Turquoise Stone
Stones, Poster and Misc.

I was given the placement of the stones that open up an angelic gate way called the Gate of Grace. This Gateway looks much like the Merkaba due to it being made up of two pyramids. However, the Merkaba is made up of two three sided pyramids known as a star tetrahedron and the Gate of Grace is made up of two four sided pyramids called a star octahedron. Both are creations of sacred geometrical forms and the star octahedron being the more advanced of the two. Over the years I have tried to explain how it works. The old saying of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' works well in explaining this as well.

This is the reproduction of Joe Crane's painting showing Michael as Joe sees him.

Water Diamonds:
There are basically two types of water: structured and unstructured. When water is structured, the molecules look like an octahedron. As water is processed through pipes and purifiers, it will have some of the molecules stripped off. This is called unstructured water, and although it may look and feel like water, your body cannot use it. 
Your body has to restructure the water in order for it to hydrate your body. If you’ve ever been thirsty and drank water only to find your still thirsty, it’s because the water is unstructured. Here’s where the water diamond comes in.