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Angelic Visits 2013

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Jan 27 2013

January 27th, 2013  print out as pdf file


It was early in the morning and the sun hadn’t come up yet when I opened my eyes to the sound of my name. Michael was calling me from the other room and I could see his light shining in through the doorway. I got out of bed, put my jeans on and headed out of the bedroom. As I rounded the corner I saw both Michael and the Shekinah in the office waiting for me. Michael spoke first. 


Michael: You have the place for the conference.


The way he said it was more of a statement rather than a question. Yes we do. We will be using the Ramada in Kansas City, Missouri. Jewls and I finished going over the contract before she left for India. I am going to sign the contract and send a deposit to the hotel on Monday. We did pretty well this time because the prices of the guest rooms are the same as last year. They just remodeled the hotel so it is really nice and the Ballroom is just perfect for what we are going to be doing. The only problem so far is they require that a lot of things be paid up front for holding the reservation. So, I am going to need to get people registered sooner than later. Given this visit is going to be sent out, let me say this to all of you reading it. Please register for the conference as soon as you can because we have bills to pay long before we set foot on the property. You can register at  or give me a call at 830 751 2870. Back to the visit.


Michael: Let us speak of the formation you will be using this year. As you have been told, something wonderful is happening and the vibrations that need to be held are very different than in the past. Even the Wholeness Blessing will become more powerful to those that are there to receive it again or for the first time.


I thought the Blessing was fine the way it was done.


Michael: Joe, you must know that as others have been taught to give the blessing as you do, this is only a beginning for them. Each time you teach others to facilitate the giving of the blessing, all grow in power. 

So what I am hearing you say is as the number of Facilitators grow so does the strength of the blessing they give.


Shekinah: This is so. Each is connected to the next and all are connected to you. When you teach the next Facilitators training, these will be the first to be connected to both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Those that are there may well be the first to stand not only with you as the masculine but also the one that will be the divine feminine with you. You have been given the opportunity for the one to stand as your Shekinah vibrations.


There is much that needs to be done still yet I tell you truly, keep your heart open. Not only will those that are there receive my vibrations, they will receive the vibrations of the one that will stand as one with you. When this happens they will be forever changed.


This sounds like one of the “something wonderful is happening” for those that will be in this training. I still have spaces open for anyone that wants to be there.


Shekinah: Say unto the masters “Hasten to be there before your place is taken.” The vibrational frequencies that will be created may not come again.


I totally get what you are saying. When we meet for this training it will be the first time something like this happens. There is going to be a blending of three very different and distinct vibrations. There will be your frequency and that of the Metatron coming together for this training in a way that has not happened before. Not like you and the Metatron have never been together before. It is just this time there is a Wholeness Blessing that those there will receive in both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Coupled together as a frequency they will become one new harmonic vibration in wholeness.


Michael: That which will take place is beyond your imagination. Shekinah’s embrace with the Metatron makes the whole world tremble. You will see what I am saying during the training. There will be no masculine or feminine as separate, only the divine vibrations of both and neither. This will flow to the masters there as the next step of the Wholeness Blessing.


Now this is something I just have to experience. I kind of have some idea as to what you are saying but it is still hard to wrap my mind around all that could be happening.


Michael: We understand what you are saying. We know nothing like this has happened before with any of the masters or you, for that matter. It will all be made clear when you gather and teach.


Well then I am not going to worry about it. I will do as I do and Shekinah, you will do what it is you have to do. We will receive what is given and take that out to the world.


Michael: Let us speak more of the conference. I will be giving you the formation and what it is that will be done. Look.

Michael pointed and I looked to where he was pointing. It was as if the room got much bigger so what he was showing me would fit. The formation began to become clear. I recognized it immediately.


Shekinah:  You look as if you know more of this than you have been told.


I think I understand where this is all going. You are having me make bowls but not just bowls. Each bowl is pretty much the same. That isn’t what bothers me about them. I have noticed each has to do with you and each has the same thing written on them. The thing that really had me wondering was the number of them. I knew there was something going on with that. I had to ask myself why not seven, one for each of the seven churches or maybe nine for the number of completion. Why eleven? What is the eleven for? There are not eleven places of the gate. Now there is something that has to do with you. There are ten places in the tree of life and one that is hidden. The one that is hidden is the place where you stand. The only thing I don’t understand is why eleven bowls all hold the place that is hidden.


Shekinah: You have come to know that which has not been given. Yet I tell you this will not come to fruition until you gather in the formation. Much of what you will be given will be done when you gather in Missouri. There will be given to you the way of the formation and that which will be done. For now finish the bowls and be about the facilitators training for it is important.


Michael: We will speak again soon. For now be at peace and teach only love.


When he said that, the both of them faded in to the light and they were gone. I went about my day with Gabby and also writing up this visit. As you can see it has some really neat stuff to digest.

April 3 2013

April 3, 2013  print out as pdf file


It was around four in the afternoon when Jewls texted me. She let me know the conference call was going to be 8:00 pm with Barry so I thought I would take a little nap before then. I don’t know why, but when the angels want to talk they often wait until I am just about asleep before calling my name. I just continued to rest and make sure it was really happening. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I heard my name again. I sat up on the sofa, put my shoes on and headed to the office. To my surprise it wasn’t Michael this visit, it was Gabriel.

Gabriel: We have have need to speak with you that you may know the way of the conference that is coming. I see the bowls are not finished yet. "You have a keen eye given you can see them on the kitchen table," I remarked with a smile. It has taken me a little time because every time I go to fire the gold rim on the bowls it rains. 220 volts and water don’t mix very well.


Gabriel: You will have a time when you can fire the gold rim. I will speak to you of the bowls. You were given eleven bowls to make and the reason for making them. We will speak of this so you will know the reason.


Funny you should say that. I got an e-mail from Jenny Bell and she said, "You teach balancing eleven chakras....all that is hidden is inside of you. When you are fully harmonized and balanced in your energy system, then you are fully awake to Christ consciousness and Divine flow - from there all is possible." 


Gabriel: She is wise to see this, yet it is only the smallest part of that which is. In the Tree of Life there are ten of the Sefirot and the Da’at which are hidden. The Da’at is known as the voice of the Shekinah. As you have written on the bowls from ancient Hebrew, "In the beginning there was the Shekinah and the Shekinah was with God and the Shekinah was God." Yet I must speak more that you will know the way of this. The ten Sefirot are of Nothingness yet hold that which relates to all aspects of reality and the human experience. Your face says this troubles you.


I wouldn’t say I am troubled as much as you are talking way above my head.


Gabriel: I know you have limited understanding of this. I will make the meaning as clear as possible to you. You have been given a formation that you will stand in. There are eleven chakras, eleven Sefirot and there are also eleven names of God of which you use only seven. There are eleven angels of the Tree of life. All have tones that when played together create a vibrational harmonic. I will give you the four names and tones for the Names of God to be sung and played this year. You will teach this at the conference you call the Children of Light. You will bring forth that which is hidden.


As you were talking, I have been running over in my mind the formation that Michael showed me. I can see the Tree of Life formation joined to the Gate of Grace. Both are in what I call a 3-D version. I can see the people standing in the formation in such a way as to give it substance. I see it in my mind as something mechanical with moving parts.


Gabriel: You are beginning to know the workings of what you were asked to do. It could well be seen as a machine, however what you see would be more of what your kind calls a generator.


Normally I would say that a generator produces energy like electricity but I think not in this case. With what you have told me and what Michael had said in the past, I think it is some kind of harmonics generator. I can kind of see it in my mind, however I can’t wrap my mind around it enough to see it or understand it.


Gabriel: I will show you the way of it.


Gabriel pointed to a place for me to look. As I looked I saw the formation start to form. I watched as he brought this generator thing into being. First the Gate of Grace was formed with the two pyramids: one pointing up and the other pointing down and intersecting with one another. There were also the eight places where people stand but these places were only represented by the seven colors of the rainbow. The next thing he brought into being was the Tree of Life, also in a 3-D form with each of the Sefirot in their place. So now I can plainly see the two shapes, where each Sefirot belongs and the different colors. They matched the colors of the Sefirot tuning forks. It was pretty neat to see these small globs floating around in the air.


Gabriel: It is nothing new for you to understand the way of both of these. It is at this point that it will get complicated for your understanding. See this.


I looked back at the Tree of Life and the Sefirot as they started to move. The gate was set with the violet in the North like it always is. In the Tree of Life the place of the Keter was facing south, which seemed a little odd because to me it should have been facing the other way around. I thought to myself that I know this angel business. They were moving towards each other slowly until they intersected one another and now it looked more like some kind of a mechanical device like I had never seen. I had no idea how it was going to work and asked Gabriel to explain more.


Gabriel: Stay your eyes to what I show you.


"Ok," I said and continued to watch as more began to unfold. I watched as the two objects moved into place. When they settled into position, I noticed something really cool. The Sefirot of Keter, which also holds the place of Metatron, was in the middle of the Gate of Grace. Here is what really blew my mind. The Sefirot, which is hidden, was on the place of Laodicea, which is the violet spot. As I admired the two objects and their structure, the next thing happened. The eleven bowls I was told to make started floating and settled into the place of each Sefirot. It was really strange to see these bowls in the middle of each Sefirot. I noticed something happening inside each bowl. From every bowl one of the tuning forks of the Sefirot set started to rise out the bowls just about waist high and stopped. The next thing was the tuning forks we use for the Gate of Grace came in to place while I was watching the Sefirot forks. I don’t know how, but the tuning forks started ringing and as they did, all the places in both began to dimly glow. All except for the place of the Daath and it had a small light. The glow of all the others made the Daath stand out like a sore thumb. I had to ask Gabriel why this was.


Gabriel: There is little being generated by what there is. Watch what happens next and you will see what the masters bring to the formation of that which is created.


I took my gaze from Gabriel back to the object. I didn’t know what to expect but was open to whatever he had to show me. As I watched, I saw people start to form in the formation. First there was only one person at a time. As soon as a person took a spot in the formation, the places of the Sefirot and the Gate of Grace started to glow just a little more. As more people were added, the glow got a little brighter. Soon there were a lot of people standing in the formation and again the glow grew everywhere except the place of the Daath. More people were added and the Daath started moving, or at least whatever was in the Daath did, until slowly there became a light from the Daath. The glow was very slight but it was there. I heard the names of God being sung and the light, if you could call it that, and the Daath start to glow. There was what looked like a silver and a gold running around inside the Sefirot that is hidden. I stood and watched for something to happen but nothing did. I turned to Gabriel as if to say is this all there is.


Gabriel: See the Grace each master brings to what you call a generator?


I do, but was expecting a little more from this.


Gabriel: You have, as you say, primed the pump. You have put in motion that which you were given. Notice how many masters are in the formation.


I did what he asked. I quickly counted each group of people and added them together. When I had finished there were 111 people standing in the formation.


Gabriel: Look again.


I did as he said and more people started to join in each Sefirot and again the glow got bigger. When the people finished entering the formation the light was bigger but I wouldn’t call it spectacular by any means. I counted how many people were in the formation and came up with 222. Even the Sefirot of the Daath was showing more life and now a substance inside it was moving faster and it kind of looked like it was blending with the clear and the gold color. Once again there were signs of more light glowing from the Daath. Interesting, I thought to myself. By this time I could see where Gabriel was going with what he was showing me.


As I stood and watched, there were more people being added to the formation to make this generator. It didn’t take long before I could see that with each new person, the light of each Sefirot grew along with the places in the gate of Grace. When the new number of people reached 333, I could see a dramatic change take place. The light had increased tenfold from what it was. My attention was drawn to the Daath once again and the light coming from it was just this side of brilliant, and not much would be needed to push it over the edge. This is hard to describe in words but that is all I have to describe it. Picture it like this: take water and a yellow cooking oil and try mixing them together. As you know, oil and water don’t mix. Each has its own properties that keep them separate from each other. When you try to mix them you may be able to swirl them around but not really blend them. That’s what seemed to be happening as the two substances of the Daath churned around in the sphere.


Ok I thought, lets get to the next number and see this thing change again. I was not ready for what was to take place. Sure enough, more people were coming into the formation, changing the result. I watched as the light of the Sefirot in each place got a little brighter as before. What took me back was that I noticed the light of the Daath starting to dim. With each person being added it got dimmer and dimmer. By the time all 444 people were standing in the formation, the Daath had turned to pitch black and there was no light at all coming from the Daath. I wondered if maybe all the other places had sucked the light of life out of it. Only a dark ominous figure was standing there. I couldn’t make out the figure as a person because it was more like a shadow. This can’t be good I thought. I glanced to Gabriel to see if he was going to give me some insight on what was going on but he didn’t. I looked back at this thing we had all created with the formation. The blackness of the Daath now felt like at any moment it would spill out into the formation. My sight was drawn to the Keter Sefirot in the center of the Gate of Grace. The person standing there had started to move towards the Daath. It looked like it was being beckoned to the Daath and I wanted to yell out don’t go there. It will suck you into the darkness.


Things started to happen very fast at this point. As the figure of the Keter moved slowly closer to the figure in the Daath, it was if the person was giving off little bolts of electricity like you see on that thing called a Jacobs ladder in the movies. Only there wasn’t just one bolt there were hundreds coming off the Keter person. See? I thought, it is going to suck him dry of light. With each step more and more bolts came off him and onto the person in the Daath. The Keter reached the Daath and then boom! There was a burst of light emanating out of the Daath in such a way I could no longer tell one figure from the other. From inside that light more bolts of electricity came out, only this time going down the paths of the tree of Life and over to the places in the Gate of Grace. Each bowl was swirling with the stuff and it rose into the air and out to each person in the formation. It was in fact very much like the workings inside a generator when it is creating electricity. This sight was totally awesome to behold. I have no idea how long this went on because I was so caught up in watching it all. I looked to the Gate of Grace and the electrical current coming from each person making up that formation was in the color of the place where they stood. These bolts of color came together in the center of the Gate of Grace and went up. I tried to see where they went but couldn’t.


I don’t know what really happened next but I can tell you what was going on with me. I could see the two figures in the Daath Sefirot’s place and they were slowly turning together. I watched as they embraced in what looked like a hug. Here is the strange part. I watched as they appeared to come together. Not like two people coming together in a relationship or a hug but acutely becoming one form. I felt more than I could see but it was the most wonderful feeling of love and every sense of the word that love implies. Just as I was beginning to fall into that part of them and lose myself in it, I was stopped by something I didn’t expect. As suddenly as there was the boom that started it all, there was the unboom like someone turning off a switch. It all stopped just as quickly as it started and then it was over.


Like most people, I tried to rationalize what just took place. We are prone to bring things into our realm of understanding when we have no comprehension of it. Rather than try, I decided to ask the expert on the subject. "So Gabriel, tell me what just happened. Did we reach a higher level of oneness?"


Gabriel: Oneness is what your kind is capable of understanding. Oneness is a place to start, which all must do. Yet what you have just experienced is the "isness" of what is. It just is and is not something or a place to get to. The isness is not a matter or energy, it is instead a generator that powers the blending of Masculine and Feminine


I hear what you are saying and know what you mean. I do have a question about what happened. In the Daath I saw the two liquids rolling in the Sefirot, one was clear and the other was a golden color. What was that all about?


Gabriel: What you witnessed was the coming together of the Masculine and the Feminine or the Metatron and the Shekinah. One is as water and the other is as honey. Both are useful unto themselves yet when they come together as one, only then will they sweeten the taste and quench the thrust of the mind and spirit of all.


All in all Gabriel, this sounds great when we have the numbers you talked about. I can’t see me being able to have those numbers there at the conference.


Gabriel: Joe, this has little to do with you having any numbers. You are to set a place for such things that are given to you and the masters will chose for themselves that which they want. If it were only about you we would have told you so and it would be done.


Thanks for your faith in me. What else do you have on this?


Gabriel: Enough has been said on this. I would speak of other things. You have an opportunity laid at your feet. Many will come to the conference this year from all over the world. Offer the Facilitators Training to them.


You know I have been thinking of doing this that. I was thinking as long as people are coming, I could do the training the three days after the Conference. I am not sure how many people would be open to it, but I could do that.


Gabriel: Offer it up and see who will want it.


Well that settles that. I am willing to hold the training but I would have to know ahead of time how many so I can get a room at the hotel to hold the training. As long as they are there it could be done. I will set things in motion to see if it could happen.


Gabriel: Very well. This is a wise move for you and the Wholeness Blessing getting out to the world. Let us speak of other things.


Gabriel began to speak and I listened to the eleven Names of God and the tones that would be played. I can say I wasn’t very surprised about what he had to tell me. I thought very hard about writing them in this visit and decided it would be best not to. I don’t want people finding out and doing something stupid with what they think they know. It has happened in the past and the outcomes were not always good. So I think I will just hold this information until the conference. He continued talking to me about other stuff that needed to be done and the best way of having that happen. I tried to engage him in other things but he only would speak of the things he came for me to know. These angels keep showing up with more and more for me to do or to get done. Well at least I know what I have to do.


Gabriel: Our time is almost done for now. I would say one thing before it is done. You have done much to have the one that will stand with you. Set that aside from your thoughts for you must be about other things. I tell you this. It matters not that which you desire. I tell you truly there is one that can stand in the formation that is close to your heart. Think not of this, all will be well. For now be at peace and teach only love.


I didn’t know how long this visit took but it must have been quite a while. I watched as the formation started to fade away and as it did, the light it was holding was going. By the time the Tree of Life and the Gate of Grace faded, so did most of the light in the room. Gabriel was all the light that was left and with him folding into the light, the light surrounding him was almost gone as well. As the last bit of light left, I was left alone in a dark office with the dogs to keep me company. I figured I better turn on a light and get ready for the call, given I had no idea what time it was. What an interesting visit.

May 28 2013

May 28, 2013  print out as pdf file

It was getting late here in Lake Hills and I needed to run out to the little store we have in this town. You see I was out of milk and the my half and half for my coffee in the morning. I wasn’t gone very long but I did chat with one of the gals at the register. I checked mailbox on the way back and there was nothing of any interest, just a bunch of ads. I pulled into the driveway, turned off the car and carried my groceries. I went through the gate, onto the deck and in through the back door. As soon as I hit the office it seemed as if something was amiss.


The only light I had on was my desk lamp but it gives me more than enough light to see. I went through the office, into the kitchen and turned the light on over the stove. Next I opened the refrigerator to put the things for my coffee. Then I got the shock of my life. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the dining room table and as far as I could see it was empty. It had been loaded with the items I had made for the Conference. I had been robbed.


I said some choice words but you don’t need to know what they were. My first thought was people might still in here, so I called my first line of defense, the dogs. I figured that whatever the dogs left of them I could handle. We went into the bedroom and turned on the light, then through the bathroom and into the closet. "Hmm" I thought, "I didn’t see anything missing in there. It isn’t like I have all these expensive things but I couldn’t understand why they didn’t take anything in there." Next the three of us we went into the rooms in the back of the house. No one was there and nothing was missing.


I turned on all the lights to better see what could be missing. Oh crap, all the tuning forks are gone, all the oils and everything else I had made ready for the Conference. I panicked for a moment wondering how I was going to replace everything I had bought and prepared. All I could say to myself is "I am so screwed." I looked across the living room and saw that my laptop and my iPad were still there. All of my electric equipment hadn’t been touched. I decided to do a walk around before calling the cops. "Ok," I thought, "all the Conference items in the dining room are gone so let’s go see what else is gone." I went into the office and immediately noticed the completed tuning forks were missing too. I had painted and completed them but hadn’t bagged them up yet. All of the pure oils I have for mixing blends were still on the shelf but the ones I had mixed for the Conference were gone. "This is getting really strange," I thought to myself. I decided to have a smoke and think about it. I considered everything, finished my smoke and came back in through the laundry room door. Then I saw that the box of Michael posters had disappeared from the bottom shelf. No one in their right mind would move everything in the way of those posters to take them.


"Ach zo," I said to myself, "I know what happened, Angels are afoot." Well, I guess I’ll just sit here until they bring my stuff back. My sitting got a little boring so I decided to go and see what was on the tube. I surfed the channels until I found the movie called Battleship and went with it. Not a bad movie given I was a Navy sailor myself. I turned off all the lights except a floor lamp by the sofa and settled back to enjoy the show. I guess I was about halfway through the movie when the wall lit up like someone turned a light on back in the office. "Well, its show time," I said as I headed to the office. The large ball of light that tells me it is a bigger than usual Angel visit and I could see movement in side of the light. Michael was the first angel out followed by Gabriel and Khamael. They all had their arms full with my stuff. The angels kept coming and each was carrying something for the Conference. I don’t know how many angels can stand on the head of a pin but it took eight angels to bring everything back. Once everything was back in place, all the angels just stood there like they weren’t going anywhere. Michael spoke first.


Michael: All that was taken was blessed and tuned to the vibrations they will need to be.


I was worried for a while when I saw everything gone but it didn’t take me to long to figure out what happened.


Michael: We waited until you had gathered all of that you would take to your Conference. This is a very important Conference this year with what you will be generating. We will show you the way of setting it in motion.


As soon as he said that, the walls became an empty space like a big room. I guessed he did this because it would be more like the ballroom we will use at the Conference hotel. Each angel moved into a place, forming what looked like the Sefirot of the Tree of Life. It was really cool because the next thing that happened was each angel was standing in a large ball of light. I understood this to be a Sefirah (plural for Sefirot) at each place of the tree. The Gate of Grace that I had hanging from my ceiling drifted down to blend with the Tree of Life formation and each stone was a ball of light matching the color of the stone.


It wasn’t long before things started happening. There was a connection beginning to take place between each Sefirah and the Gate of Grace. It made a generator and once it started working another ball of light started to form in the place of the Da’ath. Then the Shekinah came into view. I saw the Bowls and each was spilling light over their rims. It looked as if the Bowls were being filled with liquid light from inside them. The whole thing was pretty awesome but you would have had to be there to truly get what was happening. I can’t wait to see this at the Conference when the people that attend make the formation. I continued to watch as the energy moved around from one Sefirah to another. The Sefirah surrounding the Shekinah and the Da’ath seemed to be getting more intense or denser, making it hard to see the Shekinah within the Sefirah. I noticed there was a humming sound coming from the generator formation. The ball of energy or Grace, or whatever it was had a harmonic of its own. I don’t know what to think about this, but the light coming from the Da’ath engulfed everything else, then in an instant it was all gone. Only the angels were left standing in place and the generator was gone.


Michael: We would speak with you.


With that said, Michael, Gabriel and the Shekinah came together across from me. What happened next took me aback because it had never happened before. The other angels started moving my way, heading to the ball of light in the gate of grace. As each angel passed, they bowed their head to me. Well this is the way I like to tell it, but it was really like a slow nod. Once they returned to where they came from, I got more conversation from the three that were left.


Michael: I see you have more Metatron flames of a different shape and Shekinah flames that you have not had for years.


Yes that is true, I don’t have many but the ones I do have are really nice. It was great of you all to take them for tuning.


Michael: It needed to be done to bring the vibrations to the highest level for your Conference. The numbers in attendance are lower than last year and the harmonics of these things needed to be raised well before the time of the Conference.


Gabriel: Each object has a vibration in accordance to that which it is to be used. All that will be there will be connected in a vibrational harmonic. It matters not what it is, from an angel figurine with our essence to Quan Yen holding that of the essence of the Shekinah. Each Bowl can hold the vibration of the Sefirot where it sits or that of the Shekinah. Our kind has been with each piece. Those that you carry with you will hold our vibration according to the use. Even the tuning forks that bear our names are unlike those before. The Names of God forks have been tuned as before, yet this time they carry a greater vibrational harmonic. It will resonate for what is needed there. Everything you take with you carries the vibrational harmonics of the Grace from hockey pucks to flames.


So this is a really important. You all went to a lot of trouble in setting the harmonics to make everything just right.


Michael: That which you will be creating has not been done before in the life of your world. Be it known that which your kind and our kind set in motion is a wonderment to behold. We will stand with you in the formation to build that which you create.


Does that mean we will be able to see you?


Michael: That depends on the strength of the flow of harmonics your kind will generate. You must remember the numbers are not large. The Generator we will be creating will also be small.


I understand where you are coming from, but maybe we could raise the vibrations somehow so that we all could get a glimpse of you or something.


Gabriel: All things are possible. Some will be able to see easily while others may not. If enough power is created among those that stand with you, it may be as you say.


I think you have cleared up quite a bit so far. Is there anything else I should know or are we moving on?


Shekinah: You have been asked to announce someone as the Shekinah that does not stand with you as one.


Oh yeah, I know that. But before we go on with this conversation, I must tell you I promised that if there was anything that would embarrass her or make her look bad, I would not include it in the record of this visit. I also told her I would write what I was told and let her read it first, then it was totally up to her, so you can go for it.


Shekinah: You have been trying to reconcile in your mind how you can serve her too. It is so like you to try to have things work for everyone. You have studied that which Michael has given you of the Tree of Life?


Yes and I am still trying to figure it out. I have a pretty good grasp on how this works for our purpose in creating this generator. Here is what has me troubled. Shekinah is associated with two Sefirah, the Malkhut and the Da’ath. Now here is the rub. That doesn’t make any sense to me.


Shekinah: Which would you have me do? Tell you how to settle this or explain the two Sefirah.


Yes please, that would be fine. As I said that, she got a smile on her face and I guessed it was because I was being clever.


Shekinah: Very well. The Malkhut/Shekinah if you will notice, is at the bottom of the tree and the Da’ath is hidden just below the Keter at the top of the tree. In Malkhut the Shekinah is what is called the Lower Mother, among other terms. This is to say the Shekinah is tied to the physical realm. On the other side is the Da’ath which is hidden, the voice of the Shekinah. The Shekinah is hidden and only the Metatron can have access to me.


So which is the Shekinah?


Shekinah: Yes. Now let me tell you what you may do. Should she come to the Conference this year, have her stand in the Malkhut Sefirot and hold the Bowl as Shekinah there.


That is great but what do about telling everyone she is the Shekinah?


Shekinah: You do nothing. You are to teach. Not to bestow titles on someone. It matters not who you say someone is. You do not have that authority.


Ok, enough said. Before I could say anything else, Michael chimed in.


Michael: Tell Ken that is a good deal for you and well, NO.


I won’t have to tell him, he will read it. So what else is there to talk about?


Michael: Let us speak of the Facilitators Training.


That’s fine with me. What about it?


Michael: Have you made ready for the training with all you will need?


Yes, I have everything packed away, you noticed when you took everything. I don’t know how many will attend because some will pay at the door. I am sure some are still thinking about it.


Michael: Make sure you remind them the blessing they give will be very powerful after finishing the Conference and taking the training.


Yes Michael, I know we have been over that. I have added that to what I will be teaching. This should be a very interesting class. I am really looking forward to teaching and being with the people there.


Shekinah: I will be with you once more in this training.


I kind of figured you would be. It will be an honor to have you there. I am sure we will have even more people that will see you like in the last training.


Michael: Your kind is ready to take the next step to a higher vibrational harmonic. Remember our kind is in service to the whole as you stand in the formation.


I know you will.


Michael: Our time is done for now, yet we will speak again before you gather in the formation. Be at peace and teach only love.


I really couldn’t think of anything to ask or say, so I just stood there watching them return into the light from where they came. By this time it was really late and I needed some sleep. Besides, I can process a lot when I am sleeping. I headed off to bed for some much needed rest.

July 18 213

Visit July 18, 2013    print out as a pdf file 


Note: A recommendation is given in Joe's July 18 Angelic visit to sing the Seven Names of God and to use the Seven Names of God oils and tuning forks. View how to sing the names on YouTube  Instructions for using the Seven Names of God oils and forks. Tuning Fork video,  Oils video. To purchase the Seven Names of God: oils only   tuning forks and forks and oils as a set  print out this visit as a pdf file

So after getting back and getting settled in again, putting things away, ordering what needed to be ordered and then sending it out, I thought my life was going to change for the better. Unbeknownst to me there’s this thing called the Internet and it works through a computer. Well since I’ve been back, my computers been down, my Internet has been down and I’ve had numerous people come out and try to fix them. Each time I think all has been fixed it goes down again. I don’t know why I should find this so strange because I have a lot of trouble with my being around all electronic appliances or items. I have this alarm clock in the bedroom that runs off of batteries. I don’t know how it happened but I guess it means my sleeping next to it caused it to get fried. I don’t know why or if I should even say this but my MacBook Air, iPhone and iPad don’t seem to be affected by whatever kind of energetic charge I’m carrying around, I wonder if it feeds off of it?


Between me, the repair people and the dozens of phone calls going on, I wanted to make sure that I have Internet connectivity and everything is working fine. I contacted Ken to get some stuff done on the webpage. So after some hits and misses with trying to put purchase buttons up on the website, I decided to call the internet provider and find out what it is that we need to do and why the buttons don’t work. Once I got a hold of technical support and told him what the problem was, he did some checking and said and let’s get your webmaster on the line so we called Ken. Between the technical support person and Ken they managed to get the buttons up and now I have everything working. I just think it’s so wonderful to have people in your life to know how to do things that you don’t, God I’m fortunate. Speaking of people to help out, I had Morgan come over to help me today with the final finishing touches on cleaning my house.


As the day turned into evening, my house was clean and everything was in order. I decided to give Jules a call. We caught up on a lot of things given we hadn’t talked in a while and discussed the upcoming conference. It was good hearing that her husband Jim was doing really well. After we finished talking I made some dinner and then put in a movie and watched it until 10 o’clock. I don't usually go to bed this early but decided to do it anyway. I needed to get up early because there were some things that I needed to do the following day. I went through the house turning off lights, locking doors and climbing into bed. I thought to myself that even with all of the breakdowns, it was a pretty good day and I drifted off to sleep.


Michael: Arise from your slumber for we would speak with you.


I opened my eyes to see Michael standing on the side of my bed and I was thinking of course you would come after I got to sleep. I watched Michael leave the room and I guess he was heading back to the office. I rolled out of bed grabbing my blue jeans and putting them on. Once that was done, I headed to the office to meet with whoever was there from the angelic realm. As soon as I turned the corner and headed towards the office, I saw Michael, Gabriel and Shekinah there. I thought to myself, given I have these three standing in my office there's probably some importance to what's going to take place tonight. Well it’s nice to see you guys decided to join me for a visit. It’s been awhile. So what do I own the honor of this visit?


Michael: I would first speak with you of that which you saw at the last Children of Light Conference.


Well first off, let me tell you it was pretty amazing with what we had in the formation. Ever since then my mind has been showing me pictures of what is possible with that formation as we sang the Names of God. When we got the hand movements synchronized with each name as we held the lights, I could see the generator that we built move. I think what I’ll do this coming year in the formation is each person will hold two light sticks instead of just one and that should give a better view of what is going on with the generator. The only thing that really threw off the movement of the generator was that one of the bowl carriers had everybody in that group or the Sefirah put their light sticks into the bowl and it caused it to be off-balance. I thought about saying something at the time but I didn’t want to break up the rhythm of the Names of God. I’ll tell all of you there was something very special about the harmonics that were being created when everyone was singing.


Shekinah: That which you saw was the beginning or the starting up of the generator you were given to build with the formation. Imagine in your mind what it would look like with 333 masters standing in formation singing the names of God and moving the light sticks.


I did as the Shekinah suggested and what I saw was beyond imagination and words to describe it.


Shekinah: Look again and see that which I give you.


I don’t know how she did it but she put this vision in my mind that gave me a much better view as to what was going to happen. This time when the Names of God were sung and the hand motions were competed with the light sticks, it was different. Not every one standing in a Sefirah started at the same time. There were several groups in each Sefirah. One group started and when it finished the first Name of God, the next group would do the same and so on. Imagine if you will what it would look like to see the light sticks moving in the different hand positions of the names of God, each at a different time, yet altogether as a group. There was a rhythm and a movement to it, all plugged in in such a way that you could really see how this formation made the generator begin to work. As the Names of God were sung along with the movement of the hands with the light sticks, there was a new harmonic that took place. I couldn’t quite make it out. It was as though the Shekinah had hit the mute button. I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask, is there a reason I can’t hear the people singing?


Shekinah: There is a reason you cannot hear for it is not a sound that you or your kind is ready to hear. When you gather in the formation to do these things and sing what has been given, only then will you be ready to experience the harmonic vibrations that will be created. When this harmonic is achieved, those that are singing and moving the light sticks will become one with the generator. They will feel and deliver the grace to the world as it has never been done before.


Well from what I’ve been able to see in my mind, I know this is going to be something bigger and greater than we participated in yet. Okay, I have a pretty basic understanding of how this is going to work and what it's going to produce. However it's not going to be an easy matter to design the formation and put 333 people in it. I can see now I’m going to have to rethink the formation, the size and the number of people to put in it. The good news is that I think I've got a hotel that will probably be used for the event, so I'm expecting a contract back any day now. If it works out then I’m going to agree to it. Putting one of these conferences together is a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Last year’s conference was pretty good and it’s great that I had the help I had in putting it together, but I still need to be more proactive in working on the conference.


Michael: You did well in putting the conference together. Our kind knows the work that it takes for you to put on a conference and still do all the other things you need to do.


Well one of the things you do need to know is that I did a lot of teaching last year and a lot of traveling. When I was out doing the wholeness blessing facilitators training, it wasn’t just about going there and doing it for three days, it was a lot more involved than that. I have a feeling that there’s going to be a demand for me to go out and do more facilitators training and I already have one scheduled for end of this August.


Michael: What you say is true and it is not an easy matter for you to put on a training and teach people to teach the blessing as you do. Given the time its going to take and the dedication to make this upcoming conference a success with 333 people, you were going to need to devote most of your time to working on the conference. You cannot continue to do the wholeness blessing facilitators training and the conference at the same time. I say unto you, let this be the last facilitators training you do.


That would open up my time a lot. Another thing that’s going to save me time this year is I’m not going to be making all of those bowls. Do you know there are three people who bought bowls and they know that even though they have them now they have to bring them back for the next conference?


Michael: That would be wise of them for the bowls are a very significant part of stabilizing the vibrational harmonics. Now that we are talking about vibrational harmonics, Gabriel will give you information that you will give to the facilitators and the Masters.


Gabriel: There are those you call facilitators. Yet these are not the only ones who have the Names of God tuning forks and oil. As you and your kind move towards the conference you’re going to be holding next June in Salt Lake, there are things that can be done to assist long before you gather there. Take one day of the month and tune yourselves with the names of God tuning forks. Anoint yourselves with the names of God oils. When you are done, say the Seven Names of God seven times. This may be done by anyone that has the correct forks and oils. They may also share the tuning forks and oils with those that do not have them.


So what I’m hearing you say is that we need to tune our vibrations throughout the year once a month until we meet at the conference. This is going to raise our vibrational harmonics over a period of time to have us be ready for the formation when we meet in June. I can see where it would be great if more people had the tuning forks and oils but I still think it's great that those that don’t can still be a part of it by singing the names of God once a week.


Gabriel: This is so. Yet again it is wise for all to do this once a week only singing the Seven Names of God seven times. This may be done individually or in a group.


So here’s the question I have now. Is there a date when are we supposed to start this?


Gabriel: It would be wise to start this on the first Saturday of the month. When this is done then sing the Seven Names of God every Saturday thereafter until the next first Saturday of the month when you will be doing the oils and the tuning forks and the singing the seven names of God again.


Okay, I understand everything that you had to say, what else is there? With that being said, Gabriel and Michael turned and moved back into the light that engulfed them and they were gone. Only the Shekinah was left standing in front of the ball of light that Michael and Gabriel left in. Even though there was this big ball of light behind the Shekinah, it was as if she had like her own ball of light around her. It was like a ball of violet waves rising up off the street on a hot summers day. As she stood there looking at me, I was wondering where the conversation was going to go next.


Shekinah: I would speak to about something that you do not understand yet you think you do. You think that singing the Seven Names of God and raising your vibration with the oils is merely a matter of getting you ready for the conference. Yet I say to you, there is more to this than you know. Let me speak of it in a way that you and others may know what of is being said. When your kind is learning a song they must practice it in order to have it be the way that it should be sung. That which Gabriel has given the Masters to do is offered you so your voices will be tuned in a harmonic vibration for the formation. As each sings, they should listen to their voices and they will notice that as they continue to sing, the purity of what they say will begin to stand out even unto them. Now that you know this, I also say it would be wise to sing in the presence of one of the bowls that were made and used at the event in Kansas City. This will help in tuning the bowls that you will be using next year.


I take it when I do this process, I’m going to have to bring out the nine bowls that I have left and sing in their presence so they too can be attuned harmonically?


Shekinah: This is so. You must remember all bowls were made the same and they must all be tuned the same. When all the bowls are set in place this year and Gabriel stands in the Sefirot that is hidden, they will all be connected and in your voices you will hear the voice of the Shekinah.


I did have a lot more questions that I wanted to ask but before I could, the Shekinah started to fold back into the light. As she left she said that which Michael and the other angels have said every time they leave. Be at peace and teach only love. With that being said, the violet light folded in upon itself and she was gone.


Bless Your Heart,

Joe Crane

October 29 2013

Visit October 29, 2013    print out as a pdf file  


I had spent the last two days cutting brush in the back of the property and was having a cup of coffee on the back deck. One of the places that got cleared was in the trees where my big outside Gate of Grace was set up. There weren’t any stones in place because when Gabby’s mother left, she claimed all the stones as her own and took them with her. I hadn’t set the yard gate back up because I had a 15 foot gate set up in my office. When I finished clearing out the brush in the area of the old gate, I thought it had set empty long enough. I went through the office and found almost all the stones I used to set up the very first gate. I must say it brought back many memories of the things that happened over the years there. I could feel the energy build and thought how different this was compared to the first time I set it up. I went back to the house feeling everything was as it should be.

Back to my coffee. As I sat there, I began to see what looked heat waves flowing up from the center of the Gate of Grace on the property. I looked at the waves wondering why I was seeing this. As I finished that thought, I saw a ball of light start to grow until it was about 15 feet in diameter. It was at this time I decided to head down from the deck to the gate.  As I walked closer to the ball of light that was in the gate I could see a form. I recognized it as Michael in the ball of light. It was still amazing to see him about 15 feet tall, much taller then when he appears in the home office. "I see you have gotten taller since the last time I saw you," I said.


Michael… You know our kind will fill whatever space is open to us. You have done well to reset the Gate of Grace in your yard. The amount of grace here is far more than in your home.


How come I feel there is another reason for your coming other than to show me how tall you can get.


Michael… You will be teaching another group of Wholeness Blessing Facilitators with that which I have given you to show them how to make the blessing more effective.


Yes I am. It should really be something to have the new facilitators learn this.


Michael… The vibrations will be raised so the blessing will flow more easily from the giver to the receiver.  But our kind sees this as not enough to produce that which the givers would like.


I don’t know what you are talking about here because so far it has worked pretty well if you ask me. So are you telling me that I haven’t given enough information to the people giving the Wholeness Blessing?


Michael… No I say this not. When you give others the blessing they may in turn give the Blessing. However there is something that was unforeseen with the flow of Wholeness.  When the one giving the Blessing gives it to the person, there are times when the connection is not vibrationally correct. This is because the vibrations are not in harmony. The Wholeness Blessing still flows, yet not as well as it could. When the Wholeness oil is applied to the person receiving the blessing as well as the one giving, it will flow with the vibration freely. The one receiving it is tuned the same as the one giving it.


That sounds pretty cool. I can see what you are telling me, given both will be of the same vibration, any obstruction on a vibrational level will be gone so that the blessing is given free of anything that could get in the way. So I guess you are going to tell me how to make it.


Michael… I will do you one better than that. While you were gone our kind borrowed the oil that was needed. We made the Wholeness oil in our realm so nothing could interfere with the vibrations it would hold.


Michael raised his hand and he was holding something covered with a white cloth of light. He reach over with his other hand and uncovered what was in his hand. I saw a glass jar that he must have taken to put the oil in. I could see that the oil seemed to shimmer in the jar. There was a light coming out from the oil in the jar. He told me what it was made of and when I ran out, he would have to come and make more. Cool, I don’t have to make a new oil.


Michael… To use this oil it will need to be used on both the giver and the receiver. Have the receiver place a drop on what you call their high heart. Have the giver place a drop in the palm of their hand and rub their palms together so the oil is on both hands. Have them do what you will be teaching and then pass on the Wholeness Blessing. You will see the difference with the blessing with and the oil together. This is one of the most sacred oils that you have. This oil will work as well as my oil (Michael’s oil) for healing and pain relief.


Can anyone use this oil or is it just the facilitators?


Michael… Yes, anyone that knows the way of giving the Blessing can us this oil. Yet I tell you truly, the Blessing can be given without it. The oil is a way of better giving the Blessing.  


That is good to know. I would hate to think this oil is the only way of giving the Blessing. Oh, what should I charge for the oil your kind makes? I have a good idea given what is in it. It would be better if you told me so I don’t over charge or under charge.


Michael… The price that should be charged is the same as you would the I AM oil.


So then I will charge $85 for 2 ml bottle, but unlike the I AM, oil (you have to be gathered to use the I AM oil), this new oil can be used by anyone. Cool.


Michael… You will soon be teaching the Wholeness Blessing Training. You will also be going to Salt Lake to see where you will hold the conference as well as meet with those that will support the training.


Yes, this is true. I am also going to do a meet and greet with the people there and talk about how this all came to be. I just love to get a chance to meet a bunch of new people. It is one of the best parts of the work you have given me. Plus, I get to see a lot of people I already know once again. I have made lifelong friends at the very same kind of meetings. I never know who I will meet at these functions. I am also going to talk to some people that could be a part of a conference support team. That should be fun. I will also visit the hotel where we will be holding the conference. I would like to have a look at the room we will be using.


Michael… It will be wise of you to do this. You can also get some feedback from those about all that you do on your trip. You will learn much there.


I think you are right in what you are telling me. I hope it is all I envision it to be. Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?


Michael… I have given you that which you needed for now. Our time is done for now. Be at peace and teach only love.


As Michael folded back into the light, it reminded me of the first time I saw him in a Gate of Grace. As I thought of that, Michael and the light were gone.

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