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Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp 


Michael instructed me to make these ancient Oil lamps for the vibrational quality they hold when we do a process. Each Oil lamp is made in the same way they were 2000 to 3000 years ago. It is a painstaking process that takes many steps to complete.


I guess the artisans of their age were held in high respect for being able to produce these lamps. These sacred oil lamps are made with very different kind ceramic clay. As per Michaels instructions, the ceramic clay is mixed with laminar crystal and when this is done it transforms the frequency of the ceramics. There are many processes that we do using the Sacred Oil Lamps.


When the votive candle is lit, even the light from the candle has a vibrational harmonics that blends with whatever spiritual process you are doing.


The reason for the use of the votive candle in the oil lamps is because of a fire hazard that may occur when lamp oil is used. You may also put a drop of essential oil on the votive candle if your process calls for it. I have done this with many of the sacred oils I offer in this online store.


1  Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp  $50  Includes shipping

Sacred Ancient Oil Lamp

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