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Angelic Visits 2014

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April 8

April 8th, 2014 Angel Visit     print out as PDF file 

I was awakened at 7:30 in the morning by my name being called. Angels are afoot again, I thought to myself. I got out of bed, got dressed and headed into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee. It seemed a little odd to me that Michael wasn’t standing in the gate waiting for me. I guess in a way I was kind of grateful for that because it gave me enough time to get my coffee. I sipped my coffee as I headed into the office, took a seat and waited for what was next. It didn’t take long before a light started to grow in the center of the Gate of Grace. As I sat and watched the light grow brighter, I wondered who would show up this time. I never know with these angels what it’s going to look like. It didn’t take very long before I could plainly see this visit was going to be with Michael. Once he was fully formed in the gate, I asked him, “What do I owe the honor of this visit?”


Michael… The time when you will gather in Utah is close upon you. We see that you are far from the number you will need for the work that is to be done.


Yes I know that and once again, it seems like people are going to wait till the last minute to register. There’s no need to panic, people do this every year. However, if we don’t have the numbers by June 1st, then it’s time to panic. Besides that, I want to talk to you about some things that are concerning me. I was watching television the other night and they got to talking about looking for a plane that is missing. The way that they’re going about it is they’re looking for wreckage floating on the ocean. However every time they think they found something, it turns out to be garbage. Then they said the unimaginable - that there is a garbage slick floating on the ocean as big as the state of Texas. Then the scary thing he said was that the way things are going, the oceans are going to start to die. He also said we probably won’t see it in our lifetime, but our children will see the oceans die in their lifetime. He added that when the oceans die, so does every thing else and this once beautiful planet becomes a wasteland void of life.


Michael… Do you not see your consciousness and awareness growing? You are now aware and conscious of something you were not. You hold the sacred bowls that will be you in the grand formation. Is it any wonder your awareness is starting to grow? You will begin to see things that you have not seen before. Those that have done the seven names of God as you have given are raising the vibrations and opening the consciousness for this to happen.


Once again Michael, I fail to see this as a gift. Granted, I have been made aware of something I did not know. So what is it that I as one man can do to alter the course of what seems to be inevitable? I wouldn’t even know where to begin.


Michael… You have been given where to begin. It is up to you to gather the numbers in the grand formation. You were told in order for healing to take place, one must first be aware of what is out. This holds true in all things whether it be your bodies or your planet. One cannot fix what is broken if they do not know it is broken. I tell you truly, the bringing together of 444 masters in the grand formation will bring about and awareness and raise the consciousness of everyone that walks this earth. I speak not only of the healing of the world you live on. I speak of healing the madness of your kind that has created a world of war, disease and the hatred of one another. There is much the masters can change as they stand in the grand formation. They will become one as the vibrational generator brings back to harmony that which is out of harmony. You should not trouble yourself about these things as you have other work to do. Call forth the number that you were given to stand in the grand formation with you and these things will take care of themselves.


Well that’s a load off my mind, now all I have to do is to do is concern myself with the upcoming conference.


Michael… This is so. I see you have been busy preparing the things you will be taking to the conference.


Well I didn’t want to wait till the last minute to get started on this. I want to be able to just pack up and go when the time comes to go to the conference. As you can see, I am in the process of making Gate of Grace sets and Tabernacles. Morgan has been helping me with the sacred oils to be sure that I have more than enough. I am also in the process of putting together an order for tuning forks so that I can have forks there rather than have to order them. I know we are about two months out, but there’s a lot of work yet to be done in order to be ready for the conference.


Michael… It is good that you’re getting ready to place an order for tuning forks, yet make sure that what you order will be able to supply all those that would desire the tuning forks. You have started making the water diamonds again which is wise for you to do. This year when the hotel serves water, make sure that there is a water diamond in the water people will be drinking. It’s important that the water they drink is structured water, for it will raise the vibrations of their bodies.


I’m glad you told me that. I really didn’t want to start making water diamonds again because there are other people that are selling them. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden people started ordering them from me again. I tried to send them to someone else but they said no, they like mine. I didn’t have enough made up to fill the orders so I had to make up a big batch. You know that’s a really good idea to put the water diamonds in the water everyone will be drinking. I never thought of that. So now when I get to the hotel, I’ll just have to find out what kind of water containers they use. There’s a couple of new things that I’m going to be adding it to my product line this year that will be quite surprising.


Michael… That which you are speaking of each holds a vibrational harmonics of it’s own. When the conference is done they may carry this harmonics with them. It is again wise that you will have these things at the conference with you.


I knew these things that have the vibration but I never thought about them picking up the vibration of the very conference itself. That is just too cool. I do have a question though, I want to ask about this. Given these things are going to be at the conference where we will be in the grand formation and raising our consciousness and awareness by 20%, will our consciousness and awareness grow by having these things with us?


Michael… Once your consciousness and awareness has been raised, these will not raise it further. However it will become clearer to each. The masters will come to find that problems in everyday life will drift away or will be solved easily.


That makes perfect sense to me because it’s kind of like you don’t need to be recharged all the time. What else do I need to know about the conference and what’s going to happen?


Michael… This year when the wholeness Blessing is given, it will bring wholeness beyond what was given before. There will be many healings that will take place emotionally, mentally and physically. Those that received the wholeness blessing this year will know the power of the blessing. I know you already have people doing the Wholeness Blessing at the facilitator’s training. It is wise that you do this with those that will be coming from out of the country as well as those that live here.


I thought it would be a good idea to offer the facilitator’s training three days after the conference. Everyone’s vibrations will be very high and I think it will make for a great training. Not only am I going to offer the facilitator’s training the new people, but some of the people who missed the new stuff will be able to register also. I was going to send this out in the newsletter so that people would know that I’m offering the facilitator’s training, but I will write it up in this visit. If people want to register, they can call me directly so that I will know the size of the room I will need to teach in.


Michael…I know you ’re planning on giving the Blessing again this year as you have done in the past. Yet when you give it this time, most will have a profound experience as they have not had before. Be sure to have enough people to support you in this process. The blessing that you’re going to be giving this year will even surprise and amaze you.


From what I can remember it’s been pretty powerful in the past. I just can’t imagine it being more powerful than it has been. But given the energy, vibrations and frequencies at this year’s conference, I can see how it would take this blessing to a new level for everyone.


Michael… You still think that this conference is going to be like the ones you have had before. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Last year when you stood as one in the formation, much was accomplished as far as a trial run of the generator and it’s full potential. This year when you stand as one in the formation with the numbers I have given you, you will generate a most powerful harmonic. Not one person will be the same at the end of this conference nor will be your world. I tell you truly, the number of people that witness the presence of our kind (Angels) will pale the number that have seen us when you teach the facilitator’s training.


Well I know every time I’ve done the facilitator’s training there have been people who saw Angels and the Shekinah. So I’m looking forward to seeing how many people actually do get to see the Angels at this year’s conference. Now I see you guys all the time at the conferences, but it’s really nice to know that others will begin to see you also. Speaking of the Shekinah, I still haven’t found the one that will stand with me in my life as the Shekinah.


Michael… It is wise that you have waited and not filled your life with someone so that you would not have to live alone. You may still find yourself standing with the one that will be the Shekinah for you.


I hate to bring this up, but I think I’ve heard this before. And it’s not like I haven’t been looking, however the timing and the meeting just hasn’t taken place. Or if it has, I guess I missed it. Well, I guess I’ll just have to see what happens this year but after three years, I’m not that big of a hurry.


Michael… Our time is done for now. There is still much for you to do to prepare for your conference. Be about making that which you need to make ordering that which you need to order. You know as well as anyone the time for the conference will soon be upon you.


There were a few more things that I wanted to ask him about but when Michael is done he’s done. When the visit is over the visit is over. The only thing left for me to do was just stand and watch Michael fold back into the light. No sooner did Michael leave, then the phone started ringing. I thought to myself well, it’s time to get back to work.


Bless Your Heart,


Juy 2014

July 2014 Angel Visit  print out as PDF file

My tuning fork order finally came in and I had a lot of forks to paint so that I could ship out orders. I was standing on the back porch painting each fork with the correct color. I began to think of how happy the people are going to be when I finally get their order out to them. I was happy because I didn’t have to worry how long it was going to take fill these orders.


As I placed the tuning fork back on the box I designed to cradle the newly-painted ones, I noticed something further out in the yard. I have a full-size Gate of Grace set up not too far from the back porch. I have some pretty decent sized stones that I use for this Gate because the squirrels tend to steal the smaller ones. As I looked at the gate in the yard, I noticed there was movement in the center of it. It wasn’t as if there was an object moving but more like seeing heat waves rising and fluttering back and forth. I figured it had to be one of two things: either the temperature was causing this fluctuation or angels were afoot. It didn’t take me long to see Angels were in fact of foot. The center of the Gate of Grace in the yard was being filled with a bright white light. Knowing this was a precursor to a visit, I put down my work, stepped off the back porch and headed to the gate. By the time I got there, Michael had pretty-well materialized. “Well,” I said, “I was wondering when you were going to pay me a visit. It has been awhile since the event and I have a lot of questions.”


Michael… There is a reason I did not visit you sooner after the conference. Yet I will start with a blessing to all of those who stood in the formation and sang the Seven Names of God. Each that stood in the formation contributed their vibrations to generate the harmonics needed for the number attending. Those standing in formation were less in number than what was needed to raise the consciousness and awareness of the world. Yet for those standing with you, theirs were raised.


That’s good to hear, so how much was their consciousness and awareness raised?


Michael… We will speak of that in a while. For now, let us speak of the flow of the vibrational frequencies needed to bring about the full harmonics. Dave and all those that helped did well with the Gatherings to usher in the new gathered Masters. Larry’s teaching of the Gate of Grace and how to set it up has been needed for sometime. There has been little talk of the Gate of Grace and what an important role it plays in healing and angelic communication, so he did well.

You could not have found a more perfect person to speak of the principles of creation of than Paula. Her teachings set the tone and the vibrations needed in order to create that which you did in the grand formation. Adil and Baljit worked together to teach the sacred geometrical patterns, introducing them to the Masters for the very first time. Baljit’s teachings were very clear and understandable by all. Adil’s teachings were quite profound they opened up the mind to higher concepts.

When the Masters at the conference took time to join in with those from the Unify group at the specified time, there was a coming together in oneness. Adil was correct when he told you that those at the conference joined in the harmony with over 1 million people around the world. Blessings to those with you and those who stood around the world.


The teaching of the Wholeness Blessing will make the way for more to receive the Blessing and help others to reach a state of wholeness. It would be wise that you should offer more Wholeness Blessing Facilitators Trainings.


I would be happy to do that but people just don’t seem to be interested in taking the training just now. The training after the Conference went well even though it was a small one. The good news is there now five new Wholeness Blessing Facilitators from the training.


Michael… This may be as you see it now, yet there are others that would want to teach the Fountain of Life Class as you do. You have other classes you haven’t taught in years. There are those ready to learn what you teach. You may think these are all old teachings and many have already attended these classes. Yet you forget it has been several years since you taught your classes. Since that time you have learned many more things that people should know. This new Introduction to Healing class would go far beyond what you were able to teach in the beginning. Your Accutuning class is one of the most powerful healing tools I have given you. As soon as Ole finishes the Metatron and Shekinah tiles, you can start teaching the Divine Masculine and Feminine Creation class. You can empower others by teaching a Heal the Seven Wounds class should you wish to do so.


Now that’s a class I would like to teach. As far as the Divine Feminine aspect goes, there is no one that teaches the Divine Feminine class better than Robbie. I am sure she knows a lot but I didn’t teach her everything I know. Those that have taken her class will be quite surprised at how what I teach will blend with what came before. It will take them to another level.


Regarding Ole getting the images of the Shekinah and the Metatron onto tiles, I’ll see about doing a class when those are done. Oh by the way, I want to talk to you about some coasters that Ole made with your image on them. It seems that those coasters have some very interesting properties. We made them just because we thought they would be cool to have. However, people who put the coasters on different parts of their body found that they relieve pain and others experienced some healing things going on for them. I know from past experiences your energy or vibration supports people in healing.


Michael… This is true. Yet there is more to these then you realize. Because my image is on the coaster along with the star octahedron, they hold a very high frequency that assists in healing. You may think they only serve to keep a ring off your table, yet what you are doing is raising the frequency of your drink to a healing liquid. That liquid will support and fortify one’s own healing process.


Okay, now you’ve got me curious. Given the images on the coasters, I have to ask about the medallions that I had Ole make for the conference. I felt drawn to place the medallions in the formation. When I got home from the conference, I took the box that all the coins were in and sent it on a long skinny table inside my front door. What I’ve noticed is each time I walk in, I feels as if the hair on my arms are about to stand up. There is a very high frequency coming from those medallions. So tell me, what did I do?


Michael… There is much to be said about the properties of the medallions. First of all, you have to realize what is on them. On one side there is the image of me inside the star octahedron and on the other, there is the formation that we used this year. During the conference you placed those medallions within the formation. The work that you did in raising the levels of consciousness and awareness was infused within those medallions. Let me speak to you of what will take place when someone holds one. Those that stood with you at the conference created and absorbed the frequencies and the harmonics of awareness and consciousness. When one returns to the everyday world, those harmonics will begin to lessen.


If those that were at the conference were to hold one of the medallions, they would reabsorb the frequency and the harmonics you created at the conference. It is done quite simply by holding the medallion in your hand, clearing your mind and taking three deep breaths. It is done. That which you created at the conference formation is once again infused into each person.


For those who were not there, they can do the same process and they will begin to absorb the harmonics and the frequency given at the conference.


It’s kind of cool that it doesn’t make any difference whether or not you were at the conference. You can still benefit from the frequencies and the harmonics that the medallions hold.


Michael… This is so. Yet there were other things that were placed in the formation. These things were charged with Divine energy. It makes no difference whether they were the shawls, blankets or the coasters. They all absorbed the Divine frequency. Yet I tell you truly, the blankets and shawls carry a healing frequency of their own.


I’m glad you brought up the blankets and shawls because I had some people ask me about them. I told people that they could use them as either a blanket to cover up with or they can put it on their massage tables to assist people when they’re doing a healing session. The question that I was asked was how do they compare to the crystal coverings that people put on their healing tables? You know, the ones with the long tubes of crystals.


Michael… The crystal-filled table coverings are powerful because they carry shards of crushed crystals. Because there is so much of the crystal sewed into the healing table blanket, people absorbed those frequencies and they are assisted in their healing process. However, you have to realize that the crystals have a chaotic frequency because the shards are not all running in the same direction. When you do this, the energies of the crystals are scattered. With the blankets that Ole and April make, there is no chaos in the crystals as they are all aligned in their frequency. Understand there are two things happening with the blankets and the shawls. Each holds a Gate of Grace which is used for healing and angelic communication. You have chosen to use Laminar crystal tubing, which outlines the parameters of the star octahedron. Because laminar crystals all run in the same direction, the harmonic frequency is structured and more powerful in the healing flow. It was wise to make these blankets for healing.


That makes perfect sense to me. We have also put together some pocket stones with the Seven Names of God upon them and also the Angels of the Seven Churches. That way people can pick one of the stones then carry that particular Angel’s energy around with them throughout the day. That would also work the same way with the Names of God on the pocket stones.


Michael… You have done much to raise the vibrations of the masters, yet do not forget the Names of God process that was given to be done with the tuning forks and sacred oils.


Let us speak more of the conference. The Divine Blessings that you give each year set the vibrational harmonics to a very high level before entering the grand formation. Your daughter’s touch has become as powerful as yours. She has grown much over the years. The men that you chose to represent the Divine Masculine in the Gate of Grace was fitting along with the women you chose as bowl carriers to hold the vibrations of the Divine Feminine. Their contribution of the vibrational frequency allowed the generator to move. There was a problem however, with the way you had the Seven Names of God sung. You misunderstood my directions. It is not as you would say, a bad thing. It was just not the most effective way to set the vibrations. You will have an opportunity to correct that at the next conference to maximize the vibrational harmonics.


I have to agree with you that Gabby is coming into her own. She has been a great help to me at the conference and she’s growing into quite a magnificent little woman. You know it would be nice if she could take over for me someday and do the teachings. However I don’t want it to be a ‘have to’ for her. I know she has her own dreams and visions as to what she wants to do with her life. I told her I will support her in whatever it is that she wants to do. Also, I want her to know that what I teach is available to her down the road if she wants to start teaching herself. But then again it’s like I say, this path I have chosen to take with you angels has not always been an easy one. Sometimes it feels like a very heavy burden but that’s on me I chose it. I would not look down on anyone that had the good sense not to take the same path I’ve chosen.


Michael… This is true. Much have you given up to do the work you do. Blessed are you for you to have not come to be a witness. Many are your bricks that you have made. Many are those that have found a loving God from the work you do. Now you are working with Adil and Baljit to bring the conference to British Columbia, Canada.


Yes that’s something we’ve been working on and exploring the possibilities. I think it would be fun to do a conference up there as well as here in the states. However it’s still in the planning stage and nothing has been set. I sure I will be talking to them again soon. Now as far as the conference goes here in the states, I’ve been thinking about doing it in the eastern US. I have Don and Lee looking for a place in Georgia where we might hold it. However nothing has been set in stone yet.


Oh, another thing, there were some people that were telling me that we would probably have greater attendance if it wasn’t the full four days. They were telling me that a three-day conference would probably serve everyone better. I don’t know how that would work, given I barely had enough time to get things done for this conference. There was so much going on that when we did get to arranging the formation, we didn’t have everyone standing in the formation until late. Last year the formation arrangements were done the day before, so when we got into the formation early, we were finished early in the evening. There’s just a whole lot to take into consideration. When we do the conference in Canada I may try a three-day and see how it works. It’s just a thought.


Michael… Changing the number of days would do little to serve the people or the conference. As you set with all that needs to be done before the grand formation on the last day, you would more than likely find your self running out of time.


You’re probably right, but I’m still going to see if maybe in Canada I could get a three-day to work. But no matter how you look at it, I’m going to need a partner to work with me on this. The problem is I’ll need to find someone who knows the teachings inside and out. I thought about hiring someone because it was suggested to me, but I don’t see how that would work. Goes back to I need them to know what I know so they don’t have to ask me all the time. I will have to see what happens between now and then.


Michael… There will be much to do between now and the next conference. Remember it is time for you to start teaching again. There is much the masters can learn from you so do not wait until the conference to teach.


Okay, I’ll start figuring out what classes I’m going to be offering and when. I’ll get something out in the newsletter and then people can decide what they would like me to teach.


Michael… Blessed again are the masters that stood with you in the grand formation for they have made a larger difference in this world than they know. They have made a difference in their own lives that they will begin to see between now and the Festival of Lights. Our time is done now. I will speak to you again soon.


It seemed a little strange to me to watch Michael fold back into the light that surrounded him from the gate in the backyard. I guess I just got used to seeing him do that in the office. I watched as the light folded in on itself and Michael was gone.


As I walked back up to the house, I couldn’t help thinking how in the world I was going to get this visit written up with all the things I had to do. I guess I’ll start doing my juggling and getting done whatever it is I can get done.

Oct 27 2014

October 27 Angel Visit  print out as PDF file

I was enjoying the weekend with my daughter Gabby, which I always do when it’s her weekend to visit with me. We stayed up late watching movies and snacking on things we probably shouldn’t have. It was about 1 o’clock in the morning when I finally had enough and went to bed. It was my intention to sleep in late, however angels were afoot. I opened my eye to see that the light was coming in from outside, so I knew it was morning. I was hoping to sleep in late but that wasn’t going to happen, so I got up and turned the coffee pot on. I had just finished making my cup of coffee when I heard Michael’s voice coming from behind me in the office.


Michael… I would speak with you about that which is to be done to set the ending of this year and open the next. At your conference last year, you brought into being new vibrations. Although those vibrations were not what you were anticipating, you did set them in motion. With these new vibrations, there are processes that you must begin to be set in motion. On November 22nd the masters will begin a new process to raise these vibrations.


I must say, I was expecting a visit long before now. I have done two Seven Wounds Courses and am getting ready to do two new Vibrational Healing Courses with tuning forks and sacred oils. I am going to be a busy boy next month. On November 1st, I am doing the vibrational healing at Ken’s in Castle Rock and on the 2nd I am doing the Fountain of Life class there as well. Then on the 15th of November I will be teaching the Vibrational Healing Class in Port St. Lucie in Florida.


Michael…You will be busy next month. With the new things you are teaching, you will be creating powerful healers. You are not aware of how much you have learned over the years because you use it all the time. You do not realize the difference from what you knew and how much you know now. Those that have attended your classes in the past will be very surprised at how much new information has been added. Do not forget that you have new sacred oils that you did not have at the start of your teaching. Given the way you teach, not only will your class be very informative but it will also be fun for those attending.


Yes, I do tend to make it fun because if it is fun, people learn and retain more. Then they are more inclined to practice what they have learned.


Michael…Let us speak of the Seven Wounds Class. With the class you just finished you have less than a dozen people empowered to do this process. As time goes by, those that had their wounds healed and sealed will see how their lives changed greatly. You have made it possible for them to have a clear choice based on what they truly desire and not on the wounds of the past. Things that were not possible for them before will become available as they move through their lives. Have you not been told by those that had their wounds sealed what a difference it made in just a few days?


There seems to be a freedom with their lives now. Their past experiences are no longer interfering with their present. I would have to say from all I have heard, they are happier now than before. The conflicts of the past don’t come up or get in the way as before. The really exciting thing for me is they are empowered. Now I am thinking with the Wholeness Blessing and the Sealing of the Seven Wounds, this could really make a big difference with a lot of people. They can heal and seal the wounds of others. I mean once the wounds are sealed, I can see where the wholeness can really make a difference in returning one to balance and full potential.


Michael…This is so. So many things are connected, it is difficult to heal everything at once. One thing touches so many others. It is a process.


I know what you are saying because I see it all the time when I do healing sessions. As you begin to heal one thing, another problem begins to heal itself or it it doesn’t take much to bring it back into balance.


Michael…Let us speak now of what you will be doing starting on the 22nd. Yes, the Festival of Light. What do you remember of this?


Not a problem, let me read to you what I have on my computer.


I had typed in what I wanted and here is what I read to him.


Each year as we move into the holiday season, Michael or one of the other angels brings up the Festival of Light when they speak to me. During this time, I have noticed there is very little or no angelic visitations. I used to think this was their way of giving us time to celebrate the holidays as we wish. However, I know there might be much more to it than the angels just giving us all a vacation.


If we look at what is going on this time of year, there is a really good hint under our noses. In the winter, the days have gotten shorter with less sunlight. But so what? It happens like this every winter. I have to ask, why is it so important to the angels for us to use this time? Why have they given us an oil called the Festival of Light?


There is in the Jewish tradition a Festival of Light, That was the name in the first century and it has become Hanukkah today. Many of us that are not Jews think it is the Jewish Christmas but it is not. It has great significance and you will see why the angels have brought it up to us. The Festival of Light is about the rededication of the temple, a call for jubilation that God once more dwells among the people. It is a time that enhances self-awareness as well as freedom from strife and struggle. It is a reminder of the miracle of the oil - when the oil burned for 8 days and there was only enough oil for one day. This brought about light when there should not of been any.


The Festival of Light opens some wonderful possibilities coming off the last visit. After December 21, the days begin to get longer, a reminder of us coming out of spiritual darkness. Let’s face some facts here about our own spirituality.


Michael…Well put. However, you will be doing something this year as you move into the Festival of Light you have not done in the past. Before, your kind has started on the three days before the birth of the light. This year you will be welcoming in the light long before then.


Starting on the evening of the 22nd of November when the sun goes down, each will place a drop of the Festival of Light sacred oil on the candle in the lamp and light it.


Each will say, "As a child of God I open my house and heart to the coming Light." You will sing the Seven Names of God three times and place the Three Kings oil on your hearts. You will then say, "As a King or Queen (depending on whether you are a man or a woman) I offer the gift of love as I light to the world,” and sing the Seven Names of God three times. When this is done, blow the flame out.


Well, this is the way I can see how we are taking responsibility, for being at cause to bring the Light of Love in this time around. How often do we do this?


Michael…This will need to be done each Saturday until you begin the Novus Invicta process. I have come to let you know what will be happening and give the Masters time to obtain that which they need for this process. Our time is done for now, yet I will return after you return from your teachings. For now, be at peace and teach only love.


Well this visit was short and to the point, I thought to my self as I watched Michael fold back into the light. Below is what and how we will be doing the process on December 22nd - 24th.

Instructions for the Novus Invicta Process (The December 22nd, New Novus 2012 Process)


This year we are going to be doing the Novus Invicta Festival of Light again. However this we will be doing it a little differently than before. The reason for this is because we are getting ready for the upcoming Children of Light Conference. The vibrations this time around really need to be higher than in the past. There is a harmonics that we will need to attain at a level beyond anything we have created before. We can do it with this new process.


Starting sometime after dark on Dec. 22nd, here is what we are going to be doing:


Step 1 Set up your Gate of Grace in advance of the start time
 Step 2 After your Gate of Grace is set up, set up the tabernacle using the instructions that came with your tabernacle crystal stone set. (If you have tabernacle stone set)


Step 3 With you in the center, (if you have) the Shekinah flame; place it between you and the smoke crystal stone in the North. If you also have a Metatron flame, place it between you and the Metatron crystals at the entrance of the tabernacle in the south. In other words, place the Shekinah flame in front of you and the Metatron behind you.


When you have done this, place a drop of the Song of Songs oil on your throat so your voice will be as a song. (It is okay to skip if you don't have the oil)


Take one drop of the IAM oil and place it on a piece of charcoal and light it. (if you have not been Gathered yet you will not have this oil. You may however use the Holy of Holies oil. Step back outside the entrance facing the Gate of Grace and say: “This is said to make something Holy. Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy, O Lord, our God, Lord of hosts O Lord, our God Lord of hosts. Who was and Who is and Who is to come. Who was and Who is and Who is to come.”


Step 5 Once you have said this, each Master will light the votive candle in their lamp as a symbol of their divine light and enter the tabernacle. With everyone facing the entrance, say the Seven Names of God: “Shriram, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai” and play the tuning fork for each name. DO NOT SEAL THE ENTRANCE (nothing further needs to be done.)


Step 6 Start singing, “I am, you are, we are one,” nine times.


Step 7 When you have finished with the song, each person will place a drop of the sacred oil of Shri Rom on your crown. Elohim on your third eye. Buddha on your right temple. Yahweh on left temple. Ahura Mazda under and behind your right ear. Allah is placed under and behind your left ear and the oil of El Shaddai is placed on the neck above the place where two collarbones come together. Sing the Seven Names of God nine times.


Step 8 Place a drop of the Festival of Light oil on your heart.


Step 9 Place a drop of the Novus Invicta oil on your third eye.


Step 10 Place the oil of the Three Kings sacred oil on your crown and say: “As a child of God I have attuned my vibrations to receive the gifts of the Three Kings. I have anointed my heart to the vibrations of the Birth of the Light. I reclaim my Divine kingship as a child of God and place my crown on my head.” Each will take from their hearts a crown and place it on their own head and say, “As it is said, it is done.”


Step 11 Take a drop of the Novus Invicta and a drop of the Festival of Light oil and place them on a piece of charcoal. Burn the charcoal and as the smoke rises, say the seven names of God: “Shriram, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai.“ Ring the tuning forks for the names of God in order (if you have them.)


Step 12 When you have finished, face the entrance of the tabernacle and say: “As a child of God that wears the Crown of Light, I send the Light of Wisdom, Compassion and Love to bring harmony to the world.” After you have said this, bring the votive candle in the lamp up and blow the light of the candle out through the entrance of the tabernacle. The light you have sent out will become one with the rays of the rising sun and shine on the world. Say, “It is done.”


I know many of you do not have all these things so let me say this. God is very understanding, so just do the best you can for the process. Many of you have oils that you have gotten over the years. You may use the sacred oils for each of the steps that you think or feel would best serve that part of the process.


In order to help you with the cost of the supplies, I am going to make you a special offer. You may order a set of oils and a lamp. You will receive in your order one of each:


2 ml Festival of Light sacred oil


2ml Holy of Holies sacred oil


2ml  Novus Invicta sacred oil


2 ml Song of Songs


2ml  Three Kings sacred oil


Ancient Lamp with candle.


This is a $180 value that you may have for the special price of $100 until December 25th. That means you save $80 over buying them separately.

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