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These sacred angelic oils are made of the highest-grade essential oils blended together as the Archangel Michael instructed me to do. These combinations are to assist us in our spiritual and physical healing processes. These are not meant to be, nor are they intended to replace regular medical care. As I always say when using any of these products, “Follow your doctor’s orders.”

Each item has a shipping price. If you want to order multiple items and save multiple shipping costs, contact Joe Crane directly.
**There are no refunds for purchased items.

Novus Invicta December 22 and Shekinah Home Blessing
Here are the instructions and supply list for performing this process in your home.  Shekinah Home Blessing information

Note: A recommendation is given in Joe's July 18, 2013 Angelic visit to sing the Seven Names of God and to use the Seven Names of God oils and tuning forks. View how to sing the names on YouTube, Instructions for using the Seven Names of God oils and forks.
Tuning Fork video,  Oils video.
To purchase the Seven Names of God: oils only   tuning forks and forks and oils as a set  print out this visit as a pdf file

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