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Sold in the 2 ml size only

Sacred Wholeness oil oil 2 ml

$68 includes shipping


From an Angelic visit:
To use this oil, it will need to be used on both the giver and the receiver. Have the receiver place a drop on what you call their high heart (throat.) Have the giver place a drop in the palm of their hand and rub their palms together so the oil is on both hands. Have them do what you will be teaching and then pass on the Wholeness Blessing. You will see the difference of this Blessing when using the oil. This is one of the most sacred oils that you have. This oil will work as well as my oil (Michael’s oil) for healing and pain relief.


I have used the Michael's oil for years to help in healing and it works great. I am going to start mixing the Michael's oil and the Wholeness oil to achieve quicker results.

Sacred Wholeness oil 2ml

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