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This awesome set includes the Sacred Solfeggio scale. They are used in conjunction with the chakra forks in healing. This set includes 11 forks, each imprinted with the angels names and color coded for easy identification. more info about each fork.


Each fork has a different use in healing from correcting DNA to rejuvenating cells. Included are instructions for use and a velvet pouch for their easy storage and carrying. (Click the picture to read more information on Tree of Life forks.)




Archangel Khamael

Khamael's Fork is the beginning of "force" holding that which is needed and is the foundation of power of grace.

Only this vibration will hold the regulation of order.

Grace is as you call "raw energy" without the order of Khamael's vibration holds. This is as the blood, which carries nourishment to the body.

For all that comes from the food of grace must pass this way.


Archangel Tzaphqiel

Tzaphqiel's fork is for building the fabric of the body.

The vibration aids the body building new cells.

Given the raw materials the body needs to heal, there is correlation with the emotional, mental and the physical effects in rebuilding cells.

This fork works through the emotions allowing the mind to be at ease not interfering with the physical actions of rejuvenating old cells and building new cells.


Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel's vibration can rejuvenate DNA or repair it.

And is also good to slow down the aging process.

The Gabriel's oil made by one of the masters when mixed in with the vibration it will aid greatly to slow and repair the aging in your kind.

Gabriel's vibration with others will aid in the bearing of children.

With two other vibrations, a woman that was without child may now conceive a child. This is so.

Gabriel is the foundation on which the grace brings into being. The other two angels are Michael and Haniel.


Archangel Raphael

Raphael is the angel which builds the temple that holds the seat of the soul.

His vibration tunes the body that it may be in harmony with itself.

In this, his vibration quickens healing of disease and wounds, easing pain.

He gives the healing of bones of the body and other afflictions.

Archangel Ratziel


Archangel Ratziel

Ratziel's energy bursts forth the power of grace to aid the immune system that the temple may be made whole.

His vibration cools fevers brought on by sickness or will raise it for the desired outcome to end the sickness.


Archangel Haniel

Haniel's energy sets in motion the vibrational harmony that gives the body the tenacity to overcome disease.

His vibration goes to the source of disease that your kind may heal.


Archangel Tzadqiel

Brings the vibrational health to the four bodies of your kind.

Her vibration is most powerful and leave one loose of thought should they receive more than is needed of her vibration.

So gentle and gratifying is her grace vibration none can stand in the way of her healing.

Her energy is the breaker of stress that plagues the body allowing disease to enter.


The Metatron

Metatron is the sustenance of humankind, being the link between God and us.

It could be said Metatron is the mind of the tree.

Metatron is the beginning of the Alpha of spiritual thought.

This fork's vibration brings about the will of God through the mouth of Metatron that we may hear in our minds.

This vibration reconnects with our minds with the spiritual essence of clarity.

It is for this reason it helps with insanity, comas and diseases of the mind.


The Shekinah

Shekinah is what has been called the vessel of creation.

In the beginning there was the Shekinah and the Shekinah was with God and the Shekinah was God. As Metatron is the Alpha, the Shekinah is the Omega that brings into manifestation the thought of God.

Her power to heal runs more than just the world being healed but also humans and everything that lives.

She is the expression of God's love and light.

It is the Shekinah that makes it possible for healing to take place by bringing the spirit to the physical.


Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphon vibration is what you could call a direct line to the divine.

He stands below the Shekinah on the earth and rises up to heaven.

Sandalphon is the master of heavenly song and his vibration keeps in balance the will of God and the will of human kind.

Sandalphon's frequency lends a certainty that what you are asking for is heard.


Archangel Michael

Michael's energy is the counter balance with all the angels - It is his vibration that makes it possible to work with more than 3 angels at one time.

Michael is well known as a protector and the one to end suffering.

In writings you will find Michael works with just about every other angel.

His frequency holds the keys that unlock everything that may get in our way.

Archangel set of 11 forks

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