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A nerve fires at a frequency of 50 HZ carrying a message to or from the brain. When a trauma to the body occurs, the nerve tells the brain something is wrong. The brain then reacts to this signal. If the damage is too great for the brain to repair easily, it starts sending endorphins to ease the pain. If the damage is to the nerve, the frequency / information flow can be obstructed or distorted.


This tuning fork can be used as an aid to relive pain from pulled or strained muscles and also to help release those muscular knots and cramps.


Place the end of the stem on the area where there is pain. You may also place the side of the stem in the same area. On the weighted end of the tuning fork pinch the two ends together and slide your fingers off quickly. Hitting the end of the fork on a hard rubber object is not needed to cause the maximum amount of vibration.

50hz Nerve fork

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