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Healing Sessions
Please call 830-328-0911 to make an appointment. Sessions are typically one hour and they may run over. The healing sessions will focus on the particular issue or physical ailment you wish to work on that day. Please call and set up an appointment.  $150.


Wisdom From the Angels
by Joe Crane (and the Angels)

124 pages, 4 1/4 square
$9.95 plus handling $6 shipping / handling USPS std mail. Quantity discounts available.
Solace Press

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This is the big little book of over 100 quotes from more than a decade of Joe's visits with the Angels. This is book for everyone, just the quotes and without metaphysical commentary. It is a carry-anywhere 4 x 4 inch book with comments by Joe, introduction and  reviews.

This book makes a
wonderful gift
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Here is what they are saying:
“In Joe Crane’s Wisdom from the Angels we are given words of calm, love and reassurance. It is a beacon of light in the darkest storm.”

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton, spiritual speaker and medium.

“Here is a nifty little book to pick up and read at different
times. It contains short quotes of wisdom and guidance from
the angels for us to use and absorb.”  Ann Paulson

"Went to PO Box today to pick up the Wisdom from the Angels book. It arrived safely. Opened it up, read a few angel quotes and it brought tears to my eyes. The remembrance of reading the quotes from the visits and remembering what we have gone through to get to the point where we are at today touched me. It will be of great assistance to stay on task for those days when we need a little pick me up." Laurel


The Masters Return
Joe Crane and G.W. Hardin
paperback, 256 pages

Joe Crane The Masters Return
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Truly, a life transforming book with so many beautiful messages. We have forgotten how to heal ourselves, how to live heaven on Earth, and with the help of the angels, who have brought forth many tools to help us, we can begin the process of remembering our greatness as children of God. As Michael says, we don't need the tools, yet how many of us are fully in our power, working the very miracles we are capable of? How's that working for you? Exactly!!! Get the book and begin your journey into wonder, awe and boundless miracles!!!

Review from Amazon by Jewls
"Jewls Hanson The Masters Return fulfills all of our expectations on how we can return our planet to the Eden it used to be. This book is a must for any seeker of true knowledge and wisdom. A MUST READ"


On the Wings of Heaven
Joe Crane and G.W. Hardin
paperback, 290 pages

Joe Crane The Wings of Heaven
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Take a journey where heaven and earth meet in the unexpected friendship between a man and an angel. Almost killed in the Vietnam War, Joe Crane survived the bombing of his ship by following a shouting voice directing him through a blinding inferno. Later, along with his fellow deck mates who had also followed the voice, Joe discovers no human source can be found to thank. For twelve years the voice intermittently continues its calling out of Joes name until the day he decides to answer back. From that point on, there unfolds a story that not only changes Joes life, but is likely to change the life of anyone who reads it.

Review from Amazon by Tina:
"This book has changed my life and has the power to change the world. It speaks of God's love and carries the message for all to hear. If you believe in Angels and Miracles you must read this book and share it with the world. I will always be grateful to Mr. Crane and Mr. Hardin."
Teaching the Masters
Joe Crane

Teaching the Masters is a book that holds the Highest spiritual teaching I have reviewed from the Angels. It also is a condensed version of all the teachings in the other books. This is a very handy book when looking for instructions for your life.

Blessing Gifts and Deeds
Joe Crane

n 1996 Blessing Gifts and Deeds was published, the book that started it all. From that book I worked with G. W. Harden to publish On The Wings of Heaven. In the original Blessings Gifts and Deeds there were only 10 chapters, but in the rewrite 4 more chapters have been added. I have been told many times this book was the best book I have written and I should republish it again. I have thought of doing this many times but have decided to go one better. I am offering it online as a PDF file to you for free. Click on this link and read it as my gift to all of you.

Discover Your Master Chakra: Reveal the Source of Your Spiritual Gifts
by Stephanie S. Larsen

Paperback, available for Amazon online ordering. Ships beginning February 8, 2017

Click to pre-order from Amazon now  $17.99

You were born on a ray of light, born into a life purpose that lets you manage one chakra more than the rest, to create a dominant vibration within and without yourself. That is your master chakra, and it defines who you are and how you interact with others. Discover Your Master Chakra guides you in using your main chakra to achieve greater love, harmony with self and others, and fulfillment in life. Designed for beginners and beyond, this insightful book helps you:

Find out what your master chakra is through a simple quiz Learn about the seven soul-ray colors and which one corresponds to your master chakra Explore your spiritual gifts, and those of your family and friends, through a workbook on each color Use your newfound knowledge to change your reality and improve your relationships with all beings Providing detailed information on each of the chakras and related spiritual gifts, Discover Your Master Chakra shows you how to best use your areas of giftedness and life’s work to increase your master chakra’s power and influence.

50 Gates of Enlightenment
Spiral-bound pamphlet, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 107 pages
$50. including shipping and handling

Accutuning I
Spiral-bound pamphlet, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 74 pages
$37. including shipping and handling

Accutuning II
Spiral-bound pamphlet, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 71 pages
$37. including shipping and handling

Angelic Tuning Forks Manual
Spiral-bound pamphlet, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 54 pages. A guide to the basic principals with the Angelic Tuning Forks.

$32. including shipping and handling

A World Beyond Belief, Tales of a Real Estate Shaman
by G.W. Hardin

Ever wonder why you struggle so much? You don't need to.

Mixing the latest in scientific discovery with the unexplainable and mysterious, G.W Hardin takes the reader on a journey through a collection of baffling stories, not unlike a Hollywood tour guide escorting you room to room through a Halloween haunted house.

The author discovered quite by accident how a system of feng shui principles helped owners sell their properties or buy their dream homes. In both instances, his system allowed people to look at themselves in wondrous and unique ways, changing not only their houses or their businesses but also their lives.
Paperback, $14.   Purchase here


Color Your Life with Love
Discover the Unique Divinity in Yourself and Others
by Heidi Shelton-Oliver

This book expands on the teachings of the 7 Spiritual Gifts as given to Joe by Archangel Michael to help you have a greater understanding of the people in your life and to have more authentic and fulfilling relationships.  To purchase, you will be directed away from this site and you will not be using the View Cart function here.

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Archangel Michael poster

This is the reproduction of Joe Crane's painting showing Michael as Joe sees him.

$50. including shipping and handling

The Tabernacle Stones 

This is used to surround the Gate of Grace. The Tabernacle sets the frequencies in our world and also taps into the frequencies of the Angelic realm. The best way of describing how it works is the tabernacle collects and condenses the Grace that comes in from the Gate of Grace. It will focus the Grace into a sacred vessel before releasing it out with conscious, willful and spiritual intent for the greater good. Each Tabernacle crystal stone set includes the nine crystal stones you will need to set up your Tabernacle. Easy to follow written instructions give you a clear step by step process for setting up your Tabernacle.

$60. including shipping and handling

Gates of Grace

The Gate of Grace given by Archangel Michael. This is a working model of what the gate looks like.

I was given the placement of the stones that open up an angelic gate way called the Gate of Grace. This Gateway looks much like the Merkaba due to it being made up of two pyramids. However, the Merkaba is made up of two three sided pyramids known as a star tetrahedron and the Gate of Grace is made up of two four sided pyramids called a star octahedron. Both are creations of sacred geometrical forms and the star octahedron being the more advanced of the two. Over the years I have tried to explain how it works. The old saying of 'a picture is worth a thousand words' works well in explaining this as well.

Placing the eight gemstones in the eight places as Michael gave them creates the Gate of Grace. When these gemstones are set the Gate will activate itself. The grace energy starts in the place of the blue stone in the east moving through the gate to the blue stone in the west, moving to the yellow stone and next to the orange stone followed by it moving to the purple then to red over to green and next to violet and then to the blue stone in the east. As the grace energy flows two pyramids will form, one pyramid will point up and the other will point down. They intersect each other with the point of one the pyramids in the ground. The two pyramids start to rotate in different directions and will start moving faster and faster. When this happens they will start to form a geodesic ball and when the ball smoothes out it caves in at the top and bottom to form a tube or a vortex through which flows the breath of God or grace energy.

These sets consist of 8 stones and they are used to open an angelic gateway, setting a clean space for healing and angelic communication.

The sets are ready to be used in the package it comes in. Just place it under a chair or massage table and you are set you go. All the instructions for putting it together are included.

There There are three different sets; the stones that you may get in your set are Charoite, Azurite, Blue Aventurine, Blue Sapphire, Yellow Calcite, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Amethyst, Ruby, Fluorite, or Emerald in varying sizes. All the stones are handpicked and placed together as a set, sizes may vary.


The small Gate of Grace
The standard set with small stones
$30. including shipping and handling

The Gate of Grace (Fluoride set)
The fluoride set with more expensive & larger stones than the standard set
$60. including shipping and handling


The Gate of Grace (Emerald set)
The emerald set with more expensive & larger stones than the standard set
$80. including shipping and handling

Water Diamonds 
These never wear out

1 Water Diamond
(size at the bottom of this photo)
$30 including shipping and handling

There are basically two types of water: structured and unstructured.

When water is structured, the molecules look like an octahedron. As water is processed through pipes and purifiers, some of the molecules are stripped off. This is called unstructured water and although it may look and feel like water, your body cannot use it. Your body has to restructure the water in order for it to hydrate your body.


Eight ounces of unstructured water takes 30 to 45 minutes to be restructured and absorbed into the cells of your body. The same amount of structured water takes 5 minutes for your body to absorb it into your cells.

If you’ve ever been thirsty and drank water only to find your still thirsty, it’s because the water is unstructured. Here’s where the water diamond comes in. The Water Diamond is a mixture of ceramic porcelain clay and Laminar crystal. It is fired in a kiln in the shape of a octahedron. The Water Diamond has the same vibration frequency as a water molecule. Take a gallon of unstructured water and place a Water Diamonds in it and it will restructure the water in five minutes. Once you start drinking structured water you will notice it’s smoother and even seems wetter in your mouth. This is because structured water is what we call live water - it promotes life. You won’t need to drink as much water to hydrate your cells.

Water Diamond Instructions
You will need one water diamond, a water container, a glass of water or up to 1 gallon water container per water diamond.

Once the container is filled with water, just drop the water diamond in it and wait five minutes. That’s all it takes to restructure the water.

I have a glass pitcher that I use to make structured water for my coffeemaker. As I use up the structured water I just add more water to it and by the time I’m ready to make more coffee, the water is already structured.


 Archangel Michael


From the Testimonials page:

An inspiring story is evolving of a little boy born with a hole in his brain. At the heart of the story is an evolving revelation as to how all of us may be effected by what is happening to this youngster.



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