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Angelic Visits 2011

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Jan 20 2011

January 20, 2011 Visit


I got up early and it was quiet in the house because Robbie had gotten up really early to be a chaperone on a tour for the kids. It is a wonderful chance for the kids to learn about the Texas water system. They do projects about Texas water like where it comes from and the whole ecological system. All in all it is a great learning experience.


I started my day with getting a cup of coffee. I went into the office to check email and see what the weather was going to be like. As I sat at my desk reading the screen I noticed it getting brighter as if the sun had come out. I turned my chair around to see that the light was coming from the Gate of Grace in the room and not the sunshine from outside. I continued to watch as crystalline particles of light shimmered in their heralding of Michael's coming. It didn’t take long before Michael was completely formed and began to speak.


Michael  Blessed are the masters that called in the change that sets in motion that which is to come.


Well let me talk to you about that. I have gotten some email from some that say they haven’t noticed any results after doing the process.


Michael  There will always be those that cannot see beyond that what is happening in their lives. They do not open their eyes to take notice that which is happening in the world around them. I say unto them open your eyes and hearts that you may know that which was given.


Well ok then, I guess that settles that. I would have thought you would have come earlier given this month marks 16 years of you first coming to me and starting the work we have been doing. It has been a long 16 years for me.


Michael  Your kind sees time differently than the realm of our kind.


You think. I have gotten a lot of gray hairs in that time not to mention a few more wrinkles. It has been a lot of work to get to this point.


Michael  With each of those gray hairs of which you speak you have gained wisdom. You have not become drunk with ego or power. Yet you have held true to that which was given. Rejoice in the time that has past and in the time to come.


Speaking of time to come, we are close to having the place for the next Eden Event. We are down to two places for the event. Each place has it's pros and cons, and we are just waiting for the proposal from the second place.


Michael  Robbie has again chosen wisely for the energy that will be needed for that which you will be doing.


Yes, she has a knack for these things. However, in order to make this work, I need a number of masters that we will need to pull this off. You need to give us some idea of what we are looking at for this event.


Michael  I tell you truly in that which you ask. This is the last of the Eden events for nothing will be the same after. The power of that which you will cause at this time is up to the masters. Should you number 111 masters you will bring forth the masculine aspects of creation. Should you number 222 masters you bill bring forth the feminine aspects of creation. Should your number reach 333 you will bring forth the child of creation that will grow in the hearts of mankind. You have spoken of time. The quickening of that which is to come is up to the number of masters that stand in the tabernacle in oneness.


Ok, let me see if I am hearing what you are saying - I can see where you are coming from with the numbers. As I see it with the numbers you gave we are going to need at least 222 masters standing in oneness to bring the male and female aspects together for the creation of the return of Eden. The coming together of 222 masters standing in oneness in the tabernacle will get the ball rolling, so to speak. The quickening you talked about will take longer in producing the Eden we are looking for. If we have 333 masters standing in oneness the masculine and feminine will bring forth the child in all of us that sets the vibrational frequency for Eden to return.


Michael  This is so.


Well I tell you truly. I can see the 111 or the 222 at the event this year, but I don’t think at this time 333 is going to happen.


Michael  Speak not for the masters or their commitment in the work that is to be done.


I am not speaking for the masters. I am just looking at everything going on in our country and the world that could get in the way.


Michael  Is not this of which you speak that you would have be otherwise? Is not this that which the masters would have be otherwise? You speak of spending 16 of your years doing what was needed to get you here to this point. Many masters have spent years following the teachings and doing this work. Do you think they care so little for the work and the teachings? Do you think they would let their pettiness get in the way when the race has all but been run? The finishing line is in sight, and all that is left is to cross it and collect the prize.


To be honest Michael I don’t know what to think anymore. All I can do is point to the path you and your kind have given us. I can’t make anyone walk it. I also know that the prizes aren’t handed out until the race is over and every one crosses the finish line.


Michael  Many have walked the path with you. Some have stopped to rest along the way while others have been distracted with the world in which they live. Some have lost faith and others have fallen into despair. I tell you truly the light of hope still shines as my sword of light to guide God's children home. Trouble yourself not with that which appears to be for every great prophet, master or a Christ has lost faith. This is the way of your kind.


I guess that is why they are called masters. They overcome what gets in their way to be about what really matters.


Michael  This is so. You have been given the number you ask for, and it is up to the masters to choose how it will be.


I know that Michael.


Michael  I will speak to you of that which you will need to do. You must keep that which I give you to yourself.


Michael told me some things that I needed to do to get ready for the upcoming Eden event. After hearing what he had to say, I asked him if I could talk about it with Robbie.


Michael  You may speak of it to Robbie for as you say Robbie is the Eden Event. She will need to know these things.


Good. I wouldn’t want to spring something on her and her not have planned for it.


Michael  Our kind has witnessed the hardships for you and the other masters. Know that which you face is coming to an end. You may not see it in the struggle you are in, yet have faith for I tell you truly it is coming to an end. Prosperity and abundance will be quick in coming.


Cool. I can use that. It would be nice if some of the things we have done would come to pass.


Michael  We will speak again once you have set the place of the Eden Event. Be at Peace and know you are in God's care and Teach only Love.


Once again I watched the light that brought Michael fold in on itself, and he and the light were gone. I don’t know what to think about this visit yet. He said many things that I will have to think about. I am sure he left many things for the masters to think about as well. We will see where this all goes from here.


April 2011

April 2011 Visit


I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. On my way back to bed, I saw light coming under the door. I wish Randall would turn off the lights when he goes to bed, I thought to myself. I opened the bedroom door and went to see which lights were still on. It looked as though it was coming from the office. As I rounded the corner, I saw where the light was coming from. It was Michael standing there. “Well Michael I thought you would have shown up on Good Friday,” I said. He ignored my comment and went on with what he had to say.


Michael  You make ready for the event I see.


Yeah but I don’t see the numbers you have talked about coming together. We are over the 111 mark, but once again I don’t see us hitting the 333 in numbers. I guess it’s always something. However, I have seen in the last weeks before the Eden event enrollment really take off.


Michael  That has been the way of your kind in the past. Some have the troubles of today consuming their time and efforts. Others busy themselves with that which they deem important to them. Your kind must reason and weigh that which they will do or will not do. Some see the value of their being at the Eden Event and others do not. There is no right or wrong in what they choose.


Yes I know this but, I really want this to be something greater than our concerns as to why it didn’t happen this year. I am just worried about it.


Michael  Our kind has seen this with you and other masters. Your world is in disorder and chaos - uncertain with that which will be. Your kind tends to hold tightly to what they have in fear of losing it. You have cause to worry, yet I say to you have faith in the masters and a new world; as you do so does our kind.


Ok so how do I fix the disparity in the number of the masters in the formation this year? I mean the vibrations you talked about us having to bring about the changes we all desire will be lacking.


Michael  As you well know our kind has done much to help your kind succeed in your efforts.


Yes I know this. You angels have given us ways to accomplish what we were going for in the past. Your kind has come up with what I call ‘making a deal’ or a pact with us to create the vibrations we need.


Michael  Let us just say, it is in both of our best interest that you succeed. When your kind was made the object of God’s love and grace our kind bowed before you. Even when you squander it on things that were unworthy of the magnificence beings you are - we loved and adored you. Our kind has aspired to become one with your kind from the moment you drew your first breath. That which has been between us and has kept us apart, can end. We will be as one with God. Together we will explore the universe in peace and harmony. It is for this reason I and my kind are here this night.


No sooner did he say that when the walls and everything else faded away. The white light of Michael grew and began to fill up the space. Not just in the room but beyond - everywhere I looked. In front of me and all around me as far as the eye could see. The angels were above and below me as if I was in a huge ball of angels. Michael stepped to one side, if you could call it that. When he did, behind him - it was like looking through the small end of a funnel. However, the small end was about six feet in diameter and grew in size as it went out. In the distance, I saw the Shekinah become clear and behind her I saw the tent of the Metatron radiating with the most beautiful silver white light. I stood in awe at the sight of this all and didn’t know what to say or if I was to talk at all. I heard a voice as if it were all the angels and the Shekinah and the Metatron speaking as one.


All the Angels  Show him.


I saw something floating from the opening of the tent of the Metatron coming past the Shekinah through the tunnel of angels. When it got close to the end of the opening, Gabriel held out his hand and took it. He handed it to Michael and as he did I realized that I had seen it before or at least I thought I had. Michael moved his other hand to what he was holding and as he did - almost like throwing a light switch - the other angels were gone and it was dark outside. Once again I was back in the office with Michael and only his light was there. I looked at his hands to see what he was holding and I was right I had seen it before. It was the little scroll that I had seen back when he was teaching me about Revelation. I figured he was going to offer it to me, so I stuck out my hand to receive it. When I did he drew it back. I wondered what that was all about and asked him if he was going to give it to me or just read to me what was on it.


Michael  You do remember this do you not?


Yes, I remember that. I saw it way back when you taught me about Revelation. It was the little scroll that John ate. It was sweet as honey and then it became bitter in his stomach. It spoke to the plans of God and the way the world would be, if I remember right.


Michael  Close. This holds great wisdom and power to bring about the new world. When it was consumed by John he knew or recognized that which he had taken into his being. Yet there were things he had no way of understanding. He was overwhelmed from what he received and his consciousness could not grasp it.


I guess that is why it was bitter because he could not stomach it or digest what he was given. So what does this have to do with me?


Michael  It has nothing to do with you alone.


Why do I get the sense there is a ‘but’ coming in what you have to say?


Michael  You grow wise in matters of importance.


Just get to the part that matters and skip the flattery. You know, bottom line will suffice.


Michael  As you know the number of masters in the formation is paramount in having the vibrations that will be needed. Our interests are one in the same and in order for this to come to pass your kind will need some help. Therefore, as you would say, let’s make a deal.


Ok, as I see it, you are willing to help us reach the vibrations we need. So tell me how.


Michael  You were given three sets of numbers. The first two would bring in the vibrations of the male and female. The 333 would bring the child which is the new world. Because you are concerned with not reaching the 333 our kind brings you a way to raise the vibrations.


Yes. Yes, I know that get on with it.


Michael  Should 222 masters stand in the formation you will be given the small scroll. Each of the masters will eat a piece the scroll - that, which made it bitter in the stomach when John consumed it, is no more. Only a sweet taste of God’s love is to be found.


The masters have come to a place of wisdom and understanding after many years of doing this work. With the eating of the little scroll their vibrations will be raised even higher. In these vibrations, some will see visions, and others will have a knowing as they have never had before. Yet, I tell you truly the vibrations sent out into your world will set the coming of a new world of peace and harmony. Prosperity will begin to fill the earth wanting will become a thing of the past.


Hang on; I thought if we could bring about the vibration all of this would happen in the blink of an eye. What is this begin to bring about thing?


Michael  Joe, the masters were given the opportunity to gather in the numbers to have the vibrations be so. They do not realize or care of the significance of the seven bowls coming together at this time. Nor are they aware of the power they can wield in their vibration as one. You must remember each master believes in what they know will bring harmony to the world. You cannot fault them for that. Let those that would stand with you as one at the event do so and those that will not, not.


So then even if we get the 222 masters standing in formation with the seven bowls and eat the scroll the best we can hope for is a nice try?


Michael  This is not so. For I tell you truly those that stand in the formation and eat of the little scroll will become as my sword. They shall become a beacon of light in the world to bring God’s children back to Eden. Our kind will help yours in whatever way we can yet our kind cannot do it for you. If we were allowed to our kind would have done so.


Hey I know you would. Is there any way the masters that can’t make it to the Eden event can help?


Michael  There is. As you are in formation the masters that are not there with you have an important part to play.


Can their vibrations blend with ours to help in the numbers? You know like maybe 3 or 5 absent masters counting as maybe one of us there?


Michael  No, but it was a nice try. The masters may set their sacred place alone or with other masters in the Gate of Grace during the time you are in the formation at the Eden Event. As the vibrations are sent out to the world they will act as anchor points for the vibrations in the earth. Those points will receive the vibrations first and flow outwards. You have not set the time you will be in formation.


No not yet I need to speak with Robbie as to the flow of the event.


Michael  I will give that which the masters will need in this. They will need a small bowl, clear glass would be best, distilled water, the angel set of oils, along with the Metatron, Shekinah, Sandalphon, the Gabriel oil, and the IAM oil. They will need one light stick as the ones you use at the event. Should they have the selenite or charoite blade, they can use it to cut the ties to the past. An incense burner and charcoal to place the Oil of the IAM on for burning. They will need the 7 names of GOD and the words to ‘I am, You are, We are one’ and one votive candle. I will give you the way of it that you will send out to the masters once you know the times at the event.


I listened to what Michael was telling me and it wasn’t that hard. Then I brought up the little scroll again when I said, “I know there is writing on the little scroll and I also know I can’t read whatever language it is written in. So will you tell me what it says so I can write it down?”


Michael  Joe. You know you cannot make a copy of it. Should you have the numbers for the formation I will tell you basically what it says that you may share it with those that stand with you. The words are not important. It is the vibrations that hold the power. You will forget them as will the masters that are there. Those which do remember will only remember that which they thought was said.


Well Michael, I have done all I can to make this work and you angels are helping all you are allowed to - so I guess it is up to the masters.


Michael  This is so. The masters will do as they do. What will be the outcome is not for me to say. Our kind will be watching and helping as we are able. My time is done for now yet we will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


I held out my hand to see if just maybe he would mistakenly give me the little scroll but he didn’t. He just looked like I would if a child had told me something that was totally unbelievable thinking I would fall for it. He held the little scroll close to his chest and folded back into the light and he was gone. I was very tired after this visit and headed back to bed. I will write this visit up in the morning I said as I climbed back into bed.

May 7 2011

May 7, 2011 Visit


I was up late watching a Netflix movie and thinking I really should go to bed. The choice of going to bed or finishing the movie was taken away when I heard a voice coming from the office.


Michael  Joe, I would speak with you.


I got up from the couch and hit the remote turning it off. Turning around, I could see a bright light coming from the office. I walked through the kitchen towards the office to see Michael standing there. "I know you said you would be seeing me soon, but I didn’t think it would be this soon." I couldn’t help but wonder just what Michael had on his mind to bring him back so soon.


Michael  It is time we spoke of the masters that will stand with you in the formation of the tabernacle.


Oh Michael, please tell me you haven’t come to rag on me about the numbers again. We are doing all we can to get the number of masters there that will do the most good for all.


Michael  I have not. You do know the tabernacle will hold a space of most holy ground. The tabernacle will be as a Holy of Holies to hold the vibrations of the seven bowls. You may only be able to know the smallest part of that which you will be causing in that space.


I learned a long time ago the reason for the process is to do the process. Besides Michael, I have done a lot of what you have asked without knowing how it was going to turn out. So lay it on me - like we say here in Texas, ‘This ain’t my first rodeo’.


Michael  What comes to your mind when I say ‘will be as a Holy of Holies’?


Well, first off it is the most sacred part of the temple. It is where the High Priest communes with God. The other thing that comes to mind is only the High Priest can enter there.


Michael  That which you say is true. The High Priest is the moral compass of rightful living in service of a loving God. Take a knee.


I knew what he was saying when he said that. It was a term used in the service when someone was going to give a talk and they didn’t want us to have to stand. However, I got a feeling this was going to be more than that. I looked up at Michael standing there wondering why he had me kneel down. "Hey Michael, didn’t you tell me our kind was not to kneel before your kind?"


Michael  If you kneel on both knees you would be.


Oh ok, I get it. It is kind of when someone gets knighted they kneel down on one knee. I had visions of Michael knighting me with his sword of light. I looked up to see what he was going to do next. He brought his hand up with what looked like a small vial in it. He moved the vial over to the top of my head. I could feel something dripping on the top of my head. I could smell the aroma of spices like when we mix the sacred oils. I could also feel it spreading over my scalp and wondered how much he was using. My thoughts were brought to an end when I heard my name.


Michael  Joe. I anoint you as a High Priest in the name of the most high. Arise as a High Priest Joe.


I didn’t know what was in the oil, but I was getting a buzz off of it. As I was getting up I noticed I was a little dizzy and my ears were ringing.


Michael  You may now tread on the holy ground which holds the seven bowls.


WOW! Michael this is about the biggest honor I have ever been given. But we have a problem here. The formation you gave me will be as we say a Holy of Holies. You told me where to place the masters, and there isn’t one master outside of that space. So what happens now? You give me a redesign for the formation of the tabernacle and where to place the gathered masters?


Michael  No. Each master will stand where I have given. Joe - as you have told me, these masters are moving heaven and earth to be there. They are overcoming obstacles that many cannot because they are strong in spirit and see that which is to come. It is fitting that these masters shall also be anointed as High Priests and High Priestesses.


Well, that takes care of that as far as who can enter. Are you going to anoint them too?


Michael  No. I have anointed you, and you will anoint Robbie as a High Priestess; in turn, she will anoint the women as High Priestesses and you will anoint the men as High Priests.


I got a better idea. Why don’t you anoint her while you are here?


Michael   She sleeps.


Ok, if you don’t want to wake her up you could just go to the bedroom and anoint her while she is sleeping. It would be fun to see what she has to say when she finds the oil in her hair.


Michael  There was only enough oil for you, and there will be no more until you make it. When it is made, I will return and tune it to the correct frequency. You will take the oil of the purest olives, blend this with Cassia and Myrrh, then add Cedarwood, Frankincense and Jasmine.


Ok, so when I do mix the anointing oil you will come back and do your thing to the oil, I understand that. I still need to know how to use it.


Michael  Each gathered master will stand before you and Robbie and give their first name. You will say their name and then say "take a knee if you would be anointed." They will kneel down on one knee and you will say their name again and "I anoint you as a High Priest in the name of the most high." You will then pour the oil on the crown of their head. When you have finished you will say "Arise as a High Priest" and their name.


I understand what you are telling me. I will use the term High Priest and Robbie will use High Priestess. All I need to know is how much oil do we use? Is it like a drop on our finger and place it upon the crown? I know you seemed to use a lot on me so do I use the same on each gathered master? If so, how much oil do I use?


Michael  When I said pour I was saying pour it not a drop. The amount of oil I used was about 2 ml in your measurements of oil.


That is a lot of 2 ml bottles to fill for this anointing. Robbie is not going to be happy about pouring up all those 2 ml bottles only to have a couple of hundred empty bottles that we can’t use again.


Michael  I am confident someone with your ingenuity will find a way to get almost 2 ml of oil on the crown of each gathered master.


Oh I am sure I can come up with something. Ok, so now I know the why and what for and the how, but you can be sure I am going to get a lot of questions about this process. As sure as I am going to watch you fold back into that light of yours, some are going to want to know if they are not at the Eden Event can they do this process as well.


Michael  There is no High Priest or High Priestess to anoint them as one of their own. Do you remember in your martial arts training what your gathered master told you about who could teach you for each degree belt you received?


Yes. He basically said one can’t teach or award a belt higher than he had.


Michael  I will tell you this. Any gathered master that has had 3 or more gatherings can anoint a gathered master as a Priest or Priestess.


Cool. How is this done?


Michael  The gathered master that has hosted as you call it 3 or more gatherings can stand as a Priest or Priestess and anoint a gathered master as a Priest or Priestess. Once they have anointed someone - that person may anoint the gathered master that has hosted 3 or more gatherings as a Priest or Priestess.


Fair enough. So I take it they will need the anointing oil for this. What else and how do they go about doing it?


Michael  They will need to set up a Gate of Grace inside the tabernacle. They will go to the center of the Gate of Grace. They will burn the IAM oil on a piece of charcoal. The gathered master doing the anointing will have the one to be anointed come to them and say their own name. The one doing the anointing will tell them to take a knee. When this is done the oil will be poured on the crown, then say the gathered masters name and "I anoint you as a Priest in the name of the most high. Arise as a Priest" and the gathered master’s name. The newly anointed will rise and they are now a Priest.


That was easy, and of course it is priest or priestess, whichever is the correct wording. Is this anointing oil different from what we will be using at the Eden event?


Michael  No, it is the same anointing oil.


So what do we charge for the oil?


Michael  Robbie will know that which it will take to make it. She will set the cost.


That she will. Now let me ask you something else. Given we have so many High Priests and High Priestesses coming away from the Eden Event, I know this is going to come up. Can they anoint others as a High Priest or High Priestess?


Michael.  A High Priest or High Priestess from the Eden event may anoint any gathered master as a Priest or Priestess. After a gathered master has been a Priest or Priestess for one year, they may be anointed as a High Priest or High Priestess by one that has been anointed at the Eden event.


I thought you said once you were anointed you can anoint others to the same as you are. What else haven’t you told me about this anointing thing?


Michael  This only holds true at the Eden Event. A Priest or Priestess may only be anointed after a year of your time to High Priest or High Priestess.


I would say that doesn’t sound quite fair, but I don’t want to get into it with you about that.


Michael  That is wise of you. Our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love. As I have said when the anointing oil is made, we will speak again.


I didn’t know what else to say or ask at the time so I just watched Michael fold back into that light of his. Who knows once I get this written and sent out I will have more questions for him. It all depends on how soon I get the oil made. I guess I better get this oil out of my hair and go to bed.

May12 2011

May 12, 2011 Visit


It rained this morning when Robbie and I drove into town. I was happy to see it raining because we haven’t had much for awhile and things were pretty dry. We finished with what we needed to get done and headed home by way of Starbucks. Robbie had things to get done at the Girl Scout Council, so after dropping me off at home, she and the girls headed back into town.


I went back into the house and thought it was a good time as any to make the anointing oil. I went to the office to where Robbie keeps the oils. I had to keep checking between the computer with the last visit and the place where we keep the oils getting what I needed. When I had all the oils set up on my desk, I started to work. I started mixing the oils as Michael told me to; taking a sniff each time I added another oil to the mix.


I started talking to myself while mixing - saying ‘yeah these two smell OK’ and ‘I am not sure if I like this.’ Soon I was done mixing all the oils and was pleasantly surprised by the aroma. It wasn’t heavy like some of the other oils. It kind of reminded me of a gentle breeze - not like you can smell a breeze, but if you could, that would have been it. No sooner did I finish making the anointing oil when Michael, in his light, started to show up.


Michael  The anointing oil is made.


I really didn’t think it sounded like a question, but I just had to tell him - you know it is, you are here aren’t you?


Michael  Bring it to me.


I got up from my chair and picked up the oil and reached out and handed it to him. He took it with one hand and held it on his side. Crap, I thought, I hope I put the lid on tight. I looked to see if any of the oil was leaking out. It wasn’t. He brought his other hand up and covered the bottle of oil with it. I watched as his hands and the bottle became encircled in a silver and gold ball of light. It was really cool to watch because it looked like little solar flares coming off the tiny ball of light around his hands and the bottle. It didn’t last very long and it was gone. When he had finished, he held out the bottle of the anointing oil for me to take.


Michael  It is done.


I must admit that was really neat. I hope this is enough but I don’t think so. I just wanted to make sure I had what was needed to anoint Robbie.


Michael  When you need more, make it, bless and tune it also.


I know it isn’t going to be enough, but we will handle it when the time comes. Don’t run off because I have a few things I want to talk to you about.


Michael  Speak what you will. I will give you council.


Sometimes I write things and don’t explain things in ways that everyone can understand it. I am here with you when you visit, and we have a connection where I just get what you are saying. I don’t always communicate it well enough so everyone understands it. So here is my dilemma. The anointing of the High Priests and High Priestesses that we will be doing at the event and the anointing of the Priests and Priestesses that are not at the event could be looked upon as some kind of an elitist thing. Why do you get to be a High Priest and I only get to be a Priest? See where I am going?


Michael  I do, and in the words of your daughter Gabrayel - “That is so lame.” When you were given the seven churches it was done such you could understand that each master had a different gift. I gave you these things that your kind would have an understanding how they all were equal to the whole, none greater or lesser. It is the same now. Do you really think these are titles to make some better than others? A High Priest or High Priestess is someone that can hold a harmonic vibration in a given space to hold what you would call energy constants. The same holds true for those that will not be at the event. The energy needed for them to hold requires them to be tuned differently. It is a frequency that will draw the frequency from where you are to them. That frequency will be drawn to the gathered masters that have not been anointed and will then be transferred to those that are not gathered. Those that seek prominence and great recognition that they can gain status in the eyes of others delude themselves with their own self importance.


I think I get what you are saying about getting hung up on a title. We could have called them High Male Vibration Holders and High Female Vibration Holders for the ones at the Eden Event. For the ones not at the event they would be Male Vibration Holders and Female Vibration Holders.


Michael  Had I not heard that from your lips I would think your daughter had come up with that.


Thank you for that, I think. There is something else. Say a gathered master at the event is anointed as a High Priest or Priestess, should we come up with something for them that would show they are a High Priest or High Priestess?


Michael  No. They will be known by their actions and deeds. There is no object or sign fitting to signify who they are. Those that come away from the Eden Event will be different in spirit. Others will know them through their vibrations.


We are still holding at the same number, and we are short of the 222 and we may or may not hit it. The best I can tell you is we are doing the best we can. If we don’t hit the 222, do you think we could still get to eat of the small scroll?


Michael  No. Yet it is a grand try on your part. You were given what was needed for that to happen. If it does not, you will not.


Yeah well a deal is a deal, so I will let it go at that.


Michael  Our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love.


Once again I watched as Michael folded back into his light and was gone. I told Robbie before she left I would do the floors so it is time I got on it. I will write the visit up later.


August 2011 Visit


I took a break from what I was doing because I wasn’t getting anywhere. While I was on a break I decided to finish up deciphering the seventy two pieces of the little pieces of scroll with writing on them. It was no easy task because there were pieces that only had partial words. Once I translated it from the Angelic script to English script, the puzzle started coming together. I only got a few words at a time and then a phrase. Before I knew it these phrases turned into a sentence or two. It wasn’t long before the pieces of the puzzle started to almost go together by themselves. When I finished putting it together I thought to myself, “I was right, there is a message in what was left.” As I set back in my chair admiring my work I began to read it.


The pieces read:
Holy. Holy. Holy. Blessings be upon you bringers of the children of light and wisdom. Blessed are you High Priests and High Priestesses in your vibrational harmonics that sanctified the union. Blessed are you Priests and Priestesses who receives the children of light. Blessed are all the masters that will clothe the children in love. Gather in great numbers each year that the light of wisdom will grow. Holy is your works. Holy is that which you do in the name of love and wisdom. The grace of God fills your hearts and souls. Peace is upon you as the faithful are rewarded in blessings. Go forth with your gifts as you walk through the garden that even now grows beneath your feet.


Well that is pretty cool I said out loud. No sooner then I said that when I heard Michael's voice behind me.


Michael  Why has it taken you so long to bring these words to light?


Things have really been a strain on every aspect of our lives. We have both been trying to figure out how to make everything work. Today before I finished up deciphering the scroll pieces I was a little busy looking for a job. I figured that maybe I could find a job as a dental technician again to help supplement our income. Robbie is also out looking for work today. As it is said “my spiritual path does not excuse me from earning a living.” So until things pick up I need to find work.


Michael  Your spiritual path is your work. Are there not those who would benefit from that which you teach? Are there not those that need to learn to heal? Have you not denied those that would seek your wisdom and teachings?


Hey look I can’t make people want to do classes.


Michael  Have you offered up yourself to teach?


I guess not, but I have taught so many people that were interested I am just not getting any demand for classes anymore.


Michael  Do not be foolish in your thinking. That which you know now surpasses that which you have taught in the past. The simplest of your classes from the past are now fill with knowledge you did not possess when you were teaching. People have also grown in their ability to understand and use that which you know now.


I hear what you are saying. I also thought that after the last Eden Event with the seven bowls coming together I was done. I mean look you never told me what to do next. I just figured it was time for the masters to take over and do the work.


Michael  Do you think you are Moses denied the Promised Land?


Very funny Michael and no I don’t think I am Moses. I will start offering classes again and start teaching.


Michael  You will be a greater teacher than you were.


Thanks for the vote of confidence.


Michael  Let us speak now of what has taken place. You, Robbie and the other masters at the Eden Event have begun something wonderful. You were all truly the center of the vibrations of your own creation with the help of our kind. Those that gathered in other places at the same time with yours sent the grace of what was done out. You have all done well. Now is the time to go to work.


I take it that this has to do with what was said in the little scroll. I mean about the gathering in great numbers once a year.


Michael  This is so. You should find it easier now that you know how it is done.


Just because we have done it before doesn’t mean it is going to be easier. You should know what we have done in the past is in the past unless you want us to start over with the formations.


Michael  No. You and the others will build on what has been done to create something greater.


I will try my best.


Michael  Do not try. Remember you will only get out what you are willing to put into it. This is true with all things. You have come too far to do any less.


So what is that we are going to be doing for the next event, if that is what it is?


Michael  As your kind says, "if it works don’t fix it". You will find you will amaze yourselves in what you will create.


Do you think maybe I could create the winning lottery numbers for this weekend?


Michael  It is as Robbie says “Well yeah. No. You know better than to ask.”


I just thought I would give it a shot. I know each year we had a formation for us to get in so we could set the vibrations. Is there any formation we will be getting into other than the ones we have used?


Michael  Worry not of this now. Now is the time to make ready for that which you will do.


Let’s get back to what this event is about.


Michael  The Creation of the Children of Light and Wisdom will need spiritual nourishment. As they grow so will that which you call Eden. Fill their lives with love that their light may shine on the world.


That sounds like something Alexander used to say.”Let love fill your life that you may become a light to the world.” Are we going to be reviving his Love, Life, and Light conference?


Michael  Your teacher was a wise man. He gave many truths for the time. Yet I tell you no.


That’s good because his class was a seven day class and was expensive. In what you are telling me I have no idea what to call it. Love, Life, and Light (2) just doesn’t ring with me and a four day event works well.


Michael  Four days is a very workable length of time for an event with the Children of Light.


That’s it Michael you old dog you. You just gave a name for this event. We could call it The Children of Light Event if it is not already used by someone else. I will have to check it out and see.


Michael  Call it what you will. Ask Robbie what she thinks she has wisdom in the matters. In time I will give you that which is to be done. Yet I say to you now is the time to begin that you may make ready for those that will attend.


After the last event many, many masters were sad because that was the last event. They should be happy to know we are getting the band back together again. You may not know what I am saying by that but it is a family thing.


Michael  I know of that which you speak. The masters that have come together in the past as a family will come to watch their family grow in numbers.


Yes we have become very close over the years. Hey, I just want to say thanks for all you did.


Michael  Our kind has done that which we were allowed to. The gathered masters are the ones that have made these events possible. Blessings and grace be upon the masters for the work they have done and will do.


Yeah. I want to talk with you about a few things. There is the matter of the scroll and what to do with the pieces that are left. Also someone asked me to ask you about him personally and me teaching him how to do the blessing.


Michael  Give them unto me.


I picked up the baggie and emptied pieces into my hand. Michael held out his hand palm up. So I dumped them from my hand into his. He reached down to his palm with his other hand and picked out one of the pieces. As he raised his hand the other pieces joined to the one he held and it became a little scroll again. He then rolled the scroll up and placed it in his robe. When he was finished he spoke again.


Michael  When it is time to teach the blessing I will give you when and how it is to be done.


There are some other things I want to talk with you about.


Michael  I know of that which you would ask and we will speak of that another time. Remember you will only get out what you are willing to put into it. For now our time is done yet we will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


I once again watched as Michael folded into the light and he was gone. Ok so I get it is time to get ready for all that has to be done. I am out of here.


Bless Your Heart


Aug 2011
Aug 22 2011

August 22, 2011 Visit


Robbie took the kids to the library and over to go see how Morgan is doing. After she left, I decided to go out to the pond and feed the fish before it got too hot. I grabbed the big jar of fish food and headed out to the pond. I threw some food in the lower pond and then went to the upper pond to do the same. I watched as the fish ate like sharks in a feeding frenzy. It was still morning and the sun's light reflected off the water almost blinding me by its brightness.


No sooner did I finish thinking about how bright it was when another brightness of light started to grow over the water. It was a ball of light that I had come to see before an angel showed up. I wondered why Michael was coming back so soon after his last visit. I looked into the ball of light waiting for Michael to come into form. It only took me an instant to realize this wasn’t Michael forming. It was Gabriel coming for a visit. I thought to myself, "Why is Gabriel visiting me now?" By this time he was fully formed and spoke.


Gabriel  You have questions for my visit so soon after Michael speaking with you.


You are a mind reader. If I was one too, I would know why you are here.


Gabriel  Michael and you spoke of what you call events. I have come to instruct you in the ways of light. That which you called the children of light event you will be beginning with will need the vibrations raised long before. It is the reason for my coming this day.


Ok. I am a little confused here. When you say beginning with, it sounds to me like there are going to be other things or themes. So is this the first thing we are doing and then be doing something else?


Gabriel  It is wise of you to ask. That which Michael gave you for the Eden event was done to get you where you are now. That which you will do in the time to come is another all together. You have set the boundaries of Eden, it is time to create again. You will be dealing with many new stages for what you will create.


I kind of thought so. I was talking to Robbie about this very thing. Now you have confirmed what I was thinking. Ok so what are you here to tell me?


Gabriel  That which you call September is the time for the beginning of harvest. In this harvest it is time to make ready for the coming of winter. It is for you to start raising the vibrations of the light from the masters. Your world is changing at a very fast pace. Energies are going to be shifting and moving in such a way many may get lost. That which I am about to give you is to stabilize you and the masters that they may be about their work. As you were told, Michael's sword is as a beacon of light showing the way of Gods children home. The oil of the Festival of Light was given to celebrate the birth of the light. The oil of the Shekinah stands as shining 1000 times brighter then the sun. The oil you made that has my name is for that of the children.


I understand the oils you are talking about and what they are. I am beginning to see a pattern here with the oils you have given. I could venture a guess but you go ahead and finish.


Gabriel  I am sure you can. Three of the oils carry within them a high vibrational harmony of sacred light. The last sacred oil holds the gentle innocence of a loving child. Together they raise the vibration of the light of a child within the spirit. Whatever takes place around you will be as snowflakes on your shoulders, which you easily brush aside. Yet I tell you truly your inner light will shine outward as a smile from the face of a child.


I think we could use some light in the world, I know I sure could. So then what do we do with the oils you are talking about?


Gabriel  On the 15th day of September as you make ready for your slumber, place a drop of the Michael's oil on your crown and say (I place Michael’s oil whose light gives guidance.) Place a drop of the Festival of Light on your forehead and say (with this oil I celebrate the coming of my inner light.) Next place the Gabriel oil on your heart and say (As I place Gabriel’s oil on my heart I become the love of a child.) Place the oil of the Shekinah above the navel and say (life begins and ends here, I offer the oil of the Shekinah as the alpha and omega of light.) When you have done this, sleep that the harmony of the oils' vibrations may raise your vibrations in light.


I think this is one of the simplest processes you angels have given us.


Gabriel  Think not because it is simple, so is the power of the light you gain. For as you do this again I say your inner light will grow.


I can’t wait to see how this works. I would like to ask something. What if maybe some people have to order some of the oils and they miss the first few day, then what?


Gabriel  They may begin when they do have the oils they need for this. However, this is each night for 30 nights.


Cool. Hey, I asked Michael if he could answer some questions I had about some things that were troubling me. Do you think maybe you could answer them?


Gabriel  I have not come to you for this. Michael will speak to you of such things when it is time. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


As I watched Gabriel fold back into the light above, I wished he would have taken time to answer my questions. Oh well, angels are like that.

Sept 2 2011

September 2, 2011 Visit


I got out of the shower and got dressed for my day. I talked to Robbie for a while before she took the kids to the museum and then went to my desk to get some stuff done. It wasn’t long before the room started filling with light. "Well", I said to myself, "I wonder which angel I get this time." That question was answered very quickly. It was Michael.


Michael  I would speak with you. You have told the masters of that which Gabriel has given you.


Yes, I told them about raising the vibrations of light just like it went down as I do when you visit. The masters are refilling their supply of sacred oils getting ready for the process.


Michael  This is why I have come to you. That which Gabriel gave you will begin the light's vibration yet you will need to do more. You will make lamps as was used in ancient times that the masters may bring forth the light of the flame.


Hang on for a minute. I know what you are talking about, but I am sure the masters could find lamps like that if they tried. I guess I could find a supplier and order a bunch of them if that would work.


Michael  You do not hear that which I say to you. You must make them using the laminar crystal in the way I will instruct you.


Great, just what I need, something else to do. I have a lot going on in my life right now. I don’t think you understand.


Michael  I know full well that which is in your life. You may choose to do this or not.


Come on Michael you know I will. I have pretty much committed my life to this work. I mean, Robbie and I have built this business in service to this work. What am I supposed to do?


Michael  That which I have asked of you, I will tell you the makings of the lamps. Be quick for they will be needed sooner then you know. Hold to yourself and Robbie the making of the lamp. You may speak to her of all that our kind speaks to you for now.


I guess there may be something you tell me later I should keep to myself.


Michael  This may be so.


When are you going to give the formation and what we are going to need? Robbie hates it when all I can tell her is “I don’t know.”


Michael  You will need an altar as a focal point. You will need the Alpha Omega bowl and the menorah for the seven churches. You will also need an altar cloth of white linen. You will need the Flames of Shekinah and the Metatron. I will tell you what else is needed after we see what happens.


I know the event has a ways to go yet and things may change in what is needed.


Michael  This is so. Is the poster going to be you?


Michael was talking about a poster I got of an old man that is really buffed out. On the bottom of the poster it says “Growing Old is Not for Sissies.” No Michael, but if he can do it so I can I. When I said that I didn’t know if it would be possible; however, I am willing to give it a shot.


Michael  I have seen your determination and it is within your grasp.


Providing my health holds out. I have started exercising every morning and have lost 10 lbs in 12 days. There are days I really don’t want to go out in the heat, but I do.


Michael  Once the veteran’s hospital fixes what is out, you will be better than before. Do not worry about your health, you will be around for a long time yet to come. Take care of yourself as you have been doing and you just may make it to 120.


That is my intention. Hey, I know I have much more to do, but I got to start somewhere.


Michael  I see you have taken to heart that which I have told you for classes. It is wise of you to get around offering a mentors program. People are ready for this in their lives.


I thought so too. This is enough about me. What else do you have for me?


Michael  Our time for now is done. We will speak soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


With that Michael folded into the light from which he came and was gone. Now I need to be about my day.


Oct 15 2011

October 15, 2011 Visit


I was out in the work shed working on the ancient oil lamps trying to get them ready for the kiln. It has been a long process making each one by hand as per Michael’s instructions. I had just finished up what I was doing and decided to call it a night. I turned off the lights and headed out the door. I started to swing the door closed behind me when suddenly a light came from behind me casting my shadow on the ground. I knew that the light didn’t turn itself back on so it had to be angels a foot. I turned around to see Michael coming into full form.


Michael  Joe we need to speak of things that must be done. Let me speak first of you and Robbie. The tension between the two of you is strong.


Yeah I know you can cut it with a knife at times. She has her event planning business and her getting her nursing license back with her school. I have my VA stuff going on and it gets crazy here at times. It has put a big strain on our relationship. Orders have gone way down and the bills have just keep piling up has her stressed to the max. I don’t know how much longer either of us can take it. I said something and she told me I was arrogant for saying it. I know the lamps are just about ready to be sold and shipped out, but that isn’t going to help all that much.


Michael  Joe you are not arrogant. Robbie cannot see the humility you have suffered. If you both continue down this path you will destroy the love you have for each other. I have come to help you in this.


Great. Before Robbie left for her event planning thing she told me if we don’t get $5000 in the next two weeks we are going to lose everything. So what is your plan in this?


Michael  The plan is twofold. I need to teach you many things before the Children of Light gather together. The distractions that would come about in the tension which the two of you live in, will keep this from happening. You have need of someplace else to live for now.


Hello. Didn’t you hear what I said about running out of money to just keep what we have? How can I pay what we owe and have a place to live?


Michael  Do you not have our seven altar bowls from the Eden Events?


Yes I do. I brought them home after the last event just like you told me to.


Michael  Sell them all, say for the alpha omega which, you will need in the time to come.


Sell them? You want me to sell the altar bowls?


Michael  It is fitting that you should do so. Did you not make them as I gave them to you to make?


Yes. However, I would have thought you would have wanted me to keep them together.


Michael  Yes they would have looked nice all hung in the pattern of the Gate on your wall as you envisioned. This is not to be.


Reading my mind again I see. If you say it is ok to sell them I am ok with it but, I don’t know how much to charge for them. I mean each altar bowl is a one of a kind and each one holds the grace of each area where they stayed after each event. Don’t forget about the grace they shared at the last event.


Michael  That which you speak is true. There is with each bowl a great vibration of grace that comes forth from the bowls. Let them not sit in your trailer doing no one any service. Yet I say to you truly that you yourself have set the cost of each altar bowl. You spoke of that which the cost would be to remake one if someone broke one.


I just said $2500 so the holders of the bowls would be careful with them.


Michael  That may be so yet it is a fair price for the labor of love that each bowl was made with. You have but to sell two bowls and you have that which Robbie spoke of.


That is true but that is a big ticket item for most people. Some could afford it but not too many people. Then again I guess a group of masters could all chip in to get one for their area.


Michael  I see you can still think. Let us speak of the lamps. You have made them as I have told you. The vibrations will be great with the light of love that each lamp brings. I see you have 33 lamps ready to go. Do you remember the blessing I gave you to cast forth when you fire them?


Of course I do. I even wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget. As if you would let me any way. Oh yeah, it just hit me that today is the last day of the process you gave us to do. I have been getting questions about what is next.


Michael  This is also why I have come on this day. I tell you truly that which is to be done until the 22nd of next month. The oil which is above will be below and that which is below will be above.


So all you need to do is reverse the order of the oils, or do you need to change what you say also?


Michael  Only the oils change. As with the dance of oneness, the directions change to bring the grace energy to a stop.


I hear what you are saying but I can’t see where this grace energy could possibly stop. I think a better description of what you are saying is the grace energy goes to neutral as a possibility rather than a closure.


Michael  This is wise of you to see this and you will grow wiser in the time to come with my teachings. Yet again, I say you will need a space for you to learn. It is also fitting that you are going to that which you call the VA and exercising for in the time to come you will be the man you were meant to be.


Well Michael I am trying to be more than I have been over the past years, but I just keep getting in the way.


Michael  That happens much with your kind. Let us speak now of the classes you are thinking of.


Well, I have some things I am going to implement starting with the next newsletter we send out. I am going to still offer the conference call classes, but this time I am going to offer what we call a Skype class as well. That is where people can see what I am talking about. Also, I am going to do a Skype two-day seminar that I think should be pretty good.


Michael  You have these classes thought out well. You have so much to teach that you have not touched on so far. The wisdom you will bring will make a difference with many of your kind. Our time is about done, yet before I go I must speak with you of the lamps. You have but 33 lamps made. You will need to make more for they will be needed for the Novas Invicta. Again you will be starting the 50 gate process on November 5 to make ready for the Novas Invicta. Be at peace and teach only love.


Michael folded back into the light that he came from and was gone. The darkness filled the shed once more and I shut the door and came in to write this visit.

November 1, 2011 Visit


In the morning I was feeling a little bit lost as to where I needed to go with all that is going on in my life now. I looked up at the painting of Michael and said, “Ok Michael, you have to give me some guidance here. I don’t know what to do next.” As I looked at the painting of Michael I thought I might get at least some insight. I was mistaken so I went out to the shed to work on the lamps so I could fire them soon.


Robbie left to go to her girlfriend’s house to go trick or treating with her kids. I spent the rest of the day busying myself with whatever needed to done. As the sun set I went back out to the shed to close it up for the night. I was on my way through the back gate of the house when I saw Michael standing in the Gate of Grace that I set up in the back yard.


Michael  I would speak with you.


"Good", I said as I walked down to the gate. "You haven’t given me any information on the lamps you had me make. I also have some other things to talk to you about."


Michael  I will give you that which you speak and then we will speak of other things. Again your kind will do the process of the 3 Kings. You will begin this month starting on the 12th.


Saturday evening of each week place a drop of the oil on your heart and say “As a child of God I attune my vibrations to receive the gifts of the three kings. This will be done each Saturday until December 21st.


On the evening of that day, you will light the lamps you were told to make. Each that has a lamp will set it before them and light the flame. When the flame gives off the light - you will as scooping sand from the ground - gather the light in your hands.


You will then pour the light over your heart and say “I fill my heart with the light of the divine” You will then place the oil of the three kings on your crown and the Novus Invicta oil on your third eye.


When this is done you will say, “As a child of God, I have attuned my vibrations to receive the gifts of the three kings. I have anointed my heart to the vibrations of the birth of the light. I reclaim my divine kingship as a child of God and place my crown on my head.”


Each will take from their hearts a crown and place it on their own head and say, “As it is said, it is done.” This you must do for the three days after that the vibrations will set.


On the night of the 24th, you will also take up the lamp holding it up to your face. You will say, “I give the light of the divine to the world”. At that time you will blow the flame out into the world


This I will add to that which was given unto you.


Those that have one of the Altar bowls will set the lamp inside of the Altar Bowl to magnify the light and bring greater vibrations of the divine light.


That isn’t too far off from what we have done in the past. Now is a good time to tell me this, because I am about to fire more lamps.


Michael  It is important that the masters do this for it is setting of something new and wonderful. That which you call the Children of Light will have need of these vibrations when you gather in oneness.


That sounds pretty easy to me. What else have you got for me?


Michael  Our time is over for now, yet we will speak very soon. Be at Peace and Teach Only Love.


I called out to Michael as he folded back into the light. That is the name of my new website, A moment later he was gone and I went into the house in the darkness to write this visit up.


I am working on a new website and it is in progress. It will contain class information and information on future events. I will let you know when it is up and running.


Bless your Heart!


Nov 1 2011
Dec 5 2011

December 5, 2011 Visit

It was getting late as I sat in the office deciding which bill to pay and which ones I could put off for right now. I was running out of energy and I got up to make a cup of coffee. When I got to the coffee maker I thought to myself, I don’t want to be up all night. So I made me a cup of decaf, like that was going to do any good. When I had finished, I turned around and headed back to the office just in time to see a light forming in the Gate of Grace. I kept walking towards the office and set my cup down on my desk. By this time I could see it was Michael forming and waited to see what he had to say.


Michael  Blessed are the Children of Light and the names of God they hold. Blessed be their inner light that will shine out to the world and illuminate the Eden that is yet to be seen. Blessed are you for your faith in what you have been given. When others chastise you by words or actions you hold true.


I am glad to hear you say that because my memory after the surgery isn’t all back yet. As you know, there are gaps, and some of them are really big. The biggest gap is the past almost 13 years of time I spent with Robbie. I don’t know who she is and what she means to me. We talk and she seems like a good person, but I just can’t get what connection we have or had. The funny thing is I remember all the kids and some of the times I spent with them as they grew up. Oh sure I get glimpses of some things, but it is like being in a fog; it is just not clear enough for me to put my finger on anything. She isn’t the only thing I don’t remember. There are other people I don’t remember. When someone asks me about someone, I may or may not remember them.


Michael  Joe. Do you think that which you do not remember is by accident alone? Your memory will come back to you in time. Yet I tell you truly those that would distract you, you will not remember. You have so very much to do before you gather with the Children of Light.


Yeah, Michael I have a lot on my plate and many concerns about what I can do. That is one of the reasons I am glad you came back. It seems like I am torn in so many directions with things that I see as needing to be done. I still don’t have my web page set up. I don’t have a place for the event yet or the dates. I have Philomena telling me how important it is for me to write a book on the 12 chakras. I have a lot of writing to do.


Michael  You have but one thing to do. You need to get the masters ready for the Gathering of the Children of Light. You will be more able to do this once you have found the place where it is to be held. You must teach the masters how to use the most sacred oils and tuning forks. They must learn how to place the inner light deep within themselves. You have much to do indeed.


I will spend tomorrow looking for a place to hold the conference. I know last year we needed 222 masters. Is that the same for this year?


Michael  No, you will need more this year. You will have need of 333 masters standing in oneness as a beacon of light to show God's children the way to Eden. Those that hold the inner light of the seven names of God will shine brightly into the darkness of want, greed and disillusionment. The love that once filled their hearts will return.


Now you need to understand, Angel Gate Creations only has so much in the way of funds to work with. I am not sure when but the tuning fork people close sometime this month and don’t open again until sometime in January. How soon do we need the forks and oils?


Michael  The sooner the better for there is much work for those that would hold the names of God as one that holds the inner light. You will need all the help you can get for what you will do for it has not been done before. When enough masters hold the name of God within them I will tell you what they must do.


So how many is that?


Michael  I will tell you when the time has come. That which you are asked to write by others you must set aside for now. There are many things that you could have written better yet there will be time for that later. If someone desires to know about the 12 Chakras, teach a class. You can speak more information in an hour than you could in weeks of writing.


That is a great idea Michael.


Michael  There is much you know and yet you have only held a few classes - Angel Armor and the Immune System to mention a few. You think you have taught these classes in the past, yet you have learned so much that these would be new again. Do what you need to get that which you call your web page done for I will impart many teachings on those pages. Take that which has been set before you and honor the work in love. This holds true for the masters that do the same and you will all be taken care of. My time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


Once again the light that brought Michael folded in on itself and he was gone, and I am off to the computer to write it up.

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