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Angelic Visits 2016

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Feb 15 2016

February 15, 2016 Visit    as pdf


I was in a very deep sleep and can’t even remember dreaming when I was called out of that sleep by a woman’s voice telling me it was time to wake up. I was so wanting to continue sleeping I said, “Just give me just five minutes honey.” Again the voice told me to wake up and I did just enough to realize that I lived alone and there was no woman here. I must be dreaming, I thought to my self. Then I thought I must be awake in order to think that. I opened my eyes slowly to see a soft violet light filling the room. Interesting, I thought to myself. I wonder what that’s all about? As I became more awake it hit me that I was having a visit. I sat up in bed glancing down towards the foot of the bed and sure enough, I saw the Shekinah.


Shekinah… Arise and walk with me.


With that, I watched her move out of the room and through the door. As soon as she disappeared into another room, I got up and got dressed. I knew I would find her standing in the Gate of Grace in the office. As I walked through the kitchen heading for the office, I saw Michael standing there with her. I started wondering what this visit was going to be all about. It was still dark outside, however the ball of light that they were standing in filled the room. As I entered the office the Shekinah spoke.


Shekinah…Bring the Metatron flames to Michael.


I turned around and went to the kitchen table where I left all the flames I got in Tucson. I picked them up and placed them in a box because there were far too many of them to carry in my arms. Once I had them in the box I walked into the office and over to Michael to hand him the box. Michael took the Metatron flames and turned and headed towards the back of the ball of light that they were in. I always looked at the ball of light that they were standing in as something that would contain them. However something truly amazing happened as he moved towards the back of the ball of light. When he walked to what I thought was the back of the ball, he just kept going. As he continued to move away from where I was standing, I could see he was getting smaller as if traveling some distance away. That’s when I realized that this ball of light was actually another dimension. I kept forgetting that the ball of light that’s in the Gate of Grace is really a doorway or an opening to the Angelic realm. Once Michael had disappeared from sight, I turned my attention back to the Shekinah. “What now?” I asked her.


Shekinah… Bring me the violet flames, as many as you can carry in your hands. With that being said, I turned around and walked back to the kitchen table scooping up as many flames as I could with both hands.


I turned and walked back into the office to where she was standing. She had both of her hands cupped waiting for me to place the flames in them. I placed the flames in her hands and then she spoke again.


Shekinah… You must stand back as I bless these flames and place my vibrations into them. I had no idea what was going to happen but I figured it was wise to do what she told me. I stepped back a good 5 feet to make sure I was back far enough. I stood there and watched as what I can only describe as an upper current of a breeze that began to blow her hair upwards. Her beautiful red hair began to dance like red flames of fire. All around her I could see violet flame coming up from the bottom of the ball of light. It was as though she was standing in this purple fire.


As I think about it, I’m glad I stepped back because I could feel waves of heat flowing from inside the ball of light out towards me. Not like a burning, searing heat but it was rather warm. Not knowing what to expect next, I just focused my attention on the violet flames she was holding. I watched as each of the amethyst flames in her hands started to shimmer. As I continued watching, each of the amethyst flames she held began to lose their solid appearance. They were no longer solid, carved pieces of stone. The solid piece of amethyst took on the appearance of violet flames.


Each one moved independently of the other as though she were holding a bunch of little purple fires in her hands. I stood there watching and waiting to see what would happen next. As I watched the flames move and dance, I began to feel some kind of vibration coming from them. It wasn’t a strong vibration and it wasn’t unpleasant in any way. After only a few moments a bright, small white light appeared in the center of her hands. Then there was this poof of white light bursting fourth. The flash of light was just bright enough that it made me want to turn my eyes away from it yet it was not enough to blind me.


Shekinah… Take these violet flames and bring me others.


I must say I was a little worried when I reached out for the flames because they could have been hot and burned me. As she uncapped her hands for me to receive them they were cool to the touch. I placed them back on the kitchen table and scooped up more violet flames. Once again I returned to the Shekinah and placed the flames in her hands. Again I stood back and watched as the process repeated itself. I found it totally amazing to watch these flames go from a solid state to I what I guess was a gaseous state and then become solid again. When she finished with what I had given her, I took back those flames, set them on the kitchen table and brought her more.. This process went on several times before I had given her all of the flames for her to bless and tune.


Shekinah… Behold Michael returns with the Metatron flames.


Behind the Shekinah I could see that Michael was coming back into the center of the ball of light. Once he was standing by her side, he held out the box that I had given him with the Metatron flames in it. I looked down into the box and I got this distinct feeling that they looked different. It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on but they looked different to me. I placed the Metatron flames on the kitchen table with all of the other flames and then I returned to Michael and Shekinah.


Shekinah… Sanctified and blessed are these flames on this night. Their energy is Holy and their vibration is the highest of high. This will be needed when you stand in the grand formation to call me fourth for my Blessing.


I’m totally amazed that this. I’m thinking that blessing these stones and charging the frequencies in this way will is going to play a very important part at the conference. But I do have a question. These are not the only flames, because over the years people bought many Shekinah and Metatron flames. So I guess my question is are their flames the same as these?


Shekinah…No. That which was done here tonight makes each of these most Holy and Sacred. Yet I tell you truly, the flames that you have sold over the years needs but to touch one of these and they will become as one.


Now that is great because that way every one that has flames will not have to get another. I noticed each time we do something like this it’s not just about what we’ve done in the past but it seems to open the way for something greater. You know what I mean?


It is kind of like when we did the Novus Invicta process this year. It opened up the way for anyone to be able to get the I Am oil which in the past was only available to gathered Masters. So did we open up something here that I don’t know about yet?


Shekinah… Yes. The vibrations that we have brought forth into your realm have altered many things. The names of God tuning forks have now a powerful vibration that were not available before this night. All the frequencies of all of your tuning forks have now a clarity in vibration that they did not have before.


Regardless of when they were obtained or where they are in this world, their vibration has been altered. There is a harmonics now in all of the masters that there has not been before this night. You will begin to see in the future the power that the masters have when they come together in oneness. That which they desire to cause will come about because of this.


I always knew the Masters are a powerful group of people when they work together. I can see why Michael told me that we needed 222 to bring about a great change in the world. With those 222 masters gathered and standing in the grand formation, not only would they receive your blessing but we could send it out to the world.


Shekinah… This is the reason Michael instructed you to call for more masters to train as Shakti/Shekinah High priests and priestess to bring in my blessing. You will need these to be able to send my blessing out to the world. As they stand in oneness their vibration will increase 100 fold. Over the years every time you gathered in the grand formation it brought you closer to this moment in time. The masculine energy has ruled your world for centuries without balance. Without the balance of the divine Feminine there can be no harmony, only chaos.


 have a training set up in Florida next week on the 20th and 21st and still have room for one more so I will see how it goes. No matter what happens I am sure it will be just fine. I am also teaching the Seven Wounds class on the Monday and Tuesday after the weekend. It is kind of cool they will have first shot at the flames.


Shekinah… With this you will have what you need to call in such a blessing the world will begin to change. Once this blessing is sent out to the world by the masters in formation, the Divine Feminine will begin to grow in the hearts of all your kind. You will begin to see a new consciousness take shape in your world.


Well I truly hope so because I am sure you know, the world seems to be kind of messed up.


Michael… It is true your world is not as it could be. It is plagued with war, disease, famine, hunger and all things that diminish mankind. Happiness and joy are but fleeting events in everyone’s life. Yet I tell you truly, when the Devine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are in balance, happiness and joy will follow in abundance. Each master that stands with you in the grand formation to receive the Shekinah Blessing will come away with the harmonic vibrations that allow happiness and joy to return to each of them. You may ask how is this possible. When the Divine Feminine enters their hearts and minds, it will blend with the masculine energy they already hold. This in turn will bring about the balance they are missing in their lives. The masters will conduct their lives through the balance of the two energies and create an opening that allows for happiness and joy to manifest. They will instinctively know what actions to take in their life.


Think I understand what it is you’re trying to tell me. There are times in all of our lives when we experience happiness and joy. They come and they go but for the most part, we spend our time thinking or living with things in our lives that seem to be going wrong. Now to me this is the chaos that you’re speaking of: the separation of the Divine feminine and masculine. This time when we stand in the grand formation, we will receive the Blessing from the Shekinah and the Divine Feminine energy. They will act to balance the masculine energy we presently hold and together those energies will allow us to live our lives in a more balanced state.


Shekinah… This is so. Those that stand with you are more than a witness to the events of the world. For they have declared themselves ready to receive when they stand in the grand formation with you. The speakers you have chosen this year will make them ready, for what they teach, the masters will need to know.


As always there is a question I need to ask. I know that those that stand with me are going to receive these blessings you are talking about. So my question is what about the ones that don’t make it to the conference and stand in the grand formation with me?


Shekinah… As you have been told many times over the years, those that stand closest to the fire get more of the warmth. Masters that stand with you in the grand formation are more than just spectators, they are causal agents bringing this about. They are the point from which this divine energy flows and they will hold the greatest amount of the Divine feminine.


All right, then let me see if I understand this. The Masters that stand at Ground Zero in the grand formation will receive the biggest charge of the Divine feminine. As this divine feminine goes out to the world, it won’t be as strong as those physically standing in the Grand formation. So what I’m hearing you say, is if the masters want to receive the maximum benefit, they need to be in the formation.


Shekinah… This again is so. Yet I tell you truly, those that have been gathered will receive more than those who have not. Those that have stood in formation with you before have a higher vibration that will allow them to receive even more. The rest of the world will receive the vibrations of the Divine feminine, yet they will not receive it as those that stand with you.


That makes perfect sense to me. I can see why those that have come to conferences before have had their vibrations raiseed more than those who have never been to a conference. So what else have you got for me?


Shekinah… I would speak to of the one that will stand with you as your counterpart.


I’m glad you brought that up because I’ve wanted to talk to you about that. You remember you brought me back to a of state of wholeness and a lot of the things that changed are coming back. After the state of wholeness I started looking younger, feeling better and there was hardly any white in my hair. Now the hair on the side of my head is getting a little frosty, so to speak. When I was brought to a state of wholeness I kind of figured I would stay right where I was. Now I knew full well even after you told me that I would start getting younger if found the one that would stand with me as my Shekinah and we would become as one. Well as you know, I haven’t found her yet and when I look in the mirror now I see the aging process has started again. You know it’s not like I haven’t been looking.


Shekinah… There were many opportunities that presented themselves to you. You either discounted them or missed them altogether. Yet I tell you truly, you must find the one that will stand with you. It is important to you, the Masters and the world that this takes place. This is why the Angelic realm and I have set things into motion to bring this about. New opportunities will present themselves. You have but to open your mind and your heart to find her. It would be wise of you to stop trying to make this happen and be open to it when it does.


Okay, thanks for the heads-up. I’ll stop trying to make it happen and be open to the possibility. I think one of my big problems with this is that I’ve been looking for someone who can just step into the role of my Shekinah. I know this is a big responsibility for any woman to take on and it’s kind of hard for me to figure out who would be able to do that. Now then if you say you’ve put things in motion I’m totally open to them.


Michael… Unless you get in your own way you will find her before the year is out. Knowing you as I do, it is only fitting that I tell you don’t wait till the last minute hoping to find a better choice. When the time comes she will know you and you will know her.


Okay enough said on this and I will take everything the two of you had said into advisement. What else have you got for me?


Shekinah… Bring me the two Shekinah bowls that I may bless and infuse them with my vibrations.


“I’ll be right back,” I told her. I turned around and headed back to the bedroom where I have the bowls stored. It took me a little while to find and unpack them from all of the stuff that I had put away. I unpacked them from their boxes and headed back to the office.


Once there, I handed the two bowls to the Shekinah but she only took one of them. After she kept a bowl I decided it might be a good idea for me to step back like I did last time just in case. As she held it in her hand, she did her flame thing once again and I watched as the purple flames grew around her. They engulfed her and the bowl but this process was a little bit different than when she blessed the violet flames. This time the gold rim around the bowl began to glow a brilliant golden color. From inside the bowl there was another purple and violet flame growing up from the center of the bowl she was holding.


I watched as the flame in the center of the bowl began to get smaller and soon was gone. She held out the bowl for me to take with one hand and the other hand ready to receive the second bowl. She did the same thing with this altar bowl as she did with the first. I set the first bowl down on the kitchen table and returned to where she was standing. I watched as the flame in the center of the second bowl began to diminish until it was gone. She handed me the second bowl and I also took it into the kitchen and set it on the table. When I turned around, I began to see the ball of light that they were standing in start to lose its brightness. As I watched, I knew this visit was just about over.


Shekinah… Our time is done for now. We will speak again when it is time for you to know more. Be at peace and teach only love.


As she finished saying that, both of them were beginning to fade and fold back into the light. The ball of light began to shrink and they were gone. Once they departed, I began to think about all of the things that they said to me. We’ve only got four months left before we gather in Milwaukee for the conference. I really hope we can get the numbers they asked for.


This is going to be a very important, life-changing event that’s going to take place in June. I hope to see all of you there. Who knows we might exceed 222 people standing in the grand formation. Wouldn’t that be something?


Bless Your Heart,


Angel Visit, July 26, 2016   pdf version


I was awakened just before dawn by Michael’s voice.


Michael… Arise for you have rested enough.


Rested? Just where do you get I have been getting any rest? I was talking while heading for the coffee maker. From the time the conference was over, all I have been doing is working. I just got the tuning forks shipment and I have been preparing them to be sent out. Yesterday I received the essential oils I need to make the special bottles to ship. I still don’t have an inventory of what remains after the conference but I did manage to get some orders placed during the conference filled and sent out.


Michael… I hear what you say and blessed are you for the work you do and have done, and blessed are all of those that stood with you at the conference. Much was accomplished through the Shekinah Blessing that was brought into the conference.


Given that the blessing took place, I would have thought all of this crap that’s going on in the world wouldn’t be happening. People are getting killed all over the place. There is an insanity that seams to be growing everywhere. I just can’t wrap my mind around what in the world could someone be thinking to do these things. I would have thought that with the blessing we sent out to the world, it would have stopped this violence.


Michael… You were given the number of masters needed to raise the vibrations so this would not be. Yet I tell you truly, the vibrations they called into the world was less than what could have been. Most of these things would not have taken place if the number of masters been reached. You must know there is only so much we can do to help your kind. Every soul that stood with you in the Grand Formation made a difference in what is to come. Those that were not there did not. Our kind gave you what is needed to bring about a change, yet it is up to your kind to make it happen.


So are you telling me that with the hundred and fifty masters standing in the formation, nothing much happened because we didn’t have the number you gave us?


Michael…. I did not say this. Because the masters stood with you and preformed the process you were given to do, much was done. These masters with their vibrations made possible for the next years calling in the Divine Masculine that is called the Metatron. I tell you now, you may have time to gather the number this coming year. Once again you will need 222 masters in the Grand Formation. As a boon I tell you truly, for every person that stands there with you above the number will raise the vibrations ten-fold.


Well that is great and all, but just what are we going to be bringing in? Now as I see it, bringing in the masculine really isn’t going to be doing a whole lot of good. It seems to me when you have an over-abundance of testosterone poisoning, you also have a whole lot of violence.


Michael… I think you’re misunderstanding what I’m saying to you. You talk about the masculine but I speak of the Divine Masculine. Power, authority, strength and dominance are synonymous with the masculine. These attributes take place in the physical world independent any spiritual actions. The Divine Masculine is the spiritual aspect devoid of the physical. The Divine Masculine resides behind the veil in the spiritual realm. For most people it is unavailable to be used in the physical world. The Divine Masculine is absolute benevolence, magnanimous and the source of spiritual love. When you call in the blessing of the Divine Masculine you will be one step closer to the joining of the two.


So at the last conference we called in the Shekinah Blessing and next year we will be calling in the Metatron Blessing. I am very interested to see what happens with the Blessing.


Michael… It is more than receiving another Blessing. It is the coming together of both. For the first time in over 2000 years, the Divine Feminine will meet with the Divine Masculine. The vibrations of these two will fill the hearts and souls of all in their presence. There will be a balance of the feminine and masculine within the masters. It will bring forth a great healing in all. Emotions will be under control and loving. The mind will be clear and decisions will made with less uncertainty. That which plagues the body will begin to heal and there will be a connection with Spirit as never before.


This sounds awesome to me and as always, I will do what I can to get it done. I only hope I can convey it to the masters in a way that they show up in the numbers you ask for. It beaks my heart when we fall short of the number you give us. I have to ask myself, what have I done wrong or left out that that keeps us from attaining the number? I know how important each one of these conferences are. I understand the vibrations that can be created to bring about the harmonics we need. For some reason, I must not be getting the point across to reach the desired number. Then on the other hand, I was given this work to do. I don’t think it is up to me to make the masters be there. I feel all I should be doing is getting the place for the conference and putting out the information. The masters can then choose whether they are going to be a part of it or not.


Michael… This is so. Our kind gives yours what is needed for a great change to take place. It is up to the masters to decide if they want a change or continue with the way things are now. The most powerful vibrations come from those that desire to be a part rather than feeling obligated out of duty. As you have said many times, what is offered at the Conferences is a get-to and not a have-to. You create a place for the masters to come together and those that desire things to be other than they are now will come.


I will provide a place one more time next June for the work to take place. However, I do think I need to do more. Maybe if I could teach others about the Divine Masculine they could tell others about it and bring more masters to next year’s Conference. I am going to start teaching the Divine Masculine class. The Divine Feminine class has been taught for some time now and most know about how the feminine works. I think it is time for people to start to understand what the Divine Masculine really is all about. For those that have taken the Divine Feminine along with others in the class, they will all receive the 9th seal. This is the Metatron or Divine Masculine seal that you have given me. Once they get this seal they will also be ministers or high priests in the vibrations of the Divine Masculine. They will be able to offer the blessing of the Metatron. They will grow in understanding and will hold the vibration of the Divine Masculine. This vibration will balance the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within them.


Michael…It is wise of you. For you will need them at the Conference. They will play an important part to bring in the Divine Masculine. The grand formation will be used twice: once for the Divine Feminine and again for the Divine Masculine. I will give you the way of it when the time is ready for you to know. For now, you have much to do.


Oh boy, just what I want to hear, more for me to do. I already have the Divine Masculine written up and know how to teach it. Don’t forget, I have done this class before but the time was not right so there was no demand for it. I think now is the time for it, given where we are going in 2017.


For now I need to get busy finding a hotel to hold it in. I am planning to take a trip to Denver and check out some places and see what I can find that will serve our needs. I am opening up the 2017 Conference early bird special registration for $200 so funds can be raised to cover the hotel deposits. If you are reading this, please note that the registration button is up on the web page. Take advantage of the price break and reserve your spot for the Denver conference now. This is a good time to begin talking to your friends about it too.


Michael… Our time is done for now yet we will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


Before you go, I need to ask you something a friend wanted to know.


Michael… Say unto him, he should prefect what he has before he moves on.


I will tell him. As soon as I said that, Michael started to fold back into the light. Michael was gone and I needed to get this written up.



Angel Visit, December 24, 2016   pdf version

December 24 is usually the time I do the Novus Invicta process, the third darkest day of the year. I enjoy calling in the Light on this day because it gives me something to do on Christmas Eve. For the process I use the gate that is set up in my office, requiring my having to go around and get everything that I need. I got a wooden stool out of the kitchen and put a piece of plywood on that to use as a table because it’s just the right height. I set my tuning forks on the plywood along with all of the oils that I would need. I placed my ancient lamp and my incense burner on my makeshift table. I also placed the Metatron flame and the Shekinah flame on the table and checked to make sure I had everything I would need.


It was around 9 o’clock at night when I started the process. I lit the flame of the ancient lamp and used the I am oil in the incense burner. I prepared everything as best that I could and did one final check to make sure that all the items for the ceremony were in place. As I was ready to begin I noticed the light from the lamp starting to get brighter. The next thing I noticed was that there was the ball of light that Michael generally shows up in, however this time there were eight balls of light.


Once all eight angels had formed up they all moved around me toward the entrance of the Tabernacle. The Angels and I were all standing at the entrance to the Tabernacle. We started saying the Holy, Holy, Holy and when we finished, I raised the votive candle that I had brought with me. Each of the angels turned their hand palms up and a flame appeared in each of their hands. We all moved back into the gate of Grace at the center and turned towards the entrance of the Tabernacle. We then all spoke the Seven Names of God and with the angels joining in, their voices sounded closer to singing to me. Once we finished we started singing for real the I Am, You Are, We Are One. I thought saying the seven names of God was beautiful but I had never heard anything like singing I Am, You Are, We Are One with the Angels. Singing with the Angels and listening to their voices and words gave me a slight feeling of oneness with the Angels.


The angels turned around and handed their flames to Michael as I set mine down on the table. Then each of the angels picked up one of the Seven Names of God oils and placed a drop on their fingers. Each of the angels then moved forward and anointed me with one of the oils. I thought having the angels anoint me with the oils was pretty cool. None of the angels reached for the other three oils so I guessed this was something I had to do for myself. I anointed myself with these last three oils and declared the end of the process by saying, “It is done.” I then went to the table, took out a small piece of charcoal, placed drops of the two oils on the charcoal and lit it. The smoke began to rise and I took each tuning fork and rang it. We finished by saying the last part of this process and Michael brought the flames up to his mouth and blew them towards the entrance of the Tabernacle as I did the same. I could see the light from our candles that we blew towards the entrance flow out into the world. We finished this by saying, “It is done.”



It is time for us to speak again. Blessed are the Masters that joined in the Novus Invicta process. The light they called in and the vibrations they set will open the way in June for the Divine Masculine. Blessed again are those Masters for the work they do. There is much happening in your world. As this year ends there has been a resurgence of the masculine energy. With all of the work the Masters have done to bring in the Divine Feminine the masculine energy became aware that it was losing its power and control. Look to your world and the way it has been going. It’s easy to see the masculine seizing power. The masculine exists only to acquire power, control and dominance for itself. The more it gets the more it wants and is never satisfied. You and the Masters have a choice at this time in the direction your world will go. You can stand idly by and hope for the best, taking whatever is given to you. If you do this you won’t like it, and you will have to suffer through until it changes. This is the path the world is on now.


I totally understand what you’re saying. What you say falls in line with what Alexander used to teach. He was talking about the transition from one age to the next. What he pointed out was that when an age ends there is a resurgence of all of the things that were present in the last age. That’s kind of what I see going on with the masculine energy. Now given that the masculine energy is already in our midst, there isn’t anything we can do to stop at this time. The only possibilities we have left are to call in the Divine Masculine and receive the blessing. As the Divine Masculine energy enters our world, it will begin to transform the existing masculine energy. So as I see it, what we need to do now is to call in that Divine Masculine and receive the Blessing. In order to do that according to you, Michael, we’re going to need 222 Masters standing in formation. When the Masters raise their vibrations high enough we will open the way for the Divine Masculine to enter.



This is so. Once again the Masters are called. You will make the sacred oil of the Divine Masculine. You will anoint all of the Masters there with this oil to blend their vibrations in the formation. Each Master will receive a small bottle of this oil that they will use to maintain the vibrations they hold and the vibrations of the Divine Masculine when they return home. You will teach them the process to use the oil.


Ok so how do I make the oil and how is the process done?



I will tell you when it is time. For now it would be wise for the Masters to continue doing the Shekinah Blessing process. In doing this, the Divine Feminine vibrations will stay strong until the Masters gatherer in Denver and call in the Divine masculine Blessing. If this happens and you have the number of people I have called for, the blessing of the Divine Masculine will come unto you much easier than if it had not happened.


Well you know I’m up for easier. I’m not so worried about the Masters continuing to do the Shekinah Blessing process. The part that worries me is having 222 people or more standing in the grand formation calling in the Divine Masculine. As you remember last year, we fell short of the number necessary to call in the Divine Feminine and receive the Blessing. I can’t help but wonder what would’ve taken place this last year had we hit the number. And now I know there’s only so much you guys can do from your side and the rest is up to us.


As it stands right now, we already have 43 people that have registered for the conference. Which is 43 more than we had last year at this time. Many of them took advantage of the early bird special for $200. The cost of the conference now is $225 and I hope people take advantage of that before the cost goes up again. I just want you to know I’m doing my very best to have this happen


You know I was just thinking if each person that was at the conference last year comes again this year and brings just one person who wasn’t there last year we would exceed the number you’re asking for. That would be a lot easier then me figuring out how to come up with the number you asked for. The really cool thing about it is I could be about preparing for the conference rather than spending most of my time trying to get Masters to the conference. Besides I think it be wonderful if this were a group effort where all of the Masters joined in to make this conference work. You know it’s like I keep telling the Masters this not being about me. It’s about them and without them I’m just some guy standing in a field talking to angels.



We understand your concern, for there have been times when the Masters understood the importance of the work they were doing. Then again, there were times when they did not. It is not your commitment to the work that is important for there is only so much you are able to do. It is the commitment of the Masters and their desire to bring about change with the vibrations they set.


This is visit with you has given me some ideas and I’m going to mull them over in my mind and see what value they have. So what else do you have for me?



Our time is done for now. Trust in the Masters for when their hearts are open and they understand what is possible they are a very powerful force. Be at peace and teach only love.


So once again as this visit ended, all of the angels that had come to visit and assist me with the Novus Invicta process started to fade. In no time at all they had all faded and folded back into the light from which they came.


Bless your hearts,



July 26 2016
Dec 24 2016
July 26 2016
Dec 24 2016
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