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Feb 14 2012
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Angelic Visits 2012

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Jan 31 2012

January 31, 2012  Visit        back to top

Randall made burgers for lunch and then I ran him to the store so he could get what he needed. We came home and he took off to a friend's house. I came in to finish some things I had been doing and to my surprise Michael was standing in the office waiting for me.


Michael: I would speak to you of that which is to be done. The sacred oils and tuning forks are on their way.


Yes I talked to Robbie and everything I need to make the oils will be here this week along with the tuning forks. Will you have to do anything to the oils this time?


Michael: I will have need of the oils and the tuning forks to set the vibrations. I will return when you have the oils made and the tuning forks in hand.


Well whatever you need to do. I take it you will know when this happens.


Michael: I will.


As long as you are here I need to ask you about the oils and the forks. I am under the impression that the masters only need to have the oil and tuning fork for the color or church they are. So is that all that is needed?


Michael: No. It is best that the masters have the seven oils and the tuning forks.


What if all they can afford is the oil and tuning fork for their church?


Michael: As you have been told God is very understanding. Yet I tell you truly it is the seven oils and forks that will bring the full vibrations of the seven Names of God. It would be wise for me to speak of how they will be used. This is a seven day process that builds one on another, each vibration added to another blends with it and raises the harmonics higher.


OK  Michael I get the concept. Just tell me what we are going to be doing.


Michael: On the morning of the first day you will light the lamp. Place a drop of the Shriram oil on your heart and place the stem of the Shriram on your heart. You will sing three times Shriram, Shriram, Shriram. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of Shriram.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


On the morning of second day place the oil of Elohim on the heart and place the stem of the tuning fork on the heart. You will sing three times Elohim, Elohim, Elohim. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of Elohim.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


On the morning of Third day place the oil of Buddha on the heart and place the stem of the tuning fork on the heart. You will sing three times Buddha, Buddha, Buddha. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of Buddha.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


On the morning of forth day place the oil Yahweh on the heart and place the stem of the tuning fork on the heart. You will sing three times Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of Yahweh.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


On the morning of Fifth day place the oil Ahura Mazda on the heart and place the stem of the tuning fork on the heart. You will sing three times Ahura Mazda, Ahura Mazda, Ahura Mazda. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of Ahura Mazda.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


On the morning of sixth day place the oil Allah on the heart and place the stem of the tuning fork on the heart. You will sing three times Allah, Allah, Allah. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of Allah.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


On the morning of seventh day place the oil El Shaddai on the heart and place the stem of the tuning fork on the heart. You will sing three times El Shaddai, El Shaddai, El Shaddai. When this is done you will say (I give out the vibrations and light of El Shaddai.) You will blow the lamp flame out.


That sounds easy enough. We do this each week for how long?


Michael: Joe the masters will do this for one week and rest a week and then begin again. Those that only have the oil and tuning fork for their church will do the process on the day that holds the name of God for them.


What if they are around others that have a tuning fork and oil for another's church? Can they use someone else's fork and oil?


Michael: Yes. Joe our kind knows not all will have the oils and tuning forks as we begin to set these vibrations yet the vibrations will grow with each as more and more masters have them.


That was going to be my next question. So lead me through this once again. When are we going to start this process given we were going to start this the middle of January but the forks and oils were not done then?


Michael: You will begin this on the 12th day of this month. Each day after will be another name of God vibration. When you start this your world will begin to change in ways you cannot imagine. Joe I must tell you that your life is about to change again. It will not be in the way you expect it to.


Listen Michael. My life has been in change in ways I didn't except for some time now. Is this about the betrayal thing you spoke of? Because I talked to Gary and he didn't want to put himself in any kind of place where it could be him given some of our past stuff.


Michael: It is not Gary, yet I will tell you this. Those that betrayed you in the past will soon be visited again by the karma they created; one hundred fold will be their debt.


That is a little harsh don't you think? What if they change the way they are doing things? Will that make a difference?


Michael: If their ways are changed they will create dharma. Yet I tell you truly there is a price that will be extracted for their actions.


Michael. I am not a vengeful person or one that holds a grudge.


Michael: Joe this has nothing to do with you and how you feel. This has been set in motion by their actions and will alone.


Ok. If there is nothing I can do I will just have to see what happens to whom.


Michael: It is out of your hands and is not of your concern. Give it not another thought. You have more important things to busy your mind with.


Well ok then. Are we about done for now?


Michael: No. I have yet to teach that which you will teach in June for healing. This is that which you have not figured out on your own. You know how to do this yet you have not used for healing. I will show you yet you will not teach now nor shall you speak of it.


Michael spoke to me and showed me what he wanted me to do. I knew what he was talking about and he was right, I never looked at that as a way for healing. It was all in how I used it. When he finished teaching, me he stepped back and looked down at me and said:


Michael: Now our time is at an end. I will return when you hold the oils and the tuning forks. For now be at peace and teach only love.


Michael started to fold back into the light half way through what he was saying. By the time he finished his last word he was gone.


For your information I am going to be offering teachings on the Names of God tuning forks. This is a new class that is very powerful with techniques that have not been taught before. I will be offering how to maximize your ability to heal yourself and others. I am looking for people to host this class around the country. I will be keeping you updated as it progresses along.


If you are interested in hosting this class call me at 830 751 2870 and we can work out the details.


Feb 10 2012

February 10, 2012 Visit

It was around 11 o'clock when I finished the movie I rented and went over to take it out of the DVD player. I got up off the couch and as I stood up I heard a voice coming from the office that called my name.


Michael: Joe


I removed the disk while looking over my shoulder and said in a loud voice that I would be right there. I finished up what I was doing and walked back to the office. Sure enough Michael was standing there. Well Michael, this is going to be a little bit hard doing the process on the 12th. I got a delivery conformation from the tuning fork supplier saying the forks are going to be here on the 13th. So I have it figured out that if I get them on the 13th and you tune them on that day, it will take two days to get them packed and shipped out. It will take 3 to 4 days to be delivered and that will be way past when you said to start the process.


Michael: When your kind set plans in motion there are times when your time line does not match ours.


Well duh. Here we were all thinking we would start on the 12th and now that's not going to happen. Do you have any suggestions on where we go from here?


Michael: What is it that you suggest?


Oh so now it is up to me? The way things are going in this crazy mixed up world with all the new vibrations coming in it is a wonder anything can get done at all.


Michael: It is for this reason the Names of God frequencies are needed. Your time lines and much of everything else are off.


I have noticed that. Many are having trouble in the normal day to day life. I have had trouble concentrating and a lack of energy. I can't sleep through the night and I even get dizzy at times. The only good thing is my emotions are beginning to even out and I don't react to things the way I used to. Then again, I don't know if is because I am emotionally stabilizing or I just don't care anymore. I do think for me it is about the work you have given to me because it seems to give me purpose. A reds need purpose in their life or will sink in to their traps.


Michael: That which you speak of is true. The vibrations that have been coming in since the before the last Eden event has effected everyone. The weak in mind and spirit will suffer most from those vibrations. For most, it has been a matter of running from what needs to be done rather than taking a stand and making the changes that are required. They will have no peace in mind, heart and soul in their choosing.


I have to tell you that I have thought about it. I looked at my life and the things that were or were not happening in it and asked myself why even bother because it is just going to be the same no matter what I do. The only thing I could think of was to get away from it all. I went through the old thinking of I needed to change the people, places and things in my life to be happy. I guess being older helped me to rethink my thinking. I know all that does is create new problems worse than the ones I had.


Michael; This is so, yet it gives you the distraction you need to avoid that which is really going on.


I understand that. Hey how did we go from tuning forks to this? I don't want to talk about this anymore. I want to know what is going to be acceptable for the process so it will start changing the vibrations that will get us all back to sanity of some kind.


Michael: Many set things in motion. Yet your kind will do what you do.


Ok, I get what is going on here. Our kind does what we do to have something happen and sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Given I am one of our kind, so to speak, here is what I think. If it will work we need a new start date.


Michael: It will work, go on.


Now to cover my back side I suggest this. We start the process on the 4th of March for two reasons. The first reason is I know everyone that has ordered tuning forks and oils will have them by that time. The second reason is that will give people time to order them if they haven't already done so. This will mean there will be more people participating in the process, causing a bigger change in the vibrations. What do you say about this idea?


Michael: Your reasoning is sound. Your kind will need to start the process on the 4th of March. Yet I tell you truly it must be no later. That which can alter the vibrations will need to start then or not at all. Everything depends on it or the opportunity will be lost. The work you do will take longer and the vibrations that hold sway over your kind will last much longer.


All right then we have a plan for the process. Michael turned his head over to the table I have the oils setting on.


Michael: We do. I see you have the most sacred oils blended to that which I have given you.


I do and they have just been setting there waiting for you to work your mojo on them. Are you going to take them now and tune them?


Michael: No. The vibrations of the oils and tuning forks will be set at the same time. I will return when both are here.


That should be Monday sometime in the afternoon when the UPS guy shows up. I have a question about people ordering the most sacred oils and tuning forks. What if, and this is just what if. Say someone ordered and their order didn't get there until let's say on the third day of the process. What should they do?


Michael: They will need to start with the most sacred oil and tuning fork for that day. They will continue through the days remaining as if they started on the beginning. They will rest for a week and begin the process a new. I will speak to you of other things that you may use.


Ok go for it.


Michael: I would speak to you of the Children of Light. You do not have as many as you thought you would.


That is true. Michael people aren't registering like I thought they would. I had one of the masters offer to donate a portion of the fee and bring it down to $250. Not all that many have taken advantage of that yet. It is like it has been for the last few years. Money is in short supply.


Michael: Joe. Money is not in short supply. Their faith in themselves and knowing God will take care of them is. It is with your kind that that you spend too much worrying about the way things are to see when God is giving. You know as well as anyone what living in lack does to your thinking.


I do. Once I get that mind set, things start to run out and I start having less. I know I have to start the ball rolling by acting as if I am going to be taken care of no matter what.


Michael: It is not only for that reason you have not had what you expected. The masters may not see the value of taking action now. They do not know the part they will play in where this conference will take them.


So just where will it take them?


Michael: In your world there are vibrations that set in motion struggle, confusion and doubt. As the masters gather in oneness this year, the struggle from one day to the next will end. They are ushering in a new dawn as the Children of Light. Their power will  grow to that which they could not have imagined. Their lives will change because they were there causing it to happen. Remember those that stand at the epicenter get the highest of the vibrations.


I hear what you are saying and understand.


Michael: You have not all that you were told to get for the event. There is much for you to do to make ready.


I have been getting what I can, given the number of people registering for the conference. You should know that that the registration fee pays for the conference just like it did for the past events.


Michael: It would be wise for the masters to register as soon as possible. You will need time to learn all that you will be teaching, not spending your time gathering that which you will need. You have much to do before you and the masters gather in oneness this year.


Don't tell me how much work I have to do to get ready for this conference. Tell the masters what a big part they play in this by just registering.


Michael: I just did.


When Michael finished he said what he always says.


Michael: Blessed are the masters for the work they do. Whether they know it or not, they are the ones that make the conference happen. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


I watched Michael began to fade as the light folded around him and he was gone and I went to bed.


Fed 25 2012

February 25, 2012 Visit


Once again it was midnight before I got to bed and I was really beat. It had been a long day and I had to get a lot done and finished most of it. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep before I heard Michael's voice calling me. I felt like I just fell asleep and now I was getting back up. I woke up and turned on the light to see what time it was and it was 3:33 again.


Michael: Arise Joe for there is much to be said to you that you may know.


Alright Michael let me get dressed and I will meet you in the gate. With that said Michael left the room. I got dressed as quickly as I could and went in to the office to see Michael standing in the gate of grace. Ok Michael I am all ears. What do you have to tell me?


Michael: I come bring news of great joy and great sorrow.


Alright then give the good news first while I wake up.


Michael: Behold.


I watched Michael to see where he was going to point but he didn't. However from behind him there started to glow a violet light. The light became more and more intense and a figure started to form in the light. As I watched I could see it was the Shekinah. As the Shekinah came fully into view I thought she must have been victorious in helping the lost one to find their way back.


Shekinah: There was no victory. I have stood with the lost one for a long time leaving your world at the mercy of that which has come to pass. The one that was lost is still lost.


What do you mean still lost? You are the Shekinah and should have guided them back.


Shekinah: You were told your kind has free will to do as they please. The one that was lost went looking for that which they already had yet refused to see. They told their self something else would bring them happiness and went searching for it. They found false hope in that, which will in the end only bring great sorrow to them and their family.


Surely they must be able to see this.


Shekinah: The lies they are telling their self is all they can see and hear. Their desire for that which will not stand is all they care about. The seduction of what they see will happen is more powerful to them in what they have done. They delude them selves with fantasies of happiness and contentment. Their mind is in control and telling them the lies they want to believe.


Alright then just tell me who it is and I will have a talk with them.


Shekinah: Joe your interference will only drive them deeper into what they have told their self. You will become the enemy and in doing so they will fight harder to be right about what they want.


Is there anything that can be done?


Shekinah: No. Their soul is in the darkness of what they think is so and they wish to fill their empty heart. When one of your kind has gotten to that point in their life there is nothing anyone can do. They must learn on their own. That which they now see as the path to happiness will turn into the road to emotional and physical pain. They will find their selfs in the control of another and will lose their self bit by bit. The life they have will start to crumble and they will make excuses for it that they may be right about what they thought was going to lead to happiness. They must suffer by their own deeds and the deeds of another before they become willing to know in their heart and soul what is real and what the fantasy is.


My heart is heavy with what you have told me and I said to her. I started to weep. I didn't know if it were because of what the lost one was going to suffer or that I was helpless to do anything about it. I don't know how long I cried but I felt like I was crying for the lost one and everyone else in the world. I started thinking that I am supposed to be tough and shouldn't be crying like a baby. I have had enough tears lately and didn't care to have any more. I started getting it back together and the tears stopped falling. I looked up at the Shekinah and asked what else she had to say about this.


Shekinah: All that is left to say is the lost one will pay dearly for that which they have chosen. The happiness they think they are getting now will turn into the tragedy they will bring upon them selves and those most dear to them. Rejoice in the knowing that the work you do will go on without them though they think they are still the work. I would speak to you now of other things.


That is ok with me that was more sorrow than I was excepting in this visit.


Shekinah: You have not gotten that which Michael told you would need for the conference.


I know but you have to realize that here on earth we have to buy things and $10,000 is a little hard to come up with. Registration has been slow and until I get more coming in there isn't much I can do. The altar bowls aren't selling either so until things change I just do what I can.


Shekinah: Much has been lost this past year with the work and yet there have been gains. You have received the most sacred oils and tuning forks to help you with the work and the coming of the event you will be having.


Not to correct you but we are calling it a conference as Michael calls it.


Shekinah: It makes no difference what it is called it will be done according to what you are told needs to be done.


I stand corrected.


Shekinah: I will stand with Michael to see that which is to be done is done. I leave you now with Michael for he has more to be said.


The Shekinah folded back into the violet light and was gone leaving only me and Michael.


Michael: We will speak of the most sacred oils and tuning forks. Our kind knows when an oil is used or a tuning fork is rung.


Well duh of course you guys can hear everything.


Michael: No Joe, it does not happen in that way. When someone rings a tuning fork the frequency of it moves the Universe and it is the same when one of the oils is used. When one of the Names of God is invoked for whatever reason there is a moment of splendor that takes place. It moves through the angelic realm to the One whose name was invoked. These holy names do more than anyone realizes.


I can picture in my mind how that would happen. Is this why we are going to be doing the process coming up on the 4th of March. People are starting to get the forks and oil that have been sent out. There should be more forks coming in all the time now with the orders that have been made. The plan is to order more than we need and maybe able to get extras.


Michael: This would be wise for as those who have them and use them with other masters the more they will be desired. Once the process starts I will give many more uses of the oils and the tuning forks. You must know these are very powerful and the masters will have to get used to their vibrations before they will be able to fully understand them.


I am glad you brought the forks and oils up because I have a few questions. You were telling me about how the frequencies I received are the same as the tuning forks and oils. Now I know what I went through was much more powerful. But isn't it true that the tuning forks and oils can help slow down or even reverse the aging process?


Michael: This is so. However the forks and oils are for other things. You are still growing younger on the outside, yet Rome was not built in a day, as you would say.


I understand that. But what does this mean to others? Are the tuning forks going to help in keeping someone younger or is that just a byproduct of the forks?


Michael: I tell you truly that you may know how you play a part in this. You were given youth in being made whole again when you went with us to tune the vibrations of the forks and oils. These in turn give the others the ability to be made whole again. As they tune themselves their cells begin to change slowly at first yet they will change. You must remember you received the most power of the vibrations when you were with us.


Oh I remember. So why are you bringing this up again?


Michael: As I have told you, you will be able to pass this on to others.


I have no idea how to do that nor do I know what I would be passing on.


Michael: Joe, you hold that of which I speak within you. Yet you know not how to focus it. I tell you truly you may let this flow.


Let me see if I got this right. I have these frequencies within me? I don't know how to focus these frequencies but I can let them flow. Oh well that makes all the sense in the world to me. Do you think you could say it in another way that I might understand what you are talking about.


Michael: I shall speak of how to use what you are able to. You do not grasp the way of this yet. However you do have the ability to let this flow from you to another.




Michael: For the past 9 years you have been giving the blessing as you call it. You pass the diving energy you call Shakti at the event.


Yeah but Shakti is different isn't it?


Michael: This is true it is different. Yet this year when you give the blessing you will be tapping into the frequencies that you carry within you. As the Shakti flows through you the frequencies will flow with the divine energy to the one you are giving the blessing to.


There is a word for that. It is called piggybacking which is hitching a ride on something.


Michael: I know this wording and its meaning and you are correct in using it. Those that have used the most sacred oils and tuning forks will be able to receive this more easily and take this unto themselves.


What about the ones that haven't done the forks and oils? Will they still receive the frequencies?


Michael: Yes but their ability to hold the frequencies will be diminished. For those that use the most sacred oils and the vibrations will have small amount of the frequencies within them. When you give the blessing these frequencies will bind themselves to that which was placed there from the oils and tuning forks.


Is that kind of like a magnet attracting other magnets?


Michael: Yes that is a very simple way of saying it.


What else do I need to know?


Michael: You were told of the one that you are bound to in love.


Yes I remember you saying something like that. So where does that leave me given where I am now.


Michael: You are still on the razors edge and your path has not been set. Yet I tell you truly the time is closer than you think.


Tell me about it. You should know I do better when I have someone to contribute to and share the work with.


Michael: This will come to pass. Your partner and you will come into oneness. She will absorb the frequencies even as you sleep. Your love for each other will allow the frequencies to flow between each other. Healing and renewing that which is worn out or diseased.


Yeah well let me tell you something about this razors edge thing. I am so sick of waiting for something to happen I am ready to jump off.


Michael: That would be unwise. All is being set in motion for your happiness to come to pass. Stay out of what you are seeing to be so and how you think it will be. Rejoice in what is to come for your wait will soon be over. The price you are paying now will make that which is to come so much sweeter in the end.


Do what you Angels can and hurry it up a little because I am not a happy camper as it is right now.


Michael: You will know soon enough when it happens and which side of the path you will take as will the other one the happiness will come to. Joe, you will have to lighten up on yourself, you will be taken care of, I promise you. Our time is done for now yet you will be visited soon by the Shekinah to speak of what is to be done. Be at peace and teach only love.


The light started to fold around Michael and fade until it was gone. This gives me a lot to think about with everything that was said tonight. I am going to get some sleep and write it up in the morning.


Shekinah Visit March 1, 2012


I went to bed rather early for a change so I could be rested for a conference call in the morning. For some reason I woke up feeling that something was going on. The room had a gentle violet light filling in from under the door giving just enough light for me to see. I glanced over to the clock to see it was 4:44 in the morning. With the violet light and it being 4:44, I couldn’t help thinking this was the visit Michael told me was coming. I got up and put my pants on and opened the door. As I rounded the corner I saw the Shekinah standing in the gate of grace. Only earlier that evening I replaced the crystals that been knocked down from moving things. As I walked towards her, I saw the violet flames surrounding her as her red hair like fire moved about the head. She was still the most beautiful thing I ever saw. She spoke as I reached the carpet.


Shekinah: I will speak to you what is on your mind and then we will not speak of the lost one again. When the words. "Think they are the work" were spoken, it could be taken many ways. The way it was given is that anyone that does the work is the work. Yet who they are in the work will decide if they are the work or not, regardless of what they think. I tell you truly, the lost one knows what they are chasing is built on the fantasy of their desires. They will be disappointed when the truth comes to light. We are done speaking of this and will not speak of it again.


I just had to ask. Now I know you didn’t come to speak about the lost one but whatever it is I know that it has to be important. Do you mind if I sit while you speak to me?


Shekinah: Sit for there is much to say. The Children of Light Conference is the beginning of something far beyond what has been created by the Eden events. You have gone with Michael and the other angels to the tent of the Metatron. You have been given the gift of being made whole again. You are able to share that with others as you let this form of grace flow from you to another. You may do this whenever you wish. Yet you must tune others to the frequencies of the Names of God. It is for this reason you were give the Names of God, forks and oils along with other things to be done with them.


I know that these frequencies are very powerful when used to have something happen. We are going to be starting the process we were given on the 4th of this month. So tell me you didn’t come tonight to just rehash what I already know.


Shekinah: You are wise to see this. I have come this night that you may know what you will need to do. This year when you gather in oneness with the masters at the conference you will hold the Metatron within you. You will hold a most powerful vibration, yet you are too new to be able to focus it. I tell you truly you will need a focal point of which you do not know how to create on your own. This can only be done if the one that is receiving is between the Metatron and I. As the healing grace passes through the recipient I will reflect it to a point within them that they may receive this regeneration.


Well in case you have been keeping up with current events, Robbie and I are not together anymore. Now I guess I could ask her if she would be willing to come to the conference and stand for you.


Shekinah: Joe you need to hear this. In order for her to hold this space, you and she would have to be as one and you no longer are.


Well that is not going to happen.


Shekinah: Where she stands right now you speak the truth, it will not happen. Yet I tell you truly, you must have the embodiment of me when you do this.


Ok, now you have me confused with what you are saying. Robbie is the embodiment of you and holds your vibrations. So without her there is no Shekinah.


Shekinah: I may reside in whom I wish and I tell you truly, I may be in more than one woman.


Cool. Tell me who she is and we have a go for this. On the other hand I will just pick someone that I feel could handle your energy. That way she could serve as you.


Shekinah: Joe you are missing that which I have told you. In order for someone to stand as the Shekinah you and she must stand as one in love. You will seek someone else to stand as one with you as the Shekinah.


Let me explain something to you. Robbie has been gone since just before my surgery. I have had one date in this time and that went nowhere. Speaking of nowhere, that’s where I live. As far as meeting someone out here it’s not going to happen.


Shekinah: There is one that would stand with you as one. She would be more to you then you could dream of.


She would have to be. In case you haven’t noticed when it comes to women, I am very picky and don’t settle. I would as soon be alone than be with someone I can’t give my heart and soul to. The only bad part of that is it is sure hard to get it back once I do. Ok, so you got someone in mind for me that you think is the answer to my prayers and dreams. Here comes the big question. How do I find her and how will I know it is her?


Shekinah: She will find you. The two of you are a matched pair whose vibrations will attract you to each other. You will know her when you see her beauty and hold her in your arms. She will just fit so to speak. When you kiss you will know.


Yeah well that’s what got me in to trouble last time and I would just as well live alone before I go through that again. I am getting to old for that crap.


Shekinah: No. You are getting younger day by day. Yet I say to you it is not fitting for you to be alone.


So is this the path that Michael talked about? The one I will have a son with?


Shekinah: That path has not been set, yet I say to you that you have reason to think so. You need to be open to what comes your way. Let go of what has been and be about what is yet to be. Forget not that the vibrations that will flow between you will lead to a long and happy life no matter what happens. It has been foretold and it will come to pass.


I hear what you are saying and she had better be pretty special and at the very least be as good as what I had. I hear your council and will act accordingly. It would be nice if you would hurry because I would like to be able to talk with an adult with a spiritual consciousness. It would be a plus if she knew something about the work as a beginning for us to build this standing as one as you say.


Shekinah: She will and it will grow. She will not only be one with you, she will be one with the work. The two of you will truly become the embodiment of the Metatron and the Shekinah. When the time is right, you will teach her the blessing that Alexander taught to you. She will teach with you and the work will grow.


That sounds pretty good but I am going to need be able to trust her in what she says is true. Not just in the moment because it serves her, but because that is the way it is.


Shekinah: You will. I would speak to you of that which you were asked to build.


I am working on it and trying to keep the cost down but still have it work. I do know where to get the parts for it to produce the sound. The Names of God frequencies chamber isn’t easy. As soon as some money comes in I will get started on it. As it stands right now, I am in the designing stage of it. I know I have a lot of work to get done before the conference if people are to experience it.


Shekinah: You will have it done in time. This is something that is new so it must be correct.


I know that and I am sure it will give people an experience like they never had before and a wholeness they thought was lost to them through age. There is one other question that I have to ask. Over the last few years you and the angels have visited me off and on rather sparingly. Now in just a few months you are coming back more than you have in years. Why is that?


Shekinah: The answer is simple. You have much to learn as your kind moves into a new direction for the world and human kind. Our time is done for now. Keep your eyes and heart open for the one that will be one with you. She could show up at any time regardless how things look to you now. Take care not to be fooled by those that say they are the one I spoke of. Trust your heart for is it pure, and noble. Honor that which you know is true no matter what. Be at peace and teach only love.


I am still confused by all that the Shekinah had to say. It is so like them to give you just bits and pieces and not what you need to know. I guess I will have to see what comes up and where it leads to. For now I am going to bed and finish my sleep and rest up for the call.


Marc 7 2012
March 1 2012

February 14, 2012 Visit


It was after midnight before I went to bed. I was up playing with the Names of God tuning forks. The sounds these tuning forks make are like nothing I have heard before. As I rang each fork and listened I was enchanted by the purity of the note. I got an idea to see what would happened if I rang two at a time. I started off with the Shriram fork ringing it and holding it to my ear. I then took the Elohim fork and rang it and held it to my ear and brought the Shriram up at the same time. Wow! All of the forks created such a wonderful harmonics and it didn't matter which fork I used with the Shriram. I ended up doing the same thing with the other forks and had the same results. I looked on the computer and saw it was going on 12:30. I got to get to bed I told myself and started turning off lights on my way to the bedroom. I crawled under the covers pulling them up over me and was asleep in no time.


Michael: Arise, oh you child of light there is work to be done.


I opened my eyes to see Michael standing at my side of the bed. My eyes adjusted very quickly to his light. He left the room and I got up glancing at the clock, 3:33 was the time. I got dressed and headed off to the office to see where this was going. He was standing in the middle of the Gate of Grace as I approached.


Michael: The most sacred oils are blended and the tunings forks have arrived. Bring them to me.


I went over to where the tuning forks were and brought him the box of the tuning forks. Michael took the box.


Michael: Gather up the most sacred oils and bring them.


I did what he told me to do but I also wondered how he was going to carry the box of forks and the box of oils. Here you go and I will be here when you get back. I held out the box of oils for him to take.


Michael: Here? You will be coming with me for my arms are full.


The room starting to really fill with light and as it did I could see other angels coming into form. I could plainly see the seven angels from Khamael to Tzadqiel. One at a time one angel would approach Michael and he would hand them two bags of tuning forks. Michael took the last sets of tuning forks and as he did I saw a path way open through the light. Once it was clearly open and the angels started down it as did Michael. I just stood there not knowing if I should follow or not.


Michael: Come.


Well that was my answer. The angels walk down the path with four on each side and I went down the middle. It didn't take long before we were standing in front of the tent where the Metatron dwells. One at a time an Angel would enter the tent with the tuning forks and come out empty handed. Michael was the last to enter the tent but before he did, he turned to me and held up his hand palm facing me as if to say stay here. I was curious to see what was going to happen in the tent, however I stayed where Michael told me to.


Moments later Michael came back out and took the oils from me. Again, Michael and the others angels returned and entered the tent. I watched the tent and saw the shadows of the angels moving around in front of Metatron's light. In what seemed like hours of waiting I started to hear what I thought was the Shriram tuning forks frequency ringing. Then there was another frequency blending with it and then another. With each added frequency I could feel something going on inside of me. I thought it was my stomach growling because I was hungry; no that wasn't quite it either. It was more like my insides were moving around.


Just as I was realizing something was happening inside my body, I started to smell the oils. Once the oils came into play things started to happen very quickly. At first I noticed that I was breathing more rapidly and deeper. I started to cough and as I did it brought stuff up from my lungs as I continued to cough harder and harder. I was having a hard time catching my breath. I fell to my knees coughing and holding my body up with my arms so I wouldn't fall on my face. I felt bad with the stuff I was spitting up on the path. I could see the mucus disappeared as it landed on the path.


Suddenly, I started to feel my insides moving again. It was as if I had a bunch of hands inside me rearranging all my organs. Whatever was going on inside me didn't hurt but it was very uncomfortable. The really scary part was when I started getting a pain in my chest and it only got worse. I thought maybe I was having a heart attack. I remember thinking what would happen if I was to die here on this path? The worst was yet to come.


My toes starting to cramp and next my feet started cramping and before I knew it my whole body was one big cramp. This hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out. I couldn't think nor could I move; my mind was almost a blank when I heard the harmonics of the forks and could smell the oils. As the smell of the oils and the vibration entered me and the cramping began to subside. Only a few moments later was I able to get it back together and it was a few moments before I could stand again. Standing up right felt so good and there was something I could feel different with my body. I had energy and my thoughts were clearer then they have been in years. Just as I noticed what was going on with me, Michael came out of the tent and placed the oils on a golden table next to me that I didn't remember being there.


Michael: The most sacred oils are tuned.


No sooner did he say that the other angels started coming out of the tent carrying the most sacred tuning forks. Each of the angels placed the tuning forks they were carrying back into the box. Michael took the box of forks and set them at my feet. I started to wonder if he was expecting me to carry them back to the everyday world.


Michael: The most sacred vibrations are set in the tuning forks.


Are we done now because I have had some really strange stuff going on with me while you all were in the tent.


Michael: As it was meant to be.


Hold on for a minute Michael and the rest of you. I have almost coughed a lung or two out. I thought I was going to have a heart attack with my whole body being one big cramp. Oh let's not forget the part where I felt like I had a bunch of hands in side of me making me feel like my guts were crawling around. If I knew this was going to happen I would have stayed home and just let you take the oils and tuning forks.


Michael: It was written that you should be here to receive the gift you have.


Are you nuts? I don't know what you guys did to me. I have never felt anything like this before and never want to again. Just tell me what kind of gift was that?


Michael: Look.


Michael lifted his arm and pointed and I turned my head to see what he was pointing at. It was a mirror that looked like liquid silver shimmering with a light of its own. It was held in place with a golden frame with writing on it that I couldn't make out.


Michael: Step before the mirror and look into it.


I walked over to the mirror and looked in at my reflection and it was overwhelming. My body was younger and I looked to be about 30 years old. Then I remembered something I had read or heard about when someone dies they look like they would if they were in their thirties. I expressed this to Michael to see what he had to say.


Michael: You are not dead or dreaming.


Knowing that, I took another look at myself and I really did look thirty. I could feel the vitality filling me. Well, I guess it is ok if this is the way I look and feel.


Michael: What you see is what you are now. Your body has been made whole once more.


Are you telling me I am physically 30 years old again?


Michael: All your organs and cells within you have changed. I tell you truly physically you are 30 once again.


You mean to tell me my body will function just as it did when I was 30.


Michael: I do for the groom, he must be ready for his wedding night.


Now that's what I am talking about.


Michael: Yes Joe that is what I mean. With each passing year you will become more fit in body and mind. You will be able to pass this on to others in time.


Now that is cool. So how do I do that?


Michael: Through mutual love, the ones that love you the most and you them will receive the most. Forget not the closer one is to the flame in love the more warmth they will receive. As you grow in years the better you will become in bring this gift to others.


I looked around to the other Angels and said my thanks to them for this gift. Then just out of the blue, I noticed someone was missing. Michael looked at my face and saw that I was perplexed about something. As he did, I said that something is wrong here, I can't put my finger on it but one of you is missing.


Michael: You speak of the Shekinah.


Yeah I said that is whose missing.


Michael: The Shekinah is at the side of one that is lost.


It must be someone that is a very important person for the Shekinah to miss this.


Michael: You have no idea of its importance.


How so Michael?


Michael: The Shekinah is fighting for the very heart and soul of the one that is lost.


The Shekinah should be able to handle that. She is very powerful with love and compassion. Given my experience with the Shekinah I am sure she will help the one that is lost find their way back.


Michael: The Shekinah has not thus far. The Shekinah has been with them for a long time now and there is little or no change.


How can that be, given the power of the Shekinah? I mean can't she just poof them so they can find their way.


Michael: You forget about the free will your kind has even if it leads them to destruction. The Shekinah will stay until she is cast out by the one she would seek to help.


This brings something up that I just thought of. I have noticed the whole vibration on earth here is really wacky and has been for some time. Could the Shekinah being there to help this person have anything to do with it?


Michael: The absence of the Shekinah has everything to do with it. All the power of the Shekinah is now at the side of the one that is lost.


Ok I get there is nothing any of us can do. What does this mean for the work we are doing? I mean this is crazy.


Michael: If you mean insane, you are correct, for the lost one is caught up in the insanity of what they are thinking is truth. The path they are on will only lead to heart break and their eventual destruction.


Hey Michael I have an idea. Given Robbie holds the vibration of the Shekinah couldn't she help out with the one that is lost.


Michael: No. The Shekinah will be victorious and they will find once again their path to great joy or they will be lost growing old in a life filled with bitterness and regret.


I wouldn't want that to happen to anyone.


Michael: That is not your choice to make. As it is said there is none so blind than one that will not see. I tell you truly this will end soon and the Shekinah will return.


I hope it turns out alright.


Michael: We must return to your world. Follow the path back to where you came.


I turned away from the mirror to head back but then stopped to take another look at how good I looked. As I headed down the path home I looked over my shoulder to see if Michael was coming and he was. We stepped out of the light and were back in the office. As we entered the office I could see my reflection in the window. I looked like I did when I left. I turned to Michael and said. Ok we are back in the office and I can see I look just like I did before. I went through all that for nothing.


Michael: That which your skin covers is whole and new. You must give your skin time to catch up to your body. You will see in time.


I guess I will have to trust you on this.


Michael: It would be wise. You may send the tuning forks and oils to the ones that have ordered them.


Will we have to do this all over again when we get more forks in?


Michael: No set them on the table and we will come for them. You have no need to return with us that which you were to receive has been given. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael stepped back into the light with the other angels. The light started to fold into its self and they were gone. I went over to the computer and sat down and looked to see what time it was. The time was 3:36. Only 3 minutes had passed in a visit that seemed to last hours. I got up and went to bed and would write this up in the morning.

March 7, 2012 Visit


I drove across town to met Robbie half way and pick up the tuning forks. We sat at the Starbucks and talked for a while before I headed home. When I got there, I took the forks into the house and started to take the plastic sleeves off of them. I got three sets done and a light was starting to form in the gate of grace. I thought to myself, I am not done, yet I have to take the rest out of the plastic.


Michael: You have no need to remove them from their containers. Do you really think in our realm it would make any difference in the tuning?


I guess not. I did think that you would have come while I was sleeping tonight. When I finished speaking, the room began to turn into a bright light. All the angels that came to take the forks and oils were back once again. Just like last time, they were on each side of the path and just like last time, I gave the box to Michael. He handed them out and took two for himself. He handed me back the box but it wasn't empty. Hey you forgot these.


Michael: Bring them.


Yeah, but you said I wouldn't have to go with you all this time.


Michael: There was no need to before you did what you have done.


I have no idea as to what you are talking about.


Michael: That which you did was noble in its act. The act was out of the deep love you have for another. You gave of yourself with no thought for yourself. It is for this reason you must come to the tent of the Metatron.


If this is going to be like last time I am going to pass on this. Here, take the rest of the forks and I will just wait here. Hurry back now. Michael looked at me with the look he uses to let me know I don't have a choice in the matter.


Michael: Come.


The angels started down the path to the tent of the Metatron with me in the middle of them. I really didn't want to be doing this but when angels call what is a guy to do? As we reached the tent the angels started to go in one by one. Michael was the last to enter but before did, he held up his hand palm first as to tell me to stay there. It was only a moment later that he came back out and took the rest of the tuning forks. As he entered the tent I started to think about the cramping from the last visit when they took the oils and forks in. I braced myself for what was to come.


Once again I could hear the first tone start to vibrate. I didn't feel anything going on so I was ok with that. I could see the shadows moving on the walls of the tent just as they did last time. I started to hear a second tone and then a third until all the frequencies were ringing at the same time. Ok I thought to myself I can do this. The frequencies got louder and louder. I could still the shadows moving on the flaps of the tent. I kept trying to see in as the flaps parted ever so slightly for all the good that did me.


I noticed what I can only describe a pitch change in the frequencies. It was unnoticeable and I strained my ears to even hear it. I didn't have to strain to hear it much longer because it to had grown in volume but the sound was muffled at the same time. The tent flaps started to open as if a breeze was blowing them apart. I could feel a warm flow of air blowing against me. It had a scent not unlike cinnamon and clove. I lifted my nose to try to get a better whiff. Almost instantly that little breeze became like a wind. Light started to blow out of the tent, if you could call it that. The wind became stronger and stronger and I leaned into it.


I though if this warm wind gets any stronger it's going to blow me down the path and out into the office. Then the wind just stopped and I almost fell on my face, it happened so quickly. As I gained my footing again I saw the tent flaps open and the Angels come out with the tuning forks. The Angels stood on each side of me and Michael said "Come," as they all headed back down the path to the office. Michael stepped from the path into the office with the other angels staying in the light. I walked off the path and out into the office.


Michael: You have received the gift for that which you have done.


I didn't do all that much. All I did was step out of the way of another's happiness because I cared for them.


Michael: That is true and our kind cares for your happiness.


Well good on me.


Michael: You will be rewarded for your act of kindness and love.


So what do you have in mind as a reward for me?


Michael: You were told that you are younger and will continue to do so.


Yeah I remember that but I haven't seen much of that going on except the way I feel.


Michael: I tell you truly in three days others will begin to see your youth returning.


Screw that. I want to see my youth returning. I want to know that what has happened is real and not just a feel good thing. Oh yeah, didn't you say that it was going to take some time for my skin to catch up to my insides?


Michael: This you were told. Yet again I say to you, you have earned that which you will see.


Does that include tonight's visit as a day?


Michael: No. All will be set by the morning of the fourth day.


Ok I am open to see what happens and just how different I look.


Michael: You will see. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


With that said, Michael returned to the light with the other angels and the light started to fold back into its self and they were gone. Well let's see what kind of a reward they have in store for me in three days. I guess I will have to wait and see. I hope it is a good one, but you never can tell with these angels and what they are really saying. I am going off to bed to get my beauty sleep if there is such a thing.

Marc 11 2012
March 31 2012

March 11, 2012 Visit


Ok, so it is Sunday morning at 6 and I was up and out of bed and on my way to the bathroom mirror. At first glance I could see there was something different about the way I looked. Now it wasn't like I was 30 again, but I didn't look my age ether. There was a more youthful look about me. As I stood there scrutinizing my looks, I heard Michael's voice from behind and to my right. I turned to see him standing in the doorway by my night stand.


Michael: See you that your youth is returning.


I was hoping for something a little more dramatic when I looked into the mirror this morning. I do seem to look younger though and you didn't promise me a new face. You said it would be noticeable to those that know me.


Michael: This is so. In the past days you have been growing younger little by little. Yet the gift that was given has shortened the time it would have taken.


I guess there was a lot of rebuilding that needed to take place over the four days. As of now, I just hope it continues.


Michael: It will. You will be rebuilding that which was lost over time. Your kind calls it getting old. Yet for you it is youth returning.


Well Michael, I would like for it to happen faster.


Michael: Your kind often does. It has taken years in an aging process and it will take time to rebuild that which was lost. I tell you truly, this quickening is not at an end as of yet. You will continue to look younger for a while yet to come. There will come a point when this will stop. The wholeness that was placed within you will need to be replenished.


So I guess that means another trip with you to the tent of the Metatron.


Michael: No. You have received all that you can on your own. In order for you to be replenished you must share that which you have been given.


That should be easy enough. I am going to start teaching and will share what I have with others.


Michael: It is not as simple as you speak. Yes, you will be giving that which you have received. This will not take from you that which you were given in its essences. You will serve many to be made whole again.


I am a little mixed up here. You tell me that I have to share what I have in order to be replenished. On the other hand, you are telling me that ain't going to work because the essence of what I have been given won't be effected. So I can't be replenished.


Michael: This is so. I see you have not heard what you have been told.


Well I guess not. Tell me again how this is supposed to work.


Michael: Joe, you stand as the Metatron. The only one that you can share with is the Shekinah. You were told as the two of you sleep together, that which you hold as the male energy of the Metatron will flow to the Shekinah. The one you have chosen to stand with you as the Shekinah will hold the female energy of the Shekinah. This relationship will bring you both youth. As your energy flows from you to her, hers flows into you. There is a connection that you call love that allows this to happen. In this oneness of love you are truly blessed and will create the child in each of you as your youth.


You know Michael, I just thought of something. In the past I wanted someone that I could love, be happy with and grow old with. Now from what you are telling me, all of that has to change. I need to shift my thinking to finding the one woman who will stand as the Shekinah with me so we can grow younger together. I could use a long life with that one woman and you promised we would be happy.


Michael: I did and you will. Your life and that of another is just beginning. Age will not corrupt your bodies to make them feeble and unusable; your minds will remain clear and wise. Health will be visited upon you both through the love you share. Only when the two of you join in oneness will this come to pass.


Ok Michael, I am ready for everything you have described to me. How do I find such a woman and where do I look.


Michael: I tell you truly, she will make herself known to you. Even now she balances the scales of her path.


I gather from that you know who she is.


Michael: I know who she might be. Yet I tell you truly, there is not just one that you are a mated pair with. When the time is right you will be overcome with her beauty and the love and compassion she holds in her heart. When this happens you will say to yourself I am lost without escape from the love my heart holds for this woman.


I remember that. I remember the feeling of love in my heart and the joy that overcame me. That would be wonderful to feel that way again.


Michael: You will. You are still growing younger and will see it more so in seven days. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


As always, Michael folded back into the light and was gone I was off to write this visit up.

March 31, 2012 Visit

I took Gabby to the Father & Daughter Girl Scout’s Dance last night and as always, it’s the high point of my year. She is growing up so fast, I’m enjoying the moments and don’t want one to slip away. She is quite the little lady and is as beautiful as her mom. We stayed up late after the dance and watched the tube until I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Exhausted, I finally turned off the TV and went to bed. The next morning there was much to be accomplished so with a heavy heart, I took Gabby back over to her mom’s house and started about my day.


It was a long day in town and even longer one with all that needed to be done with the Children of Light Conference. After I got caught up, I decided to take a little nap or at least that’s what I had planned. I went into the bedroom and laid down wanting to get some much needed sleep. As I started to drift off, my thoughts returned to the wonderful time I had with Gabby the night before. I don’t know how long I had been asleep before I heard my name called, it couldn’t have been very long.


Michael: Joe. Awaken for I would speak with you.


I really didn’t want to open my eyes because I wanted to rest, but I opened them anyway because I knew Michael was going to talk with me one way or another. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed and told him I was getting up. Michael went through the door and I opened it before I went out, heading to the office. Once there Michael started to speak to me.


Michael: The numbers of those for the Children of Light has not risen.


That is true but it is like I have told you before, many people don’t register until it gets closer to the date. Why are you bringing it up now? Is there something I should know?


Michael: There is. You are moving closer to the time when you will come together as one. The light that shines is dim. For you to have that which is to happen there, it will need to be made brighter. You will need to make more lamps to be used with the Names of God tuning forks and oils.


I don’t know how many lamps are left but I could call to check and see.


Michael: It matters not how many lamps there are you will need to make more. These lamps will be needed with the process you were to do every other week. It is important that the masters do this. The vibrations they are setting make ready the coming of the child of light.


I will start on those tomorrow because they do take time to make.


Michael: I would speak more of that which you call the OM tuning fork.


Yes. You know I put those up on my web page and they went out the day later. I didn’t have much time to play around with them and the Names of God forks. The Om frequency is also known as a name of God, meaning I AM.


Michael: I know of this.


Of course you do.


Michael: You will need many of these when you gather in Denver for that which is to come. They will be used to seal that which you will cause. The I AM frequency will play an important part with the Names of God frequencies at the conference.


Well given I ordered two and now they are gone, how many is many? There are people that just want to have enough funds to register for the conference.


Michael: There is your answer. You talked to Marie about this did you not?


Look Michael I was just kicking around ideas with her. I got to kidding around with her about what we could do to promote registration. We talked about offering one of the prints of you as an incentive to register.


Michael: As it was written, from your lips to Gods ears. You spoke it and now you must do as you said.


Michael, I was kidding.


Michael: It matters not. This you will do.


So you mean to tell me I am going to have to give every one that registers for the conference an OM tuning fork.


Michael: Yes. Yet not everyone, only 44 people that register.


Michael you are killing me here. These sell for $65 plus shipping.


Michael: Is not tomorrow when to cost of the conference goes to $333?


Yes that was what I was going to do. Hang on here, so the forks are included in the cost of registration and it’s like getting the conference and a $65 tuning for the cost of $333. What if someone takes the Fountain of Life Class and they get another $50 off? I’m out $ 115 and it is going to make ends really hard to meet.


Michael: This then is what you will do. They may choose one or the other.


Ok. Here is what I am hearing you say. If someone registers for the conference from now until 44 registrations take place they get the OM fork. What about shipping?


Michael: Give them the OM tuning fork when they get there. After you are done in Denver they will have need to use this frequency in many ways.


I am going to be very careful in what I say from now on.


Michael: This would be wise. It is also wise that you have built a team to help you with the work you do. Just because you are getting younger does not mean you should do it all. Look at the wisdom you have gleaned from those on the board that you have assembled.


Yeah I do have some Cracker Jack people working with me on this. Now for getting younger I do have some questions. How young am I going to get for one, and I am really not seeing any big change from the last time I noticed it happening.


Michael: That which was given is at work with you. You will continue to grow younger yet not at the rate you have been. Remember you must become one with the Shekinah and she with you to grow younger still. You will come to be that which is known as 45 in your years.


I can handle that. Now for the one that is to become the Shekinah with me. How does that work? I mean, I am 65 and looking and feeling like I am in my 50s and I still will drop down to around 45? I guess what I am asking is, if the one that holds the Shekinah will drop down to 45 also? Then again what if she is in her 40 or 50s will she drop down to around 35?


Michael: It does not work like that. You were taken to the tent of the Metatron, yet she will not be. I tell you truly it will depend on her age at the time you become one. Should she be under 40 years of age she will not get younger, yet she will age much slower. Above the age of 45 there is much to take into account. There is much to being made whole that is far beyond your understanding. I tell you truly as long as you and her are one she will not age as most would.


You have said a lot here that I don’t understand. What I think you are saying is we will both get younger in body. The Shekinah will become 10 to 15 years younger than I will be. It all depends on when we meet and become one. Is that about right?


Michael: This is so. Yet I say unto you, be not in a hurry to find this Shekinah. The Shekinah that will become one with you is important to you and the work you are doing. Some will want to bind with you only that they will grow younger in their vanity. Others will seek this only to be made whole again. It matters not which of these it is, should you be fooled you will be betrayed again. This oneness of you, the Metatron and she, the Shekinah is for a greater purpose. That which you were given is to bring wholeness to the masters that they may have a long life to do the work that is to be.


Now this I can relate to. We have a saying "It is too bad youth is wasted on the young." Wisdom comes from many years of experiences.


Michael: You have yet another saying. "Experience is a dear school, yet a fool will learn no other." Having said that, I will speak to you of things I told you. You were given much that you would know of, that which will happen. You have spoken of this to another.


I have. But Michael I only wanted to spare them the pain they would go through.


Michael: Your kindness has not and will not lead them from what they are creating. They are truly deaf and blind to this. To learn the lesson they will need to experience the pain that they do not see coming. You must remain silent. You have been told of the pain and the happiness. Yet I tell you truly you cannot work their sums for them as no one may work your sums for you.


I understand what you are saying. I just would like to know one thing on this. How am I doing with my sums?


Michael: You are doing well.


I have a question that I want to ask you.


Michael: Ask what it is you would know.


There is this woman I have come to know. She has been helping me with things that I have no idea of how to do. I have been noticing things about her that are very familiar to me. It is like hearing a voice on the radio that I know I should know who it is, but I can’t place it. I have been racking my brain trying to remember where I have heard her voice. There is just something about the way she says my name. It’s the way she laughs when we are talking and even the way she says bye when we are done on the phone. I can almost make a connection or figure out where I know her from, but then it is lost to me.


Michael: You speak of the violet you know.


Yes. Then again I know a lot of violets that I know and it never happened with them.


Michael: You do know her and have many times over. The two of you have been in each other’s life before. What you are hearing is the vibration of her soul when she speaks.


That makes sense, but I don’t understand it. Is it like meeting someone you knew a long time ago? Hey it just hit me. You Angels have been around a long time and know just about everything. So you must know where the connection comes in. How about you just tell me?


Michael: No Joe, that is for you to figure out.


Now how did I know you were going to say that?


Michael: Maybe you can read minds.


Michael you are funny.


Michael: She says that to you quite often does she not?


Yes she does.


Michael: That is because she knows you as well. There have been some fun times in your past lives. Yet there is a respect that she holds for you. You will be the best of friends in this life also. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Hang on a minute I am not done yet. I have other things I want to ask. Michael didn’t pay any attention to what I was saying and stepped back into the light. The light folded around him and he was gone.

April 8 2012

April 8, 2012 Visit

The phone ringing in the office, waking me up, I jumped out of bed and ran to answer it. I was too late because whoever it was had hung up. Well, I thought to myself, as long as I am up I will make me some coffee. I turned on the coffee maker and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Upon returning to the kitchen and the coffee maker, I was met with a surprise. I saw that Michael was standing in the Gate of Grace in the office.


Michael: Finish that which you are doing and we will speak.


I finished making my coffee and sipped it as I walked to the office. Setting down the cup on my desk I turned to face Michael.


Michael: You have done well to bring together that which you call board of masters to assist you. You have brought together a powerful group of those that would impart wisdom. You do not realize the secrets that will be giving to all that are attending. Each has a key to open the vibration of wholeness. The masters have but to listen to their words and hear them in the number that was given to you.


You are talking about the 333 people being at the conference.


Michael: I am. This number was not given lightly. You will see this when I give the formation to you that all shall gather in. The patterns are sacred in numbers of that which is to be.


Ok, so here is what I need to know because we have around 85 people registered for the conference. Not like I am saying we won't get the number you said we need. However in the past you kind of gave us an exception if we didn't hit the number. Is there any chance we could get that again if we don't?


Michael: No. You must know that which is given is given for a reason. Each master is a part of the whole vibration. Should you have one person less, the harmonics will not occur. You were given a gift that you may share with others. This wholeness is greater than any could know. There is only so much you will be able to do outside of that harmony.


Let us speak of the way of it. This conference is unlike any other you have done in the past. The speakers are set in divine order to produce a vibrational harmonics. Each will add a level as the days go on. You yourself will give the blessing as you have done in the past. Yet I tell you truly, that which you will give this time is greater than ever before. You will be giving the gift of wholeness to everyone this time. For those to take this with them in to the world and use it will depend on the sealing of this. The sealing will take place in the harmonics of the formation.


Alright Michael, here is what I think you are telling me; We are stepping into a higher vibrational harmonics. In order for this to take place there are some things that will need to happen to produce this. I am sure there is a reason for me to be out teaching classes this close to the conference.


Michael: There is. Each one you tune with the vibrations of wholeness will hold an important note of the vibration that will be used in the making of the formation. Yet not all will be with you in Denver. It is for this reason you are teaching and giving the gift of wholeness to many, before you join in oneness at the conference.


So what you are saying is I am doing the Fountain of Life process with more then will be in Denver so we will have enough? When you give me the formation, I will know where to place them to have the vibrations needed. When we are in the formation with the numbers you said to have, we will seal these vibrations in all of us.


Michael: This is so. Yet you must have the 333 that was given.


We are working on a logo, a letter, web pages and other things for this conference. Once that is done people should start registering for the conference.


Michael: Busy work. What I say in this is, be done with getting ready to go forth and go forth.


Again I hear you. We will have everything done this week.


Michael: Our kind knows it is difficult to speak of that which can only be understood when it is experienced. This is not a perchance conference. This is a monumental vibrational healing and wholeness event that will take place. Have no misgivings of the miracles that will take place. Ask, what would be the wholeness created by you should you have the space to create it in? All things are possible.


I get what you are saying and it is time we move on the bigger picture here as to what we can have happen. Now, I do have some questions. I know the gift from you Angels and the Metatron to the masters is a wonderful experience for them. I know they will come away from this conference in a higher vibrational state of wholeness. What I want to know is about the Shekinah. I mean I still have a little over two months to find her. I have someone in mind that I feel could be her but I don't want to jump to any conclusions. I also know that the Shekinah will play a very part of the wholeness that can be given to others.


Michael: I tell you truly your questions will be answered when you teach in Denver. Yet I also tell you truly, you will know by that which was given to you as a sign. Be not hasty nor be not too cautious.


So what you are telling me is you are not going to tell me.


Michael: This is so.


You have been a big help. So let me ask you something else. I have a friend that I think is ready to have a visit from an Angel or two. They have questions to ask you guys. Is there any chance of that happening sooner than later?


Michael: You are correct in thinking so. Yet I tell you the way in which it will happen is up to them. Each of your kind has that which will stand in the way of seeing and hearing. These things must be overcome first. Say unto them it is less about why they would speak to our kind about than it is about being open to our kind. You of all humans should know this.


Once again you have been a big help with your answers.


Michael: You have been given that which you need to know. The vibrations are getting stronger from the Names of God vibrations. Yet more masters doing the process would be welcome.


Well the amount of masters that have been ordering the forks and oils has died down. I am sure they are saving up for the conference. You and I know how important it is to have 333 at the conference.


Michael: This is so. Our time is done for now. We will be speaking again before you leave for the Fountain of Life in Denver. I will give you something new to do and I would have it fresh in your mind. Until we speak again be at peace and teach only love.


Michael stepped back as the light surrounded hem and he was gone. Well as long as I am up drinking coffee I might as well write this visit up.

April 12, 2012 Visit

It was just about midnight when I decided to head off to bed. It had been a long day for me and I had done a lot of running around to get things accomplished. I turned off the lights in the office and the living room. I got ready for bed and turned off the lights in the bed when I noticed there was a light shining under the door. What did I leave on, I wondered as I opened the door. Once the door was open I could see the light was coming from the office. As I rounded the corner the light was coming from Michael standing in the Gate of grace in the office. I walked over to where he was standing and told him I didn't expect to see him until next week.


Michael: I would speak to you at this time.


I figured that is why you were here. It is past my bedtime I told him, but by the look on his face he didn't seem to be a least bit concerned as to when I got to bed


Michael: You have the OM tuning fork that you are using with the Names of God tuning forks and oils.


I thought you talked to me about this, didn't you?


Michael: I said to you when last we spoke, I would be giving you more that you would know. Had I come closer to your leaving, you would not have had time to obtain the forks and the oils you need.


I can understand the forks because I am out of the Om tuning forks but what do you mean by oils?


Michael: As it is with the Names of God frequencies, you have the most sacred oils. I have come to give you the oils to blend that will match the vibrations of the tuning fork.


Well we do have a problem here. You see people have ordered the OM forks and I have sent them out already. So if you need to take them and tune them you are too late. Of course I could give you the addresses of the people that bought them and you could pay them a visit.


Michael: They were tuned before they left this house. You do sleep you know.


Yeah and that's where I was headed before you came tonight. However, if you can come and get the Names of God tuning forks you can get the Name of God oils as well. Just tell me about this oil I'm going to make.


Michael: You will blend the oils of myrrh, ginger, tea tree and sandalwood. You will also add honey and gold as you have done with the other Names of God oils. When you have done this I will return for them.


So basically what you are telling me is there 8 Names of God tuning forks? Why didn't you just bring this up when we first started the process you gave us?


Michael: Because you have but 7 day in your week.


Now why did I know you were going to say that? How does this tie in to the Names of God frequencies?


Michael: Let me speak of the way of this. The process that was given to you is to be done for 7 days. You will rest for seven days. That which you call the OM/I AM fork and the oil of the same may be used the day before and the day after.


So you are saying we can use the OM tuning fork and oil on the day before we start the process and the day after we complete the process. I take it this keeps in the process.


Michael: It will do more. The use of the OM tuning fork and oil will open those to the vibration when used before the process. It will also seal the vibrations at the end of the process. Let me show you what you will be doing with the vibrations for the Fountain of Life process.


Michael showed me what I would be doing for the first time when I teach this in Denver. I could see why he wanted to meet with me before I left for the class. I just wish I had it when I did the first class in Austin. Well, we will all have a chance to do this at the Children of Light Conference in June. When he finished he started to speak to me again.


Michael: You have much on your mind.


I do. You told me that things would be made clear about the coming of the Shekinah. I still don't know what to think about this all. I mean what if I find someone that I think is just perfect, but she isn't interested in it? What if someone thinks she is it, but in my heart I am thinking no way would it work? Is it possible that many abide with the Shekinah vibrations and a lot them show up at the Conference? Could we blend these vibrations in such away as if the Shekinah was one? That would help me to focus that energy this year.


Michael: Joe, I tell you truly this will not be so. You have the indwelling presence of the Metatron within you. You have very little knowledge of how to truly access that which you have. Yet the Metatron is indwelling.


Hang on a minute. You and the Shekinah both said that the Shekinah will abide with more than one woman at a time. You and I made a deal and whatever the price, it looks like I have kept up my end of the bargain.


Michael: You have, and the Shekinah still abides there. Yet I tell you truly, the Shekinah can only be the indwelling presence in the one that is the counter part of the Metatron. In this time the indwelling presence of the Shekinah resides in none, for the Metatron is not bound to any as you are not.


Ok Michael, but you and I are going to revisit this again because this is going to cause some problems down the road.


Michael: We will burn that bridge when we come to it.


No Michael, cross that bridge when we come to it.


Michael: Do not trouble yourself with that which has not happened. Concern yourself with that which is before you.


You know, you Angels don't really understand what I can concern myself with. I have a lot on my mind and on my plate. I am running as fast as I can if you know what I mean.


Michael: This is the reason for your returning youth. You have much to do in the time to come. You will need help and the Fountain of Life will give you the ones you need. When you find the one that holds the indwelling presence of the Shekinah, you will become younger still.


Ok, but I could use a little more help in trying to figure out how to find the Shekinah I am to bind with. Can you give me a little more information here?


Michael: You have been given all you have need to know. I will say this. You will need to choose them and they will need to choose you. Both will know without mistake. I have given you that which I have come for. The rest is up to you and the one that could become the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back in to the light and was gone. I had mixed feelings about the whole visit. True, he did give me some new things to do at the class, so that's a plus. I do get to go to bed now and that is a big plus as far as I am concerned. The only thing that is bugging me is this whole Shekinah thing. I mean, I am looking at having someone to make that kind of a commitment not just to me, but for her to also be the indwelling. Now that is going to be a very big commitment for anyone to make. I better get to bed because I will be off and running in the morning to get the oils I need for the OM/I AM oil.

April 12 2012
May 22 2012

May 22, 2012 Visit


It was a quiet day at home with Gabby at camp and Randall and Cristina out of the house. I was spending the day reflecting on how my life has changed since last year’s event. As I sat in front of my altar meditating and being unattached to any emotions that could get in the way, I was also being open to whatever came up. It was nice to have my mind not talking to me about everything that had transpired over the last 8 months. I was almost at the point where I thought I could get some clarity when I heard Michael’s voice.


Michael: You will not find your answers there. I would speak with you.


So what you are saying, is it is just another blind alley I am going down? I said as I began to stand up.


Michael: Yes. You had nothing to do with the way things are and as such, there is nothing that you can do about them. As I have shown you, things will play out by the manner in which these were set in motion. When no sums have been worked, no answer will be given and the same will come to pass again and again.


If you are talking about me, all I can say is I have been working on me for a while now to be a better man and a servant of God.


Michael: I am not. You are troubled by the time you spend alone and you would have it otherwise. I have said that you would need this time to yourself to make ready for the coming of the Shekinah. You have done so. With each passing day you move close to her, she that will hold the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. Hold but for a little while longer and rewards will fill your heart as they never have.


Now that would take some doing. I am open to it, but as you know my patience does wear thin.


Michael: Yes I know. Yet I tell you truly, things are changing faster than you know. All that which you thought was set goes beyond your understanding. You will see this as time passes. I have need to give you the formation that you will use. Each place that a master will stand is an important vibrational spot to have the harmonic frequency take place. I will show you the way of it. 


Michael pointed to the wall on the other side of the room. The wall became a blank wall of white. The first thing he showed me was the Gate of Grace made up of people. At each point of the Gate there were 8 lamps and they were also made up of people. There was an altar in the center with a bowl on it. The next thing he showed me was the tabernacle that held all he showed me so far. By the opening of the tabernacle there were people standing in the shape of the Michael stone.


On the round place where the Shekinah should stand, there was a Shekinah flame. To the left of the Michael-shaped place made up of people, there was the Metatron stone surrounded by more people. Standing in the middle of the stone was a flame of the Metatron. As this came into view I was standing next to the flame and I had to ask. Will the Shekinah stand with the flame? 


Michael: No. There is none that holds the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. There is no bond between you and one that can hold this.


Well isn’t that special. Even at the conference, I’ll have no one to stand with me.

Michael: Joe, in the past your bond was strong with another. When that bond was broken the indwelling presence of the Shekinah left. Listen to what I say. A bond made in love must be forged anew.


So, does this mean I will not find one to stand as my Shekinah?


Michael: I tell you truly, there are 4 that could stand with you as the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. I also say that you and she must forge such a bond with one another before she can stand as the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. That as you say will take time. The Metatron that is within will prepare her to hold such a powerful blending of the two.


Ok, so no Shekinah this year. Where do we go from here? Michael pointed to the wall again and I saw two more circles of people forming between the place of the Michael and Metatron stone and the Gate of Grace. Inside of each circle I saw an altar bowl that we had used before and I saw all three bowls filled with light. I have no idea why you set this up the way you have it but I am sure there is a reason for it.


Michael: There is. Everything has meaning that I gave you. Each place has a frequency and given where they are placed there are harmonics.


I do understand how it works when it comes to frequencies and their placement. So what else do you have for me?


Michael: I tell you truly, when you have finished setting the harmonics at this conference you need to take what you call a vacation before you start again.


What? Vacation? Why in the world I want to do that? I have been all over the country and seen just about everything I want to see.


Michael: Joe you have traveled all over the country doing the work you were given. You may have thought of it as a vacation yet it was not.


I had to stop and look at what he was saying and saw he was right. You know Michael there isn’t a place I can think of where I would want to go.


Michael: You are thinking of the places you have been. Those you have spent making that your family vacation. You need time for you to be about nothing else.


That shouldn’t be a problem if I do because I have no one to go on vacation with. Maybe that is your way of telling me, I will meet someone there.


Michael: I am not telling you that. I will tell you that when you go, you will not be alone. I also will tell you that you can stop beating on women.


What!!!! What are you talking about? I have never laid a hand on a woman in my life.


Michael: Is that not what you told Gabby you were doing in the store you were in?


Oh for God’s sake no! What I said when Gabby asked me why I was talking to that woman as that I was hitting on her. In guy talk that means I approached her to make contact to see if there could be a connection made. There wasn’t because I struck out and please never bring this up again. It makes me look bad when you screw up what happened and what was said. Can we talk about the not going alone part?


Michael: I will speak of it no more. As you were told, there are 4 women that could stand with you as the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. Chose wisely, for not all who are can hold the indwelling presences of the Shekinah. Remember she holds the gifts of unconditional love and tenderness. Forgiveness and gentleness is in their very nature. You will recognize this when you see it. As you have been told in the past, you will know each other as the Metatron and the Shekinah.


While you were speaking, I had thought pop into my head. If I were to take a vacation I know where I would like it to be. I think I would like to go to a Caribbean Island for a week or so.


Michael: That would be new for you. Joe, you are growing younger and healthier with each passing day. When you find and bond with the one that is to become the Shekinah you will become younger still. Blessed will you both be as you grow young together in the passing years. The Blessing of Wholeness will grow between you, that you may serve many. You have only seen little of what this will bring to your kind. Take that which I have given you that you may know the places for each to stand.


I will work it out with Jewls like we have done in the past. We have gotten pretty good at designing the formation. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get us to 333 standing in formation?


Michael: I tell you this. It is up to the masters not only to be the work, it is up to them to take the actions which they need to have it be. Our time is done for now. Keep the faith you have held on to when all is lost and you will see all come to pass that I have shown you. For now be at peace and teach only love.


With those words ending Michael faded back in the light that surrounded him and my wall was just a wall again with me standing alone in my house. What a great day.

May 31 2012

May 31, 2012 Visit

Michael: Arise, oh you Child of Light!


That is all it took to wake me up from my sleep. I opened my eyes to see Michael standing at the side of my bed, emanating a beautiful light that surrounded him. As I sat up to get out of bed, Michael left the room and headed to the Gate of Grace in the office. I pulled on my jeans on and went out to meet him. I walked up to Michael and asked him what was the reason for the visit.


Michael: I have come to speak with you of things you will do. I will give you answers to that which you have been asked.


Ok tell me what I need to do, because I will have to squeeze it in to what I already have on my plate.


Michael: You have been asked if those that will not stand with you this year at the conference may be a part of in some way. There is a way that others may join in the vibrations. I give you a sacred oil that they may.


Just tell me how to make it and what to do with it.


Michael: You will not make this sacred oil. This sacred oil is to be made by Gabrayel (your daughter) and her mother. It is important that they make it together. The feminine child and the feminine woman coming in to Oneness in spirit will set the vibration that is needed.


Can I as a maker, make this oil?


Michael: No. The two of them are the only ones that may make this oil. There is a greater plan that you do not see with this. To tell you would only lead you to question that which you cannot understand.


Yeah I get it, it's girl stuff and guys don't need to know.


Michael: Again you speak a simple truth. They will take the oil Frankincense, Myrrh, Honeysuckle, Rose and Gold and blend these to make the Light of One. You will only give this to them and speak of it to no one else.


Michael gave me the amounts to use of each the oils. I thought it was going to be expensive to make this oil because I knew what the oils cost. I will tell Gabby and her mother how to blend it and I am sure they will do as you say. How is it to be used?


Michael: For those that would be a part of that which you will do in Denver, each morning they will place a drop of the Light of Oneness on their finger. They will place it on their heart and say (I offer my heart with love in the Light of Oneness.) They will place it next on their throat and say (My words are loves truth in the Light of Oneness.) Lastly they will place the oil on their forehead and say (In the Light of Oneness my thoughts connect me to the Oneness.) This in turn will bind them in sprit to those that stand with you.


I waited to see what else he was going to say, but he didn't. "So, is that it?" I said.


Michael: Is there more you would seek?


Well how does this benefit the ones that are not there?


Michael: They will receive richness in spirit. They will know that which is the Spirit of Oneness and be served.


I am not even going to ask what that means, but I am sure they will know when it happens. I have a question that people are asking. You know how the one that will stand in oneness as the Shekinah with me will have the Wholeness Blessing flow back and forth between us? Well if others are one with each other will the same thing happen with them?


Michael: No. Only the indwelling presence of the Shekinah and the Metatron will cause this to be. There is no reason for this. As you have been told, the more one gives the Blessing of Wholeness the more they will receive. You are at the beginning of the Blessing of Wholeness. You know very little of that which you and the one that will stand with you will be able to have happen. I tell you truly, all that can be done with that which you have been given is being done. When you and the one you are to be with are as one, there will be more to come.


Ok, I get what you're saying. We are not to that point yet. What else do you have for me?


Michael: The numbers that are needed for the formation are lacking.


I know they are but we are at 190 last count and we are getting closer.


Michael: I would tell you the way to make it easier to reach the number.


Well I am open to that. Lay it on me.


Michael: There are many that would be there should you make it less costly for them.


Ok, what do you have in mind?


Michael: On the 1st day of your month that you will hold the Children of Light Conference, open your registration cost at $250. This will help those that would be there, be there.


I can do that. I am more about people being there for the formation so we can seal in the Wholeness Blessing and be able to take it out into the world.


Michael: This is wise of you. You will have that which you need to pay for that you will need to.


You know Michael, there was a time when I would have argued this with you but for some reason I see what you are saying.


Michael: I would teach you of things that you will need to do at the conference.


I have no idea how long it took for him to finishing teaching me things. Some of them were profound and some of it was more like a review of things he had said before. When he finished and all was said and done, he added just a few more things.


Michael: Be of good heart and know we are with you. A time of great happiness and joy is soon to be yours. For now be at peace and teach only love.


As always, Michael began to fade back into the light. Only this time I don't know if it was the twinkle in his eye or a wink but it gave me a feeling that he knew something I didn't. Like that would be something new.

june 29 2012

June 29 2012 Visit (after the Denver conference)

I was still trying to recover from the drive back and get on Texas time again. I had been going to bed late and getting up late. I know it is only an hour difference in time but it still messes with my day. It was around 8 am when I got up and headed to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee of the day. I had just finishing making a cup, putting some milk in it to cool it down and turned to go to the office. As soon as I did, out of the corner of my eye I caught someone standing in the office. This gave me a little of a start and I spilled the coffee.

Michael: I frightened you?

No, but you did startle me because I didn't expect to see you. I grabbed a paper towel and cleaned the spill. Is this some new kind of visit time for you? It is looking more and more like you are timing your visits at my coffee time. 

Michael: No. I would speak with you. Blessed in Oneness are all that stood as such in the formation. Blessed are those that received the Blessing of Wholeness. You have brought together two great houses that both teach Oneness. The sacred geometry is the same that holds the space in oneness. There is much you will learn and teach to each other. These two great houses have passed the point of one or the other. That which is open now is the wisdom of both.

I have been invited to India to speak with the teacher of the Oneness Blessing. I have no idea of what it is going to look like yet but I am sure it is going to happen. I am looking into what would need to happen for me and / or a group to go. I still have to talk to Dougji to get more information and just have it work. I can't put my finger on it yet but I feel something wonderful will come of this. One of the things I have been thinking about is when I do classes someone from the oneness community teaches with me.

Michael: In many times you have gotten ahead of yourself. I tell you truly, that you must let this unfold to you as that oneness comes to be. It would be wise for you to go to the Oneness University.

Well if that is what you think I will get the ball rolling. There are things that I want to talk to you about that took place at the conference.

Michael: Speak that which you would know.

Ok. First off, there was something very different about me and those I came in contact with. This has to do with hugs. I gave a lot of hugs at this conference and this year it was more to me than just a hug. With each person, there was a feeling I got when hugging them. There was a closeness that I had not noticed in the past. As I hugged each person it was more like holding each one in my arms and feeling a deep love between us. Not like I didn't love them before, yet this time I connected with how wonderful each one was.

Michael: Joe, it has been many years since you have been available one on one. You have busied yourself trying to be with everyone equally, there was little time for many. You could not give that which you were and you could not receive. You have returned to that which you are now. You have become uniquely Joe once again and not who you thought you were to be.

Well Michael, I think I am going to stay this way because I really like me. Now speaking of liking me, I want to speak to you about the one that is to be one with me as the Shekinah. Oh sure, there were those that could have been the one that could hold the indwelling presence of the Shekinah. Now when I say she could be, I'm seeing that was the problem. They could be and not be that one. There was one that I have known for a long time that I would have taken as my Shekinah in a minute. However for me to do so, would have been complicated to say the least, if I explored it any farther. This is the second woman I know that could hold the indwelling of the Shekinah. Ken says that though they may not be the one, they could be a template of what I am looking for. If you ask me, I do have great taste in women and the Shekinah. The only other thing is finding someone that I would have a child with.

Michael: You do. However this time when you do choose, find one that can understand you are not like other men. You hold the indwelling presence of the Metatron and that alone you cannot share. Not completely. Nor can she share that which is the Shekinah with you. Not as humans. Joe, that was but one path that you may or may not find yourself upon.

Now let me tell you this about this Shekinah thing that is going on with me. I have had dreams about her and visions too. I can almost see the woman I am to be with. I just can't bring her face in to focus. I can see the body framework and the violet flame as it burns brightly in her soul. I just can't see above her shoulders because of the light that emanates from her face. I can feel that her presence is close but not in a proximity of where I am in the physical world. It is more like a time-space thing that is close to happening, if you know what I mean.

Michael: I do and that time is getting shorter.

Ok, I will keep my eyes and heart open to that happening. Let's move on to something else. I had an experience that never happened before. While giving the Wholeness blessing to so many people, I found it was different this time. Before when giving the blessing, I learned from Alexander that I could remember every one that I gave it to. This time when I gave it along with the wholeness blessing and I look back on it, I cannot remember anyone's face while giving it. I can see people's faces as they came up but after that I remember nothing except the next person coming up to receive it. Do you have any ideas why this happened?

Michael: I do. In the past when you gave the blessing you were as a conduit as you call it. You were able to allow the divine to flow through you to the one receiving it. When you gave both blessings as one, you became one with the divine and there was no separation between you and the divine.

That was more than I needed to know. I don't know what to think about that given who I am. I was just happy to give the blessing and still be me. Now you lay this on me. 

Michael: Joe you will always be you, yet there is more to you then you know. Are you not younger looking now than before the conference?

Well I don't know about that but I will tell you this. I have heard from some people at the conference that during the blessing, they could see me going in an out of what I looked like one minute, then getting younger and back again. What is that all about? With as many wholeness blessings that I gave there, don't you think I should look about 11 years old by now?

Michael: I will say this. What you have given returns to you. You did look younger as you gave the blessing from time to time. No, you should not look 11 by now. However, let me say to you what took place. Giving the blessing as you did, it did return to you but you are lacking one thing that will not stay with you. You lack the glue that will make it stick.

Oh very funny Michael. That wouldn't be the Shekinah would it?

Michael: That plays a part of it, yet not all. You know all you need to know for now. 

Ok so let's talk about the formation. I set it up as you said to. I had the amount of masters where they should be. We sang and chanted what you asked me to. You know I take a lot for granted without too many questions. But there are some that need more information about it.

Michael: Each place a master stood was to create a harmonics. The shape of the formation was used to create a different frequency with voices. These in turn created an overall harmonics that rose above the heads of those in the formation. These harmonics allowed our kind to join in the formation. Did you not see our kind surrounding the formation? We were as a dome above the formation reflecting and creating a new harmonics. Some could hear this while others could catch glimpses of our kind as we faded in and out of your world.

I did have a lot of people describe the very same thing about the dome. I am glad you made that clear. Now what about the one I had carry the light from where the Shekinah would have stood if I had one. You know she was overwhelmed by carrying the light.

Michael: Blessings to her, for the task she did was powerful. You should know more than anyone the divine grace can become too powerful for one that is not ready to hold it. It is unfortunate the untrained had to interfere with her experience before she had time to process it.

I hear that, and am still waiting to hear back from her as to what happened for her.

Michael: You will when she is ready. Is there more you would know?

I am sure there is but I can't think of a thing right now.

Michael: I will speak of that which is to be done as you ready yourself for the next conference. I will tell you when and where it will be when the time is ready. For now I will give you that which the masters will do that their vibrations remain strong.

I had a feeling there was going to be something.

Michael: You have been given the names of God frequencies and have used them as I have given. These vibrations have served your kind and the conference well. Yet now I give you that which will set in motion the minds of all. They will need to do this to tune their brain in a way to that of the others in oneness. They will do this starting on the day you call Saturday.

Day 1: Place the OM oil on the crown. Ring the OM fork and place the stem on the crown.

Day 2: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Shriram oil and the Elohim on the heart. Ring the Shriram fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the Elohim fork and place stem on the left side above the ear.

Day 3: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Shriram oil and the Buddha on the heart. Ring the Shriram fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the Buddha fork and place stem on the left side above the ear.

Day 4: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Shriram oil and the Yahweh on the heart. Ring the Shriram fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the Yahweh fork and place stem on the left side above the ear.

Day 5: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Shriram oil and the Ahura Mazda on the heart. Ring the Shriram fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the Ahura Mazda fork and place stem on the left side above the ear. 

Day 6: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Shriram oil and the Allah on the heart. Ring the Shriram fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the Allah fork and place stem on the left side above the ear.

Day 7: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Shriram oil and the El Shaddai on the heart. Ring the Shriram fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the El Shaddai fork and place stem on the left side above the ear.

When this is done rest a week then start this again starting with the OM oil and tuning fork.

Day 2: Place the Oneness oil on the Crown of the head. Place a drop of the Elohim oil and the Buddha on the heart. Ring the Elohim fork and place the stem on the skull above the right ear. At the same time ring the Buddha fork and place stem on the left side above the ear.

I see how this is going to work. We are tuning our brains with the forks and oils and moving down the scale. I am going to have to write up instructions for those that want to do the process. At the conference there was a lot of talk about how the brain gets altered as one grows spiritually. I think what you are having us do could work much in the same way.

Michael: You are wise to see this. We will speak more of this in the time to come. For now our time is done. Yet we will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love. 

Michael faded back into the light and I went for another cup of coffee.

July 31 2012

July 31, 2012 Visit

I just finished a phone call and decided to make me a cup of coffee. I was up early because got a call from my tuning fork guy telling me my order was almost done and he asked if there was anything else I wanted to add to it. I told him no and he said my complete order would be shipped out by Friday. This was a good thing because it was taking me longer than I expected and it was a large order. I slid my chair back to head for the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I saw a light start to form in the gate. Well it is angel time, I thought to myself. I didn't bother to get up and wait to see what was going to happen next. As the light grew into a ball, I could see the beginning of an angel come into focus. It was Michael coming into form. Michael stepped out into the light and began to speak.


Michael: Blessings be to you and the masters that have given the Blessing of Wholeness. You do works that you do not see, yet I tell you truly, as the Blessing grows so will that which it brings to all. 

I have talked to many masters about it and they all seem to love giving the Blessing. Michael looked over to the table where I still had a box containing the last Altar Bowl. I hadn't put it away after unpacking the other Bowl I sent out. He walked over to the table in a way that was more of a glide than a walk. He looked down at the yellow bowl as if he was contemplating something to say. He looked back over to me and began to speak.

Michael: Do you not find that the one Bowl that should have gone first is the last? 

I never looked as to how people chose the Bowls they wanted. Why do you bring this up now anyway? Is there something I should know about this?

Michael: One such as you might have wondered how the Bowls were sold. Yet there is no reason for you to do so. I see the look on your face that you would ask of me what I am saying to you. I tell you this so you will know. The yellow Altar Bowl is the vibration of Knowledge and Truth. From this all things spring forth in the minds of your kind. There is a certain comfort in ignorance for your kind. The Bowls have been with you for some time now with all the vibrations out into the world except the most important. This last Bowl holds the key to unlock the vibrations of the others.


So Michael, can't I just keep this one and unlock the rest?

Michael: No. You hold the Alpha Omega Bowl so it is not fitting that you should hold any other of the Altar Bowls. The last Altar Bowl must go out to a master that will unlock the other Bowls.

What happens now? I just wait until someone wants the Bowl and then what?

Michael: This last Bowl of Knowledge and Truth will be used as the key. The one that would hold this Bowl will need to do I as I say to you. On the Saturday after receiving the Bowl, they will place the bowl in a place of prominence. The will take the sacred lamp and place it in the bowl. They will place a drop of the Shekinah oil along with a drop of the Metatron on their crown. They will then light the sacred lamp and sing the seven names of God. They will then say, "As a child of God and the holder of the Altar Bowl of Knowledge and Truth, I unlock the all seven Bowls, setting free the vibrations that each carries. And it is so." When this is done they will blow out the flame. The vibrations that each bowl has held will be sent fourth to the world. 

Ok, let me see if I got this right. Everyone that holds one of the Bowls has like a bank as an example. There are frequencies or vibrations held in each Bowl or bank so to speak. Now the Yellow Altar Bowl is the last Bowl to go to someone. This Altar Bowl holds the vibration of Knowledge and Truth. When the one with this altar Bowl says what you said, this will unleash the Knowledge and Truth vibration held within the Altar Bowl. When that happens, the vibrations of all the other Altar Bowls will also be unlocked.

Michael: This is so, yet you have forgotten something in what you say. As the Yellow Altar Bowl is opened, this is the key to the others. Those that hold the other Altar Bowls will receive the vibrations of their Bowl. 

Wow, I would like to be around for that.

Michael: You will be in a way. You hold the Alpha/Omega Bowl. When the vibrations of the others are opened, you will receive the Shekinah/Metatron vibrations.

Question Michael? Will just the one that owns one of the Altar Bowls receive the vibrations or will anyone that is close to the Bowl get it too?

Michael: All that stand with one of the seven Altar Bowls will receive the vibrations.

You know what would be really cool? If each person holding one of the seven Bowls opened a space so other masters could come together with one of the Bowls and receive the vibrations.

Michael: This may be done, yet this would need to be done at the same time with all the Bowls.

I bet we could all get together and coordinate something like that happening. All that has to happen is for someone to become the holder of the last Altar Bowl. I will have to see how that goes and work it out.

Michael: That would be wise. I would speak to of things that are to come. You will be teaching classes in the time to come.

Yes, I have some set up and in fact will be teaching the class in Denver on the 12th of this month. This Wholeness thing is growing way beyond my expectations. With me now being able to give the Wholeness Blessing so that others can give it, makes these classes really something special. There were so many people that didn't make it to the conference. The sealing of the vibrations into people so they could give the Blessing was really cool. Now with the new class I can seal it in the ones that were not there. 

Michael: There is much more to it than that. You will be giving the Wholeness Blessing for the first, it is true. They in turn will be giving the blessings to others. There are those that have received the Wholeness Blessing at the conference that are giving the Blessing to others already. I am going to give you that which you will add to what you were given to use before. This in turn will greatly enhance the Wholeness that they hold. Each time you give someone that has already received the Blessing another one, the power they are able to pass it on grows.

OK Michael, here is what I am hearing. If I give the Blessing to someone more than once it is like giving someone a bigger charge of energy. In this case it is the Wholeness Blessing right?

Michael: You almost understand that which I am saying. I will show you what you will do.

Michael took my hand and held it. He explained how the Blessing passes through the hand and into the one receiving the Blessing. He also explained how the one giving the Blessing gets the benefit of the Blessing returned to them. It was pretty close to the way I explained it. Then he showed me something else that I can use to increase the Blessing to those that have received it before. Not so much about something new but its the way in which I let the Wholeness Blessing flow through someone. It was interesting.

Michael: Each time you do this you will increase the strengths of the Wholeness Blessing by three of what they hold. You will start doing this as I have given it to you in your class.

Like Tim the tool man Taylor says, "Hoo Hoo, more power!" Don't even ask me Michael and for the rest that haven't seen Tool Time on TV, you won't understand either. As long as we are on the subject of the Blessing, I need to ask you something. Well, it is more like I need to tell you something. You showed us how to give the Blessing and some have come up with doing the Wholeness Blessing remotely. They say it is working, I say it cannot and there are those that would argue that point with me.

Michael: You are correct. The Wholeness Blessing was given in the way it is to be done. That which they give, though powerful as it may be, is not the Wholeness Blessing. This is as you would say hands on blessing.

You know there are going to be those that say you didn't say this and it is just me wanting this to be the Joe show.

Michael: This is not the first time people have said this. You were chosen to do this work because you will not yield to the masses. Joe, you must understand that those that are saying what they are giving is the Wholeness Blessing is but that of the healing energy they use every day. Yet I tell you truly, it is not the Wholeness Blessing. I would speak to you of the use of the Names of God tuning forks.

Good, there has been some discontent about that also. What have you got for me to know about having to use the tuning forks and oils?

Michael: You are almost correct in saying that the forks and oils need to be used. The tuning forks and oils will open and set the vibrational frequency so that those receiving will better be able to gather the full value of the Wholeness Blessing. Yet one doesn't have to use the tuning forks or the oils to give the Wholeness Blessing to others. That as you would say would be silly. 

Thanks for clearing that up. I just always tuned everyone up before doing the Blessing and it worked very well.


Michael: It should have. That's why they were given. I would speak to you of the Children of Light Conference you will be hosting next June.

Please do, because I have had a lot of questions about that.

Michael: With each passing conference where the masters receive the Wholeness Blessing, they will become more powerful in giving the Blessing. The vibrations they will receive will bring them to a place of wholeness the likes of which they cannot possibly know.

I can understand what you are saying and how it works. I was however, hoping you would give me an idea as to where we would be hosting the conference.

Michael: I will. Go home. Too many years have passed from the time you left for you not to return and teach. Go home.

Ok Michael I will start looking for a place to hold us. Do you have a number for the conference this year?

Michael: You will be given the number after the Festival of Lights.

Kansas City huh? Never thought it would be there. Not like it is a bad thing, it was just something I didn't think about. However it is a good spot given it is about halfway from everywhere. Ok, so we talked about the Wholeness Blessing and the tuning forks and oils and the class and the conference. You got anything else?


Michael: Our time is done for now. We will speak again soon. Until then be at peace and teach only love.

Michael stood as the light that surrounded him began to fold around him and in no time he was gone. What a strange visit. I am going to have to think about all of this. For now, I am going to get it written up and sent out.

Aug 10 2012

August 10, 2012 Visit


I came to Denver for a Deeksha Presentation and to teach a class. The Deeksha event was a wonderful experience and it was nice to see the monk Doug Ji again. He was one of the presenters at the Children of Light conference. I was so impressed with his presentation I looked forward to seeing and speaking with him again. The Deeksha group is also about oneness and both they and our group complemented each other with the teachings of each. It was a very special night indeed because there was not only Doug at his event, but also eight Blessing givers working with him. It was a wonderful experience for all in attendance. When it was over, Ken and I went back to his house where we discussed what had taken place. It was around midnight before we called it a night. Ken went to bed before I did because I had a few things to take care of before I went to bed. I took my stuff and went downstairs to my room. It didn't take too long before I turned myself in for some sleep.


It had been a long day, so I was asleep in no time. I fell asleep quickly and sometime in the night I was awakened by the sound of my name being called. Oh man, I thought as I opened my eyes, angels are afoot.


Michael: Arise, I would speak with you for there is much you would know. You have been given the gift of Wholeness that you may give to others. You are no longer able to do this by yourself.


I am doing the best that I can. I have a lot of classes set up so the Wholeness Blessing can be passed on to others whereby they may pass it on.


Michael: There is not enough of you to be where you are needed. It is for this reason you must teach that which you do now to seven other masters.


I thought I needed the Shekinah to do this.


Michael: You have someone that serves you as that now. She is bound to you for now, yet she will be required to be with you as one in the time to come. Yet for now, this which you have is enough. You can rise seven masters to the level where they will give the Blessings to others as you do. I will give that which you will teach.


Michael and I had what seemed to be a long talk. He made several things very clear. I do not to get to pick which of the seven masters I teach. Michael told me this.


Michael: You will send out to the masters that which I am giving you. You will set a time and place to teach. For those to become a Blessing teacher as you are, you will set the vibrations in these teachers to give the Wholeness blessing. They will make themselves known by paying the price for the knowledge to learn this from you.


Ok, just how will I know the price to teach what you have given.


Michael: You will charge the same for this which you teach as you did for the Altar bowls. You will bring the seven masters together and teach them for three days. You will teach them the most sacred oils and the vibrations of the tuning forks. They in turn may teach this to others and charge as you do for a class. You will teach them that which they may do and that which they may not do. You must make clear they will not add that which is not given from that which they think is true. They must know the ethics of this work and keep it within the integrity of the work they have been entrusted to do.


Oh I can see why you said that. Some think they can do all sorts of things with what you give me and think it is ok to do so.


Michael: This is the reason I tell you this. When you have done this teaching, you will have seven masters that can give the Blessing to others as you do. The Wholeness Blessing will grow and be given to more of your kind so that they may become whole.


Ok Michael, let me make sure I hear this clearly. This teaching is going to cost each master that wants to do the class $2500. and when they teach a class they can charge $144. a person. Is that right.


Michael: This is correct. These seven Masters will be needed at the next Children of Light, for the numbers will be to great for you alone to give the Blessing. You have much to do in the morning and will need your sleep. We will speak again. For now be at peace and teach only love.


I recall it looked a little strange seeing Michael fade back into the light in Ken's guest bedroom where I was staying. I guess that was because I never had a visit in there before. As Michael faded back into the light, it got dark in the bedroom and I went back to sleep. I will write this up in the morning.



During the day before I had this visit written up, three masters already have signed up to do this training. Although I am planning on doing this on the 3rd weekend in October, there are only four spots left for other masters that want this training. Call me at 830-751-2829 to register.


Bless your Hearts


Aug 17 2012

August 17, 2012 Visit


It was a Friday night just like any other but this one was special. Gabby and I were going to have a movie night on the TV. She picked out a movie that I wanted to see because Jewels said the main character in it was exactly like me. Jewls said he had the same mannerisms that I do and they could have used me to come up with him. Ok, I know you want to know who it is. The name of the movie is PAUL I think you can guess who the main character is. We laughed and had a really good time. We finished for the night we all went to sleep. I was having great dreams about how the yard looked after I cut it. With all the rain we had and my time away, I hadn't had much time to do yard work, but in my dream I did a great job on the yard. It was too bad I had to hear a voice calling for me to wake up so we could talk.


Michael: Arise Joe for I would speak with you.


I opened my eyes now, knowing my nicely cut yard was only a dream. Oh well, angels have a habit of changing things on me. Ok Michael, what is it this time?


Michael: Come.


I got out of bed as Michael left the room and I guessed he would be standing in the gate I have in the office. I put my jeans on and went to join him. I was right, he was standing in the gate of grace like on so many other visits. Well Michael, what do I owe this visit to?


Michael: Blessed are those that have chosen to follow you in that which you do. They will bring about great wholeness with your kind.


Yeah well, I want to talk to you about that. I think we have a problem here, Houston. As I see it, these masters are going to be able to give the Wholeness Blessing as I do. Now I see that as a good thing because as you said, there is not enough of me to go around. Here is the problem. When it got out about what I was doing and training others to do what I do, the seven places that you told me about were taken so quickly not everyone that would have wanted got a chance to sign up. Now I am not saying that is a problem there. What I am saying is that most of the people coming to this are from Denver or really close to it. As I see it, there is a lot of space around the country that will not have someone there. I just wanted to point that out to you.


Michael: You are wise to see this.


Wisdom has nothing to do with it. Come on Michael, Ray Charles could see this coming. Oh, one more thing about what you are asking as far as getting this Wholeness Blessing out. Let me make a point here. Jesus had 12 to help him and he was the son of God, so to speak and I am just Joe. Notice the difference in the names here? You only give me 7 to do this work.


Michael: Well spoken. Would it serve you and the work should you have more masters that would give the Blessing as you do?


Absolutely it would. Maybe there would be people on the west coast and from the north that would want to learn to give the Blessing as I do. I think it would really help with getting the Wholeness Blessing to more people. I know you said seven, but could you maybe open it up to more?


Michael: Our kind will honor this for the wisdom it holds. Yet I tell you truly, there will be no more added to the 7 more that you may teach.


Let me see if I heard you right. Are you saying I can add 7 more people to what I am going to teach and they will be able to give the blessing as I give?


Michael: This is so you may teach 14 to be as you in the blessing. Again I say to you, those that will serve will pay as the others. Joe, you may not save places for any because of your feelings for them. I tell you truly, those that would be there to learn this work, will.


I hear you Michael. I will send out this news and see where it goes. I do have a question about this. I have a date set for the first weekend in November. What if it doesn't happen that I have 14 people? Can I hold another teaching?


Michael: No. It is for those that would be committed to this work and for that which you will teach. Let us speak of that which is the reason I am here. When you gather these masters, you will do these things I will now give you.


I take it what you are about to teach me and tell me is not for those that will not be there.


Michael: This is so. This is how you will give the blessing that they will be able to give the Wholeness Blessing as you do.


Michael proceeded to tell me what I must do to raise the vibrational level of those who will be there. I could see the why of it as he explained it to me. It made sense as he spoke. I started thinking there is no way I could do this to more people than the 14 he said I could teach to do this. As if this wasn't enough, he gave me more information as to how I needed to explain to these people the why of it and the can and cannot dos of it. I know as sure as I am talking with an angel, people are going to argue some of this with me. I guess that is why I am learning this now and will be given more. Michael finished up with what he was teaching me and there was a silence that filled the office.


Michael: You have been given much. It will take time for you to understand it. The Wholeness Blessing you gave at the conference will start showing up and more of your youthfulness will return. Our time is done for now, yet we will speak again before you train others to give the blessing as you do. Be at peace and teach only love.


Once more I watched Michael fold back into the light and he was gone. I, on the other hand, I made my way back to my bed for some sleep.


Oct 4 2012

October 4, 2012 Visit


Just when you think it is safe to go back into the water you find out it isn't. My day had been going rather well. I was home paying bills that would need to go out before my three-week teaching tour. I called Morgan to come over and house sit and of course feed the dogs while I was away. I got to telling myself this would be an early night and I might even get in a movie before bed time. I decided to start packing to get it out of the way so there would be no rush before I had to leave. I was in the closet getting the clothing I would take with me. I was mixing and matching what would go together so I made sure I would have enough. Things were going quite well and then everything turned upside down. I had just filled my arms with all that I thought I would need when a voice from outside the closet. So much for my plans I thought and turned to see Michael standing at the foot of the bed waiting for me. I slowly walked out of the closet and just dropped the clothing on the bed because I knew packing was over for now.


Michael: Joe I would speak with you.


Michael turned and went out the door and I followed him through the kitchen and into the office. I am sure you have some things to tell and teach me but I wish you would have waited until I was packed.


Michael: There are things that you will need to do to be ready for the Facilitators Training as you call it. These things are of great importance. Knowing that you will be leaving in a few days, this could not wait. You will need to learn to heal the seven wounds of those you teach. Each carries one or more of these and if they are to stand in your stead to give the Wholeness Blessing as you would, they will need to be dealt with. In your humanness each has the scars of that which has happened over the years. Your kind deals with them as they will, yet I tell you truly, there some wounds that have not healed. With some they are not even aware that the wounds seep their connection to the Divine.


I listened to what Michael was saying and related it to what happens for me in my life. I know how hard it was to get to the point where the Divine took over and did what it did. It is amazingly simple. I now understand how I can simply let go of all that I am and become the Divine when it is needed. Now that is not to say that I am the Divine embodiment and functioning all the time. I didn't even realize I did it until someone recognized it in me. He said it was so amazing to see me give the Blessing because one instant I am just Joe being Joe and in the next, I become the Divine and back to Joe again. I have been giving a lot of thought as to how it works with me in order to teach it. This Facilitators Training should be very interesting. When Michael finished speaking about the seven wounds, he moved on to the next reason for his visit. This is the part that goes upside down.


Michael: I will now give you the Sacred oil instructions that you will make for those you teach to be as you. You will mix the oil of Frankincense, Rose, Angelica, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Honey. You will blend these oils in the amounts I give you. When you have finished, you will place them in your sacred space. You look troubled in this so I will make it clear. You will place the oil on your altar before you leave to teach. You will allow the Facilitators oil to sleep. When you return from the teaching you will awaken the oil.


Remember the comment about things going upside down? Wait for it because you are going to see why and how it is my entire fault.


Michael: The ones you will teach to do as you may continue to raise their vibrations and come to the oneness with the Divine. You will fill 21 5ml bottles with the oil and give each one a bottle. I will instruct you in how they will use it.


It has arrived. Did you catch it? Michael, you said 21 5ml bottles but there only 14 people coming to the training. What do I do with the extra 7 bottles?


Michael: There will be no extra bottles. Each that you teach will receive a bottle.


Michael I think I got you here - you are mistaken. I know how many have registered on Pay Pal and who I got checks from and we are right at 14. If you want, I will show you. Michael nodded and I sat down at my computer and called up my Pay Pal account. I showed him each transaction and counted them. When I was finished I said the 12 Pay Pal signups and two checks makes 14.


Michael: I see that which you have given me. Where else do you receive payments for that which you offer?


Well, when someone buys something they use... and it was my last thought before I realized where else to look. It was my Merchant Services account. I opened it up and sure enough, Michael was right, more people had signed up. I turned to Michael and said I would have to get on the phones and see about refunds.


Michael: There will be no refunds. Those that have registered did so in good faith and you will honor that.


I don't know how I could have missed that. I am going to have to call Ken and see if we can still do it there and how it is all going to look. I will just have to see when I talk to him.


Michael: Joe, you are getting to the point where you need help in this which you do. You need not do all of this by yourself. You have never been one for details and when you become too busy you miss things.


I guess you are right. I have spent a lot of time putting together classes and getting ready to travel and trying to figure out how the Facilitators training is going to work. With everything that has been going on, I just let things slip through the cracks. I am sure you are aware I am doing this on my own without any help. I have yet to find the one that will stand as the Shekinah with me. I have run across a few that I thought could be the one but it just didn't work. Well, after this I will just have to figure something out. If there is anything you can do to help in the mean time I would appreciate it. If you can get me through the classes and the training I will have some breathing room where I can redesign the way I do things.


Michael: Our kind will do that which we can. Yet I tell you truly, you will not be alone much longer. Your time of being alone no longer serves you. The Wholeness Blessing is as you say ready to take off. There will be more to do than you can do. Those that you will be teaching to do as you do will lessen your load. You will be teaching classes on how to give the Blessing and those people will give the Blessing to others. That which you started with the masters in setting the vibrations at the conference will grow.


I can see where this is going to be a big thing.


Michael: A very big thing indeed. Look to those that have received the Blessing and the wonderful things that have happened as a result. The Children of Light has but gathered at only one conference thus far. Can you not see what will happen when more are held? Do you not see each time they gather at the conference and receive the Blessing from you or the ones you teach, their ability will increase? In time all will give the Wholeness Blessing as you and the ones you teach. You are at the beginning of all of this. There is so much that is yet to come. Do that which is given to you and we will speak again. Yet for now, be at peace and teach only love.


I watched as Michael folded back into the light that surrounded him and he was gone. But wait this isn't over yet. Before I finished writing up this visit I had another visitor. Her name is Magda and she was the nanny when the kids were younger. She comes by now and then to clean the house for me when I need it. I didn't want to leave the house untidy for Morgan, so Magda came by to clean. Well, she was vacuuming when I left for the bank to get some money for her. She finished and left and I went back to complete writing up this visit. Here is that moment again. If the vacuum is plugged into one outlet in the office, it will trip a circuit breaker making the power go out on all the receptacles in the office. So the circuit tripped on the one the computer is plugged into. Remember the part about not paying attention to details? Guess who forgot to save his work on the computer? You are reading a second version and yes, I did save it this time. Details. Details.

Nov14 2012

November 14th, 2012  print out as pdf file


I had just finished a movie and went to get a snack in the kitchen. As I stepped into the kitchen I saw a light forming in the office. Well it is about time for a visit I thought to myself, he always shows up in the November. The light became brighter and brighter and soon there was the figure of the angel I knew as Michael.


Michael: We would speak with you.


As soon as he said that I knew there was going to be more angels then just Michael. No other angels showed up as he began to speak.


Michael: You have done well in teaching the other masters to teach as you do. That which they came away with will help the Blessing grow. Yet I say to you, even as powerful as these first 22 masters are they will not be enough for the work that is ahead.


I kind of felt that. I have been getting emails from some wanting to know when I will be teaching the Wholeness Blessing Facilitators Class again. I have a few ideas on what that would look like. I would like to do another one after the first of the year but I don’t know where I would do that. Ken had a perfect place and it worked out well with hotels close. Maybe someone would want to host a training. I guess I will send out an email and see what happens. Now there is another idea I had about doing the training. I think it would be a great idea to do a training for people out of the country. Here is what I think. When the conference is over I could set the three days after the conference for the training. We could do it at the hotel so all it would take is for those coming from out of the country to stay three more days. Just a thought.


Michael: This is wise of you. Set it in motion that the Blessing will grow much faster. Yet now there is much you have need to know. Behold.


Michael stepped to the side and I could see within the light others were beginning to take form. It wasn’t very long until my office was filled with the other angels standing at their place of the gate of grace. The ball of light was in the center of the gate. It was nice to see all of the angels again. I hadn’t seen then since we took the oils and tuning forks to the tent of the Metatron. It was comforting to me to know we were not going anywhere and what was to take place would happen in the office. Gabriel was the first to speak.


Gabriel: I bring you news of the Festival of Light that will take place this year. There is much you must do. I will speak of the altar bowl that stands with me.


I knew what he was talking about as soon as he said it. I have had the bowl and was waiting to send it to Ken. Now I was going to find out what was going to happen with it.


Gabriel: You will need to send the altar bowl to the one that is to hold it. For this is what is to be done. On the evening of the first day of December the Light of Wisdom will fill the land. The one that holds the bowl will awaken it.


That sounds pretty good to me but what about the other altar bowls? Can they be used to or is this just your bowl?


Gabriel: Yes they may be used in the same way I give you to open the Light of my bowl.


Cool. So you are going to tell us how to do this right?


Gabriel: On the evening of the first day of December, you will set up the Gate of Grace. You will burn the oil of the IAM on a piece of charcoal that the space is made holy. When this is done you will place the bowl in the center of your Gate of Grace. You will place the flame of the Metatron to the east of the altar bowl and the flame of the Shekinah to the west. Light the lamp and place it in the bowl. Sing the seven names of God three times. When you have finished the song, each person will place a drop of the sacred oil of Shri Rom on your crown. Elohim on your third eye. Buddha on your right temple. Yahweh on left temple. Ahura Mazda under your right ear. Allah is placed under your left ear and the oil of El Shaddai is placed on the neck above the place where the two collarbones come together. Ring the names of God tuning forks in the order of the oils. You will say “As a child of God I bring forth the Light of Wisdom unto the world.” You will then burn the oil of the OM on a piece of charcoal. When this is done you will sing the Seven Names of God three times and then blow the lamp out into the world.


That sounds like we are getting ready for something big to happen. No sooner did I say that, in the center of the gate I saw a violet flame start to form. As the flame grew in size there was a figure starting to form. I knew from past experiences this was the coming of the Shekinah. With each passing moment she became more and more clear. Her attire was that of a violet and purple flame surrounding her body if you could call it that. Her red hair was also as a flame with a brilliant light coming off of it. It had a sheen to it that any hair product would have loved to boast of. The whiteness of her skin was as of the whitest marble and the sight of it spoke of the softest velvet to the touch. I dared not lay my hand to it for fear of what might happen if I did. The Shekinah was not like the other angels I had touched, she was different. In the most gentle of voices she spoke.


Shekinah: Your path has been most difficult for you, yet you walk it in dignity and grace. Know that I walk it with you for you hold the indwelling presence of the Metatron.


You know I have felt like you were here with me at times. There were times when Binks (my female mastiff) would come up to me and wanted to give me some affection. I thought you were within her.


Shekinah: Binks came because she felt my presence with you. Neither our kind nor those that held a human body may enter that of an animal for they are sacred unto themselves.


What about reincarnation? I have heard it said the some people reincarnate as an animals to learn a lesson.


Shekinah: Not even the lowest of consciousness of a human may reincarnate as an animal. This is not new to you, we have spoken of this before. Yet it is easy to see why you do not know this. You have not gotten back your mind that which you have lost.


The Shekinah was talking about how I lost my memory about a year ago. She is right, there are some things I still don’t remember but I don’t remember what they are. I guess I don’t need to remember them.


Shekinah: Let us speak of the reason I have come. Something wonderful is happening and there is nothing you can do about it. The works you and the Masters have done over the years are bringing forth the fruits of your labors. You set in motion that which you call the Children of Light Conference. You need to find a place to hold it for time is running out and it will be upon you before you know it. That which was set last year only serves to open the way for this year. Everything we give you now and until you gather at the conference is for a purpose. Take none of this lightly; many things will change for your kind. I give you this as a start of that which is to come.


I listened to everything she had to say and could see there was a lot that had changed. The old process we did for the Novus Invicta didn’t apply any more. She gave us a new way of doing it. When she finished, the Shekinah and the other Angels faded back into the light and were gone. As they faded they said what they always say, “Be at peace and teach only love.” They were gone and I got busy writing up what they had to say.


Not only will we be opening up the bowls, but also we will be doing a process up until the Novus Invicta. Here is what we are going to do to raise our vibrations.

Novus Invicta new version, 2012


Starting on Sunday the 2nd of December: Take a drop of Shri Ram oil and place it on your crown and next ring the Shri Ram tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Monday: Take a drop Elohem oil and place it on your crown and next ring the Elohim tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Tuesday: Take a drop Buddha oil and place it on your crown and next ring the Buddha tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Wednesday: Take a drop Yahweh oil and place it on your crown and next ring the Yahweh tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Thursday: Take a drop Ahura Mazda oil and place it on your crown and next ring the Ahura Mazda tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Friday: Take a drop Allah oil and place it on your crown and next ring the Allah tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Saturday: Take a drop El Shaddai oil and place it on your crown and next ring the El Shaddai tuning fork and place it on your crown. Clear your mind and allow the vibrations to enter.


Sunday: Start the process over again. Do this up until and including the 21st and then on the 22nd we will be doing the next process.


Dec. 22nd New Novus 2012 Process This year we are going to be doing the Novus Invicta Festival of Light again. However we will be doing it a little different this time than we did in the past. The reason for this is because we are getting ready for the upcoming Children of Light Conference. The vibrations this time around really need to be higher than in the past. There is a harmonics that we will need to attain at a level beyond anything we have created before. We can do this with this new process.


Starting some time after dark on Dec. 22nd, here is what we are going to be doing.


Step 1 Set up your Gate of grace in advance of the start time


Step 2 After your gate of grace is set up, set up the tabernacle using the instructions that came with your tabernacle crystal stone set. (If you have tabernacle stone set)


Step 3 If you have the Shekinah flame; place it between you and the smoke crystal stone in the North. If you also have a Metatron flame, place it between you and the Metatron crystals at the entrance of the tabernacle in the south. (In other words, place the Shekinah flame in front of you and the Metatron behind you)


Step 4 Take one drop of the IAM oil and place it on a piece of charcoal and light it. Step back outside of the entrance facing the Gate of Grace and say: This is said to make something Holy.


Holy, holy, holy Holy, holy, holy O Lord our God Lord of hosts O Lord our God Lord of hosts Who was and Who is And Who is to come Who was and Who is And Who is to come


Step 5 Once you have said this, each Master will light the votive candle in their lamp as a symbol of their divine light and enter the tabernacle. With everyone facing the entrance and say the seven names of God: Shrirom,Elohim,Buddha,Yahweh,Ahura,Masda,Allah, El Shaddai and play the tuning fork for each name. DO NOT SEAL THE ENTRANCE


Step 6 Start singing (I am, you are, we are one) 9 times.


Step 7 When you have finished with the song, each person will place a drop of the sacred oil of Shri Rom on your crown. Elohim on your third eye. Buddha on your right temple. Yahweh on left temple. Ahura Mazda under your right ear. Allah is placed under your left ear and the oil of El Shaddai is place on the neck above the place where to two collarbones come together. Sing the seven names of God 9 times.


Step 8 Place a drop of the Festival of Light oil on your heart.


Step 9 Place a drop of the Novus oil on your third eye.


Step 10 Place the oil of the three kings on your crown and say: As a child of God I have attuned my vibrations to receive the gifts of the three kings. I have anointed my heart to the vibrations of the Birth of the Light. I reclaim my Divine kingship as a child of God and place my crown on my head. Each will take from their hearts a crown and place it on their own head and say. As it is said, it is done.


Step 11 Take a drop of the Novus Invicta and a drop of the Festival of Light oil and place them on a piece of charcoal. Burn the charcoal and as the smoke rises, say the seven names of God: Shrirom,Elohim,Buddha,Yahweh,Ahura,Masda,Allah, El Shaddai. Ring the tuning forks for the names of God in order if you have them.


Step 12 When you have finished, face the entrance of the tabernacle and say: As a child of God that wears the Crown of Light I send the Light of Wisdom, Compassion and Love to bring harmony to the world. After you have said this, bring the votive candle in the lamp up and blow the light of the candle out through the entrance of the tabernacle. The light you have sent out will become one with the rays of the rising sun and shine on the world. It is done.


Item list: Crystal sets: Gate of Grace and Tabernacle set is optional, Shekinah Flame, Metatron Flame (if you have them) Oils: IAM oil, Seven Names of God, Novus Invicta, Festival of Light oil, 3 Kings oil Tuning forks: Seven Names of God set to be played in order given (if you have them.) Incense burner and self-lighting charcoal. 1 lamp for each person.


Bless your Hearts,


Novus Invicta new version, 2012
Dec 26 2012

December 26th, 2012  print out as pdf file


It was the day after Christmas here where I live when Michael and Shekinah showed up having something to give.


That is all the poetry you are going to get. My daughter Gabby is spending the time with me till after the New Year, so I stayed up until after she went to bed. I was ready to turn in and call it a night when I noticed a light start to form in the office. No bedtime for me I thought, because angels are afoot or maybe on the wing. I strolled to the office because I knew nothing was going to take place until I got there. The light was a little strange this time because not only was there the bright white light that announces the arrival of an angel but this time there was a violet light mixed with it. It didn’t take long to see why this was happening. Michael came into view first but there was the Shekinah right behind him. Michael stood in the gate as he always does, yet in the background the light of the Shekinah started filling the space as she came in to full form. This doesn’t happen very often so I knew something special was going to take place.


Michael: We would speak with you.


Well Michael I can see this is going to be important if you and the Shekinah are here at the same time. So let’s us get down to it. No sooner did I say that when they both chimed in saying:


Michael/Shekinah: Holy, holy, holy blessings be to the masters. Blessings be to all those that took in in their hearts to be with the birth of the Light.


Michael: Little do they know that which they have done. The bringers of a new dawn of time create an age unlike any that has been. Much will be asked of you in this time to come. All will be charged to bring about the setting of the vibrations that will truly bring about wonders that none have dreamed possible. Something wonderful is truly happening. You and others may not see it, yet it is coming to pass. As this grows, the masters will play a most important part.


I am sure we all will pitch in to see that it gets done. This Wholeness Blessing that we did last year is coming along really well. The masters are giving the blessing to as many people as they can. Many people have received it and with the people I taught to give the Blessing as I do, there will be many more giving the Wholeness Blessing.


Shekinah: You will need to teach more.


I am fully aware of that and I have another training set in March. People are already registering for it. This training isn’t going to be as big as the last and I think it will serve the training better. I want to make sure each one hears what I am teaching and knows how to serve others in receiving the Blessing.


Shekinah: This training is of the utmost importance for I tell you truly, this time there will be something wonderful that happens. You have sent out the first 22 Wholeness Blessing givers into the world. The new masters you train to be as you in the Wholeness Blessing Giving will receive more than did the last. There is a power that will be given to them like no other.


Hang on there. What about the first group? Are you saying that they will not have the same ability as this new group?


Shekinah: I say this not. The first group has set the giving of that which is to come. That which this new group receives will set in the vibrations of the ones that have gone first. As the new group gives the Blessing, the vibrations of the new will enhance that of the others. Imagine the outcome of the Wholeness Blessing when many facilitators are teaching as you do.


Does this also mean that as the facilitators grow in numbers the vibrations will grow exponentially throughout?


Shekinah: See this as you would a heavy load. That which one may have great difficulty in moving, many will move with ease. The Blessing of Wholeness is still in its beginning and is for the most part unknown. As the number of that which you call facilitators grow, there is that which will come to be. In two-fold will things happen: more receiving the Blessing and then giving it to others. More will come to receive so they may be made whole. Next, the demand for those that can teach this will grow. This is not something that is bound by the lines of the country in which you live. This will spread around the world.


I can see this beginning to happen even now. I have people registering for the training from around the world. I have two from Singapore and one from the country of Malaysia. I have also had inquires from Europe, so this will be an international training. No matter how you look at it, this training is going to be special.


Shekinah: It will be indeed. Michael will instruct you in ways to make the learning of that which you teach easier. When you seal the seven wounds of those this time, you will do it in the order that Michael will give you. This will make the sealing of the wounds flow in the healing vibrations as a gentle breeze. Your new training will be very different than the first in many ways.


How so?


Shekinah: You will be teaching some very special people this time. There is going to be a completely new harmonic vibration with this group. I will be with you and this group, for you will need my vibrations to set the sealing of the seven wounds.


So wait a minute, are you saying or at least hinting that I didn’t do the first sealing of the wounds correctly.


Shekinah: I said this not. In the first training you brought the Divine Masculine and the Metatron vibrations into the sealing. Now you will need to bring in the Divine Feminine, My vibrations. You have not found the one that will become one with you to hold the indwelling presence. Even now should you find someone, it will take time for her to hold such a vibration. It is for this reason I tell you of this. The one you had standing as the indwelling presence took years to assimilate the indwelling presence. When it was given up for other things you lost a very powerful part of you. You are strong with the energy of both, yet not in a way that will be useful for that of which you will be called on to do. There may be one there that can help you to hold the vibrations, yet so far this is still open.


With all you are telling me I am a little worried about this because things are changing. I understand the male aspect but I am not sure how this is going to work. It should be rather interesting though.


Shekinah: Worry not. That which is needed will be at hand when the time comes. I only tell you this so you will be made ready.


Well thanks for the heads up because I don’t need any surprises, especially at the last minute. I know what I am teaching and how to do the training so it will work. With anything else I am sure you will fill me in as the time gets closer.


Shekinah: You have much to do in the coming time. Before that which you call the conference you will need to make 11 altar bowls.


Someone in the spiritual realm must be smoking dope. Do you have any idea of what it takes to make an altar bowl? The lettering itself is more work than I care to think about. Then we go to the gold for the rim of the bowl, do you know how much gold is going for these days? The laminar crystal has to be made and that is no easy matter, given I will need to make it to. I just don’t see where I will have the time to do this. Now let me get to the part that will really make it hard. You know I have tremors in my hands that I have managed to calm down but lettering with these hands is going to be a problem. I am not sure I can find the place to order them anymore or if she still will make them. Eleven of those bowls is going to cost a bunch.


Shekinah: If what you are asked to do were easy or if there were someone else that could do this, they would. You think you are being asked to make the larger altar bowls that you bused at the events. You would have concerns if this is what you are asked to do, yet it is not. You have made the smaller altar bowls before have you not?


Yes, I have and did a good job doing it. What you don’t seem to see is just because they are smaller won’t make making them any easier. In fact, they are harder to make due to the small size. They are just as much work if not more than the big ones.


Shekinah: You fear the lettering of the altar bowls for you are still thinking that is the way of these. Yet I tell you truly, the lettering will not be the same in wording or style. I will have written on each bowl that which holds the vibration of the Divine Feminine. Each altar bowl will bear my name and speak to that which they are made for. I will give you the wording of the altar bowls when you have them poured up and made ready for the lettering.


I guessed the Shekinah was done talking to me because she stepped back so to speak. Michael now took the limelight for his part of this visit.


Michael: You will do well with that which has been given to you. I would speak with you of the Children of Light conference.


I kind of knew what he was going to bring up before he did: the place and dates.


Michael: You have yet to set a time and place for this to happen. You were given a place to hold the conference yet you have not found a building to hold it. Would you have 444 masters standing in the streets? Something wonderful is happening and there is much that many can do about it.


Don’t go there with me just yet. Jewls and I have been working on it and we should have some place picked soon after she gets back. We have a couple of places that we think may work but we still need to talk to them and negotiate the best deal. If we can get the same deal as last year it would serve us all around. I am not sure when Jewls will be back but I don’t see anything getting set until after the first of the year. She and I will get on it when she does.


Michael: I will give you the order of the sealing of the seven wounds. You will seal them in this order and say the words I give you for each.


Michael spoke and I listened to what he had to say. First, he gave me the order and then he went back over them again and told me what to say. Interesting, was all I could think as he did this. I wrote them down so I would not forget and set them aside.


Michael: As you were told, the Wholeness Blessing training will be something to behold and be a part of all that choose to be there. Those that are to become the feminine aspect will bond with those that are the masculine to bring a greater balance to the facilitators, so they may teach and give the blessing. Blessed are the facilitators in the blessings they give and receive. Our time is done for now. We will speak to you again when you have set the dates and the place for the conference. There many things to be done to raise the vibrations of the masters for that which is to come. For now be at peace and teach only love. Wonder not of Maxine and Bob for they are one with their God as well as with us.


Thanks for that tidbit, it means a lot to me. They both nodded as to say we know and started to fade and fold back into the light. It didn’t take very long before both of them were gone. I went to check on Gabby before I ambled off to bed myself. All was good here at the Crane house and you could tell by the snoring of the dogs.

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