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The Children of Light Conference 2022

Denver, Colorado June 8 - 11​    Allow June 7 and 12 for travel days

$250 per person


The Angels have invited you to join them in bringing important changes to the world for the benefit everyone.

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Do you need financial assistance to attend? Contact Joe Crane

Unlike most conferences, you will do more than attend lectures and workshops. There will be direct interaction with the angelic realm. Additionally, this interaction will give you a choice in the role you play in bringing forth Ascension Consciousness to our world. Over a four-day period, informative speakers and ceremonies are offered that will empower you to take on the the Child of Light Process, connecting you to your ability to bring an end to suffering in your life and the lives of others.

Information and Registration
Denver, Colorado June 8 - 11
Allow June 7 and 12 for travel days

The Conference hotel:

Holiday Inn Denver East
3333 Quebec St.
Denver CO 80207

For reservations use this link and the group code CCO to get your special room rate of $119 per night. 

Hotel website


There is a tram system that runs from the airport to a station close to the hotel and the hotel has a shuttle that will pick you up. This hotel has a restaurant and also room service. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited space, reservations are not held without a deposit. Once a deposit is given, there are no refunds. All registration payments, including those made by credit card, are non-refundable.

All cancelled reservation deposits can be transferred at the time of cancellation to another person of your choice.


If no other person can be found by you, then your registration can be transferred to the next conference.

Children and Family Rates:


Discounted Rates Available as follows:


Children’s Rates: Age 5 and under: Free

Ages 6-12: $75.00

Age 12 and older: Regular rate for the event (see above)


Family Rates:

At the hotel, Kids 17 and under stay free with an adult.

For the Conference registration families of three or more will receive a $50.00 per adult person discount. There are no family discounts on child rates. A ‘Family’ is defined as a couple with minor children, or a single parent with minor children, all attending the event. To get the family discount for 3 or more Joe Crane at (830) 751-2870 


Vendor Booths:

Vendor Booths available upon request $150.00 / 8' table

Contact Joe Crane 830-751-2870 or email Joe

The Wing and a Prayer Fund
This is a way for you to help others attend the Conference. Some times people just need a little financial help so they can be there. Please help with whatever you can. Sorry, but online donations are not supported by my shopping cart. Contact Joe by phone: 830-751-2270 to donate with your credit card or kindly send him a check at his address: 501 Joel Lane, Lake Hills TX 78063


Speakers and Schedule

Conference Schedule:

Archangel Michael's Master Formation, Saturday, 7-10 pm
Note: To participate in Archangel Michael's Master Formation, you must have been previously gathered. Gatherings will be offered Wed and Sat only during this Conference.

Speakers:  More speaker info TBA



Joe Crane
Angelic Teachings on Rejuvenation - Spreading the Child of Light Process   

  • Bestselling co-author and lecturer

  • Servant to the Angels

  • Recipient of the Angelic Book of Healing

The work of Joe Crane has made it possible for people from all walks of life to use tools for healing, self-improvement, and self-empowerment by working with the angels. He holds everyone as a perfect child of God.


Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton

Keynote Speaker


Utilizing her unique gift, Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton conveys messages of hope, healing, and love to those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.


Lynn's messages from the spirit realm bring closure, peace, and love to people all over the United States and Canada.

Lynn comes from a long line of highly gifted mediums. She grew up in Bayside, New York. After high school, Lynn was a stay at home mom, and then went on to become a Flight Service Manager at American Airlines.

It wasn't until her husband's untimely death that she fully embraced her gifts. The Universe helped to encourage Lynn further by magnifying her gift. Later, Lynn began to focus on her abilities and sharing them with others. Lynn never imagined the worlds that have opened up to her over these past few years.


Throughout her life, Lynn has experienced many difficulties along her path. Through her faith and her abilities, she has been able to forge ahead and remain strong.


I want to heal people by speaking to those who can no longer be heard by their loved ones left behind is Lynn's mantra. 


Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in exercises such as the 9 Breath method, meditation breath, and conscious, controlled breathwork. These methods will assist participants in feeling grounded and energized. The conscious, controlled breathwork method brings one into the "now, this moment" and ultimately into a state of oneness with oneself, others, the universe and God.



Music by: Laurell Eden
Musical Artist sharing her heart opening and exhilarating music throughout the event.

  • Critically acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and spiritual teacher. This American born artist earned a gold record, a #1 single and top-ten singles in Canada and Europe and her songs have charted in three continents

  • Billboard Magazine called her, "An ethereal poet with a talent for writing contagious hooks"


Laurell believes that Music is the language of the soul, communicating love beyond words.  Songs created with a purity of heart can lift and transform us in a profound way and feels deeply privileged to share her music and connect with you.  website



Prudy Buehl

Teaching Aspects and Methods of Controlled, Conscious Breathwork. 


Prudy Buehl has been on her spiritual journey for the past 13 years beginning with a Theta healing that brought her into an awareness of the Divine Spirit residing within her. This awareness set her on the path to become a Theta I and II practitioner, followed by Reiki Master Teacher and Qi Gong Level II instructor. She has held these credentials for the past eight years and, five years ago, obtained Level III Shaman. In 2015, Prudy attended the Children of Light Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, and became a Gathered Master in the gift of the Church of Sardis.


Throughout her spiritual journey, Prudy has placed great emphasis in her teachings on the importance of breathwork and its use in healings and connection with the Divine Spirit that is within all of us. Prudy hosts weekly Reiki sessions, eleven chakra tunings, Qi Gong sessions and Children of Light (Florida girls) meetings at her home in Fort Pierce, Florida. There she resides with her loving dog/child, a beautiful Rottweiler named Jazz, feeling blessed and forever grateful. BREATHE!


Prudy will be teaching aspects and methods of breathwork used in her Qi Gong training and teachings. Some of these methods are also used in Reiki, meditations, Yoga and other healing modalities. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in exercises such as the 9 Breath method, meditation breath, and conscious, controlled breathwork. Using these methods will assist participants in feeling grounded and energized. The conscious, controlled breathwork method brings one into the "now", into "this moment", and ultimately into a state of oneness with self, others, the universe and God.

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Shelby Sharie Cohen

"Into the Future" is more of a process than a class. We will go three years into the future and then come back to the present and imagine it is three years later. In 2025 we will see and feel World peace. Know that all are created equally. Know that all things necessary to complete world peace have been completed. This class can change the future as we know it.

I was the first Red that was ever gathered. The first gathering was held in California, August 1,1997, twenty three years ago. Since being gathered, I have become a sound healer. I work with angels, tuning forks, oils, crystals and sound. I have created Healing with Intention to help my clients be the highest vibration of themselves as possible.

I am also a professional photographer based out of San Francisco. My business was established in 1984, thirty six years ago. I create Portraits with Intention, helping mostly women become their authentic selves and all of my clients to see and feel themselves as GOD sees them as well as their angels. Transformational Portraits! "Capturing the Essence of Life in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984" Now serving Nevada County, California