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Novus Invicta December 22 and Shekinah Home Blessing
Here are the instructions and supply list for performing this process in your home.  Shekinah Home Blessing information

Note: A recommendation is given in Joe's July 18, 2013 Angelic visit to sing the Seven Names of God and to use the Seven Names of God oils and tuning forks. View how to sing the names on YouTube  Instructions for using the Seven Names of God oils and forks. Tuning Fork video Oils video. To purchase the Seven Names of God: oils only   tuning forks and forks and oils as a set  print out this visit as a pdf file

Sacred Ancient Lamp and Festival of Light oils for the Shekinah Blessing for the Home

Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp

Most Holy I AM Oil

Archangels of the Seven Churches oils

Seven Names of God Sacred Oils
  Oneness Oil

Om Oil

Sacred I AM Individual oils

Sacred I AM Oil Set of 4 Oils

Divine Light Oil

Archangels of the Seven Churches set of 7 and the Sacred I Am Set of 4


  Sandalphon oil

Three Kings Oil

Wholeness Oil

Novus Invicta oil

Eden oil

Stem Cell oil

Some oils are used with tuning forks, you will see those combinations on the Forks page

All oils available in 2ml
and 5 ml sizes

The Shekinah Blessing for the Home

Michael provided us a Shekinah Blessing for the home. Although there are many processes for this Blessing, we will be using this version because it serves our purposes best. These are the instructions as the Angel Michael has given them to me. complete instructions    printable PDF

Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp and Festival of Light Oils Set

Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp

Michael instructed me to make these ancient Oil lamps for the vibrational quality they hold when we do a process. Each Oil lamp is made in the same way they were 2000 to 3000 years ago. It is a painstaking process that takes many steps to complete. I guess the artisans of their age were held in high respect for being able to produce these lamps. These sacred oil lamps are made with very different kind ceramic clay. As per Michaels instructions, the ceramic clay is mixed with laminar crystal and when this is done it transforms the frequency of the ceramics. There are many processes that we do using the Sacred Oil Lamps. When the votive candle is lit, even the light from the candle has a vibrational harmonics that blends with whatever spiritual process you are doing.

The reason for the use of the votive candle in the oil lamps is because of a fire hazard that may occur when lamp oil is used. You may also put a drop of essential oil on the votive candle if your process calls for it. I have done this with many of the sacred oils I offer in this online store.

1  Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp  $50 
Includes shipping


Individual Sacred Festival of Light oils
4 oils set in 2ml or 5ml
Festival of light oil
Holy of Holies oil
3 Kings oil
Novus Invicta oil

Most Holy I AM Oil
For Gathered Masters Only

When Moses built the Tabernacle that held the Ark of the covenant Aaron was given an incense to make by God.

This incense was only to be used in the tabernacle as an offering to God. it was to make the inside of the tabernacle Holy in its vibrations.

It is NOT to be used for any other purpose nor can it be used as a perfume or personal fragrance. The Most Holy I AM is a blend of all the fragrances and spices that Aaron used to make the incense. We use this oil in our ceremonies to make the space we are using Holy. After telling me how to make this oil, Michael is instructed that it could only be sold to people who have been gathered.

1 ml Most Holy I AM oil $85
2 ml Most Holy I AM oil $150
5 ml Most Holy I AM oil $300
Includes shipping, call Joe to order


Archangels of the Seven Churches

These oils have been used for numerous processes in healing. These oils are blends of essential oils given by the angels. They each hold properties to assist one in attaining gifts and healings. Each order comes with all the instructions for the oils and their usage. We use the highest integrity in the processing and packaging of these oils.

Set of 7 Archangels of the Seven Churches Oils in 5 ml bottles: $95.  Includes shipping

Individual Archangels of the Seven Churches Oils

5 ml bottles:  $15. each plus shipping and handling

A brief explanation of these oils:
Khamael Oil of Smyrna
Brings courage, determination, spiritual balance, wisdom, and power to the heart
Tzaphqiel Oil of Ephesus
Used to balance and ground the emotions.
Gabriel Oil of Pergamum
Opens the mind to higher spiritual concepts, balances the mental with the spiritual.
Raphael Oil of Sardis
Used to align the human heart with the divine heart, to bring peace, compassion, and love to healers.
Ratziel Oil of Philadelphia
Binds all things in love and brings them into union, cleans the body, mind, and opens the lungs to be able to speak with love.
Haniel Oil of Thyatira
Grounds the creative mind and increases visions, binds spiritual emotion and brings love to your work.
Tzadqiel Oil of Laodicea
Used to soothe a hot heart and brings gentleness of spiritual love, binds the physical with the spiritual using mercy and forgiveness.

Seven Names of God Sacred Oils
more information

7 Names of God, Individual Oils, 2 ml

$175. set of 7, includes shipping and handling
save $35 as a set

Seven Names of God, Set of 7, 2 ml

Select individual Oils by color
$30. each, includes shipping and handling

Oneness Oil, 2ml  
$85. each, includes shipping and handling

Om Oil
2 ml $35. and 5 ml $78.

Individual Sacred I AM Oils
2 ml $35. and 5 ml $85. Includes shipping
Michael Oil:

Used to enhance the oils of the seven churches and bring them into balance; also great for muscle aches and joint pains.

Metatron Oil:

Used to open oneself to hear the words of God. Used to relieve mental tension and headaches.

Christ Oil:
Used to open self to self consciousness and to heal the emotions

Shekinah Oil:
Soothes the spirit and relives tension, opening up the soul like a vessel to receive love. Used to decrease anxieties and nervousness, and any physical problems.

Gabriel's Light Oil
Used in the naming process to allow the angels to know one's name; can be used on children or adults.


Sacred I AM Oil Set of 4
All 5 ml bottles, $260.00
Includes shipping

Divine Light Oil   
The Divine Light oil is the oil given by Metatron to be used at the conference to bring in the Blessing of the Divine Masculine and holds the vibration of the blessing.
1ml bottle

Archangels of the Seven Churches set of 7 and the Sacred I AM Oil Set of 4

All  in 2 ml bottles, $175.00  Includes shipping

Archangels of the Seven Churches set of Seven in : 5ml bottles and the Sacred I AM Oils set of 4 in 2ml bottles

Set: $220.  Includes shipping

Sandalphon Oil 

Used in angel armor and Accutuning 2, also binds the sevens to the Tree of Life and carries prayers to heaven, used in the soul contract releasing.

2 ml $35 and 5 ml $78.  Includes shipping

3 Kings Oil 
You have been told that the three kings brought gifts

of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. There are vibrational reasons for this. The oil of the three kings is used to attune the masters to the vibrations of the gifts they will receive with the coming of December 21 and the birth of the Sun. This sacred oil was made on the evening of the 4th day of the month, November. It was placed on sacred ground that it may rest throughout the night and be blessed. The oil for the three kings was awakened with the first rays of light from the sun.

The 3 Kings Process. You will, on Saturday evening of each week, place a drop of the oil on your heart and say. "As a child of God I attune my vibrations to receive the gifts of the three kings." This will be done each Saturday until December 21st. On the evening of that day you will place the oil of the three kings on your crown and the Novus Invicta oil on your heart.

When this is done, you will say. "As a child of God I have attuned my vibrations to receive the gifts of the three kings. I have anointed my heart to the vibrations of the birth of the light. I reclaim my divine kingship as a child of God and place my crown on my head." Each will take from their hearts a crown and place it on their own head and say. "As it is said, it is done." For three days after that the vibrations will set into your very being yet on the fourth day everything you have come to know will change. Your prosperity, wisdom and health will begin to grow by leaps and bounds.
2 ml $45 and 5 ml $170.  Includes shipping


Wholeness Blessing Oil 

This is the oil that the Angels made.
2 ml $85  Includes shipping

More information in the October 29, 2013 Angelic visit

From the Oct 29 visit:

While you were gone our kind borrowed the oil that was needed. We made the Wholeness oil in our realm so nothing could interfere with the vibrations it would hold." Michael raised his hand and he was holding something covered with a white cloth of light. He reached over with his other hand and uncovered what was in his hand. I saw a glass jar that he must have taken to put the oil in. I could see that the oil seemed to shimmer in the jar. There was a light coming out from the oil in the jar. He told me what it was made of and when I ran out, he would have to come and make more. "Cool," Joe said, "I donít have to make a new oil."

"To use this oil it will need to be used on both the giver and the receiver. Have the receiver place a drop on what you call their high heart. Have the giver place a drop in the palm of their hand and rub their palms together so the oil is on both hands. Have them do what you will be teaching and then pass the wholeness blessing. You will see the difference of the blessing with and with the oil. This is one of the most sacred oils that you have. This oil will work as well as my oil (Michaelís oil) for healing and pain relief."

I have used Michaels oil for years to help in healing and it works great. I am going to start mixing the Michael's oil and the Wholeness oil to achieve quicker results.


Novus Invicta Oil 

This sacred oil was given for a process that is done on the 21st of December. On the 21st day of December the sun is at its lowest place in the southern sky. After that the sun will begin to rise higher in the sky bringing more light to the north. In ancient times this was referred to as Novus Invicta (the birth of the sun or light). This by the way, is how the sacred oil given by Michael got its name. This oil is also ideal for deep meditation and can be used along with the I AM and church oils.

Other uses:
Novus Invicta oil is ideal for deep meditation. Almost everyone has their own style of meditating and this oil works well with any form you use. This oil enhances the time spent in meditation. This oil helps to quite the mind chatter to bring wisdom and clarity to your meditation. You will need to place a drop of the oil on your finger and place it on both temples. Allow 30 seconds for the oils vibrational quality to take effect before you start the meditation session.

You may also use the Novus Invicta oil with any of the I Am oils and the Church oils of the Seven Gifts. Place a drop of the Novus oil on both temples and take three breaths allowing the vibrations to fill your consciousness.

Apply the other oil as the instructions call for. This brings wisdom and clarity to the quality the other oil has. For example, the Smyrna oil is used for courage. Adding the Novus Invicta oil to it will bring wisdom to the courage. REMEMBER, if you use more than three oils you still need to use the Michaels oil first.
Includes shipping


Eden Oil 

Given by a reflection of God. Apply to: one drop on the third eye, the crown, and the base of the skull every fourth day. The Chakras, meridian lines on humans and animals, the same points as the Christ oil and the oil of Philadelphia. Or mixed with another oil in equal amounts to enhance the speed in which it works.

: Merges the emotional-physical and the emotional-spiritual. It assists in finding the beauty within and becoming the love in the spirit.

This oil is a blend of the emotions of the Christ and emotional wisdom of the Church of Philadelphia; it is the Christ mind manifest in the physical world. Raises the emotional vibrations for Eden. This oil is laid to rest in the Gate of Grace and blessed by the angelic realm. It has a numeric vibration of 111. It is to assist in assimilating the vibrations of the emotions. Also used to heal diseases caused by the emotions, which throw off the flow of energy and grace throughout the body. It is used to heal that which could not be healed before. This oil brings wisdom to remember you are a child of God and that you are worthy of love and the abundance that God gives freely. Also to free oneself from the attachment of the emotions. Can be used the same as the Christ oil or the oil of Philadelphia. Can be used on the chakras along with the forks to align them when they will not stay aligned. Also to charge a meridian line where a point is blocked to open the flow of energy until the forks can be used on the blocked point. It can be mixed with equal parts of one of the other oils to enhance the speed in which they work. Can also be placed on the meridian lines of animals at the base of the skull to tune them. Ingredients: Galbanum, Petitgrain, Hyssop, Juniper, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, and Helichrysum.

2 ml $70.  Includes shipping

Stem Cell Oil 

Used to stimulate your reserve of stem cells within your own body. Just rub on the points.

5 ml $35.  Includes shipping

Archangel Michael


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