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Angelic Visits 2015

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Jan 1 215

Jan 1, 2015 Angel Visit  print out as PDF file

My daughter Gabby and I spent New Years eve watching TV and then at midnight, we set off some old fireworks I had left over from the 4th of July. I let her light them off and she had a ball doing it. After the fireworks we came back in and returned to the TV show until we both fell asleep on the couches. It was about 2 am when I was awakened by my name being called.


Michael… Arise to a new dawn that you and the masters have brought forth. There is a need for you and I to speak.


I opened my eyes to see Michael standing in the space between the living room and the dinning room. I sat up as he finished speaking and watched him head towards the office where the Gate of Grace is. As we approached the Gate of Grace, the light that surrounded him took on a violet glow. That glow turned into a violet and purple flame so I knew I was in for more than a visit from Michael. Behind Michael I watched as a figure started to form and I knew this figure was the Shekinah.


Michael… Blessed are those that joined with you for the Festival of Light, for they have raised the vibrations to make way for that which will come this June. What will be created there will require more than has been for almost 4 years past.


As I heard this, I had no idea where he was going with that statement but I was sure it would have something to do with the Shekinah. Mostly because she was here for this visit and waited to hear what he had to say.


Michael… Let us take first things first. You will bring back a sacred oil that you have not used in years. You will need to make the Oil of Oneness again. Yet I will give you the making of this oil anew. This oil is to bring the masters into a oneness this year for there has been a separation. This brings us to the next part of that which I have to tell you. This year you will heal and seal the first wound of all that attend. In doing this, the separation that has taken place with all of your kind will be healed.


I am beginning to see the wisdom in this, for the wound of separation is the first wound to be sealed when I teach the seven wounds class. Besides, those that have taken the class will be able to help me with healing and sealing the wounds at the conference, depending how many there are. Given we will be doing this I see some thing very special will be happening at the Conference this year.


Michael… This is so. You and those that stand with you will need to have their vibrations brought to a level your kind has yet to reach. For you in particular will need this vibration present.


Oh really and why is that? When I finished asking Michael, the Shekinah spoke.


Shekinah… Your time alone will be coming to an end, for it is time that I stand with you. One is to stand at your side that will be as I am in the flesh. You and her will become as one with the Metatron and I. Together you will bring teachings to the masters. That which Michael will give to you will set the vibrations for all this to take place.


A couple of things here. Did I hear you correctly say I am going to have a real life gal coming into my life as my woman, so to speak? The reason is because I have pretty much given up on that notion. You see I kind of like being on my own and to think of being in a relationship with someone can only bring up a whole new set of problems. I mean I am not all that easy to live with, given my spiritual path and not every woman can understand or be willing to put up with it. I need a partner to walk this path with and not someone that is there as long as it serves them, if you know what I am saying.


Shekinah… I do. I will be with the one you choose for only then can she blend with my vibrations in service to the work that is to come.


Well I guess we will see where this goes.


Shekinah… I will return once again to join in the work you and the masters do.


This will be interesting to say the least.


Michael… Let us speak of what will be done. The masters will continue with the Seven Names of God as they have been doing. At the end of it they will sing ( I am you, are we are one.) They will sing this 4 times. They will do this each Saturday until they join you in the grand formation.


Well this shouldn’t be to hard. We already have the instructions on how to do the Names of God and all we have to do is add this to the end. So here is what I got so far. I am going to remake the Oil of Oneness as you instruct me to do. Then we are to do the Names of God process and end it with the I Am, You Are song. I am to do the healing of the first wound for everyone at the conference unless I do this in the Seven wounds class I teach. There is going to be someone that will stand with me as the Shekinah in my life and at the conference this year. Oh, what is her part going to be?


Michael…You and her will be told when you come together as one. You will know her and she you when you see each other. These past years, the only one that could stand with you is your daughter Gabrayel as the Shekinah and that was enough to do what was needed. Yet no more, for it will take a higher vibration than you and Gabrayel could cause. Father and daughter is a powerful force, yet husband and wife is even greater.


Like I say, interesting. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out. I am trusting both of you in this and am willing to do what I am asked to do. I will tell you that I will do my best to not get in the way.


Now let me explain what is going on with the conference. I have been working with the hotel and there are a few problems with the contract I am sure we will be able to work it out. The only problem is that there are deposits I need to make. I asked those that are going to register now to help me pay for them. Those that did helped out a lot, but I am still short for the deposits. So until I get some more registrations or people buy tuning forks or oils, I am still short. As soon as I get the funds in, I will have the hotel locked down. On another note, I have some great speakers for this conference. They are all teaching everything that you told me is needed.


Shekinah… Come, I have need of you. Bring to me a mixing jar for the oil.


I walked into the gate with them and reached down to where I keep my empty jars, picked one up and started to hand it to her.


Shekinah… Remove the lid and hold the jar that we may blend the oils.


I took the lid off. I held up the empty jar and waited. Michael reached over and took one of the oil bottles and handed it to the Shekinah. It started to glow with a deep purple light that was almost black, if you can picture that. She poured it into the jar and it glowed with that same dark purple. She turned and handed the bottle back to Michael and was given another bottle of a different oil. This oil glowed with a violet light. She poured the oil into the mixing jar and it became lighter in color. I could see that not only was it becoming lighter but I could see the two oils swirling around in the jar with their own light. The is pretty cool to see, I thought. When she was finished, she handed that oil back to Michael and once again was given another bottle of oil. This time when she poured it in the jar, it was like liquid white light and and it swirled around the other oils looking like a flame in the jar. It really reminded me of what the Shekinah’s dress looks like, but not as stunning. She turned and handed that bottle back to Michael, only this time I noticed the small bottle he was handing her was the Angelica oil. I couldn’t help but think I hope she doesn’t use very much of this because it is very expensive. I relaxed when she added what was needed and it wasn’t the whole bottle. When she added it, there was like a puff of light and all the oils became regular looking without the glow.


Shekinah… Bring me the gold and silver.


I knew what she wanted and went to get the colloidal silver and gold of which she added a few drops of each. She then motioned for me to replace the lid and I did. With that, Michael placed his hand on my hand cupping the jar. I used my other hand to put the cap on. The Shekinah placed her hands on each of Michael’s hands. When she did this I could feel a small electrical current flow through my hands and into the mixing jar of oil. Very cool, I thought, then they both let go of my hands. I was holding the jar of the new Oneness Oil.


Shekinah… Take this sacred oil and place it in small bottles for the masters. You may sell it as the Oneness Oil and no more.


Michael… You have work to do, so our time with you is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


With that said, the light that surrounded them started to fold in on itself and they were gone. I set the new Oneness Oil on the desk and I will pour it into the small bottles as instructed later.


Well as I have said many times in this visit, how interesting. I see there have been some changes in what is to come. We will be adding this new oil to the Names of God process. I must say, I get a kick out of the fact we now have two oils that were blended by an Angel and the Shekinah. I know someone is going to ask, “When do we start doing this new Names of God process?” So here is how I see it. You will be able to start doing this process on the Saturday after you get the oil. Given I have the oil here, I will start this Saturday. Here is what you need to know about getting the oil. The cost is $85 for a 2ml bottle and you can order it from the web page or call me at 830-751-2870.


I on the other hand, didn’t expect to be teaching, let alone sealing the first wound. I am glad he didn’t ask me to seal all the seven wounds at the conference this year because that would have taken at least half of the conference. However, I can see why he asked me to do this because there is a separation with all of us that we didn’t even know. When we gather at the conference to seal this wound, we are going to come together like never before. Nothing will be in the way.


Before any of you ask, do I have someone in mind to be the Shekinah with me, well that is a yes and no answer. I am just going to stay open and see where it goes. I know I will have to choose her and her me, but I am going to make sure she knows what she is getting herself into. Well it is still dark here, so I am going back to sleep and I will write up this visit when I get up.


Bless your hearts,



More information added after this visit:


We have been given a new process with the oils and tuning forks in the latest Angel visit. I have had a few calls with questions on just how exactly this process is done. After reading the visit I can see where there may be some confusion because some of it is part of another process and something new has been added. We will be doing the Names of God process pretty much the way we have done it in the past and the new instructions are included below.


Please note this tuning fork price increase:


Due to the increase in the cost of tuning forks from the manufacturer, I will be raising the price of tuning forks effective January 20th 2015. Up until that time I will honor the old price that is on the web page. After that date the web page will reflect the new price. If you were wanting to get tunings forks, now would be a good time to do so before the price goes up.


Here are the new 7 Names of God process instructions:


Start this process by lighting the lamp or a votive candle. If you have the IAM oil, place a drop on self-lighting charcoal and light it. Let the smoke rise and when it stops smoking start the process.


Seven Names of God Tuning Process


Ring the Om Tuning Fork and place it on the right temple.

Ring the Shri Ram Tuning Fork at the same time and place it on the left temple. Next, ring the Elohim Tuning Fork and place it on the right temple.

Ring the Buddha Tuning Fork and place it on the left temple at the same time. Next, ring the Yahweh Tuning Fork and place it on the right temple.

Ring the Ahura Mazda Tuning Fork and place it on the left temple at the same time. Next, ring the Allah Tuning Fork and place it on the right temple.

Ring the El Shaddai Tuning Fork and place it on the left temple at the same time.


Seven Names of God Sacred Oils Process


Anoint with the Seven Names of God Sacred Oils.

Place the Shri Ram Oil on the Crown.

Place the Elohim Oil on the Third Eye.

Place the Buddha Oil on the Right Temple.

Place the Yahweh Oil on the Left Temple.

Place the Ahura Mazda Oil on the neck behind the Right Ear Lobe.

Place the Allah Oil on the neck behind the Left Ear Lobe.

Place the El Shaddai Oil on the soft part of the throat above the two collar


Place the Om Oil on the Crown.


Sing the seven names of God 9 times and then sing OM 3 times at the end to seal this process.



When you finish the names of God process. Place a drop of the Oneness oil on your crown and then sing “I am you, are we are one” 4 times.


When you have finished singing, blow the flame out on the lamp or candle. You have completed the process.



For the Names of God process you will need:


1 I AM oil to make Holy the space

1 Sacred Oil Lamp or a votive candle

1 incense burner and charcoal to place the oil in 1 set of Names of God sacred oils

1 set of the Names of God tuning forks

1 Oneness oil


Always remember these things are the best for the process. However God is very understanding. If you don’t have everything listed, do the best you can with what you have. You may want to find other that have everything and see if you can join them for the process.


I have tuning forks in stock and the oils ready for quick shipping


If you still have questions you can give me a call at 830 751 2870. If I don’t answer be sure to leave me a message with your phone number and I will call you back.


Bless your heart,


Marh 13 2015

Angel Visit, March 13, 2015   print out as PDF file


I had a hard time trying to get to sleep because I had so much on my mind. Not that anything was pressing, it was just stuff I couldn’t get out of my head. Oh well, no matter, I thought to myself, I will just sleep longer in the morning. I eventually fell asleep for what felt like minutes before hearing Michael’s voice.


Michael… Arise, O Children of Light for I would speak with you of important matters.


I thought it was a little odd calling me Children of Light, but then I realized this visit would be going out to everyone. Michael was standing at the foot of my bed surrounded in light that reflected off the walls and lighting the room. He then walked, or more like floated out of the room and I guessed he was heading to the Gate of Grace in the office. I got up, dressed and started to the office by way of the coffee maker and turned it on. Michael runs on Divine energy but I run on coffee. It didn’t take long for the coffee, so I made a cup and went into the office. Michael was waiting patiently in the Gate of Grace.


Michael… Blessed are those that have joined in Oneness the first Saturday of the months to set the vibrations. Blessed are those that have anointed themselves with the oil of Oneness for they are truly coming into Oneness.


I want to talk to you about that. When I used the oil on the first Saturday I noticed something strange. After anointing myself, I began to feel a connection with everyone that has ever come to a conference. People would pop in to my mind and I could picture each one in my head. Now here is the strange part. When I am at a conference I tend to be busy and don’t get much time to spend with anyone. So I don’t really get to know many people. However as each one came into my mind, I felt a closeness with them on a personal level that I hadn’t before.


Michael… Yes and others will begin to notice this also. This is why you were given the oil to make. It will start to bring you all into a Oneness. You were told to heal and seal the first wound of separation at your conference this year. The Oneness that will come to pass when you do this will make way for that which is to come. It would be wise at this time to start the 50 Gates process.


I kind of figured it was something like that. I am beginning to see there is something big in this Oneness thing this year.


Michael… Many in your work have forgotten you are all One. The time has come to remember this. Not as an idea in thought but as a way of being. That which will be created this year will be the start of everyone coming to know you are all connected as One. That which you do to others you do unto yourselves.


I think many of us know that already. However, I don’t think we have figured out how to change that.


Michael… You have done well with those you have chosen to speak this year. You will all be the reason the vibrations will be higher than ever before. There will be great healings taking place. You will have need to bring something about that only you can do.


I hate it when you say that because it means I have more work to do. On the other hand, it could maybe have something to do with me having the one in my life that is to stand with me as the Shekinah. Well if it is about finding that woman, you know one I have been considering is out of the picture. She was nice and all, but she was going to be too high-maintenance for me and she had a different idea of what I was all about. We parted as friends but I guess you knew that. I will tell you if she is going to be with me at the conference this year, she had better hurry and get here.


Michael… None of what was told to you is written in stone, as you put it. There will be those that come in to your life, yet it is up to you to choose them. I will speak to you of the Shekinah. This is one of the important matters of which we will speak. This year you will call the Shekinah to bestow Her blessing on all of you.


Funny you should bring that up because I just saw a video about that very thing.


Michael… I know. Did you think it was a coincidence or an accident that you were lead to that? When you are blessed by the Shekinah you will receive the light of the Shekinah, yet you must cover your eyes. It is not fitting to gaze upon the true form of the Shekinah.


How come I get to see her in visits and nothing happens to me?


Michael… You see a physical presence of her, yet it is not Her fully-formed. That which you see is for your understanding of Her splendor without truly seeing Her.


That makes sense to me. The form she takes is Her and is not Her. I guess Her being one million times brighter than the sun would make it a little hard on me.


Michael… It would indeed. I will give you the way of that which will be done at the conference when the time is right, yet you will need to do something to bring this about.


Yeah there is that do word again. What do I need to do now?


Michael… You will need Seven Masters to stand with you to call in the Shekinah’s blessing.


That shouldn’t be too hard to get them for that.


Michael… I have not yet given you all that is to be done in this. The seven you will need must be prepared. This is what you will do. You will teach them to do the blessing you do every year. You will instruct how to call in the Divine vibrations of the Shakti, such they will be able to give the blessing as you do.


Do you have any idea of what you are asking me to do? This blessing is for the most part, the highest of all my spiritual teachings. As you know, my daughter Gabby is the only one that I have taught to do this blessing. I have been asked many times by people to teach them and have refused to do so. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of who I would choose to do this. Like I said, everyone wants to know how to give this most sacred blessing.


Michael… You will not have to choose, that is not your job. You will offer a two-day training to instruct the seven masters the way of the blessing. You will teach them to call in and raise the Shakti / Shekinah energy so they will be able to pass it on to others. Once you fill them with the Shakti, they will have it within for all time.


I can see I have a lot of work to do to teach them in two days what took 20 years on my part to acquire. I will have to teach them everything from Kundalini to Grace. The biggest thing is how to get themselves out of the way so the blessing will flow. There is just so much to teach them. They are going to have to be very special people with a commitment to learn to do this. They will have to absorb everything like a sponge. Just one more question about this training, how do I choose the seven masters?


Michael… They will choose to receive this teaching.


I know as soon as I send this visit out, I am going to be getting all kinds of calls from people wanting to be one of the Seven.


Michael… You will get fewer than you think. As with all things that are worthwhile, there will be a charge for this most powerful training. I will tell you what you are to do with the money that is paid.


Oh darn, I thought I would spend it on women and gambling and the rest I would just waste. Only kidding. OK, what is the Blessing training going to cost?


Michael…$4000 will show their commitment.


My first thought is you got to be kidding me. Then again, that lowers the number of the people that will be wanting to take the training. I would have to think very hard about it, but knowing what I know now about the Shekinah / Shakti, I would jump on a chance to be able to do it. I just hope others see the value in it for themselves.


Michael… Those that see will be there. Those that are committed will find a way. You now need to plan the training in the order that you will teach it.


I am already thinking that there is a lot of work for me in this, but I do know what I am doing.


Michael… I have given you all that I have come to say. Our time is done for now. We will speak again before you go to teach.


Oh that reminds me. I will have to call Ken to see if he has an opening at his house. As you know, he has such a great place to teach.


Michael… As you have said many times, Ken’s house if filled with Divine spiritual energy from all he has done there. Contact him and see when he has an opening. Blessings be to all the masters for that which they do. They may not see all they are creating, yet they will when all gather in Oneness this June.


Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


With that, the ball of light began to fold in on itself and soon he was gone. OK, so that is the visit and I had better get on the phone to see if Ken has a date open. I also need to get this written up and sent out.


I hope you know how important you are to me and to the work we do.


Bless Your Hearts, Joe



This workshop will be offered in Castle Rock, CO (Denver metro) Saturday – Sunday, April 25-26. More information is on the website or contact Joe directly: 830-751-2870 and  

May 10 2015

May 10, 2015 Angel Visit   print out as PDF file


I just returned home from dropping my daughter Gabby off at her mom’s house. I decided to go in the back door because it was closer to where the car was parked. I climbed the steps and stood on the back deck when something caught my eye. I saw a movement in the Gate of Grace out in my backyard and the light of Michael starting to form there. Well, I thought to myself, this is an Angel visit so I had best get down to the Gate of Grace. The closer I got to the gate the more Michael came into form so that I could see him. As I approached him, he spoke.


Michael… Blessings be to you. Blessings be to the Masters who have learned the Shakti/Shekinah Blessing. They will call forth the Blessing of the Shekinah to all those who stand in the formation. You will teach those who stand there with you to pass the Shekinah Blessing on to others.


So then what are you telling me is the seven people I taught will call forth the Blessing of the Shekinah. Each one in the formation will receive the Blessing. Once those in the formation have received the Blessing, they will be able to pass it on to others.


Michael… Yes this is so. You will teach each one there how to give the Blessing to others. They in turn will be able to give the Blessing to others one at a time. They will not be able to call in the Blessing as those you taught in Colorado. The 7 you taught will call in the Shekinah’s Blessing at the conference and fill the hearts of all that stand in the grand formation. When this takes place, all that are able to give the Wholeness Blessing will have that blessing increased tenfold.


I can see why those that can give the Wholeness Blessing now will have that power increased tenfold. The Shekinah’s vibrations being added to any blessing or healing vibration should take any of them to a whole new level.


Michael… This is also true. You must also realize you have never done anything like this before at any event. This is the first time you will be calling in the Shekinah to bestow her Blessings on you and everyone there. You must realize what you are doing in this. The Shekinah is said to be 365,000 times brighter than the sun. The luminous quality of Her light has protective and restorative powers. That which is broken will be made whole once again. Through the Shekinah, there is no sin or deed from which one cannot be forgiven. She holds the infinite compassion and love that is promised to all of God’s children. It is from Her that you will receive Her Blessing at the conference this year.


Okay Michael, even though you haven’t said it yet, I’m beginning to see there’s more to this than meets the eye. We are calling on the Shekinah to give us Her Blessing. As you instructed, I have gathered and trained the seven masters to act as the high priests of the Temple. They will be doing the process needed according to the ancient traditions. You also gave me a twist on the formation we will be using this year. I will be teaching new healing things and have other people teaching new things that all tie in to the way the conference will go this year. So tell me, what is really going to happen out of all of this?


Michael… Over the years you have all been raising your vibrations leading up to this time when you will receive the Blessing light of the Shekinah. All that are gathered in this light will be forever changed. There will be a coming together of the body, emotions, mind and spirit bringing all into balance and oneness. There will be a new vibration held in each person. Life as people know it will change for what you call the better. You will be preparing them at the conference for that which is to come for all.


Well now that’s what I’m talking about. You’re giving me some meat and potatoes here. I can now see why those talking and teaching will be contributing. Basically what’s happening is we’re going to be setting people up to win big time.


So let me tell you what I’ve been doing here. I’ve been working on the conference, getting everything set so that we can have it work. As per your request, I managed to get the Alpha Omega bowl coming to the event this year because I know what an important part it will play. Also I have the small Shekinah Altar Bowls from the Tree of Life coming to the event this year and I still have a few of those left for sale. Again as in the past, we always have people who are late as far as registering goes so I don’t really know what the number is yet. However there is a good thing that happened and that is the one person that donates hundreds of dollars each year in the form of a scholarship for 20 people. So for the next 20 people who register, their fee will be $200 dollars not $300. Maybe this will get some of those that wait until the last-minute to sign up sooner.


Once again we will be doing Gatherings on the first day for the new people coming to the conference. Then they will be on the same page vibrationally speaking as the rest of those perviously Gathered. I’ve got a great bunch of vendors this year, some new and some from before. There will be a lot of good and interesting items for people to look over. All in all, I think this is coming together pretty well and let’s not forget, there will also be some surprises.


Michael… I see you have everything in order for your conference this year. I and others will be speaking with you again before you leave for the conference. As for now, our time is done. Be at peace and teach only love.


With that being said, Michael faded back into the light from which he came and was soon gone.


I can see this is going to be one of the greatest conferences we’ve ever had. There will be some big things happening and I think we’ll all be amazed by the results of this years conference. I’m looking forward to seeing all of my old friends and making some new ones. Okay, it’s time for me to get this visit written up.


Bless your heart



Registration and information for the Children of Light Conference

June 22-27, Atlanta Georgia

July 20 2015

Angel Visit July 20, 2015   as PDF file

I was up late watching a movie and fell asleep on the couch. I don't know how long I was sleeping when I heard someone calling me to wake up. I opened my eyes to see Michael surrounded by the bright light that is always around him.


Michael  You have had enough rest. The time has come for you to return to work. Much has been done to set in motion that which is to come.


I have a feeling you are not just talking about tonight but more like me getting my rest after the conference. Yes, I did need to rest up after this one. Let me tell you, this conference was the hardest conference I have ever done. Murphy's law was in play this time. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Now with that said, how did we do and what result did we produce?


Michael  Blessed are those that stood with you to receive the blessing of the Shekinah. Their lives will change in abundance and prosperity will surely follow. As the Shekinah gave her Blessing each received the light of her love. Those that stood in that light are now of a higher vibration and will begin to see that which they created in their lives. The calling for the Shekinah's Blessing was done well by the seven that spoke the words of the Blessing. Yet it was unfortunate that the number that did stand in the grand formation was not great enough to send this Blessing out to the world. Perhaps many did not truly understand the importance of what this was about.


I thought it was for us to receive the Blessing of the Shekinah.


Michael  Yes, and that Blessing was given to those that were there. You need to understand the work you and the masters do is not just for those that stand in the grand formation. It is as I have told you many times, those that stand close to the fire receive the most light and warmth.  Yet the larger the number the stronger the vibration and the stronger the vibration, the farther it will travel. You that were there are truly blessed, however the vibrations were not strong enough to reach out to the world.


I think I should take responsibility for that because my communication over the year was not clear. So this year I'll have to pay more attention to what it is that I'm saying. I sometimes forget that just because I know things everyone else should know them to.  Given that this year's event was awesome for all of us there, where did we go from here?


Michael  Let me explain to you what you were doing. Many of the Masters that were there and the Masters that were not thought that this was just about receiving another blessing. It is far greater than that. What you and the others need to know is that over the next few years you are going to be laying the groundwork for the wedding of the Shekinah and the Metatron. It is the coming together of the masculine and feminine. The Metatron will become one with the Shekinah. What you are doing is preparing the bride for the wedding.


That sounds great and all, however I fail to see what that has to do with us receiving the Blessing.


Michael  When you receive the Blessing it is more then just the Shekinah bestowing long life and prosperity, you are also receiving the Divine feminine energy of the Shekinah and becoming one with Her vibration. To bring this into being you will need to call in the Shekinah's Blessing one more time. This year however, you must do it in the north for it is the placement in the Gate of Grace of the violet. As you join together for the Conference you will be surrounded in the vibration of Laodicea, which is the feminine energy of the mother, all-nurturing and compassionate. Did you not find it odd that there were so few violets?


Now that you mention it, I did notice that. It also seemed strange that there were a lot of reds as well. Now that I think of it and given where we held the conference, that was the place of the red in the Gate. Makes me say hmmm. So if this placement has anything to do with anything, I can see the wisdom of moving the Conference to the north. I also see from what you're telling me that what we are actually doing is preparing the bride for the wedding. Not only are we preparing the bride but we are also preparing ourselves with the Divine feminine energy of the Shekinah.


Michael  This is so. In the time to come you will be doing the same thing with the Metatron. Bringing in the divine Masculine energy so the masters will begin to hold both. Once this is done the masters will attend the wedding of the two. When this happens there will be a new paradigm that will shift the consciousness of the entire planet.


Michael   I tell you truly, you will need to have 222 masters standing  in the formation receiving the Blessing so the vibrations will be raised enough to spread out to the world. There is much that can be changed from the masters being at cause again. It is unfortunate most of the masters do not realize the power they hold when they join together in oneness. I have given you the number needed to cause this. Yet I tell you truly, not one less will make it happen.


So I am guessing we will not be able to make some kind of a deal should the numbers be lower then what you have given.


Michael  Something wonderful will occur no matter the number. All that join will come away with so much more than they came with. Yet what you and the masters are to bring about will take 222.


I will do my best to see that happens. I don't usually start looking for a place to hold the conference this early but I will work on it this week. If there is one thing about a conference I have learned it is that it is here before we know it. As soon as I find a place I am going to need to put down a deposit. I'll open up the early bird special again to bring in some funds but it is only a start. I am going to be much wiser this year then I was for this last conference.


Michael  It was foolish for you to try to do everything.


As I look at it now, I was just that. I kind of figured it would take care of itself. WRONG. I pretty much had one person in charge of the things I needed to have done. When things came up in their lives that prohibited them from helping, I didn't have a backup plan. And you know I think a lot of the people noticed at the conference because I had a lot of people come up to me and say, "Joe if you need any help for next year let me know. I'd be happy to jump in."


Michael  It looks as though you can teach an old dog some new tricks.


Well I'll be, you finally got one of our sayings correct.


Michael  How will you do it different this time?


I am going to ask for people to be on a registration team, so if something takes them out of play the rest can handle registration. It was a big mistake on my part to have one person handling most of the details last year. When circumstances beyond their control came into play that pretty much only left me. Then my computer crashed and l lost all the names of those registered. I was really screwed. That is not going to happen this year. Another thing I'm going to do is set up a logistics team. They will handle the room and everything that happens in it. I just spread myself way too thin when I'm pretty much the only one that knows what's going on. The next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to put together a promotion team responsible for promoting the conference and advertising, because "If people don't know, they won't go." Another thing I'm going to put in place is that we have monthly conference calls so that were all on the same page and know what we're doing. I'm also going to put together a small team for vendors so that there will be space available and the vendors and a contact person.


Michael   I see you did more in your head then just drive back from the conference. You have been giving this a lot of thought and it is wise for you to do so. Yet I tell you truly, the greatest thing you can do is to go out among the masters and teach. Not only will you bring them the knowledge of the healing techniques you have learned, you will be bringing them information of what is to come at this conference. It would also be wise of you to teach the Seven Wounds and the Shakti training to seven more masters.


Funny you should bring that up. I have some upcoming classes starting in September. People can find out about the class in the newsletter and on my website.


Michael  As you travel and teach, give unto those that would learn the Wholeness Blessing and the Shekinah Blessing that they may heal and grow in spirit. In the time to come, the masters will need to know how to do the Shekinah blessing for the home. It would be wise to do this on each Saturday evening with the family and friends.


I will have to get it written up and on the webpage so people will know how to do it. I will have to talk to Ken about it. I don't think that will be a problem. Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?


Michael  I have only to say that those you had chosen to give the blessing at the conference were a good choice. Even the one that you chose to stand in for you held the space as no one else could. Each and every person that's good with you in the formation brought in the blessing and the vibrations. It could not have happened without them. Blessed are those who stood in the formation and their blessings will grow with each passing day. They were the foundation of the work that was done that evening.


Again I say, blessings upon blessings to all of the Masters that joined me in this work you do. Our time is done for now and we will speak again soon. For now be about the work that is at hand and set into motion all that you will need for the next conference. Be at peace and teach only love.


As it is always been with Michael when he finishes speaking, he begins to fade and fold back into the ball of light that he was standing in. As the ball of light folded in on itself, it was gone and so was Michael.


Be at peace and teach only love,


Sept 8 2015

September 8, 2015   as pdf file

After the last of the people here for the weekend class left for the airport, Ken and I had a light dinner and decided to watch a movie. It had been a long weekend teaching and we were both spent. Ken was once again a great host. I watched as much of the movie as I could and told Ken I was done then headed to my room for the night. I was getting a very restful night sleep when I heard my name called.


Michael… Joe, arise for I would speak with you.


I rolled over and opened my eyes to see Michael standing at the foot of the bed. He turned and went out to the main room where it was less crowded. Even though Michael was just the right size for the bedroom, he seemed to take up more space in this larger room with the higher ceiling.


Michael… Blessed are you for the work you have done here in Colorado and blessed are those that attended. They will now be able to carry the work they do to a greater level.


Yes, I have to agree with you. Each and every one found a better understanding of themselves and the workings of that they do. They are all powerful healers.


Michael… This is so. There is something new to the healing work that we have talked about before. I gave it to you in the way of vibration.


You are talking of the Omega frequency you mentioned to me awhile back. At the time I didn’t say anything about it. However I did some checking and my tuning fork people can make the fork in that frequency. I am having them send me a sample so I can see which fork I like the best.


Michael… This frequency makes way for a greater opening for the healing process to take place. You will find it creates a space for all the frequencies you now use to greater level. You could call this a vessel or void for something new to grow in. You will be amazed at what happens when you use this for healing. In the beginning there was the Shekinah and the Shekinah was the vessel for creation to take place. You will have need of this frequency at the Conference this year. When you bring the 222 masters together within the vibration, you will create a vessel for that which is called the Preparing of the Bride. You may think of this as the Creation of the Vessel.


I get what you are saying. We are going to be getting the Bride/Shekinah ready for the wedding of her and the Metatron. It will be the joining of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. So in the next Conference we will be preparing the Divine Masculine, the Metatron as the groom. The wedding or joining of the two will birth a new dawn of consciousness around the world.


Michael … This is so. Not since the beginning has there been such a manifestation to take place.


I’ve got to see and be a part of something like that. Now all we need to make this happen is to have 222 masters stand in the Grand Formation and bring the first part of this about. So I am correct in saying there are basically three parts in this creation? First comes the making ready of the Bride, the second part is preparing the groom and the third part is the wedding or the joining of the two.


Michael… You are wise to understand how this will take place and what is needed to make it so. You have found the place in the north as you were asked to do.


Yes, I have signed the contract and need to submit the deposit quickly. I have an early bird special price for the Conference and received some immediate registrations but I still have a way to go to fund everything needed for the conference.


Michael… Let me ask you this. How much will the Omega tuning fork cost someone?


Well I figure it is going to cost $100 for someone to buy.


Michael… You were thinking of offering the tuning fork with each early bird enrollment were you not? Did you not say you needed funds quickly?


Yes I did.


Michael… Would it not be wise to for you to give an Omega tuning fork to those that registered with the early bird special before the cost of the Conference goes up?


I was thinking about that but there is a problem with my merchant service on that. I found out that I am not allowed to take credit cards for events more than five months out. That would mean I can’t collect funds until February and that is just too far away. However, attendees could send me a check to register for the conference. If they send me a $200 each, they get a tuning fork worth $100. That could work.


Michael… Yes, but you must limit how many Omega forks you would give with the early bird special.


I think 50 should be a good number to get the funds I need. Of course it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include the ones that have already registered. If anyone wants a free tuning fork with their registration, they will have to hurry.


Michael… They would indeed. Tell me more of the place you have chosen for the Conference.


The hotel is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and it is on the lake. Our group rate is $89 a night and that includes a free continental breakfast. I figured if you were to get breakfast somewhere it would run you $10 anyway. So if you think of it that way, the room is really costing you $78 a night with just one person. With 2 people it is down to $68 a night, or that is how I see it. There is free shuttle to and from the airport 24 hours a day. All and all, I think we have a great deal.


Michael… You have done well. One more thing before you ask. About the one called Michael that spoke at the conference last year… his thinking and teaching on the system he has created is sound.


I have been thinking about having him back this coming year to demonstrate how the tuning forks are used. I just have to see how time runs with the other speakers I plan to have there.


Michael… He is very wise in what he does.


Well I think I got a lot of good information from you tonight. What else do you have for me?


Michael…Our time is done for now. I will speak to you about making a sacred oil once you return home. Be at peace and teach only love.


As soon as he finished speaking, Michael started to fold back into the light. As soon as Michael was gone I went back to bed for some rest before writing this up in the morning.


November 7, 2015 Visit   as pdf

I had just gotten of the phone with Ken because my web server went down. Let me change that because when it comes to web stuff I have no idea what I am doing. I depend on Ken a lot for that and thank God I have Ken to help me out. I do realize he has his own things to do so I get to practice patience. This is all I need, I was thinking when I noticed a brighter part of the office and knew this is going to be a visit. It wasn’t very long until I began to see a figure begin to form in the light as it got brighter. Sure enough, it was Michael coming to visit. I was taken aback when he spoke because he says that when I am sleeping.


Michael… Arise children of light for there is much to be done.


I am already awake Michael.


Michael… Blessed are those masters that are doing the work that needs to be done. Blessed are those that do the process you were given to do on Saturday. Blessed are those that offer the Shekinah blessing in their homes. They are raising the vibrations that will be needed at the coming of the Shekinah at the conference this year.


Yeah I want to talk to you about that. Last year’s conference went really well and the things that happened for people was amazing. I know something really big happened especially when the light filled the room when the Shekinah gave her blessing. Each received the blessing in different ways. Almost everyone saw a light that flashed and some saw several flashes. The flash lasted much longer than what you would get with a flash bulb or a strobe light and what was really strange is some saw the light in different colors. There was even a breeze that came through the formation. The Shekinah even spoke to some of the younger people that were there.


I know something profound happened and it has changed the lives of those that were there. However I can’t say I have seen much difference in the world. It is like the same old things are going on.


Michael…In order for you to have the changes you are expecting, the vibrations would have to have been much greater. Yet I say to you truly, whenever there is about to be a great change in the vibrations that are, there is a surge of what has been. It is as though those vibrations of the old consciousness grow stronger because it wishes to remain as it is. Altering this consciousness is a struggle because frequencies must be changed. Only a stronger vibration can bring his about. This is the reason you were given the number of those that will stand in the grand formation. This year when you call the Shekinah to give her blessing you will need 222 to bring in a frequency strong enough to cause a change.


I figured out what you are saying. It’s like trying to listen to music or hear a phone call with a whole lot of back ground noise. You have to turn the volume up so it drowns out the noise. With 222 standing in the formation we can raise the volume, so to speak, over come the back ground noise.


Michael… Wise thinking, yet there is more that you do not see. With each master standing in formation, they bring their own frequency blending together with the blessing of the Shekinah. They become a harmonic amplifier that serves two things. The first is the frequency of the masters will be tuned to that of the Shekinah/Divine Feminine. Each master will absorb that frequency, unlike last year when they had the blessing flow over them. Once this vibration enters them they will hold it for all time. They will have the ability to start creating in their lives the things they desire.


Oh, I get what you are saying. They will be able to starting manifesting the things they really desire in their life.


Michael… No. Manifesting is one thing yet I tell you truly, creating is entirely different.


Really. How so.


Michael… When you create you are creating from nothing. You create from the vessel or the void, from nothingness. When you create from the void you bring that which is not into being. When you have the frequency of the Shekinah / Divine Feminine in you, you can become the void of vessel for creation. What I tell you is not to say manifesting doesn’t work, for we know it does.


Manifesting is a process, yet creation just is. I will teach you that which you will teach at the conference. Once the masters receive that which you teach and they become the vibrations of the vessel, they will be able to bring into being all that is good in their lives.


Are you saying this will replace manifesting?


Michael… No. If anything, it will enhance their ability to manifest if that is what they choose.


You said two things. What is the other?


Michael… The second thing is they become the vessel of creating all things good when the frequency flows into them. They will send this out into the world and things that seemed like they would never change will begin to change. Over the next three years the world as you know it will be transformed, should your kind desire it. All that the Angels ask is that your kind become the vessel for this to take place.


I take it that starts with 222 of us standing in the grand formation and receive the Blessing from the Shekinah and become the vessel for this creation to happen.


Michael… This is so. Over the years, the gathered Masters have come and gone onto other thing things and they all stand in Grace with whatever path they have taken. Some have come every year to bring their vibrations to the conference. Their contribution has been important for they have given of themselves to hold back the tide of a world in despair. For those that think things are bad in the world today have only to realize how bad things could have been without them. This conference is an invitation to all the Gathered Masters to join once again in Oneness to create anew. It is as you said “ Once a Gathered Master always a Gathered Master.


That is true. There are a lot of Gathered Masters up north where we will be holding the conference this year and it would be wonderful to see them at this conference.


Michael… It would truly be a blessing for the Masters to come in to Oneness once again. The Masters are a very powerful force when they are together in cause.


Yes they are. Over the years I have seen some amazing things happen as a result of being together. So what else do you have for me as long as you are here?


Michael… I would speak to you about the importance of the processes the Masters are doing as you move towards the conference this year. As you know, the vibrations are going to need to be very high. That which was given to you and the Masters will make this happen.


Yes I know that and I included the process for the Novus Invicta Novus  Invicta so people will have time to get anything they need. Most everyone has all they need for the Saturday, Dec 22 process and the Shekinah Home Blessing. So I think we are all good with that. I also included a bit about the Omega tuning fork and telling people I still have some left if they register for the conference. I just want everyone to know I will get things out as quickly as possible but it isn’t a good idea to wait until the last minute. Let me ask you something about the Omega Turning Fork Why is that fork so important?


Michael…The Omega frequency is the frequency that all frequencies come from. It is the frequency of the vessel. Every frequency came into being because the Omega frequency allowed it to happen. It is what could be called the perfect frequency. This set in to motion all the sounds that are present in nature from the sound of the cricket to the voice of the whale. You will find the Omega tuning fork blends with any tuning fork without distortion. I will return in seven days and begin to teach you that which you will need to know to teach those at the conference so they will become the void.


Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


As with each visit it always ends the same way. The light begins to shimmer, Michael begins to fade, the light folds into itself and Michael is gone. Now I need to get this visit written up and get it up on the web page.


Bless Your Hearts 


Dec 30 2015

December 30, 2015 Visit    as pdf


It has been great having Gabby here for the holidays because this is the first time in 5 years that she has been here on Christmas day. We stayed up pretty late catching up on the movies and TV shows I recorded. After sending her off to bed I went into the bedroom for some sleep. I woke up with the sun’s first light coming in through the window. I felt rested even though I knew it was very early. I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make my morning coffee. I had just poured the cream into my coffee when I heard Michael’s voice coming from the office.

Michael… Come, for we have much to speak of. Blessed are those that joined in the Novus Invicta process for they set the tone for that which is to come this year. Each master brought their vibrations to blend with everyone else in the process. Each master in turn not only raised the vibrations of the whole, they also raised their own. This will be most useful to each of them as we move into the coming year.


I know what you are talking about from the calls I got from some of the people that did the process. Many told me that when they did the process this time they felt something very special happened and I had to agree with them.


Michael… Something very special happened indeed. Let me speak of what the Novus Invicta caused this year. I instructed you years passed to make the Most Holy I AM oil as a gift from the masters to God. This oil was only available to the gathered masters and you could only sell it to them. The work that was done in raising the vibrations through the Novus Invicta process has opened the way that all may use it now. When one communes with God they may offer this oil to God.


Wow. What an honor to be one of those opening the Most Holy IAM oil to everyone. I hope those that did the process realize what a difference they made in bringing these vibrations together. That is just awesome. I have to tell you, if doing the Novus Invicta process can do this, I can’t imagine what 222 masters standing in the grand formation can cause.


Michael… Let me explain some things to you so that others may understand what it is you are doing. There was a time before time when all was in harmony with the feminine and the masculine. There was peace and balance throughout your world. The masculine and feminine energy were as one without conflict. Love for all things was the law of the world. Yet in the physical world there are things that can upset the balance. In the ancient Hebrew language this is called the SATAN. This is pronounced as “sat – tan” which is the ego or selfishness that leads to jealousy, anger and hatred. This brings about the loss of unconditional love and causes separation. When the separation occurred the Shekinah left your world. Over the years you have called the masters together and have brought the Shekinah back to your world but the Masculine energy is unaware of Her presence. What you will do at the Conference this year is to make Her manifestation known. This time the 222 masters receiving the Shekinah blessing will be so strong the masculine will become aware. Those that stand with you in the grand formation will become aware. There will be a knowing that will come to light the way for them and their ability to use it. I will speak to you more of this so you may in turn teach it at the Conference.


Cool. I will be very interested to learn about it. I have just learned some things I didn’t know. With everything you are saying I really get how important this Conference is. We as masters have been given a chance to create something bigger than we know.


Michael… Yes a chance. Still, you must remember that which I have told you when I first came to you. Many are chosen yet few choose.


Well Michael, all I can do is put it out there and do my best to let the masters know how important this is.


Michael… One or more of the ones that called in the Shekinah blessing may not be there this year. It would be wise of you to teach the Shakti Shekinah blessing to make sure you have the number of those acting as a priest of the temple. Last year you were missing the priest that stood in place of the red. You will need a master that has been trained to take that place this year.


No problem. Once this visit goes out I am sure there will be some people stepping up to take those places. But what happens if there is more than one to serve as a priest?


Michael… Train those that would learn to act as a priest of the temple. Should you have more than what is needed for the Grand formation, I will tell you where to place them.


Ok that works for me. What else do you have for me?


Michael… The masters have been calling the Shekinah to come into their homes on Saturday evening to receive Her blessing. I tell you truly, if a child of God takes one step towards the Shekinah, she will take 10 steps towards them. In doing the blessing they will raise the vibrations of all. The journey to the conference begins with the first step and through this, the Shekinah moves ever closer in your lives. The greatest of blessings will be given to those that take that step.


I know we have been given something really big to do and be at cause for. Not only will we instill a change in our lives but also the world. Now I want to ask you something else. Back a few years ago when I received the Wholeness blessing from you and the other angels, I was brought back to a place of wholeness. When this happened I started feeling great and I even started looking younger. I was also told that I would continue to grow younger but that isn’t happening. About three weeks ago I had to go to the VA because I was in one hell of a lot of pain. I had to have my gallbladder removed and I can’t say that I see this as being whole.


Michael… You are missing some of which you were told. You were also told this would take place if you found the one that would become your representation of the Shekinah and become one with. This you have not done nor have you been giving the wholeness blessing. These things must be done to stay in the vibrations of wholeness.


Well it isn’t like I haven’t been looking, but living where I do there isn’t much to choose from, so I don’t meet a lot of prospects. I have come to the point of where I am simply open to finding that person but I am done stressing about it in order to get younger. This is a new year and you never know what can happen.


Now the amount of people in my life doesn’t afford me much of a chance to give the Wholeness Blessing. I haven’t done as many classes this past year so there have been fewer opportunities. However this year I am going to offer more classes and that should change things. Right now my main focus is on the Conference.


Michael… You are wise in thinking this way for there is much to be done. Yet there is a balance in your life that also needs to be. It is not fitting that you should do this work alone. You work best when you have a partner in life to work with.


That is true. It is really nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to get input from someone that is familiar with the work I do. As you know, I can get pretty far out there in my thinking and sometimes I do need that Shekinah person to bring me back to reality. Ok, enough about my love life and all that. What else do you have to tell me?


Michael… Our time is done for now. We will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


Once again as he finished the words Michael started to fade back into the light and was gone. Now all I need to do is get this written up. Back to work here.

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