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The Masters Return

Joe Crane and G.W. Hardin

paperback, 256 pages



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Truly, a life transforming book with so many beautiful messages. We have forgotten how to heal ourselves, how to live heaven on Earth, and with the help of the angels, who have brought forth many tools to help us, we can begin the process of remembering our greatness as children of God. As Michael says, we don't need the tools, yet how many of us are fully in our power, working the very miracles we are capable of? How's that working for you? Exactly!!! Get the book and begin your journey into wonder, awe and boundless miracles!!!


Review from Amazon by Jewls

"Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Masters Return fulfills all of our expectations on how we can return our planet to the Eden it used to be. This book is a must for any seeker of true knowledge and wisdom. A MUST READ"

The Masters Return by Joe Crane and G.W. Hardin

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