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On the Wings of Heaven

Joe Crane and G.W. Hardin

paperback, 290 pages


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Take a journey where heaven and earth meet in the unexpected friendship between a man and an angel. Almost killed in the Vietnam War, Joe Crane survived the bombing of his ship by following a shouting voice directing him through a blinding inferno. Later, along with his fellow deck mates who had also followed the voice, Joe discovers no human source can be found to thank. For twelve years the voice intermittently continues its calling out of Joes name until the day he decides to answer back. From that point on, there unfolds a story that not only changes Joes life, but is likely to change the life of anyone who reads it.


Review from Amazon by Tina:

"This book has changed my life and has the power to change the world. It speaks of God's love and carries the message for all to hear. If you believe in Angels and Miracles you must read this book and share it with the world. I will always be grateful to Mr. Crane and Mr. Hardin."

On the Wings of Heaven by Joe Crane and G. W. Hardin

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