor a bow, but in seconds I could see the altar starting to manifest. The first stone to manifest was the cornerstone I had used to build the altar in the last three Eden Events. Next, the other stones started appearing one by one to create the foundation for the altar. I could see a name written on each stone as it was laid into place. Here is where it started getting cool. Although each master had written their name with a marker on the stone, the name turned to gold. I also noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye coming from Tzaphqiel. Turning my head to see what was going on, I saw Tzaphqiel holding a gold scroll and was writing on it. Before I could ask Michael spoke. 


She writes the names of the masters, as they are written by the master’s hand, in the Book of Joy. 

I didn’t know what that meant but I wanted to be sure to get my name on one of those stones. I peeked over to the scroll to see how she was writing the names down. She didn’t have a pen in her hand, so to speak. She was holding what looked like a liquid bolt of lightning, which I had seen before in Michael's hand, but a much larger version. She didn't move her hand to write down the names. As the point of the small bolt of lightning touched the scroll, letters flowed out onto the scroll in liquid silver and light. I couldn't read the writing but I knew she was writing a master's name from each stone. I continued to witness the placing of the stones, and Tzaphqiel writing those names in the Book of Joy, as Michael put it. I just couldn't contain myself anymore and had to ask, “What does this mean?”



Those whose names are written in the Book of Joy are given authority over joy. The masters have declared it to be so and have written it in their hand.


How many stones are there? 


Not one more then will stand in this formation. 

As Michael said this, masters started taking places in the formation that we will be using at this years Eden Event. Some of the masters I knew, and others I didn't, or at least I couldn't see them very well, as my eyes were drawn back to the altar. The bowl was now manifesting on top of the altar. I could see and read the writing around the rim of the bowl in orange letters, just as Michael had given them to me. Light began to form in the bowl cascading outward to all the masters surrounding the stone altar and the bowl. 



This which you see now, you will do with the masters when you stand in the formation. You will speak of it to no one. 

I watched as I was shown what Michael was talking about. 


I will show you no more of that which will be when the masters gather in the formation.


I watched as the masters, altar, and bowl faded away. “Well, I guess we are finished here,” I said.


There is more for you to see. Come. 

I was wondering what more he wanted to show me as I walked over to where he stood. When I was in front of him, he moved to the side and told me to stand where he had stood. I took a step and was now in his place. As I went to turn around to face him, he spoke again.



Turn not around.

I stopped in mid-turn and turned back facing the golden path that was in front of me. 


Look to the path.


I did as he told me. My eyes went to the point of the path that finished in the distance. I followed the golden path back slowly towards where I was standing. As my sight came closer down the path, I noticed something had broken the gold color of the path. There was something sitting on the path. It was a stone of some kind. I am not sure if is was manifesting there or if my eyes were adjusting to the change of light or substance. It looked to be raised above the path and maybe ten feet wide at its widest point and maybe twenty feet long. “Hey, Michael, I recognize that shape. It is the sign you gave me to place on the charoite blades. It is the circle with two flames above it. That stone is shaped like something that crossed my mind a few days ago.”



Yes. Of course it is. It is for this reason you cannot rid it from your mind.

”I should have known you angels had something to do with it. What's it do?” I asked as I turned my head to look at him.



I shall show you. Look to the stone.


I turned my head back to see what he was going to show me. I watched as someone started to appear in the center of the circle. The very first thing I noticed was they had red hair. “Michael does she know she is here?” as I saw Robbie come into full view on the stone. 


She does not. What you see is and is not Robbie. That which you see is the Grace of the Shekinah that abides within her. 

”That is OK. I can go with that for an answer.”


I tell you truly; from this point on you must not speak. Let your eyes behold that which is to come.

I knew there was something big about to happen because I was told not to speak before in an earlier visit. I couldn't hold my tongue and the visit abruptly ended. This time I was going to remain quiet. The Shekina Grace that abides in Robbie was dressed in a purplish-violet gown that glowed from the inside out, sending this beautiful light outwards. My attention was being drawn down to her feet where the gown seamed to be catching on fire with a purple flame. My first thought was Robbie is on fire and I almost wanted to run over to her and start patting the gown to put the flames out. I looked to her face to see if there was any distress but she just looked upwards as if nothing was happening. It was only moments until she was in the middle of this huge, towering purple flame. Surrounding the outsides of the stone circle, the flames looked like they were forming the bottom of another gown. As I began to look up the flame, I could clearly see it was another gown that was forming. There was no mistaking this being as the Shekinah. I looked back down to see if Robbie was all right, and I could see her in the flame of the Shekinah with her red hair flowing upward as if there was a wind coming up from her feet. The Shekinah was standing in the same way as Robbie was with the hands outstretched from her sides. 


Ready your self and do not speak.


I don't know how, but I could see through Robbie and the Shekinah to the other side where the form of the carved stone sat. It began to glow and pulsate. My eyes were drawn upward to the other side of the glowing stone to where a tent had formed. The flaps were slightly open and I could see a bright, white light coming from within. I remember this, I thought to my self. This is the house of Metatron. The Shekinah turned around to face the tent, if what she did was really turning around. Robbie was still facing me and I could see through her and the Shekinah. The last time I had an experience like this with the Metatron, the light was so bright all I could do was cover my eyes because of the brightness. This time I could see a figure as I looked through the Shekinah and almost chuckled to myself, thinking I had Shekinah sunglasses on. I watched as the Metatron moved from inside the tent coming toward us. 


Take her hand.

I brought my focus back down to Robbie and saw she was offering me her hand. I wasn't sure if I was to go to her and into the purple flame. I reached out my hand and took hers. I also was watching what Shekinah and Metatron were doing. As Metatron came closer to the Shekinah, I noticed she was now moving across the glowing stone flame toward Metatron. I figured Michael would stop me if I was doing something I shouldn't. The Shekinah had moved off the stone circle and on to the stone flames, so I moved towards Robbie. It was like watching a mirror image in as much as Robbie and I were moving closer together at the same rate the Shekinah and Metatron were. I could feel Robbie's hand in mine as her body came less than a heartbeat away from touching mine. I brought my other arm up, placing it on her back to draw her against me. As Robbie came closer to me she did something else. She was not pressing up against me; she was passing into me, just as I was seeing the Shekinah and Metatron do. I started feeling a little strange having this happen, and then I felt the most powerful Shakti wash over, around, and through me. My mind went blank, and all I could see was wave after wave of color while feeling a humming vibration through my body. I started hearing my name called.


Joe. Joe.

I started to be able to see again, and my senses started to return. As soon as I could focus again, I was standing back in my Gate in my office at home. I was still trying to catch my breath and my balance as Michael spoke again.



There is much you have seen and much you did not notice. You will in the days to come remember it. You will make out that which passed through your mind. 

Help me out here. I had a lot pass through my mind. I am not sure what you are talking about. 



You will make my seal in stone, that the purple flame may sit up on it. As the flame of the Shekinah joined with the stone flame of the Metatron, so will the purple flame join with the stone flame. After you do this, I will tell you the way in which it may be used. Our time is done for now. We will speak again soon. Blessed are the masters that have ears and hear. Blessed are the masters that have eyes and see. Blessed are the masters that have hands and feet and use them. Blessed are the masters whose name is written in the Book of Joy. Be at peace and teach only love.


I watched Michael fold back into the light, and he was gone. I have a lot to think about as well as to remember. I just hope I get it all done before the Eden Event.

March 28, 2007 Visit 

I was in the process of reorganizing the office after our return from Denver. Robbie had gotten a lot of new product while we were there, and it was up to me to figure out how and where to put it all. I stood in the office looking around trying to see in my mind where and how it would all fit. The first thing that has to happen is to clear out what is in here and start anew, I said to myself. I started with moving a table into the kitchen, followed by trunks, boxes, and packing material. I was reaching down in a corner to retrieve some other boxes when the light came on behind me. I thought Gabby or Sara had come in and turned the overhead light on. I said, “Thank you for the light.”


Michael:  You are welcome.

“I should have known it was you.” I said as I turned around. “I must say, I wasn’t expecting you for a while. Did you come here to help me clean up the office?” 

Michael No. I have come for other things of which I must speak with you.

“Well. I guess I can’t win them all. So what is it this time?”


Michael: The time of the Eden Event draws near. 

“Yes. I know that. March is almost over and we have two months left to go before the Event. I also know we are a little short on registering the 250 you said we needed for this year’s Event.”

Michael I have said this would be a mighty number. For should the numbers be that of the gatherings, much could be done by the masters. Should you have 222 again this year it will be enough for that which is to come. 

“Now that you bring it up, it was me who said 250. And with the recent gatherings, that number has risen. The 222 would be 28 less, which means at this time we only have 166 masters to register. I don’t know why, but this year it is like pulling teeth to get the masters to register.


Michael: Robbie was correct when she spoke of Ephesus being the hardest to move.


“Is this why you said these next two were the most important of the Eden Events so far? I mean if you look at these next two churches, they both have in their make up a propensity for inaction. It’s like Robbie said, Orange and Yellow are the hardest to get for most gatherings. So why then wouldn’t it be more difficult also when the Eden event is about each of these places.”

Michael: Our kind knows Robbie and Gary have great concerns about the Eden Event this year. It is wise for them to be so for more then they know. With each year, the place that the Eden Event will be held brings with it the gifts or traps of that church. This holds true for all the gatherings thus far. However, this year will offer up chaos or joy, and next year will offer confusion or wisdom. The gifts or traps of each church will bring light or will shadow that which is to be done.


Are you telling me that whatever church we are working with dictates the vibrations leading up to an event?


Michael: It dictates not only that which leads up to an event, it dictates the event as well as that which will come of the event. The traps of this church are with all the masters as well as your world. Some have overcome them while others still struggle with them.


“I know some are struggling with them now, due to some of the questions we are hearing.” 


Michael You speak of bringing back the Shekinah. 

“I can see why they would ask why do we need to work so hard again this year. Didn’t the Shekinah come through Robbie and out to the masters that were there and then out to the world? We brought the Shekinah back isn’t that enough?”


Michael: I ask you and the masters this: What have you brought the Shekinah back for? Have you done this in service to your ego to see if you could do it? Have you called the Shekinah back to serve you in that which you want? Have you, as the masters you are, called for the Shekinah to assist you in returning Eden to your world? As you have been told, the Shekinah will not stay where there is not Joy or Wisdom. 

“So in other words, you are asking me/us does joy fill our lives? Does wisdom live in all of us so as to return Eden? I know the desire is there but the Wisdom and Joy to keep the Shekinah here isn’t as of yet.”


Michael: It is a start that you and others have the wisdom to know this. 

“Someone asked if we could just do what we are going to do at the Eden Event on a conference call, like we have done on other things.”


Michael: The vibrations of the masters are not strong enough for this. The need for the masters to bond together during the Eden Event is the reason for doing so. The Eden Event is the spark that will ignite the light in the darkness to change the world.

“So what you are telling me is this isn’t like Dominos Pizza. You can’t just call your order in because the Eden Event isn’t set up for delivery.”


Michael: If you would liken the Eden Event to spiritual food for the soul, the masters are to cook the meal. And the flame to do so is the Eden Event.


“I like the way you put that Michael. However, does that mean if you are not at the Eden Event you get leftovers?” 


Michael :You have a way with words that speaks of humor. I tell you this truly. Those who make the meal and partake of it while it is still hot, find it more satisfying than those who don’t.

“Let’s get off the food analogies. Like you said many times before, those closest to the flame gather the most light and warmth. I say those that chop the wood for the fire are warmed twice as much as the ones who just sit at the fire.” 


Michael: You are fond of sayings, yet there is more of which I would speak with you.


“I am at that, Michael. So where do we go from here?”


Michael: You asked, ‘Is this why the next two events are so important?’ As I said, there is more you do not know. I tell you truly, Gary has an idea of what is at stake for your world. He speaks of the return of the Shekinah as an end to all prophesies.


“I was listening to him talk about the Shekinah’s return. He said that meant all of the prophesies that had come before were null and void. It is like the old prophesies don’t count anymore, from what I remember him saying.”


Michael: That which Gary speaks is not without merit. I tell you truly, the Shekinah’s return in itself will not bring this into being. The Shekinah must stay in your world for this to happen. It is for this reason the next two Eden Events are important, along with what else you know about them.


“So you mean the other stuff you told me goes hand in hand with this, too?”

Michael: Yes. With that which the masters do or not do will fulfill the old prophesies.


“Are you saying like Jesus said, ‘Think not that I come to destroy the law or the prophets: I come not to destroy but to fulfill”?

Michael:  No. I tell you truly, the masters have not come to destroy nor to fulfill. The old prophecies are set in fear and retribution. These things have driven your world for eons, and they still plague your kind to this day. Only when the Shekinah stays, because of the joy and wisdom held by the masters, will a new prophesy of love and peace be written across the universe. The old prophecies hold true, yet they are weakened by the Shekinah's return.

“So. What you are telling me is we as masters have a chance to rewrite all that stuff from the past?”

Michael: This is not what I have said. The masters have within their grasp that which will write the future of the stars and beyond time. Eden was not only lost to your world, yet it is your world that will set the balance of all things. 

“This is even bigger then I thought, Michael. I guess this isn’t a little game after all.”


Michael:  You, of all your kind, should know when dealing with the angels there is never what you call a little game. There is much at stake for what God has given in infinite grace. The masters can cause it to be, for our kind knows your kind has the will. The question to your kind is will you allow yourselves the joy and the wisdom to bring Eden into being?


“I am just a wee bit overwhelmed by what you are telling me. I mean the ramifications of our actions at the Eden Events go far beyond raising our vibrations so things will change here on Earth?”

Michael:  It is as you have said many times in the past. ‘You got to start somewhere.’ When next you look to the stars, remember, ‘As below, so above.’ 

“I thought it was ‘As above, so below.’ ”

Michael: It is not. That which you do on Earth or do not do sets the vibrations for all else.


“That means what we set in motion at the Eden Events sends vibrations to everything else or not.”


Michael:  Well said. Our time is done for now. Be about that which we have given you.


“I will. I do want to add something else. Last year the Shekinah said we didn’t need to have 222 but it was the masters’ commitment that made that happen. I think the masters just may have one master for every gathering that has taken place so far. I think they will see we are able to have a mighty number.”


Michael: If it were up to you, you would have 144,000 masters at the Eden Event. Yet I say to you, it is the masters that do the work who will have the number there. I must leave you now, for I am about other work. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded in with the light and was gone, to be about whatever he was talking about doing. I, on the other hand, need to be about cleaning up the office before Robbie gets home.

May 7, 2007 Visit

It was about 2 am and I was awake because Robbie brought me back a Starbucks from town that should have been a decaff. I figured as long as I was up I could get some work done on the stones for the purple flames to sit on. As I was cleaning one of the stones over the trash can by my desk I saw a light start to form in my Gate. Maybe the Starbucks has nothing to do with my being up I thought to myself. I continued to watch the light in the Gate grow and Michael came into form.

Michael: You are troubled over the event this year.


Yes, you could say that. We are at 129 masters for the event this year so far, and we haven’t gotten any registrations for the last four days. I also have some other stuff that has been on my mind.

Michael: You wonder about the number again this year.

That I do. So what happens if we don’t get the number? I mean in the past you or the Shekinah came and gave us a reprieve. Here’s my thing in this. Jewels told Robbie that something always happens at the last minute, and maybe we don’t really have to have the number you guys told us we needed. Robbie, on the other hand, thinks we can do something with the people that have received the seals. Now me, on the other hand, as in the past am more then willing to bargain with you.


Michael: Have you and the masters come to rely on the angels to do that which you will not do for yourselves?

Whoa Michael. Don’t you think that is a little harsh? 

Michael: Have I said something that is not so. The last event the masters came together in the numbers to raise the vibrations for the return of the Shekinah. You were given a lesser number yet the masters numbered 222. The number you are to have for the vibrations needed this year is again 222.

I know. I know. You can’t blame me for trying. Beside you could have said that if we didn’t have the number this year -- next year to keep us on track vibrationally we need to have 444. Or you could have said we would need to go back to Colorado and call the Shekinah back again and then go back to Ohio and start over.

Michael: I will make that bargain with you. Which is it you seek, 444 masters next year or Colorado and Ohio?

In as much as I loved Estes Park, I think I am going to pass on that. However, the place in Ohio does have a Starbucks but again I will pass. The 444 for next year really isn’t going to work for me either. I guess what I will have to do is see what happens this year and where we need to go from there. 

Michael:  This is wise of you.

Besides Michael, I still have faith in the masters.


Michael: There is more of which you wish to speak of. 

Yes there is. Now you have to understand this is hypothetically speaking. Let’s say for the sake of agreement, in this whole vibrational Shekinah-Metatron thing to bring about the return of Eden, is it possible to do this given we all hold the Shekinah and Metatron energy within us anyway? I mean could we have the number that we have in Ohio and other masters use this energy to bring about the same thing? I am only asking this because I was in a conversation the other day about how we hold within us everything in the universe. So aren’t we already there and all we need to do is remember it? 

Michael: Yes and No.

Well thanks. That clears it all up for me.

Michael: I will say this that you may understand. Your kind like our kind, are of God. The Divine Light that your body holds is the joining of the Metatron and the Shekinah. Yet you are not the Shekinah or the Metatron. You are Joe.


So what are you telling me? 


Michael: I tell you truly that which makes your body is the same that makes up the stars. Do you know this to be true?


Well of course I do. I know I have DNA that makes me who I am in this world but I am still made of the same stuff the stars are.


Michael: I ask you this. You hold all that is in the stars yet you are not a star. Should you believe, remember, or know this to be true, which star should I look for to find you in the night sky?


Ok. I get your point, Michael. I got one, too. Given I have all in me that is in the oceans of this world, but let’s say I am so small of an amount of it I would only be an eyedropper full of seawater, I am not an ocean by myself even if I know, remember, or believe I am. If I mix with other droppers I could become a cup or a gallon but only when I unite with the ocean will I become the ocean.


Michael: When your mother and farther came together in union, did that minute vibration of the Shekinah and Metatron set in motion that which would become you? When you took your first breath did that which you call a soul enter your body? Every cell of your body holds the grace of the Shekinah and the Metatron, which you know deep inside is so.

Well then this being the case, let’s chat more about the visit with Robbie, the Shekinah, and the Metatron, in relationship with this year’s Eden Event. Just so I can get some clarity. You gave me a new formation to be used this year.

Michael: You hold two formations. This new formation will be used with 222 masters. Should you have less you will use the last year’s formation you were given. I tell you truly your kind cannot hold the energy of the grace that will flow through. 

Are you telling me it could be dangerous? 


Michael: No. The grace will pass through causing nothing, should it not be Oneness in Joy focused by the vibrations of 222 masters.

Ok then. Lets say we have 222 masters there standing in joy. Will this bring about the blending of the Metatron and the Shekinah?

Michael:  When the vessel is created and open to receive.


Help me out here. How do I know when this happens?


Michael: You were shown this in the visit of which you spoke.


You mean the part about Robbie on fire and the Shekinah and the Metatron? There was a lot going on at the time. What part do you want me to focus on?


Michael:  Watch Robbie in relationship with Shekinah.


Let me think. Both burning purple flame, Robbie inside Shekinah, and Shekinah turned around. Robbie’s hand reached out to mine. 

Michael:  Should the masters bring in the new formation, watch Robbie. She will let you know when the vessel has been created and is open to receive or not. I tell you truly Gary understands the blending of the masculine and the feminine. You do that which was given to you.


Makes me wonder what will happen if we need to use the old formation.

Michael: The formation is left to the masters. Their numbers will set that which is to come. It matters not, for there is still much work to be done. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back into the light and was gone. I sat here and wrote up this visit and then went to bed.

May 29, 2007 Visit  

I was awakened by Michael's voice calling me. As I opened my eyes I saw light coming from outside the bedroom. I knew he must have been standing in the gate I have in the office. As I rounded the corner I saw Michael standing in the light in the middle of the Gate. I could also see he was not alone. Tzaphqiel was standing next to him. I had a feeling I would be getting a visit before we left for the event and this was it. 


Michael: You are troubled in the way of the event this year.

I knew I would be getting a visit from you again before the Eden Event. With everything that has been going on lately you had to show up. Like the altar bowl I worked on so hard — only to have it break into five pieces in the kiln. Then the kiln goes down and I can’t fire in it. Next I need to have another bowl made and letter it. After I get the lettering done I have to go to town to have it bisque fired. When that was done I had to go back into town and glaze it to have it fired again. After that I needed to go back to town to put the gold around the rim and have it fired again only to go back to town one more time to pick it up. Troubled you say? That is an understatement.

As long as you are listening let me continue. There are two formations that we could use this year. One is the same formation we used last year ... or we could use the new one you gave us provided we have 222 masters. Do you have any idea how much trouble it is to place masters in two formations just in case one can’t be used? Especially if you are having masters canceling and others registering. We seem to be in a holding pattern. I thought this year’s event was going to be about fun and joy.


Tzaphqiel: These are the gifts of this year’s event. It is up to the masters how they will be in them. 


Well if that is so, how come we are having the problems getting the masters there in the numbers we need? It seems like joy is something the masters would jump at, and to have authority over it would be a no-brainer. 


Tzaphqiel: The masters, like all others, have free will. Each may choose that which they will.


I know that, but you guys told me this year and next year are the most important. It looks like we have about 163 masters so far. Unless there is a miracle of some kind coming along we may not make it. I have tried to haggle with Michael but that was a no-go. So maybe you could tell me how we can work this out. This is an opportunity to send joy out to the world through the masters. Is there anything that you can do to help us out on the joy thing? 


Tzaphqiel: You would ask that our kind bring the joy that is needed. I tell you truly our kind cannot give to the masters that which they will not take. Nor can the world receive such joy without a vessel to hold joy in. 


So what you are telling me is the number you gave us for the Eden Event is that vessel? 


Michael: This is so. The formation, which you were given, would hold such a vibration that Joy could be sent out to your world.


I guess that means if we don’t have 222 masters, we don’t have the Joy to send to the world? 


Michael: It means your kind will not be able to focus the vibrations of Joy that it may be sent out to your world.


Ok. We can’t hold the vibrations of Joy. So tell me again why are we doing this? 


Michael: Joe have you forgotten the masters that will have their names written in the Book of Joy? 


No I haven’t forgotten that but that was going to take place in the new formation. Without the 222 masters we will be using the old formation, so I didn’t think that was going to happen. 


Tzaphqiel: The masters that would stand with you in the formation will have their names written in the Book of Joy. Robbie knows the way of this.

So tell me how this is going to work. 


Michael: It is true that without the 222 masters Joy cannot be sent out to the world. Yet the formation you will use is the new one. You will set the formation as I have given to you.


We don’t have the masters needed for the new formation.


Michael: That may be true, yet the new formation needs to be brought to bear. The circles, as in the new formation, were needed to send the Joy out into the world. Should you not have the number you were given, you will not use the circles. You will not sing the seven feminine names of God to create the vibrations for the Metatron. 


That brings me to another thing here. What am I supposed to do with the masters that would have been in the circles? 


Michael: These masters will be placed in the spaces between the Trees of Life to reflect the vibrations of Joy back to the center. When this happens the center will in turn reflect it out again back to the masters where they stand. The masters will take into their hearts and souls the vibrations of Joy. They do this that they may become the harbingers of Joy.


I take it, this is because if we don’t have the masters there to send it out to the world from the formation, we will have to do it on a smaller scale like one person at a time. 

Tzaphqiel: Those whose name is written in the Book of Joy will have the authority over it. They will bring joy into their lives and in the lives of others. They will be the ones that will hold the joy until it is given to all that would stand at the Eden Event next year.


Am I to assume that the masters are going to hold the joy that is produced this year to be used next year?

Michael: That would not be an assumption you would be making. For I tell you truly when Joy binds with Truth it holds the Wisdom of the Metatron.


I can see where this is all going but I am just trying to get through this year's Eden Event. So let me ask you about holding the joy and giving it to others. 


Michael: You would ask how this is to be done. Robbie knows the way of this. 


Robbie knows a lot doesn’t she? 


Michael: More than you may guess of her in knowledge. Ask her of the way of the seals she has been given. For those that have received the 8 seals will pass on Joy easily with great power. All whose name is written in the Book of Joy may pass Joy. Yet not as the masters holding the seals can.

This is kind of like the more seals you hold the greater your ability to place joy in others as well as hold it for yourself. 


Michael: Simply said, yet it is so. There is another question that you would ask.

Yes. Gary, Robbie and I were talking about the joy for this year’s event and the part Tzaphqiel played in this. Gary said something about maybe if we didn’t have the numbers at the event we could do it in stages. 


Tzaphqiel: Each event is to be done where it is given. The vibrations that the masters raise need to be in one place at one time. It is only then when the masters gather that the vibrations of that which is can be overcome to set the boundaries of Eden.

Ok. I got your point. The Eden Events are unto themselves whole and can’t be a patchwork of events all over the place.

Tzaphqiel: The vibrations the masters leave in the place of the Eden event remain. In the time to come all the vibrations that have been set to a place will join into one. 


That I understand also. 


Michael: You would know that of the Valley of the Star.

You must be reading my mind. Gary asked me to ask you about it. I don’t know if he wants to know why he is having so much trouble with it. Or, on the other hand, he could just want more information. I am open to getting whatever you want to give me to tell him. 


Michael: I tell you truly the Valley of the Star does not depend on the masters. The Valley of the Star does not depend on sources from outside the masters and the work you do. The Valley of the Star is dependent on both of these. Should you ask Gary, you will find there are times when the work on the Star moves well. There are times when the work of the Star seems to fall apart.


Given what he has told me that is kind of how it has been going so far. Do you have anything to say that would help that we don’t already know?


Michael: Not many of the masters have the means for such an undertaking. Yet they hold the power to bring it into being. Those that have the means have not the desire to see it done. It is for this reason the Valley of the Star ebbs and flows.


I am going to take a step out on a limb here. I think you are telling me that when the masters are standing in Oneness, the Valley of the Star moves towards fruition. When the backers are open and willing to support the project there is maybe not the Oneness with the masters.


Michael: There is more to what you say than you know.


Well I am sure Gary will know more about what you told me then I do. 


Michael: Let us speak of the altar bowl.


I did bring that up didn’t I? What is going on with that? I have fired 4 bowls in the same kiln without a problem. This bowl has been a pain. 


Michael: Again look to the way of the masters. Was there joy in the coming event? Was this bowl you were making holding the vibrations of joy for the Shekinah?


I guess that maybe it wasn’t. We were trying so hard to get to the 222 masters and it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. 


Tzaphqiel: The vibrations of many of the masters would come through you in your making of the altar bowl. There was not the Oneness of Joy going into the making of the altar bowl. That which you worked into the altar bowl was fractured and not in Oneness.


I worked the vibrations of separation into the bowl and low and behold it fractured into 5 pieces. 


Michael: Did not Gary speak to you of the number of the Shekinah?


He did, but I just thought it just cracked. I will have to ask him to expound on that when I talk to him again. 


Michael: Your time was not lost. Did you not make the likeness of the Shekinah?


Yes I did fire an angel to resemble the Shekinah, flaming dress and all.


Michael: You have done well. With the purple flame you have sitting on the golden bowl she holds, one could say she holds the vessel of creation in her hands.


That was my line. You are reading my thoughts again. 


Michael: It is easy for our kind to praise the work you do knowing that which you think. Our time is done. In our leaving I would have you know if we are needed again before the Eden Event we will come to you. Blessed are the masters that will stand with you in the formation of Joy. Blessed are the masters that will benefit from the work of Joy the masters at Eden will bring forth. Be at peace and teach only love.

June 23, 2007 Visit 

I got an e-mail from Gary because he was picking up on some strong Michael energy from the stone symbol I made to hold the purple flame. Gary was wondering if I was having a visit. I told him I hadn’t but we both knew one was due.


I was awakened early in the morning before first light by the slightest touch on my arm. I thought it was Robbie wanting something but upon opening my eyes it was not. The light of Michael filled the room and it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the light and I could see him clearly. 


Michael: Awaken for I would speak with you.


I got up and put on my jeans and followed him into the office where he stood in the gate. As I entered the office I spoke first. Gary said you would be coming for a visit soon because he could feel your energy coming from your symbol.


Michael: The stone symbol will magnify my vibrations when I am close. I tell you truly any that have my stone symbol will feel I am in attendance. It was for this reason you were given to set the stones in the formation in the place of the masters.


I figured as much. I thought it was some kind of protection for the Metatron energy that was going to come through. 


Michael: The stones were to balance the vibration created by the masters that stood with you. That which the masters called forth could not have happened without them.

So, tell me how did we do?


Michael: Blessed are the masters that are named in the book of joy. Blessed is all of your kind for the work these masters have done. It is they that have created the joy to open the way of wisdom for the Shekinah. 


That’s way cool. So, we did what were supposed to do at this year’s event with the number we had.


Michael: No. The number you were given did not come to be.


Well I can’t believe that nothing happened. I mean I saw something and so did others. The energy was incredible through out the whole event and now for you to tell me nothing happened. 


Michael: I said not that nothing took place. I said the number did not come to be. It is for this reason that which could have been was not. 


You’re beginning to make it sound like all we did was have a good time and a lot of fun. 


Michael: Again you say things that I do not. The masters that stood with you in the formation have done much. Yet I say there was much more which could have been caused by a greater number of masters. More will be required of all the masters before they gather once more in formation. Had the numbers in joy been as they were given the paths of truth leading to wisdom would now be in the hearts and minds of the masters.


I am a little confused here. Do you think you could help me out here? Start with what happened at this years Eden event. 


Michael: The Eden event was held in the place of joy that the Shekinah would remain in your realm. The vibrations of 222 masters were given that this could be so. Yet your numbers were not able to set the joy, which was needed. I say to you truly the masters that did stand in the formation were strong in joy. These masters new full well it was up to no other to cause this to be. Only through them was that which was done, done.


How so? 


Michael: The vibrations held by these masters tipped the scales from apathy to joy. Not only the masters standing with you will be needed before the next formation but many more to set this joy in the time to come. There are paths that I will give you that you may teach the masters. 


Are you going to do this now? 


Michael: No. I will give these in time. You will find them much as were the 50 gates yet they are not. 


OK. I can wait for that. Now back to what we were talking about. 


Michael: From the moment the masters started arriving the vibrations began to build. Each master added his or her vibration to the whole. Joy began to build even as Robbie opened the gates for joy to enter. The masters of the innermost center of light called forth joy. 


And we were off and running. 


Michael: It could be said in those terms. However running down hill gaining momentum would have been a better way to say it. 


Yeah. Yeah. Whatever, I see your point go on. 


Michael: The masters were open to the vibration of joy and you sealed that vibrations with the 222 tuning fork and the 333 allowing it to flow through them. Did you not see this when you offer the blessing? 


I must say that the number of masters really receiving the blessing in the way they did amazed me. I don’t think I have ever seen so many masters get it at that level so I knew something was special about this Eden event. Something was special about these masters.

Michael: Indeed. For it is these masters that will hold and share the joy with others. In a few months you and Robbie will travel west for teachings. Masters that have been gathered and masters that have not will be large numbers. You will speak of that which has been and that which is to come. The masters that stood with you will bring joy to those there. Many gatherings will come forth from that which is done there.


You are talking about the Tree of Life conference Robbie and I are going to in September, aren’t you? 


Michael: I am. Yet we will speak of this more as the time draws near. For now let us speak of the Eden event.


That works for me because it didn’t all go as Robbie and I had it scheduled to. I would like to know about that. 


Michael: Much of that which you had planed moved along those lines. Yet as the masters vibrations of joy began to rise the event took on a life of it’s own. As you created a moment in time for one thing to occur. You and the masters took what was given and created in joy something much more. What they did was that which you call ownership. These masters were not waiting for you or the event to make something happen they caused their experience.


I must say each and everyone was about contributing into the event to have it be as great and wonderful as it was. 


Michael: This is true. For thrice the masters call our kind and thrice we came to blend vibrations in that which your kind was creating.


I know all of you came in because I could see you. I watched the other masters to see if any of them could too. I think there were a few that paid enough attention they may have seen you too. There was a lot going on so I am not sure.


Michael: Any of your kind could have watched very carefully that which was taking place and still would have missed most of that which truly happened. 


So Michael, tell me what happened in the formation. There were a lot of masters that saw different things going on. I just want to know what we caused. 


Michael: From the moment the ground was made holy the masters were at cause. As the blades were set to anchor the vibrations along with the stones to balance it our kind was called in. Our kind stood with yours in harmony. The altar bowl held the light and the purple flame that once again the Shekinah stood among you.


I saw all of you there and the Shekinah. I watched as the vibrations and the light began to build. I could see the Shekinah above the altar bowl filled with light and a wave of what looked like light energy flowing outward. As the wave washed through us like it was going out to the world I saw it rise up as it reached the edges of the formation and roll over us back to the altar. It did this over and over again, faster and faster until it looked like a donut with the hole around the altar. The outer edge of the donut was just outside the formation and made me feel like we were all standing in a tube. Whatever it was that was happening seemed to me to just to be happening to us and not going out in to the world. 


Michael: This is true. That which was created and you saw was powerful. Yet with the number of masters standing in the formation the vibrations of those there was not enough to reach critical mass as you call it. Had the number of 222 masters been there the vibrations would have broken free of the formation.


I am also willing to bet that the way the formation was set up and charoite blades along with the stones pointing towards the altar had a lot to do with it. Also we only used 9 of the blades rather than 10, which by the way I found my blade on my desk when we got back home from the event. I know I put it in my bag before we left. 


Michael: You are wise to see this. I removed the blade for it could not be used with less than 222 masters. The placement of the stones and blades pointing to the altar contained that which was created until the masters called it forth.


I don’t remember that. 

Michael: As each master’s name was written in the Book of Joy the vibrations of the light of joy grew. When the masters placed this vibration in the ground our kind sat with you and did the same. These vibrations passed through the masters and our kind deep into the earth. The joy you placed there can be called back to your kind and given to others. As you were told those with the seals may draw forth and hold more of the joy for their vibrations will contain it.


And what would be the best way for the masters call it forth? 


Michael: Take the vibrations of 222 and that of 333 to raise the vibrations around you. Strike them at the same time and wash around the place where you stand.


I get it. You are creating like a dome of harmonic vibration. I am still waiting for the 333 tuning forks. So what if you don’t have the forks? 


Michael: The dome of which you speak will give stability to the vibrations of joy the masters are calling in. Yet this, which I give you, may be done without the forks vibration. The harmonic vibration allows the vibration of joy to flow more easily from source to master.


I understand that. What do we do to do this?


Michael: Set the stone of my symbol on the ground and place a purple flame upon it inside the circle. The master will place their gate stone between the circle and the two flames of my symbol. They will do this to match their vibrations in giftedness to the joy. The masters will place the two seal symbols that were used at the Eden event into the flame. As they do this they will say. I place these symbols into the flame. When this is done they will wait for three breaths and say ‘I call forth joy from the flame of the Shekinah.’ Wait three breaths and place the flame and the gate stone on your heart and say. ‘I accept joy into my heart.’ The masters may do with the joy, as they will. Should a master wish to pass it to another, they will place their hand on the heart of another and say this. ‘Bless your heart in joy.’


Well that is pretty cool but what about the masters that don’t have the seals? 


Michael: The master will also place my stone symbol upon the ground. They to will place upon it the flame and their gate stone. They will say ‘I call joy forth into the flame of the Shekinah.’ They will wait three breaths and place the flame and the gate stone on their hearts. They will say ‘I accept joy into my heart’ and may pass the joy in the same way as the masters that hold the seals. Yet I tell you truly the joy they pass will not be as strong for they cannot hold or draw forth joy at that level.

I knew those of us there would have authority over joy but I didn’t know how we were going to be able to use it. So… Thanks for the information on that. Now I have another thing.


Michael: You would ask of the charoite blades with my symbol upon them. 


There you go again reading my mind. I know they have more importance than to just have been used at the Eden event.

Michael: They will be of great use to the masters after the next Eden event should you have the numbers of masters stand in the formation. Yet for now I will give the use of the blades. In the first week of each month, those that hold the charoite blades will point them to the place of the formation in that which you call Ohio. You are about to ask the reason for this. Yet I will but say it is to be done for it is to be done and no more. 


As long as you brought it up I am going to go with it. Can you tell me how many masters we will need at next years Eden event? 


Michael: You will need to have again 222 or more masters stand with you in the formation.


Cool. Also could you tell me where we should hold it? 


Michael: It will be held in that which you call the Northwest.


I knew that but the Northwest is a pretty big place. 


Michael: So is the vibration of that which is the formation you have been given. As does the formation of this year’s event now crosses the Eden event in the North and the Eden event in the Southeast.

OK. I get it. The diameter of the circle of energy caused by the formation goes out a long way. That means we have some leeway as to where each event is held.


Michael: The diameter as you call it grows larger with each Eden event.


This Eden event thing we are doing each year is getting more and more important as we go along. I also see the number of masters we need is important to. Last year in Denver we had the number of masters and the Shekinah returned. This year we missed the number and joy was not sent out into the world but we still had enough for the Shekinah to remain. I don’t think the Shekinah would have remained if we didn’t have what we had this year. I would like to pat us all on the back for a job well done. However, I look at this year’s event like we didn’t create all that we could have but at least we didn’t loose any ground. I can’t help to have concerns about the next Eden event. I mean what if we don’t have the masters we need there to bring in the wisdom? We could loose all we have gained and have to start all over again and that would be a shame.


Michael: Yes it would. Yet I say to you be not concerned with that which has not, not happened. Know our kind is with yours in doing all to bring about the return of Eden. Your kind will need to do all you can to have it be, if that is your desire.


I do think we will be able to go over what we need. 


Michael: You have a year in your time to bring this about. We will speak of this more as the time draws near.

I do have another question about the paths.


Michael: I will give them to you soon. Yet for now be at peace and teach only love.

Once again as so many times before Michael folded back into the light and was gone leaving my mind to wonder. And still not wondering enough to stay up. I went to bed for some more sleep so I can write about it when I wake up.

July 17, 2007 Visit 

A group of angelic voices.. Awaken for we would speak with you. 


As I lay in bed not fully awake yet, I knew I was being called to meet with the angels again. I thought it was strange that more than one angel’s voice was calling me at the same time. I best get up and go see what this is all about, I thought to myself. I grabbed my jeans and put them on, and headed to the office. I turned the corner and could see Gabriel and Tzaphqiel standing in the center of the Gate in the office. The closer to the Gate and the angels I came, the more I noticed two things happening with me. The first thing was that I was feeling rather giddy almost to the point of laughter. The other thing I noticed was my mind was clearing up, like I had two cups of morning coffee.


Gabriel: The look of joy is about your face and in your being.


“It is at that. I hope you will forgive me if I laugh, because I feel really good at the moment.”


Gabriel: Yet your mind is awake and aware. 

“That it is. My thinking is sharp as a tack.”


Tzaphqiel: You will have need of both for that of which we will tell you. 


Gabriel: Michael has spoken with you about the paths the masters will take. I tell you truly the masters will have need of passing through the 50 gates again. They will pass through each gate in Truth. Each gate offers spiritual truths, yet these truths are locked in that which your kind believes to be true.


“I think I understand what you are saying. Correct me if I get off from where I am going with this. What I am hearing you say is we need to do the 50-gate process again. The last four times we did it, we focused on the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual aspects of each. This time, from what you are saying, we need to go through them again in the context of Truth. The Truth you are talking about has nothing to do with what we believe to be true. It is like someone saying you need to live in your own truth. That sounds pretty good except once someone gets to their own truth they think they have arrived at what is really true. If I think about it, we are all children believing things are true and living our lives out of those truths, whether they are true or not. As we grow, we give up old truths that don’t work for us anymore for new ones, and start the process over again.”


Gabriel: This is so. Before any of your kind was born, I whispered to you the way of all things. Very little of that which was given has your kind used until most was forgotten altogether. The 50 gates, when used in Truth, will help your kind to remember.

So all we have to do is work the 50 gates again, only going through them using Truth as the focus.


Gabriel: The ease of which you speak is fantasy, and will bring you little. Each master must become the vessel for Truth.

“Like I ask Michael when he comes with something that is over my head: You are going to tell me how this is going to happen, aren’t you?” I just finished asking that question when I saw a white-purple light begin to form between Gabriel and Tzaphqiel. I knew right away it was Shekinah. In a matter of moments the Shekinah had manifested in the Gate.


Shekinah: Truth for your kind is as a leaf ripped from a branch of a tree by the wind. A leaf cascading down a river at the mercy of the waters. Truth for your kind has come through a series of mishaps and mistakes leading you to things you will be wary of, thinking you have found truth.

“I can see where that applies in our lives. If we have been hurt or made a fool of, we come up with things to protect ourselves. 


Shekinah: To protect oneself is fitting, yet it is only a tool, not the Truth in all things. I will show you the way of Truth.


I stood there thinking this ought to be pretty good. The Shekinah seemed to become more brilliant. The gown appeared to burn more brightly with the purple flames, along with the flamlike redness of her hair. As I watched the Shekinah, I began to hear something like a humming, or better yet, a ringing. I recognized the sound of the 222 frequency. Another tone began, and I knew it was the 333 frequency. Each tone was clear as a bell, and I could listen to one or the other depending on which one I chose to hear. Then I heard the harmonic overtone caused by the two frequencies ringing together. 

The Shekinah moved back, and to the side of the center of the Gate. I watched as the walls of the office disappeared along with everything else behind the Gate. There was a white light that seemed to go on forever. All of the Michael stones that I had in the office floated in the air. The Michael stones started to form a circle that was spinning round as it hovered at about eye level. One came to rest in the center of the gate, and a violet charoite stone came to rest between the bottoms of the two flamelike parts of the Michael stone just outside the circle part of the stone. The next thing to happen was that a purple amethyst flame sat in the center circle of the Michael stone. The spinning circle of stones drifted to the left and behind the stone in the center of the Gate. One by one, the circling stones began to rest on the ground, if you could call it ground. They began to be placed row after row as far as my eyes could see. The stones of the Gate, in all the colors, began to be added to each of the other Michael stones. The really strange part was more and more Michael stones kept being added as the circle of stones moved farther back. I hadn’t made that many, yet I thought there must be hundreds of them. As I finished that thought, I saw someone beginning to form behind the Michael stone. It was Robbie. Robbie is going to love it when I tell her she got to play puppet again, I thought to myself. 


Tzaphqiel: Place the oil of Ephesus here for Joy.

Tzaphqiel moved over to the left side of Robbie and placed a finger on her temple. 


Gabriel: Place my oil here to open the way of Truth.

Gabriel moved to Robbie’s right side and placed his finger on her temple.


Shekinah: Place my oil here.


The Shekinah reached out and placed her finger on Robbie’s third eye. As soon as the Shekinah touched Robbie’s third eye, other people started appearing behind the Michael stones, hundreds of them. Robbie and everybody else were holding in their laps the 50-gate booklet. Robbie spoke. “I come seeking Truth, and read of the first gate.” 

The other people started doing the same thing. My attention was drawn to the Shekinah, and I saw what looked like a small bolt of lightning coming from where the third eye of the Shekinah would be. The bolt of lightning flowed down to the purple flame, through its point, and out the other side. The bolt split into three bolts as it approached Robbie. One bolt went to her right temple while the other bolt went to the left temple. The third bolt went to her third eye. The look on Robbie’s face looked to me like she was processing information. As I looked beyond Robbie, I could see the same thing happening to the other people. I turned my attention back to Robbie to see her instantly change places with someone else, and then back again. This changing places and back again started moving faster and faster until I couldn’t tell anymore where she was in all the movement. First it was a blur and then it turned into a bright light. 

Everything went back to normal. If you can consider the Shekinah and two angels as normal. The actual Robbie, was, of course, still sleeping in bed. The office was now back to the way it was, and all the stones of Michael were back to where they should be. The vison of Robbie, on the other hand, started looking on the peculiar side. She began to look like she was made up of dots of color reminding me of a Seurat painting. The painting was done by putting small dots of color on a canvas and letting the eye blend them into a picture. Robbie started to get up but it was more like she began to rise as her legs uncrossed and she was standing. She turned to her left and walked through my desk and wall and was gone. I figured she went to be with her other self in bed sleeping. I turned back to look at the three angels in the Gate.

Shekinah: Blessed are the seekers of truth, for they will pass through the gates that lead to the path of wisdom.

As the Shekinah finished speaking, she sort of blinked out of sight. Only Gabriel and Tzaphqiel remained. 


Gabriel: You have questions of what has taken place.

“I have a few, but let me tell you what I think went on. I pretty much understand about the 50 gates. Now as I see it, this is setting us up for next year’s Eden Event. I mean, given we are working with Pergamum and the gifts it holds. Usually when we do the 50 gate process, we start it like 50 days out from the Event. I am guessing that going through them this far out has a reason for it. I would have to say it is because this Truth thing isn’t going to be easy. We all have truths we hold on thinking they are really true. Kind of like having a knee-jerk reaction where we go on automatic. We think because it was true in the past it must be true now. When we do this, we miss the opportunity to move to a higher truth, opening a whole world of new possibilities. If I break out my 50 gates manual and start working through the gates in the truth I already believe as true, I could be missing something, knowing that I may have to go over a certain gate several times before I get the big aha or the epiphany I am looking for. 

“That is what the Shekinah came to show me. The two tones combining to make the overtone opens the way for the Shekinah to help me more readily. Also, by placing the Michael stone with the flames facing me acts like a channel that directs the vibrations of Truth to me. This vibration comes from the divine through the purple flame sitting on Michael’s stone and retunes it as it passes through my Gate stone (ruby) so I can receive it in my giftedness. 

“When you touched Robbie on her temple and then Tzaphqiel touched her other temple, I was wondering what you were doing this for. But when Shekinah touched Robbie on her third eye, I started to figure what was going on. By using the oils, they change the frequencies of our brain in order to alter our thinking patterns. This in turn prepares us to receive. How am I doing?”


Gabriel: You are sharp as a tack.


“I take that to mean I am correct in what I have said. I do have a question because I will be asked. Can someone do this process without the oils and the stones?” 


Gabriel: Yes. Anyone may seek Truth as they pass through the gates. Yet I say unto you, few are able to raise their vibrations. That which they find as truth is but a reflection of the Truth they now hold to be. 


“OK. I hear what you are saying. This can be done without the stones or the oils but it will sure make it easier if we use what the Shekinah gave us. However, we do need to be careful that what we are coming up with is Truth, and not something we are making up as true.” 


Gabriel: That which you speak is wise. The masters will see the wisdom in that which was given. Blessed are the masters as they open the gates to the paths of Wisdom. Robbie will be teaching soon. She will take that which was given, that she may teach it to others. Gary has become skilled in the use of Michael’s stone, and Jewls is gaining knowledge rapidly. The masters would be wise to learn from them. In the time to come before the masters gather in the place of Pergamum (West Yellowstone) there is much to be done with the use of the stones.

“I take what you just said means we are going to be using them a lot over this year?” 


Gabriel: This is true. We will be giving you that which is to be done by you and the masters. 




Tzaphqiel: Our time is done, yet I say to the masters, ‘Take the Joy you have received from Ohio and create it anew each day. The power of such Joy will grow the likes of which your kind has not seen. In Joy be at peace and teach only love.

The two angels did as Michael has done when our time together is over. They folded back into the light and were gone. I am sure I missed a whole lot of the big picture in this visit. I will have to check it out with Robbie and Gary and see what they make of it.

August 6, 2007 Visit

I woke up because I was very thirsty, and decided to get up and get a drink. As I was getting me something to drink, I noticed a light in the Gate of Grace starting to form. Before I could see who or what the lights were about I heard Michael’s voice.

Michael: You would speak with us.


Michael didn’t ask so much as making a statement. “That I do indeed. There has been some things going on lately that I could use some coaching on.” As I spoke I began to see the lights in the center of the Gate growing and angels forming. Again, on the outer places of the Gate more angels formed. Before long I was with all seven angels and Michael. I looked over to Michael and he started the talking.


Michael: Tell Gary, if it is not working, do something else.

“I am sure he will know just what that means. You also know he called with some rather exciting news that could impact the Eden Event next year. With what Gary had to say, it is very possible we will have to turn people away because there might not be enough room at the Event. This just boggles the mind for me, to think instead of trying to get the numbers we need, we will have to say sorry full up. What really blows my mind is how in the world we can gather 200 to 300 new masters at the event. Just putting them with a master to gather them is going to be a challenge to say the least.

Michael: This is not that which you would speak to us of.


“No it isn’t, but it is a good lead into it. I guess my question and Gary’s is, can this be done on a global scale. I mean can we have this happen not only in Yellowstone but have this be a global event?

Michael: There is a way this may be done. Yet I say to you Yellowstone is the vibrational key. 


“You are going to tell me how to do this. Yes?”


Michael: I tell you truly. Be about the Tree of Life Conference, for it will set in motion that which is to be. You are in the beginning stages of the Eden Event that would be as no other that has been. It will take you several months to set the foundation. I will guide you as to the way of this when it is time. 


“So. In other words we aren’t there yet.”


Michael: This is true.


“So. What do we do about it in the mean time?”


Michael: All the angels speak as one. Invite the masters of all nations to gather with you at the place of the Yellowstone. You will be given more that you will speak of at the Tree of life Conference.


“Do I take this to mean not to send this out to the masters and just hold off till then?” 


Michael: You may send this to the masters. They will need ready themselves for that which is to come. That which you call details must be worked out before you can give them more.


“OK. This is kind of a heads up because something is about take place concerning the Eden Event and what they will be called on to be a part of. Is there anything else you wanted to talk to me about?” 


Michael: It was you that would speak to us.

I took my time trying to think of some other questions to ask while Michael and the other angels were here. All that came to mind was to ask, “Why did all of you angels show up for this?” 


Michael:  Each of us is as a nation. This was done that you might hear the nations as one. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


I watched as all the angels folded back into the light from which they came and were gone. I, on the other hand finished my drink, and went back to bed. 

A note from Gary: 

The Tree of Life Conference is not only a stepping stone to the Eden Event, it is the stepping stone to the Thousand Years of Peace, which all of us now have the chance to participate in. At the Tree of Life Conference, we will be moving into formation on Sunday, September 9, 2007, at 9 a.m. This is the 9-9-9. This date is significant, and will provide the main base for which the Sevens can address the entire world. We will speak much more of this at the Tree of Life Conference

Please start spreading the word about the 9-9-9. Send the following information to all you know:

The number 9 represents gestation, new birth, the journey towards completion. Triple 9’s signify completion within completion within completion. 

On September 9, Sunday, at the Tree of Life Conference we will be entering into sacred formation at 9 a.m. This formation on this date will provide us a stepping stone to what will be the most significant Eden Event to date — entering into the 1000 years of peace with the entire world participating.


What this does is set the stage for the Metatron to enter the Earth through the vessel of the Shekinah, allowing us to move from the consciousness of separation into the consciousness of Oneness. This is preparing all of us for an Eden Event that will bring forth a completion that brings the realm of angels into complete harmony with the world of humans, and thus the beginning of the thousand years of peace.

The prophecies that have stated “All that is secret shall be made known” will come to fruition at this time. Those at the Tree of Life Conference will ask those around the country, and the world, to join us in spirit as we move closer to unity, joy, and wisdom.

August 27, 2007 Visit 

Gary sent me some questions that he thought would be good if we knew the answers to. I printed them out and went out to the pond to sit and read them with out the sound of children and what they were watching on the television. I walked out to the pond and grabbed a chair and sat down. I watched the Koi swimming around thinking I was going to feed them but they had already eaten twice today so they were out of luck. I glanced down to the paper and stared to read the questions. 


Michael: It is time for us to speak.


I was wondering if you were going to show up before we left for Denver and Salt Lake. I do however think you are cutting it a little close showing up so late in the game. 

Michael: There was little need to speak with you before now.


Oh really? I am sure you know what has been going on in your absence concerning this year's Eden event. The possibilities of what this years event could be like is a little hard to wrap my mind around. I am going to need some help from you on this. 

Michael: You have questions? Speak that which you would know from us.

Gary brought up some points that we could use some clarity on. I have them written down so let me just read them off. 1. We know the central formation at Yellowstone is a must, and that we need at least 222 people for that formation. Since there may be Native American groups who might show up for the Dance of Oneness at Yellowstone, might it be OK that their groups join us as guests for that part of the Event without having moved into the gathering formations? And if it is OK, might these groups also be guests at the Saturday night formation as bystanders, perhaps standing in a circle around the formation? 


Michael: You will need 222 gathered masters to open the paths of wisdom that lead to Eden. Yet you ask if it is OK if the Native Americans, which might show up join you as guests at the formation. I tell you truly these were the first people and it is your kind that is the guest on their land. These people need not be gathered to circle the Grand formation. It might be wise to have them, to teach your kind to dance.


Here is the next question. 2. If we have 444 gathered masters, what is the best place to put the overflow in the Great Formation? 


Michael: There will be no overflow. You will make two formations, one in the East and the other next to it in the West. One is the masculine and the other is the feminine.

That is going to be a logistic nightmare. OK. Start talking and tell me how this is going to work. 


Michael: As you have said many times. We are not there yet.


Understood. 3. Is it possible for people around the world to move into geometric formation using the Gate of Grace as a means of tying into the Great Formation at Yellowstone? If the groups are large, would it be possible for them to create connecting Gates of Grace or other connecting geometry? Might they also replicate the Yellowstone geometry if their groups are large enough? 


Michael: There is a way that this may be done. Yet I tell you again you are not ready for this. 


Gary isn’t going to be happy with that answer but he will have to do with it for now. 


Michael: You will be told in time of the way of this.

Next question is 4. Will the angelic realm move upon and join these formations around the world? And if so, and we exceed 144,000, will this indeed allow the consciousness of humanity to change the world to an Eden consciousness? 

Michael: No. To do what this question asks it will take 144,000 gathered masters.


So what are you telling me? This is an exercise in futility. Why then are we doing this? 


Michael: I tell you truly with that which you are about to bring into being. The gathered masters could number 144,000 in two years or less. Bring forth 222 gathered masters at the Yellowstone with that which we give you to do others around the world and you will send forth the first vibrations of peace. Bring forth 444 gathered masters and that which you will cause will be a noticeable change around the world. 


Well. That isn’t a lot of information. I am sure what you are telling me means more than I think it does. I am not sure I understand it.


Michael: Joe. You must understand this. Your kind desires peace in your world. Yet your kind has become lost in the way in which peace is to come about. That which our kind calls the first vibrations of peace will open the hearts and minds of your world for peace.

I get it. People want to live in peace with other people. I know that anyone in their right mind doesn’t want war. I can see where some think you can beat others into submission and if they do they think they will have peace. But that is only a pause in the war. Would I be correct to say that the first vibration of peace is a way to bring the people of the world back into a peaceful state?

Michael: The first vibrations of peace will wash over the world in quiet. People will hear the sounds of nature in ways they have long forgotten. Insects in the fields can be heard. The songs of birds will fill the air. The people of the world will know peace cannot be won. They will begin to remember the greatest teaching of any Prophets or Holy man they follow is the way of peace.

Well now. I can get behind that. I know every religion speaks of peace and I even know how to say it in four or more languages of the religions of the world. I see this as an opportunity for the people of the world understanding peace as a way of being and not just some word or thing. 


Michael: Your words are wise. Peace is truly a way of being that is allowed by all and not made by a few. 


That sounds really great to me, with 222 gathered masters and others around the world setting that into motion. I do have to ask what then could happen that you said would be noticeable around the world with 444 gathered masters. 


Michael: Joining 444 gathered masters with the people around the world this will bring the leaders of the world back to sanity. They will begin to see the path that they have taken only brings more of that which they would stop. That which you call governments will change the direction in the way they have done things. The world will notice the change for the betterment of all its people.

Now that is even better. I like the idea of changing everything for everybody. But what I like most is that we can really see the difference we will have made. Now that is really cool. I have one more question from Gary.


Michael: Again I say to you it is not time for this.

Well I guess Gary isn’t doing too well on the questions he is asking. 


Michael: That which he asks will be answered in time. Knowing this now is of no use to any. As for now I will give you that which you are to speak of at the Tree of Life you will attend. Speak of it not before then. 


Michael told me some things I need to bring up during the conference in two weeks when Robbie and I go to Utah. I understand what you want me to say Michael and will do my best to get it across to every one. 


Michael: You have much to be done before your journey to the west takes place. Our time is done for now, be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back into the large ball of light that was surrounding him and he was gone. There are many things I need to talk to Robbie and Gary about but the first thing is to get the visit written up.

September 22, 2007 Visit

I was up early and had just finished feeding the dogs. I sat down at my desk to check my mail when I heard Michael’s voice. I turned around to see Michael forming in the Gate of Grace with light all around him. 


Michael:  You have rested from your journey. It is time for us to speak.

“I am glad you gave me time to recoup from our trek over the country. I knew you would want to talk to me about what happened at the Tree of Life Conference. The conference was great with many classes going on throughout the weekend.”


Michael: The classes were an added boon to those that gathered there. Yet that which was done goes beyond the classes and friendships made. Those that gathered there in formation have set the vibrations for the coming Eden Event. Once again the masters are given the choice to hasten the coming of Eden or not. Much can come from those you met with. Be not discouraged should that which you hope for moves slowly. You must remember you are in the beginnings of that which you have not done before.

“I did meet some great people that were doing wonderful things to help change the direction of the world. I think we could really accomplish a great deal by working together in spreading forth to the world what we will do at the Eden Event.”


Michael: All who came to the Tree of Life were there for they were called to be there. Blessed are they in their willingness to bring about the upcoming Eden Event—the likes of which has not been before. Blessed are the ones you met with in the small room above [brainstorming session] to bring the Eden Event to the world. Blessed are all who will bring the world to the Eden Event.

I did feel that something special was happening that weekend.


Michael: Blessed again are the ones who received the seals from Robbie, for they add to the number of the holders of the seals. The vibrations that are growing within them will create and hold the sacred space at the Eden Event and in the world. Much will be called from them in the time to come. The holders do not realize that which Robbie is offering in the seals she places in them. Yet I tell you truly, the time will come that they will know how to use that which was given. 

“In other words, what you are telling me is the people who have gotten the seals don’t know what they have yet.” 


Michael:  Well said. Time has passed from when the charoite blades were pointed to the East. On the second day of the month to come, it is time for the masters to point the charoite blades to the place of the Eden Event.


“So, on October 2nd, those of us who have the charoite blades need to point them to West Yellowstone. That makes sense to me because it points the way again to the place where we will be holding the event.” 


Michael: You do more than point the way for the Eden Event. The place of the formations I gave you is where the Children of Peace will stand to sow the seeds of peace around the world. The vibrational number of masters I have given you will open the storehouses in the hearts of your kind, that these seeds of peace may be sown.


“I am sure you are going to explain what you mean by that, aren’t you?” I started thinking and remembering what Michael had shown me in the last visit concerning the geometry that others around the world will be standing in, but Michael had said not to reveal any of the patterns until I was told to. So I know that the geometry at Yellowstone will be connected throughout the world. But Yellowstone has to be taken care of first. 


Michael:  When the masters stand in the formations, they will know that which I speak and that which they are to do.


“I get it. What you are saying is you have to be there.”


Michael:  This is so. I would speak with you of the second formation and that which is to be done. You will set a tabernacle in the center.

“You and I have been over this before, and that is what we call a tent.”

Michael: Yes. Call it what you will.


“I talked with Gary about that to see if he had any ideas. He came up with some pictures of what was used in the olden times.”


Michael: You will use the top pyramid and the stand of that which you called “the working model of the gate [used to frame the spinning cone merkaba at the Estes Park Eden Event].” You will cover it in cloth. You will place a stone made in this shape I give you, and place a quartz flame in the center of the stone.


“Yes. Yes. I know that. We talked about it before. I am sure you know I have the five quartz flames that I picked up in Denver.”


Michael: I do. You have done well.


“I am glad to hear that. It was an investment I hadn’t planned on having to put out for so early.” 


Michael:  If this has placed a burden upon you, you may sell them.

“Do you have any idea how hard it was to find these quartz flames in the sizes you wanted? I have no intention to have to go and try to find more.”

Michael: Place this mark of the Metatron in gold on them and sell them to the masters who will bring them to the Eden Event. For I tell you truly they must sit in the outer corners of the tabernacle to make the way of the Light of the Metatron. You will keep the quartz flame you will set on the Metatron stone with the violet flame you will use at the Event.

Michael showed me the mark of Metatron to be placed on them. “Does the reason for keeping the two flames together have anything to do with the blending of the vibrations of the Metatron and the Shekinah?” 


Michael:  Yes. When the amethyst violet flame is separated and placed in the altar bowl and the clear quartz flame is placed in the tabernacle on the stone, they will know each other’s vibration.


“Let me see if I got this straight. We place the violet flame in the altar bowl and the quartz flame in the tent, and we are good to go.”

Michael: Joe there is no “we” to set the flame in the tabernacle to make way for the Light of the Metatron. You will be the only one to enter the tabernacle.

“What if I need someone to hold the flashlight or help to set the quartz flame, or I need something?” 


Michael: Gabrayel may assist you.


“That will work.”


Michael: Speak to no one of the formation around the tabernacle I give you for one month. I say this to you for it is not fully set in your mind.


“I understand what you are telling me. Hey—can we go back to something from the Tree of Life Conference?” 


Michael: You would speak of the first path to Wisdom. 


“Well I spoke of this to the people at the conference and it brought up a bunch of ideas of what it meant.” 

Michael As the 50 gates are passed through, the first path will be made clear.

“It sounds like you have to get to the path before you can see it. Just knowing what it is doesn’t mean you know where it is.”


Michael:  Well said. I tell you this truly it is as you said: There are seven paths to Wisdom.


“That was a lucky guess when Gary asked me if there were more paths, and I told him that I suspected that there were seven.”


Michael:  It was not a guess. I told you of the paths to Wisdom, yet you were to remember only one, which you gave at the Tree of Life. You will remember the other six for the Eden Event.


“That is a good thing. I don’t have to worry about it till then.”

Michael:  You have not started on the making of the stones for the altar.

“You are right about that. I was holding off on that to see how many stones I would need. If we have 444 people, that means I will have to find a better way of making them.”


Michael: You will make no more then 222 stones for the altar.


“So what happens if we have 444 people?”

Michael: You will make no more then 222 stones for the altar.


“OK. I get your point. I will make the number of white stones that a new name will be written on. Given people are placed in the formation according to when they register, that is how I will give them out until they are gone.” 


Michael: Each will write their name on the bottom of the white stone. When that which is to be done in the formation is done, you will tell the holders of the stones how to see their new name written upon it. 


“All right, Michael, I will get busy on making the white stones for the altar.” 

Michael: The altar bowl that you will use this year will be a little different. It would be wise of you to finish repairing your kiln.


“I know I need to fix it, but I just haven’t had time, and the rain doesn’t help in me getting it done. How much different is the bowl going to be for this year?”


Michael:  I will show you how it is to look and what is to be written on it.

“That will work for me, too. What else do you have on your mind that we need to speak about?” 

Michael: Our time is done. You have much to do before you go to Connecticut next month. Use your time wisely. We will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back in to the light and was gone. I guess I should be about the things he talked about. I will be glad when Robbie gets home from Seattle so I can get some work done.

November 14, 2007 Visit

I was on my way to town to pick up some fence posts, and it was getting dark rather fast. On the winding road I could see the headlights of oncoming cars as they rounded the curve. They passed me and were gone long behind me. I know the road very well as well as where all the house lights are along the road. As I came around a corner, I was looking through the trees down the road. The light was too bright to be an oncoming car and I didn’t remember a house being there, or any streetlight along the road. Once the trees were out of the way I could plainly see there was a big ball of light to the side of the road. Michael, I thought to myself.

I knew he would be showing up soon because I thought I heard my name called two or three times during the day. I started slowing down, and pulled off to the side of the road. I stopped the car, put it in park and got out. As I approached the ball of light, I could see it was Michael. As I walked toward Michael, he spoke.


Michael You will not be too busy to hear me nor will there be anything to distract you.

“I have had a lot to do lately.”


Michael: So much have you to do, you have not begun the stones that would be used for the altar. You have not made the stone on which will sit the crystal flame of the Metatron. 

“I know but I figured I would get to it when things calmed down a bit.”

Michael: I tell you truly your work will not calm down. It is for this reason I come to you now. You must have finished the stone for the crystal flame of the Metatron before the Return of the Light [winter solstice]. There is much to be done in its making.


“You don’t have to tell me how much work it is going to take. I will however promise you this. I will have the form made for the altar stones and the Metatron flame done by the end of this month.”

Michael: Well said. I tell you truly you will have much more to do to prepare for this coming Eden Event. The 222 white stones for the alter must be done quickly for there are other tasks you will be needed for. 


“Yeah, Yeah I know. I am a servant.”


Michael: You speak of the call you had today where you were reminded of this.

“Oh I made some comment to some people about the Native Americans and the respect they required. Some of the masters talked to me about being concerned they would take over the Eden Event and turn it into a Native American event. I said I respect their customs and there ways, and they need to under something. They need to know the Eden Event requires respect also. So in terms they can understand, I said I am the Chief or holy man of this tribe. Well that didn’t set well with some of the masters and I was reminded about what you said about me being a servant. 


Michael: I know well the words I spoke to you. You are not a Christ or event a prophet, but a servant of God.

“Yeah I know, that’s what I was told.”


Michael: The way you serve is from the gifts of the church of Smyrna. Is not the gift of this church that of the leader? Each master is a servant. Each has their gifts they perform in service to God and each other. This is the true meaning of being a servant.

“Nicely said Michael.” 


Michael: As you have said many times, the churches could be called tribes or clans.


“I have said that. So what is your point?”

Michael: You would call the leader of a tribe or a clan a chief. The leader is the one that stands responsible for the well being of the people in the work they do.


“I am held responsible for everything that goes on in this work.”


Michael: This work of which you speak, do you hold it as holy?


“Boy. I never thought about it much. I always called it spiritual work. So if you mean do I hold the spiritual work as holy. I would have to say it is.


Michael: Wisely said. The spiritual work you do as a servant of God in your giftedness is holy work. What is it you would call those that have held the four gatherings and have helped other masters in gatherings?




Michael: They are called a holy man or a holy woman.


“Are you saying that like, for instance, Gary or Larry who have done four gatherings and have helped others with gatherings are holy men? And Robbie, Jewels and Joanne, to mention a few, are holy women? 


Michael: This is so. Would you call a master who’s actions and deeds are in service to others any less?

“I guess not.”

Michael: You, Gary, Robbie, Joanne, Shari, and others who have been about this work for the past eight years or longer are the Elders of this work.


“Well ain’t we special.”


Michael: None of that which I have said sets one above another or makes one more special. Those who have been about this work as long as they have, have earned the right to be an Elder. Is there any name more important to be known by than Master?


“I think you said it all there. When someone really gets that they are a master and lives in their giftedness and teaches only love, there isn’t much more that needs to be said.”


Michael: Again wisely said. All who truly live in the gifts they are and teach only love are indeed holy men and holy women. These men and women are to be respected for the work they have done.


“To you I have to say wisely said, also.”

Michael: I would speak with you of the Gathering you and Gary went to.

“It was really a great gathering. Colleen was really right on as a servant, and the place we had it at was way too great. Gary and I don’t even eat that much at Thanksgiving dinner. Iris was one of the people being gathered, and she was a wonderful hostess to us all.”

Michael: Colleen and Iris are a great resource of knowledge in that which you would have the Eden Event be. It would be wise of you to ask of their counsel.

“Speaking of the Eden Event, other than all the work I need to do, is there anything I should know about?


Michael: Your kind would tend to slow in what you do from now until after the Festival of Light. This would be unwise for it will only create more work in the coming year.

“So. Do you have any suggestions on what we should do in this time off, so to speak?”


Michael: In this time sit in counsel with those that that are about the planning. This will give birth to things you have not thought of. Yet I say beware of the traps the council may fall into. These traps will only set you all back. Seek the truth in this as a compass to keep your course straight. Waist not your time in the pettiness of opinions each other may have.


“How do we go about that?”


Michael: When you meet for the planning. Ask of our kind to be with you. Ask of each other to remember that which you are doing to bring about Eden.


“How does this sound? As child of God I call in the angels that I may live in my giftedness to truly be about the work I am in service to.”


Michael: You may want to work on it some more. As Gabrayel once said, “1, 2, 5, 9 — get busy.” Our time is dome for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back into the light and was gone. I didn’t know how much time I spent with Michael, so I rushed back to the car and headed to the store to make it there before it closed.

December 16, 2007 Visit

I had gotten up early and put on a pot of coffee before going out to feed the dogs. I had just finished preparing the dogs’ food when I heard what I thought was Robbie calling me from the bedroom. I finished up and went to see what it was she wanted. “Did you call me?” I asked her. She said she hadn’t. I didn’t think much about it, but Robbie said it looks like Michael is going to visit. I went back to the office and soon Robbie joined me there.

We sat and talked about what we were going to do during the day when we heard music coming from the living room. We both thought one of the kids had gotten up and was playing with a toy or something. Robbie and I walked to the living room to see who was awake. It didn’t take long before I recognized the tune that was playing: It was Hark! The Herald Angels Sing where the lyrics speak about “Peace on Earth ...” No one was out of bed yet, and the tune was coming from the Christmas tree. We looked at the ornaments on the tree to see if we could find out which of the musical ornaments was playing, but we couldn’t. Again Robbie told me “I think you’ll be getting a visit.”

The day passed without hearing from Michael, and it was late before we got home from town. True, it was late, but Robbie and I stayed up and watched a movie until about midnight when we went to bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I knew I would be awakened sometime during the early hours of the morning.


Michael: l Awaken for I would speak with you.

The bedroom was filled with light, and standing at the foot of the bed was Michael. 


Michael: Come.

Michael left the bedroom and went toward the office. I got out of bed, grabbed my jeans, and tried to put them on as I hobbled after him into the office. Michael was standing in the Gate looking at me as if to say You go first. So I did. “I didn’t expect to hear from you until after the Festival of Light.”


Michael: It is for this reason and others I have come to speak with you. Once again the masters will call forth the light into the world. Once again the masters will open their homes and gather for this time. You will call out to the masters at a time you choose to bring their vibrations into harmony.


I take it this means I will be doing a conference call and opening up my home again.


Michael: It does. After sunset on the 21st when the stars fill the sky you and the masters will call forth the dawning of the new year to come. This year is the year of truth which leads to wisdom.

I have a feeling this has to do with the Eden event this coming June.

Michael: The light, which the masters call forth at this time, will illuminate the path for the world's journey to the Eden event. 

I also have a feeling that this is going to be different then last year.


Michael: You are wise to see this. The masters will burn the Festival of Light oil to call forth the light of peace. Those that bear the light of the innermost will light a white candle when you do this. Those that hold the purple flame of the Shekinah on my stone and burn the oil of the Shekinah. All those that hold the flame of the Metatron will place it before the flames of my stone and burn the oil of the Metatron. You will place the flame of the Metatron on the stone that you will use in the tabernacle at the Eden event and burn the oil of Metatron.

I have to agree with you on what we do being different this time. Let me say it back to you to make sure I understand what you want us to do. Some time in the evening on the 21st of this month I will set up a call which the masters will get on. We will all come together wherever we are to set out vibrations to call forth the light. We all will burn the Festival of light oil. Then the masters of the innermost light will light the white candles. Depending on what a person has after the Festival of light is burned and the candles are lit. The Shekinah flame is placed on what we call the Michael stone and the Shekinah oil is lit. There are only five flames of the Metatron so this should be easy for them to place it before the flames of your stone and burn the oil.

Michael: For now there but five Metatron flames. In the time to come others will hold a flame of Metatron. Yet what you say is wise in the way this is to be done.


I just knew you were going to have more Metatron flames in use. I did some checking around and more crystal flames are available out there and I could have some by the end of the week.


Michael: You will place the mark of Metatron on each crystal flame and tune it in the way I have given you. They will be used in the time to come before you all gather at the Eden event this year.


You will be telling me when and how the other Metatron flames in the future won't you?


Michael: Yes. You will be told.


Good. What else do I need to know about the 21st?


Michael:  When all that I have given you is done the masters will say this. " In this time of darkness I call forth the light. I open the way for truth, wisdom and peace to return to the earth. Be at peace and teach only love."

I will get this out as soon as I can. It would have been a big help if you would have given it to me earlier. You know, like before I left to meet with the Shoshone Elders.


Michael: I would speak with you of this.

Which part? The part about us speaking to the Elders, or the part about standing out in 12-degree weather in swimming trunks?

Michael: Meeting with the Elders of the tribe. You, Gary, Ed and Heath have set the way with the First People. Our kind knows meetings with other tribes are to come. Yet I say to you, you have more which is to be done. The four of you will need others to meet with the tribes.


It is just not only us that have meetings set to go to. Lynn, Gayle, Robbie and Jewls also are going. 

Michael: Larry, Rick and Bob could be called forth in this, which you are about to do. The four of you cannot set aside that which is to be done to be at every meeting. You alone have much to get done for the Eden Event.

That is a great idea. Maybe we could put together teams that go to meet with the tribes. That would take some of the load off work to be done.


Michael: That would be wise. Ken and Ole would also serve well in this, as well as others who will come forward.

That brings up something else. I know we have more tribes to visit with before the Event. But what are they going to be doing at the event?

Michael: Do you remember the story of Noah that you speak of?


Which part of the story are you talking about?

Michael: The part in which Noah dances before God.


Oh. You mean the part where God tells Noah that man is just too evil to live, and God is going to destroy Noah and his family, too? Then Noah dances before God and God is pleased. God then decides to let Noah and his family live to repopulate the earth.


Michael: Yes. What lesson have you learned from this story?


I would have to guess that it was dancing that really saved the world.

Michael: You were told that the tribes would teach you to dance. Your kind has lost what happens in the dance. When the First People dance, they do this with their entire being.


You mean like with not only their bodies, but also their emotions, minds, as well their spirit. 


Michael: It is more than that. The tribes dance for a purpose. For these people, dancing is a way of creating ... and not just for fun.


I can see what you are saying here. When people come together for a purpose not only for intention but also for creating oneness, there is a vibrational harmonics that take place. I think this is one of the reasons you angels have led us to this point of where we are going and what we are going to be doing. As we follow the seven paths of Truth that lead to Wisdom, we can start the vibrations of Peace. These vibrations not only go out to the world but into it as well.

Michael:  You are wise to see this. The Eden Event to come will make the way for this. In the time to come before the event, the world will loose two leaders of peace. In this time, your world will begin to see violence is not the way to bring about harmony in the people of the world.


Are you saying that the loss of these people will bring about peace and harmony?


Michael: No. You must know by now that your kind has a short memory for that which is done to — as well as for — the people. The insanity of violence brought on by anger or loss will not quench the fire of hatred, which burns in the hearts of your kind. Those that gather with you at Yellowstone can begin to restore sanity to the leaders and the people of the world. Those that gather with you at Yellowstone can begin to settle and calm the vibrations of the earth. Forget not that which you do on the Earth you cause to be within the earth.


This goes back to the old as -below-so-above and vice versa. From what I am hearing, we as the people of this Earth have the choice to say enough is enough. Only when we all come back to sanity can we transform the fire of hate that fills the heart to the fire of love and compassion.


Michael: This is the work you will do in this New Year to come as you gather into Oneness.


I know this is going to be a big job but we can handle it. The main thing Robbie needs to know is more of how it is going to look. She has to set a schedule of what will be happening and when.


Michael:  Robbie will set that which will be when those who would contribute to all there, will make it known. You must remember there is free will in those who would come to teach. They need time to search their hearts before they can bear witness to that which they will do. Some who say now they would come will fall to the side as smoke on the wind, while others’ words are written in stone. Look to the spring to come when she will know that which she needs.


Oh, I am sure she will just love hearing this. I guess if that is the way it has to be, then that’s how it has to be.


Michael: Do not be foolish in what you are asking. You know full well Robbie is the driving force behind that which takes place at the Eden Event. I give to you what is to be done, yet it is Robbie that says when.


You are right on there. What she wants is what you want me to do.


Michael: You will teach the seven paths of Truth that lead to Wisdom. There will be the Dance of Oneness. The [Great] Blessing will be given. The [Grand] Formation will be done as it was given to you. All else is up to Robbie.

I get it. Robbie says what goes and what doesn’t go, and when. What I need to know is when are we going to do these things.


Michael: Speak with her and decide how it is to be. You know how much time you will need to do these things.

I can do it.

Michael: Our time is short. I must speak with you of the Metatron crystal flames.


I thought we were done with that for this visit.


Michael: I say to you: The flames will sit in the sunlight in the day and be placed next to the purple flame of the Shekinah at night. The Feminine is the darkness and the Masculine is the light. As they sit together they will balance out the vibrations for the work, which they will be used for. The two together will balance all that is around them to bring harmony into the space they stand.


I could use some harmony in this house. Is there anything else?


Michael: Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.

Once again the light folded around Michael and when the light was gone so was Michael. 

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