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Relieves stiffness and pain, increases oxygen flow to joints and increases blood circulation to your body.


The frequency of the Circulation fork is used to stimulate the flow of blood to areas of the body. Arthritis is a prime example of poor circulation in the joints.


Once the flow of blood is returned to the damaged areas, it will start to heal itself. The Circulation fork frequency works on diabetes and other diseases as well.


To use the Circulation fork, simply start it vibrating by tapping it on the heel of the hand. Once it is vibrating place the tip of the stem/handle on the joint or area where there is stiffness or pain. Allow the tuning fork tip to remain on the area until it stops vibrating and then repeat the process three to four more times.


Massaging or vigorously rubbing the area helps to spread the frequency vibration especially when applying Michael’s oil while massaging the area.

With diabetes, a person would want to cover as much area as possible. The process is the same for vibrating the fork and placement. However, you will need to work in areas about 10 inches apart. Pick an area where you want to stimulate blood flow and place the stem tip there. Let the fork vibrate until it stops. Do this 3 to 4 times before moving on to another area. You may then massage the area you just worked on or massage all of the areas when you have finished with the fork.


You may do this process several times during the day for faster results but it is not necessary. Once a week will help in restoring the flow of blood to the areas but it will take longer to have the desired results.

This frequency has also been found to reduce cholesterol. Simply start the fork vibrating and place over the area of the liver.

Circulation Fork

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