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Individual Archangels of the Seven Churches Oils


5 ml bottles:  $15. each plus shipping and handling


A brief explanation of these oils:

Khamael Oil of Smyrna

Brings courage, determination, spiritual balance, wisdom, and power to the heart


Tzaphqiel Oil of Ephesus

Used to balance and ground the emotions.


Gabriel Oil of Pergamum

Opens the mind to higher spiritual concepts, balances the mental with the spiritual.


Raphael Oil of Sardis

Used to align the human heart with the divine heart, to bring peace, compassion, and love to healers.


Ratziel Oil of Philadelphia

Binds all things in love and brings them into union, cleans the body, mind, and opens the lungs to be able to speak with love.


Haniel Oil of Thyatira

Grounds the creative mind and increases visions, binds spiritual emotion and brings love to your work.


Tzadqiel Oil of Laodicea

Used to soothe a hot heart and brings gentleness of spiritual love, binds the physical with the spiritual using mercy and forgiveness.

Archangels of the Seven Churches Oils Individual 5ml

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