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Why Attend the Conference?

Hosted by Joe Crane, this is the 18th Children of Light Conference.

Denver, Colorado June 8 - 11, 2022

$250 per person
Allow June 7 and 12 for travel days








Video: About the Angels and the Children of Light Conference

This year we are about bringing peace and balance to the world. The Angels have requested your presence at this yearly event for the benefit of all humanity.


Joe Crane has been steadily visited by a number of Angels for over 15 years, primarily the Archangel Michael. Each visit has been transcribed and you can review all the visits here.


Joe doesn't intuit the angels, he sees and hears them with his physical eyes and ears. Sometimes he can touch the Angels and they sometimes  touch him.


The point of these Angelic visits is to help humanity. They have told Joe that if a certain number of people attend the Conference, then the Angels will come forward in a powerful way to assist in bringing important changes to the world.


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We hope you will join us!

Denver, Colorado June 8- 11, 2022

Our world as it is today, needs your help and the Angelic assistance.Please register and be one of the 222 for this Denver, Colorado Conference. Archangel Michael has told Joe that this is the minimum number of people necessary to show that humanity is willing to come together at the Conference and combine their energies with the Angels for this effort.

Do you need financial assistance to attend? Contact Joe Crane

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When you attend the conference you will:

Receive a powerful blessing from the Angels


Archangel Michael said this special blessing will be given for the very first time, given from the Angelic realm to humanity. Michael said we don’t recognize our power and that this blessing is being given so that we truly recognize how powerful we are.

Discover your particular life’s purpose and the gifts you are meant to bring the world. Each of us possess a particular “Vibration/Gift”. When you learn your Gift, you can begin to recognize and own your particular brand of mastery and genius.

Hear about the messages given by the Archangels to Joe Crane and how they can help humanity and help you personally on your life’s journey.

Learn how the Tuning Forks the Angels gave us can aid in healing the body and mind, balance your chakras, develop your healing abilities, and raise your vibration to help with different aspects of your life. Each tuning fork frequency was specified and gifted to us by the Angels to help humankind.

The Archangel Michel has instructed Joe to blend Angelic oils for a wide variety of purposes and these oils will be available at the conference and on the oils page.

Receive a personal Angel that will guide you through the rest of your life. (New attendees only)

Welcome more joy, peace, love and prosperity into your life.

Those attending the Conference will join a growing group of heart-centered people in person. These are people creating a positive shift on our planet that brings Heaven to Earth.

With your participation and the Angel's assistance, we will be bringing in  more wisdom and compassion for ourselves and for the earth.

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Conference 2022 Registration:

Over years of Angelic visits, Joe has compiled some

wisdom from those conversations.

Here are a few quotes from the book:

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Grace is given to all, yet few remember that they have it.


God gives Grace freely.


These are all the things that you know and are aware of. Yet, in the times to come, you will find that you know things you have only dreamed of.


There is so much you have to learn, and each learning will take you to another level.


You should trust yourself.


Teach only love.


Nothing is taken from you that does not come back in love.


Be the gifts you are and listen not to the lies of others.


See the greatness of God?s love for all of you.


It runs all the way to the feet of God.


God does not throw God's children out for any reason.


Video about the Children of Light Conference experience and Angelic encounters.

Laurell Eden interviews Sharie Cohen

Attendees to the Angelic Conferences Describe Their Experiences


Each year in the summer months, Joe Crane hosts the Children of Light Conference. Joe has been seeing Angels physically for over 15 years. The messages given to him are of hope, love and suggestions for improving our lives and the planet.


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