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The Angels have provided us with a wealth of information to benefit us all. Not all of it fits into neat categories, so more of their instructions and wisdom are listed here.

Novus Invicta Process

This sacred oil was given for a process that is done on the 21st of December. On that day the sun is at its lowest place in the southern sky. After that, the sun will begin to rise higher in the sky, bringing more light to the north. In ancient times this was referred to as Novus Invicta (the birth of the sun or light). This is how the sacred oil given by Michael got its name. This oil is also ideal for deep meditation and can be used along with the I AM and church oils. Process instructions

Seven Names of God

A recommendation is given in Joe's July 18, 2013 Angelic visit to sing the Seven Names of God and to use the Seven Names of God oils and tuning forks. View how to sing the names on YouTube  Instructions for using the Seven Names of God oils and forks. Tuning Fork video,  Oils video. To purchase the Seven Names of God: oils only   tuning forks and forks and oils as a set  print out this visit as a pdf file

The Shekinah Blessing for the Home

Michael has provided us a Shekinah Blessing for the home. Although there are many processes for this Blessing, we will be using this version because it serves our purposes best. These are the instructions as the Angel Michael has given them to me. complete instructions    printable PDF

Workshops in your area with Joe Crane

If you would like to host a class in your area give me a call I will give you the information on how we can make it happen. Joe Crane 830-751-2270.  Complete info on the Workshop page for: 7 Wounds Classes, Fountain of Life Classes, and Introduction to Vibrational Healing With Tuning Forks and Oils Classes

Engage Joe Crane to speak

Contact Joe to speak to your community or group by calling Joe at

830-751-2870 or email. Thank you.

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