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Angelic Visits 2020

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June 10     November 24

June10 2020

June 2020 Visit  pdf version


I went out on the back deck to check what the weather was like. As I walked out, I glanced down to the Koi pond to see how the waterfall was flowing. Sometimes I have to clean leaves out of the water filter and pump. The water was flowing just fine. I started scanning the backyard to see if any tree limbs came down in the storm last night. As I turned my attention to the right, I could see the gate and what was interesting was that someone was standing in it.


The first thing that came to my mind was angels are afoot. The particular angel that was afoot was Michael and it's about time. I came down off the deck and headed towards the gate. Well, it's about time you showed up. I've been waiting to talk with you. I would have thought you would've showed up long before this but then again, you've probably been very busy with all of the souls that are returning home.


Michael…It is true that a great many have come home to God. We are there to greet each soul that returns, yet you must remember we are also there to usher each soul to earth. Our kind is there with you when you are born and when you return home. There are many who have come home and there will be many more to come.


Oh well, that's just great, so I guess they're not going to get this virus thing handled on our end.


Michael… There are things in your world that are dangerous to your kind. When your kind comes in contact with these things there are serious repercussions. Some of these things will lead to sickness while others will lead to death. Such is the way of your world. Yet I tell you, do not despair for there is hope on the horizon. Scientists around the world are looking for a cure. Rest assured they will find one. In the meantime, take care of yourselves to be safe. Follow the instructions that are given to you by those that know how to be safe.


I can only speak for me. When I leave the house, before I go into a store, I make sure I have a mask on, hat and a long-sleeved shirt. I also have a bottle of hand sanitizer to use before I get into the car. When I get home, I take everything off, unpack all of the groceries throw, the plastic bags away and wash my hands. No one comes to visit me and I don't go visit anyone. I social distance just as they say. Now I can’t know who has the virus, but I do know it only takes just one person to give it to somebody else. Now I know you angels have a lot of work for me to do and you're going to take care of me every chance you get, but I also know you can't protect me from being stupid.


Yes, this virus has caused a lot of problems including the hotel where we were going to hold the conference this year. They told me that they would not allow as many people as would be there in the Grand Ballroom so I had to cancel it, as I'm sure you know. All I could do is work with the hotel to get it postponed until June of next year. The thing that really upsets me is here I work all year long to put a conference together and then it gets canceled. I'm usually working really hard to get everything together to go to the conference but this year it ain't happening.


Michael…It was wise to postpone the conference. As you said holding the conference this year is not worth the risk of putting people in harm’s way. Should you look on the bright side, now you have more time to get ready for the conference next year and your numbers will grow.


Well, given we won’t be holding a conference this year ,I was thinking we could do a video chat on line.


Michael… Let me speak to you of this. There are a number of things that should be done. With everything going on in your world today it would be wise to raise the vibrations of the masters. You will need to sing the seven names of God along with I am, You are, We are one. Also, to help raise the vibrations of the masters, they will need to use one of the sacred oils. The oils that can be used are the Metatron oil ,the Shekinah oil, or even the Oneness oil.


When you begin, have each master anoint themselves with which ever oil they choose. Place the oil on the crown of the head. This will help raise the vibration of each one participating. I will give you something to teach later. When you have finished, you and the masters will send it out to the world.


Ok I can do that. Now I want to run something by you. I have been thinking about what is going on lately. As you know, there are protests going on, a virus killing people and I tend to think it is due to people being willfully unconscious. So here is where I want to go with this. Back a few years you told me if we the Masters could get 222 masters standing in the Grand Formation we could change the consciousness of the planet. We tried several times but we just couldn’t pull the number together to have it happen. If we would have gotten the number it would have brought a quantum's step towards consciousness?


Michael…This is so. Had you reached the number and raised the vibrations to alter the consciousness of the planet, everything would not be as it is now. How many times have you heard from your leaders, "Well let's wait and see what happens." When there is a potential problem they don't take care of it, they wait and see what happens and then they have to try and fix it. It is much like your kind call busy work. They look like they are doing a lot yet nothing is really happening. They create problems to fix. If their consciousness was different they would look and say, "What is it we can create to make it better for everyone?" An example of this are the scientists that are working to cure the virus. They don't just stand on the sidelines and wonder what's going to happen, they come together and work together to create a vaccine and they are very close.


Well, here's what I'm getting at. We're going to have a conference next year we already know that. What I want to know is would it behoove us to have 222 masters standing in the formation?


Michael… Yes. You have to remember when you have that number standing in the Grand Formation there is a harmonics that is created vibrationally. Once you have created these harmonics it allows for an atmosphere that raises the level of consciousness. Your kind is moving towards a higher consciousness and if you have the number at your next conference it will even go higher.


I must say that's some exciting news and you can count on me to do whatever I can to get the number next year. However, you have to remember it's not just up to me it's up to the masters to come together and make this happen.


Michael…Now that you are having the conference next year you have the time to gather the masters in that number. Our time is done for now. We will speak again soon. Be at peace and teach only love.


I watched the ball of light that he was standing in start to shrink and fold in on itself. In the next few minutes he was gone. Now I just hope when he said we will speak again soon it won't be months before he comes back again. It's time for me to end this so I can get it to Ken to put up on the webpage. In the meantime, everyone be safe, wear a mask, wash your hands and don't touch your face. And like Michael says, "Be at peace and teach only love."


November 2020 Visit  pdf version

I went to bed early because I am trying to catch up on sleep. As some of you know, I have been getting surgery for my tremors. I had staples in my head and if I was sleeping and they touched the pillow. it hurt enough to wake me up. So, a good nights sleep was out of the question. Now the staples are out and I can sleep. I was hoping for 8 hours but that was not to happen.


Michael… Arise I would speak with you.


I opened my eyes to see Michael standing at the foot of my bed. I wanted to say please give me 5 more minutes, but that never worked with my mother and I didn’t think it would with him. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up. As I was grabbing my pants, I watched Michael leave the room. I knew he went into the office and was standing in my Gate of Grace waiting for me. As I approached the gate he spoke.


Michael…The time of darkness is coming to an end. The light of Truth is beginning to shine through. This is the reason for my coming at this time. I have work for you and the Masters to bring the Light in quickly and more abundantly. This year is the most important of times. In the past, you were calling in the Light. However, this year the Light is coming and with the help of the Masters, it will dispel the darkness more quickly. Many have lost their way in the darkness and you and the Masters can begin to light their way.


You are talking about the Novus Invicta process. Novus Invicta process 


I can see how now is a good time for you to bring it up. Much has changed in my world and I can see a new hope for a better world coming. It seems to me this year is different than in the past. In the past, we were calling in the Light but this year it is coming on its own. All we are doing is making way for more to come in faster. I will make sure I have everything the Masters may need.


Michael… This is so. Let the Masters come forth and open the space for the Light. Call on them to join in this time for the return of the Light.


I will get the word out to the Masters and we can see what we can create together.


I want to talk to you about something else. Let’s talk about the virus. Last time we talked you said a vaccine would be coming soon. Well it looks like you were right. Scientists have come up with several vaccines.


Michael… Rejoice. this will save many lives.


I have been hearing many things about people taking the vaccine or not. They say no one knows the long-term effects of the vaccine. Which I say, that is true but I do know some of the long-term effects of the virus. If someone gets it and they live, some of the long-term effects are brain damage, heart problems, lung damage, and organ failure. I think I will pass on all that. Being at high risk with my age I will take my chances with the vaccine.


Michael…This is wise. You have to realize that those that created it know what they are doing. It is not like they are telling you to inject Lysol just because it kills the virus. They have designed something just to stop it. These are some very smart people and with a little Divine help, they have come up with vaccines.


Well thanks for the help. Now given it looks like we are getting a handle on this so people will be safe, I have a question. Is it a good idea to hold the conference this coming year? The Masters have been asking me about it.


Michael… That will depend on the Masters and their desire to hold a conference. Should they do the things that will keep them and all the others safe, then you may have the conference. I know you have heard, “My vibrations are so high I can’t get the virus.” Because they haven’t gotten it yet doesn’t mean they can’t. It just means they haven’t yet. You have been told by some that God will protect them and God will, however God can’t protect them from themselves. Your kind has been given free will to choose how you will live your life. It is up to you to do it wisely or foolishly. There are rewards and prices to pay depending on the actions one chooses to take.


I know what you are saying. I will error on the side of safety every time. What else do you have for me?


Michael…Our time is done for now. I will speak to you in the New Year of Light and Enlightenment. Be at peace and teach only love.


Once again, I watch as the light all around Michael folded in on itself and he was gone. Ok, I am off to bed and will write this visit up in the morning.


I have added the Novus Invicta process at the end of this visit:

Novus Invicta process:


Begin sometime after dark on Dec. 22nd, and here is what we are going to be doing:


Step 1 Set up your Gate of grace in advance


Step 2 After your gate of grace is set up, set up the tabernacle using the instructions that came with your tabernacle crystal stone set. (If you have tabernacle stone set) Step 3 With you in the center, (if you have) the Shekinah flame; place it between you and the smoke crystal stone in the North. If you also have a Metatron flame, place it between you and the Metatron crystals at the entrance of the tabernacle in the south. (In other words, place the Shekinah flame in front of you and the Metatron behind you.) When you have done this place a drop of the Songs Of Songs oil on your throat so your voice will be as a song. (OK if you do not have this oil)


Step 3 With you in the center, (if you have) the Shekinah flame; place it between you and the smoke crystal stone in the North. If you also have a Metatron flame, place it between you and the Metatron crystals at the entrance of the tabernacle in the south. (In other words, place the Shekinah flame in front of you and the Metatron behind you.) When you have done this, place a drop of the Songs Of Songs oil on your throat so your voice will be as a song. (OK if you do not have this oil)


Step 4 Take one drop of the IAM oil and place it on a piece of charcoal and light it. (if you have not been Gathered yet you will not have this oil. You may however use the Holy of Holies oil. Step back outside of the entrance facing the Gate of Grace and say: “This is said to make something Holy. Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, O Lord, our God, Lord of hosts O Lord, our God Lord of hosts Who was and Who is and Who is to come, Who was and Who is and Who is to come.”


Step 5 Once you have said this, each Master will light the votive candle in their lamp as a symbol of their Divine light and enter the tabernacle. With everyone facing the entrance, say the Seven Names of God: “Shriram, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai” and ring the tuning fork for each name. DO NOT SEAL THE ENTRANCE (nothing further needs to be done.)


Step 6 Start singing, “I am, you are, we are one,” 9 times.


Step 7 When you have finished with the song, each person will place a drop of the sacred oil of Shri Rom on your crown. Elohim on your third eye. Buddha on your right temple. Yahweh on left temple. Ahura Mazda under and behind your right ear. Allah is placed under and behind your left ear and the oil of El Shaddai is place on the neck above the place where to two collarbones come together. Sing the seven names of God 9 times.


Step 8 Place a drop of the Festival of Light oil on your heart. Step 9 Place a drop of the Novus Invicta oil on your third eye. 


Step 9  Place a drop of the Novus Invicta oil on your third eye.


Step 10 Place the sacred oil of the Three Kings on your crown and say: “As a child of God I have attuned my vibrations to receive the gifts of the Three Kings. I have anointed my heart to the vibrations of the Birth of the Light. I reclaim my Divine kingship as a child of God and place my crown on my head.” Each will take from their hearts a crown and place it on their own head and say, “As it is said, it is done.”


Step 11 Take a drop of the Novus Invicta oil and a drop of the Festival of Light oil and place them on a piece of charcoal. Burn the charcoal and as the smoke rises, say the Seven Names of God: “Shriram, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai. “ Ring the tuning forks for the Names of God in order (if you have them.)


Step 12 When you have finished, face the entrance of the tabernacle and say: “As a child of God that wears the Crown of Light I send the Light of Wisdom, Compassion and Love to bring harmony to the world.” After you have said this, bring the votive candle in the lamp up and blow the light of the candle out through the entrance of the tabernacle. The light you have sent out will become one with the rays of the rising sun and shine on the world. Say, “It is done.” 



I know many of you do not have all these things so let me say this. God is very understanding so just do the best you can for the process. Many of you have oils that you have gotten over the years. You may use the sacred oils for each of the steps that you thing or feel would best serve the part of the process.


Bless your hearts,


Nov 2020
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