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Angelic Visits 2024

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May 2024

May 2024

May visit 2024


I was up early cleaning the mess I made after fixing a package-sized mail box that someone hit with the car. I was just tired of driving by the mailboxes and seeing that the doors were off. It had been three years like that, so I decided to take it down, bring it home and fix it. I also had to put a new bumper cover on my Toyota that I painted a bright red so I could find my car in the parking lot. It looks pretty good.


So back to the mail box clean up, I was under the dining room table picking up the stuff that had fallen on the floor. My dog, Ellly was standing there watching me when all of a sudden, she made a beeline in the direction of the office. I crawled out from under the table to see what she was up to. She was in the office, sitting in my Gate of Grace, surrounded by light and standing next to Michael. I spoke first saying, “Well, what took you so long to show up?”



You have been busy with worldly things that you needed to take care of and I have given you time. Now is the time for you and I to speak.


Yes, I think that would be a good idea, so here's what's been going on. It was nice to have a committee to put the conference together this year, but the problem with that was that they've never done stuff like this before. When it came to getting a hotel, they found a lot of hotels but the cost of the ballrooms was more than we could afford. As I looked at the several thousand dollars required to spend on the Conference, I said to myself, “I'm not gonna lose money again this year.” Last year for the Conference, I had spent almost $4000 of my savings to get tuning forks, hoping that those sales and the large number of other things I was offering at my table would make it all work out.  


Thinking of this year, if there's not going to be a good number of people to buy these items, then I'm at a loss. And oh yes, let's not forget my thumb. I was making a custom box to hold my tuning forks so I can paint them and let them dry. Now I've been using a table saw for many years and I never even got a nick. I know how dangerous a table saw can be, so I successfully kept my fingers out of the way for over 60 years. I was in a hurry with this box project and not paying attention to what I was doing. As I pushed a board through the saw, I cut myself. I instantly said to myself, “What a dummy. You know better than that.“



Dummy, put some butter on it.


Oh, Michael now you're being funny again. All joking aside, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. What shall we talk about?



The masters. Oh, you masters do you not see the power you hold. You are all being called on to join in the Grand Formation to create something new. Yes, it is possible yet you must be there to be a part of it and see it for yourself.


Ask of the masters, what if the masters in the Grand Formation were missing just one more master to create the energy to make a difference? As a master, you and you alone could make that difference.


I can see what you're getting at. It reminds me of a story that goes like this:


For want of a nail the shoe was lost;

For want of a shoe the horse was lost;

For want of a horse the battle was lost;

For the failure of battle the kingdom was lost.

All for the want of a horseshoe nail.


There are many versions of this, but I get you.



Some masters have chosen to go out and look for another spiritual paths. Others just feel that the excitement is gone, while others have busy lives. There are many reasons and excuses for not joining their power with the other masters. Blessed are the masters who stand together in the formation.


This conference is about Creation. These masters will create the direction where you will take this work.


Our time is done. Have a great Conference.


With that, Michael started to fold it back into the light and he was gone. I really don't have anything to add. Be at peace and teach only love.



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