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Angelic Visits 2023

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February 8   May 16


Angel visit May 2023 Visit


 I was up a little late watching a movie when I finally told myself, “This is enough, I need to get some sleep,” so I went to bed. To me, it felt like I just gone to sleep when I heard my name called.


 Michael…Joe, arise, we need to speak.


I knew it was Michael, so I woke up, got dressed and headed to the gate in the office. Sure enough, Michael was standing there in the gate surrounded by light. And of course, my dog Ellie was sitting there, watching him like she usually does. As I was walked into the office, I spoke first. Well Michael, it sure took you long enough to come for a visit. It seems that all of the masters have been very impatient for you to show up again. They even went back to an old visit when you said ask and I will answer.


Michael… That was for another time. When I come for a visit, I do so for a reason, not so you can address the curiosity of others.


I can understand that because when you come for a visit, there was always something you needed to impart to me. Well, let me get down to it. Each year when you come and we set up the conference, you give me a theme for the conference. People are wondering what theme we have for this year.


Michael… Each year I give you a theme of something that can be created by the Masters vibrations and the number of Masters needed to raise the vibrations high enough to achieve it. For several years now, the number for the vibrations has not come to be. One cannot expect to create great things with a smaller number needed for the vibrations to get it done. As I have said in the past, you will create something with the vibrations of the Masters that are present. However, it will not be what was intended. Once you know how many Masters are there combining their vibrations, we will know what can be accomplished. Once you know how many are there, I will give the Masters something where they will be able to see the results they created.


OK Michael, so here's what I'm hearing you say. In the past years, you've given us a theme to bring about. but in the past we fell short on the number of Masters needed to create a strong enough, combined vibration to cause the theme you offered to happen. Once I know how many Masters will be in the grand formation, we will see what can be accomplished with those vibrations. I also think because we failed in getting the number to get that done before, the Masters have lost their confidence in how powerful they are. So, if we give them a theme for the amount of people attending this time, we can make something happen that the Masters will recognize as something they created. Once they see how powerful they are as Masters and what they can accomplish, they can take this out into their everyday lives and have their lives work better than ever before. I really think with what they learn at the conference, they can start taking control of their lives and have go the way they want it to be.


Michael…This is so. Yet one must remember knowledge without action is folly. We will speak again at the conference. Be at peace, and teach only love.


As I stood there watching Michael, I could see the light starting to fade away and it wasn't long before Michael was gone. I never expected what he spoke of in this visit, but I'm kind of excited to see what's going to happen. This should be a fun conference. I better go for now so I can get started on writing this up and getting it out to you.,


Bless your hearts,



May 16 2023
February 8 2023

Angel visit February 8, 2023   as PDF


It was around 3 o'clock in the morning when I woke up to go to the bathroom. I checked to see where the dog was, she wasn't in the house, so I grabbed a smoke and went out on the back porch to see what she was doing. I found her sitting on the back porch. I don't know why, but she was just sitting there, looking around. She came over to me and I gave her a pat on the head. And then something strange happened because her ears perked up and she ran in through the dog door. I said to myself, “What's that all about?” So I finished my smoke and went in the house to see what was going on with her.


As I opened the door to go back in the house, I saw Michael in the office, standing there and surrounded in a ball of light and my pet, Eli was next to him. As soon as I saw Michael, I said, “Well I was wondering when you were going to visit me again. I have a number of things I need to talk to you about.”


Michael… Speak what you will. I will give you counseling.


Well, let me start off with my latest and newest concern. I have been getting emails from one of the masters over the years. They are getting their own messages from Michael. Now I've been pretty nice about it and listened to what they have to say, but I don't know if I should pass their messages on since they are not coming directly from you to me. I get their emails and phone calls and I listen out of the kindness of my heart. Some calls are so late at night I don’t answer and they leave messages that they had to give me. I'm not going to go into all of the details about this, but if you have a message for me, you come and talk to me, please.


Michael… This is so. I do not use people for messengers when I have something to give you, I come and give it to you.


That's what I said, so I think I'm just going to let this go and be about the work you gave me to do.


As you know, the hotel I was going to use had been sold so I did find a new one. Now, when I sign a contract for a hotel, they tell me what the ballrooms are going to cost if we have 30 rooms a night for the four days. Now if we don't hit those 30 rooms, the price of the ballroom will go up and given the way registration is going it has me worried.


When I put on a conference, I have to figure out what it's going to cost. Then I have to estimate the number attending and see if that will cover the costs. As you know, there is very little income in these conferences. I'm doing this as a service to the masters. I do have a product table where I sell Angelic gates, tuning forks and other things related to the work we're doing. At times with the registration number is low, what is gained from sales at my table is used to cover expenses to put on the conference. 

The Children of Light Conference has a reputation of always paying their bills. Now that's good because if we go to book at a different hotel, they call the previous hotels that we used for a reference. We've always received a good report and recommendation from those hotels.


It concerns me that this current registration has been slow. I hope the masters start registering  soon so I don't have to worry about this.


Michael… Trust the masters, for they know how important they are to raise the vibrations enough to make something wonderful happen.


Thank you for saying that, I needed a pep talk. OK, then it's full steam ahead. I just needed to get that off my chest, so I really don't have anything else that I really need to talk with you about.


Michael… If there is nothing else you wish to talk about now, I have other work that needs to be done. We will talk again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


As it has happened so many times before, I watched Michael in the gate, surrounded by a dimming light. I watched the light fold on itself and Michael was gone. Well, I guess I'll get busy writing up this visit and getting it onto the web. 


As Michael always says, teach only love,


Upcoming Event
The Children of Light Conference 2023

San Antonio, Texas   June 7-10

Allow June 6 and 11 for travel days

$250 per person

The Conference hotel:
Holiday Inn Express, San Antonio Airport
91 North East Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78216  map

Hotel website

Note: To participate in Archangel Michael's Master Formation on Saturday, you must have been previously gathered. The Gathering definition is on the Why Attend page here.

Complete information and registration here    Why Attend?

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