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Above the Clouds

Informative Video Explaining the Angelic Connection and the Children of Light Conference

Upcoming Event
The Children of Light Conference 2024

June 19-22

Holiday Inn Stone Oak

19280 Redland Road

San Antonio, TX, 78259  map

The Children of Light Conference all-days conference fee:


Note: To participate in Archangel Michael's Master Formation on Saturday, you must have been previously gathered. The Gathering definition is on the Why Attend page here.

Complete information and registration here    Why Attend?

We always have great conferences and we continue to add to what has been made before. This is a big project given to us by the Angels and it will benefit you and the world.

The Wing and a Prayer Fund

This is a way for you to help others attend the Conference. Some times people just need a little financial help so they can be there. Please help with whatever you can.


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Do you believe in angels? I do.


I have seen angels. I have talked with angels.

I have even touched angels and they me.


Angels are real. They do exist.


How the angelic appearances began

Angels have been spoken of ever since stories have been told. People throughout the world attest to seeing angels. There are more stories of people seeing and getting messages today than any other time in history. There are more people who have seen an angel, or had an angel touch their lives, than you may think.

I know you are here for a reason and it is not by accident. Just like me you want to know for sure. Over eighteen years ago I got to find out the answer to my question. Yes angels are real. What you don’t know is there have been angels working your life for a long time. Angels have been there for you when you were helped by a stranger in a time of need. Angels have given you comfort in words of wisdom and you didn’t even know it.

The first time I ever heard an Angel was many years ago and that voice saved my as well as the others that were with me. I was stationed on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Forrestal during the Vietnam War.


On July 29, 1967, I was in a compartment with several other men that had worked all night, trying to catch some sleep before the next shift. An airplane on deck misfired a missile and it struck a fuel tank on a plane and exploded. After the initial explosion and the rocking of our world, the bombs started to cook off and explode, opening the deck.


These bombs fell through the holes and started exploding as they fell down through the ship nine levels down, killing as they exploded. The ship’s cabins and corridors were filled with thick smoke everywhere and we were trapped untill I heard a voice that said, “Come this way if you want to live!” That day, I followed that voice along with the other crewmen in my quarters to safety. I never met who was behind that voice until thirty years later.

Over the years, I have been visited by many angels in physical form. Sometimes they will touch me and at times I am allowed to touch them. My dogs see them and track them as they move around. Recently, the Archangel Michael petted my new puppy. I write up each Angelic visit in full detail and you can read the latest visit and all the others on the
Angel Archive page.


The information from the Angels comes in many forms


These sacred Angelic Oils are made of the highest grade essential oils blended together as the Archangel Michael instructed Joe to do. These combinations are to assist us in our spiritual and physical healing processes. 

Design Book

There are entertaining stories of the Angelic visits, their wisdom and important information they gave Joe to pass on to you. In these books and manuals are instructions for using the oils and forks the Angels specified. Joe says, “I've done my very best in explaining this information so that you can best do what I've known to work.” 


As Archangel Michael has said, “When the body is in harmony, we have health.” These forks are precisely tuned to the specified frequencies given to Joe by the Archangel Michael. These forks are to assist us in re-tuning our bodies to the proper frequencies for that harmony. Joe has used them for tuning chakras and also with the healing process called Accu-tuning, which is like acupuncture only without the needles, and it works. 

View of Meditation Garden


Please contact Joe if you're interested in hosting a Workshop or to set up Healing Sessions. Joe typically does healing sessions prior to scheduled Workshops or during the yearly Conferences, if time allows. He can be reached at 830-328-0911 or by email.

Flower in Sunlight

“Go and teach only love”

Michael the Archangel

Micheal painting by Joe Crane.png

Michael the Archangel oil painting by Joe Crane



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