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These never wear out

One large or two small for the same price
$30 including shipping and handling


There are basically two types of water: structured and unstructured. When water is structured, the molecules look like an octahedron. As water is processed through pipes and purifiers, it will have some of the molecules stripped off. This is called unstructured water, and although it may look and feel like water, your body cannot use it.


Your body has to restructure the water in order for it to hydrate your body.  Eight ounces of unstructured water takes 30 to 45 minutes to be restructured and absorbed into the cells of your body. The same amount of structured water takes 5 minutes for your body to absorb it into your cells.


If you’ve ever been thirsty and drank water only to find your still thirsty, it’s because the water is unstructured. Here’s where the water diamond comes in.


The Water Diamond is a mixture of ceramic porcelain clay and Laminar crystal kiln-fired in the shape of a octahedron. The Water Diamond has the same vibration frequency as a water molecule. Take a gallon of unstructured water and place a Water Diamonds in it and it will restructure the water in five minutes. Once you start drinking structured water you will notice it’s smoother and even seems wetter in your mouth. This is because structured water is what we call live water and it promotes life. You won’t need to drink as much water to hydrate your cells.


Water Diamond Instructions:

You will need one water diamond, a water container up to 1 gallon water.


Once the container is filled, just drop the water diamond in it and wait five minutes. That’s all it takes to restructure the water. I have a glass pitcher that I use to make structured water for my coffeemaker. I keep a water diamond in it and as I use up the structured water, I just add more water to it, and by the time I’m ready to make more coffee, the water is already structured.


Water Diamond, one large or two small

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